The Most “Prayerful” Nancy Pelosi


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After this Unbelievably Shameful Display of Congressional Disrespect & Political Jujitsu AGAINST the People who Voted for President Trump – It Makes One Have To Wonder If America Can Really Survive As The Framers Intended.


It Was So “Solemn” According To Pelosi . . . that Pelosi had to Stop her Black-Dressed Rehearsed Zombie House Democrats from Cheering the Phony Reasons for the Impeachment of the Duly Elected President (Donald Trump) of the United States of America, once the Impeachment Articles were Passed.


Pelosi is so Far Removed from the American People, that Even when Not in the House, During Press Conferences, or at a Press Statement with Another Democrat Member of Congress, Instead of just Simply Stepping away from the Microphone to allow Someone Else to Speak, Pelosi Says . . . I Yield To – Whomever. . .

. . . Who In The Real World, Unlike A Sick Piece Of Work Like Pelosi, Speaks Like That?

I Don’t Believe There Is Any Level, Which Is Too Low For Pelosi To Stoop!

I believe that Much Sooner Rather than Later; Nancy Pelosi will have to Send Her Articles of Impeachment to the Senate. Otherwise, how can Pelosi Possibly Explain the Loss of a Full Year’s Legislation for the Benefit of the People, because Pelosi Tied-Up the House In Knots over the Sham Impeachment of President Trump?

How Many Times did Pelosi and others of her Ilk Claim that NOT Removing the President (Trump) Immediately, would be an Existential & Immediate Threat to the Safety & Security of the United States of America?

If the Removal of President Trump was that Grievous & Existential that it had to be Carried-Out Immediately, Why is Pelosi now having Second Thoughts about Sending her Two Articles of Impeachment to the Senate RIGHT AWAY?


Before Pelosi is Ready to do What Pelosi has Been Saying all along, which is that it is Critical to Get It-Done (Impeachment) at the Speed of Light, Pelosi now Wants the Senate to Comply to Pelosi’s Agenda, for the Republican Controlled Senate to Set-Up the Rules of Senate Impeachment to Pelosi’s (Democrat) Satisfaction . . . BEFORE – PELOSI SENDS THE IMPEACHMENT ARTICLES TO THE SENATE.

It Doesn’t Work That Way. If Republican Senate Leader McConnell Doesn’t Receive the Two Articles of Impeachment from the House . . . On What Will McConnell Establish the Rules?

If there is No Legal Written Demand (Bill) from the House for the Impeachment of President Trump . . . There Is Nothing For The Senate To Do. What Part of that is Complicated?

What is Complicated However, is that if Pelosi Doesn’t Send the Written Legal Demand to the House, what Happens? Some “Experts” say Pelosi has to Send the Legal Demand to the Senate Within a Month or So. While others Say Pelosi Doesn’t have to Send the Demand for more than a Year. Perhaps Sometime In 2021.

It’s Hard To Believe How Pelosi Has so Screwed-Up The Government, While Playing Fast & Loose With The Constitution.

I Have To Figure, That Pelosi . . . Is So Disrespectful Of The Intelligence Of The People Pelosi Purports To Represent, and is so Addicted to Power, that Pelosi thinks the Democrat Voters En-Masse, are too Stupid to Add 1 + 1 Together & Come-Up with 2.

SO NOW . . . Pelosi is Accusing Mitch McConnel of Being Too Corrupt, to Trust with the Handling of the Impeachment of President Donald J Trump.


Just like the Democrats Tried to Give Credit to Obama & Themselves for the Unbelievable Trump Engineered Economy, Job Market, Stock Market, Defense Improvements, NATO Standings, Slashed Regulations . . . Etc – Etc . . . Pelosi Is Trying To Take Credit For The USMCA.


Horowitz is Trying to Walk-Back his Statement that there was no Bias on the Behalf of the FBI or Justice Department in his Report, because he (Horowitz) Couldn’t Find Substantial Proof of Bias . . . But Now, Horowitz Is Saying that he Never Said there was No Bias, which is a Crock of BS, Because that’s Exactly what Horowitz Said. I Guess the Pressure of Telling the Real Truth is Getting to Horowitz Too.

Pretty Soon The Truth Will Bury Them All.

On The Ukrainian Issue . . . If President Trump Really Put Pressure on the President of Ukraine to Find-Out if the Bidens (Hunter & Joe) took Advantage of Joe Biden’s Position of Authority over Ukraine, as the Vice President of America, by OPENLY Threatening Ukraine by Withholding A Billion Dollars if Ukraine Wouldn’t Fire a Prosecutor Looking into Possible Biden Corruption in Ukraine, Before The 2016 Election . . . So What?

As I Have Repeatedly Written . . . Trump In 2020, A Republican Senate In 2020 & A Republican House In 2020.

Thank You Nancy!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Schiff, Pelosi, and their cohorts are “pure evil”. If Satan exists, he must be smiling!

  2. ver this.The Giant has awoken, and will be heard from!! Voters are upset and angry over this. Trump = KAGA!

  3. If this ever gets to the Senate all those Senators who are now running and have run for President must recuse themselves for obvious bias against their political foe Donald Trump. (the Biden affect) Currently it’s 53-47 in the Senate. Add 5-6 more unable to vote and the game is over. That’s what San Fran Nan is worried about, she’ll never win.

  4. The Demorrhoids are betting that the dumbed-down voters who elected Barack Obama, the most corrupt politician in American history, not once but twice, will not see through their charade. They may be right.

  5. Do you know if it is true that Pelosi uses an Air Force plane that seats 200 for her personal transportation & that it cost 60K one way 120K round trip to her home & back each week? That is an email I received today claiming Snoops says it is true.

  6. Easy Fix since the Senate makes the rules: The Senate should change its impeachment rules as follows: once the House has impeached the president, the Senate shall set a date for trial and set a deadline for the House to present its managers to the Senate. If the House fails to meet that deadline, the Senate will either dismiss the articles of impeachment for lack of prosecution or, better yet, vote on the articles immediately in light of the evidence presented to it in this case, no evidence

  7. This is criminally insane wingnut Pelosi’s Round 2 of Obama’s fraud of an Affordable Care Act – since destroyed by the people’s champion, President Trump. “You have to approve it before you get to see what’s in it.” It didn’t work the first time, and it sure as hell won’t this time either.

  8. Pelosi never really wanted it to go this far. Actually, she never wanted it to go at all. She was forced into it by a left-wing radical group of Democrats and a radical left-wing base. If she wouldn’t have gone along with it, she would have been forced out, and loving power so much, that simply wasn’t an option. Unfortunately for her, once this does hit the senate, and the Impeachocrats are no longer in control, and Trump gets exonerated, she’s finished anyway, and she knows it.

  9. What’s sad is, half the people in this country don’t give a Sh** whats’ going on politically in this country and these clueless millennials will elect one of those Left Wing numb nuts. And WHO thinks Sleepy, Creepy, Clueless, Feckless Joke Biden is Donald Trump’s “rival”?

  10. I prefer to think that GOD has arranged things just as they should be for America! The invisible hand writes on the wall for all to see and shows everyone who will see who’s in charge….

  11. “A Sick Piece Of Work” describes Pelosi and her ilk to a tee. It seems they’