Bring It On . . . Put-Up Or Shut-Up


Before I Delve Into The Crux Of This Editorial, I want to get something Off My Chest, which might Bother or Piss-Off Some or a Lot of the Readers of this BLOG.

ME-TOO . . . MY ASS:

Television, Movie & Impresario – Harvey Weinstein Is & Was a Pig. But so were the Women who Succumbed to his Sexual Advances, because they Wanted to Further their Acting, or Acting Related Professions by Giving the Pig What he Wanted.

And So Were People Like The Clintons . . . and all the other Big Shots who knew who Weinstein was, yet Kissed-His-Ass Anyway, because of Fame and/or Fortune.

Unless Harvey Weinstein Actually Physically Raped a Woman who could Have Said No, and could Have Gotten Away, but Chose Rather to Grimace & Bear It . . . She Was No Victim.

Any Woman Crying in her Lawyer’s Lap right now was a Willing Participant in a QUID-PRO-QUO Exchange of Sex for Something of Value, which Makes Weinstein a “JOHN” and the Women who Didn’t Fight & Cry Rape During & After the Sex . . .  A “PROSTITUTE”.


Epstein Was Also An Oversexed Pervert . . . Who Preyed on Young Women, most of them Teenagers below the Age of Consent . . . But Were They Kidnapped & Forcibly Raped? – Or Were They Simply Enticed to Play Epstein’s Sick Games by the Allure of Having Sex with Rich & Powerful Men . . . in Rich & Powerful Surroundings?

Were These Young Girls Actually Forced . . . to do what Epstein had them do? Were they Threatened, or were their Families & Friends Threatened had these Girls not Cooperated? Were they Wined, Dined, Flown to Exotic Places & Paid for their Fun in the Sack with Men of Power. And did they VOLUNTARILY Keep Returning For More?

What About Men Like Bill Clinton and so many others of that Caliber, who Routinely were the “Guests” of Epstein. Shouldn’t They All Be In Jail Now Too?

And What About The Parents? Shouldn’t they all be No Less Culpable for the Way they Raised their Daughters?


Thousands Of Girls . . . Probably Tens of Thousands of Girls on a Routine Basis – just in North America (USA & Canada) Alone, Many through Mexico are Unwillingly Taken (Kidnapped) by Thugs or Sold by their Parents into Prostitution, where these Unwilling Girls are Routinely RAPED Multiple Times a Day by Pigs of all Stature.

THESE REAL GIRL-VICTIMS . . . are Often Traded like Bubble-Gum Playing Cards between Pimps. They’re Routinely Beaten. Forced to do Unimaginable Sexual Acts with Filthy & Diseased Predators. And when they’re No Longer of Value, they’re either Tossed-Out like Garbage, or Die from Disease, or Die from Suicide, or Die from Drug Overdose.

So Don’t Cry Me A River About The Girls & Women Of Weinstein & Epstein Who Had A Choice.


The Arab/Moslem World Are Masters . . . Of Ruthlessness, Death & Destruction – Mostly to their Own, as We’ve Seen in their Endless Wars Against Each Other, Murdering, Raping & Pillaging each other’s People & Treasure for Incomprehensible Cultural/Religious Reasons.

BUT . . . When it Comes to Taking on a Real Foe, Namely Israel or the United States of America . . . Real Warfare Becomes A Whole Different Matter.

The Arabs/Persians Believe Their Own Propaganda, when their Leaders Chant Death to America. Death to Israel. Where these Bad Actors Burn the Israeli Flag (Star of David) and the Stars & Stripes, and/or Stomp on Them like Trash.

When These Bad Actors Take to the Streets Wearing Masks . . . Shooting their AK-47’s into the Air, while Screaming & Chanting like Banshees, they Begin to Believe their Own Hype, Far Removed, from – if they Have to Face Israeli and/or American Warriors. Then They Scatter Like Cockroaches When The Lights Are Turned-On.


They would Stop Encouraging these Terrorists by Proclaiming how Fearful they are from an Army of Islamic Thugs, whose Claim to Fame is Through Terror.

Why Don’t These Democrats Circle The Wagons . . . And Stand with Their President, who happens to be Every American’s President, Like it or Not, Instead of Saying God-Awful Stupid Things Like . . . Soleimani Was A Really Bad Guy – But “Trump” Had No Right To Kill Him . . .

. . . And Now . . . That “Trump” Poked The Iranian Bear – Woe-Be-On-Us . . . Now We’re In For It.

Perhaps these Democrats should look at themselves in the Mirror & Remember who Voted for them, and what their Obligation is to the United States of America, and Not to the Enemies & Trade Competitors of the United States of America.

Perhaps these Democrats should take Notice that THEIR President, President Trump Authorized the Killing of a Really Bad Player, whose Hands were Already Dripping with American Blood.

Perhaps these Democrats should Also Remember that President Trump Literally Wiped-Out the Islamic Caliphate (ISIS) in the Blink of an Eye, while Obama didn’t even Really Try.

And Maybe . . .These Democrats should be Standing Shoulder to Shoulder with the American President, Showing Some True Grit – In As Much As Telling the Iranians

– Screw One More Time with the United States of America and Iran will Literally Cease being a Country Ruled by Mullahs, and their Nazi-Type Islamic National Guard Thugs – Instead Of Groveling Like Little Children Afraid Of The Dark.

Not Only Do I Like What President Trump Did To Soleimani . . . The Way I see it, the Iranians Better be Smart Enough to Know that there is Much More in Store for them from where that Came.

Iran Might Propel A Show Show Of Force To Keep Some National Stature & False Pride With Its Own Citizens. But If Either Of These 2-Countries Needs To Be Terrified About What Might Come Next – It Ain’t The United States Of America.

And if Push Comes To Shove, Which Might Be Developing . . . Think Israel. America Will Not Go It Alone.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. LOVE it! So true about the women/Weinstein. I’d like to add that the women that falsely accuse men should be punished for ruining the lives of innocent men. So RIGHT about the democrats. They are TRAITORS and if they are so unhappy here they should go live in Iran. Sick of the left’s HATE. Voting for President Trump in 2020!

  2. Well Said. I don’t recall this much CORRUPTION in many long years. The SWAMP that Trump is draining, just gets bigger and bigger or it is because Trump as stirred up the bottom dredges. They all think they are ABOVE THE LAW because they have so much POWER. There is so much GARBAGE that even an incinerator working 24/7 couldn’t make a DENT if it worked for 5 years non-stop. We really have to open our eyes and if we SEE something Say something. But we better have FACTS before we whistleblow!

  3. WOW Howard, you musta loss’ed 200 pounds. 🙂 From what I gathered today from “parents” Friends is what I get, that they want to be! At one time “Americans” Would have rallied around President Trump. I know those who voted for him will. Atleast I hope so! Pelosi stated she don’t Hate, how Deluded is that! That’s ALL I see from Congress. So much so they Encouraged others to Confront all who supported Trump! It that’s not steeped in Hate, then I’m the tooth Fairy! Thanks for what you do Howard.

  4. Totally agree start to finish Howard. The casting couch has been a known option for many years to gain advantage in the search for stardom. The “Me Too’s” just elevated their status from slut to skank by whinging about it.

  5. Totally agree with you about the women. WHY did they go back? Enough said. So far as Iran, they have begun firing missiles on the military bases in Iraq. Stay strong Mr . President, the bully has gone too far.

  6. Too bad you’re not a US citizen and running for office. I’d vote for you in a heartbeat and lots of others would as well. You remind me of a phrase I remember hearing as a youngster when Harry Truman was president – Give ‘um Hell, Harry. It seems appropriate after reading your latest two editorials to say, Give ‘um Hell, Howard.

  7. We all know that no matter whatever PRES. TRUMP would ACCOMPLISH he will NEVER RECEIVE CREDIT for it from the RADICAL LEFT because they HATE him too much. There is NO CURE for HATRED! It is also VERY SAD to see the Democrats ROOT for a TERRORIST vs. our own Country. While CONGRESS lives their ELITE lives and are busy PREACHING to the DEPLORABLES, they are, SLOWLY but SURELY, losing VOTES. Re: SEX—it is no longer RESPECTED and has become a very SERIOUS DETRIMENT to the U.S. GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  8. Both brilliant and concise, as often Having seen war entirely too often, I hate it. However, the old Southern US saying is that if you poke the old bull often enough, you will get the horns! That is a basic truth that the Iranian mullahs totally fail to contemplate!

  9. Many of the Weinstein victims were too young to understand what was going on….he was such a slob. As to the country….if we stood shoulder to shoulder we could do so much good. Trump is attacked on all sides while he is trying to protect our country….and the world.

  10. Like Sean Hannity of FOX News keeps saying, if President Trump found a cure for cancer, the demon rats would criticize him for that and would impeach him for taking business away from big pharma because they would no longer be able to sell drugs to treat cancer, not cure it but treat it.

  11. Hollywood and the casting couch has been there a long time for both female and males. I agree with you 100%. Yes, some people get raped but in many cases they put themselves in that position by trying to get ahead. Our government is the biggest House of Ill Repute with sex, power, and Quid Pro Quo. As far as IRAN and the Middle East, they have been fighting for Thousands of Years, life means little to them and they are like roaches, killing them will stop nothing. But we must keep them contain

  12. Thank you for saying what most of us are likely thinking. Your analogies and descriptive phrases are right on target.. Bill Larson, Florida

  13. I am so sick of the Democrats-Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, Schiff, etc and their whining every day. They are so afraid of 2020 they will go any point to try to persuade the American people to vote for them. I hate to tell them, but they have done much to show us we don’t want THEM, no how, no way! We love Pres. Trump and America.

  14. I understand that when an Muslim talks…there are 3 layers…what they say..what they mean and and what they’re hiding

  15. You are to be congratulated for telling us how things really are. If anyone has a problem with that, they are welcome to leave. I seriously doubt your readers do. Personally, I add many of your columns to my own newsletter because you are not afraid to speak your mind. And I know they feel the same way. Keep on keeping on, Howard. We love you for it.

  16. You are a person with exceptional wisdom. Many of us would like to put you in charge of the American media. The “Me Too” women put themselves in obviously vulnerable situations from which they could not gracefully escape, so submission was acceptable to them. Not one of them accused Weinstein of pulling a gun or other weapon on them. I do not recall any of them to claim that they screamed “RAPE” as loudly as possible. The Democrats and their ilk are responsible for terrorism around the world.

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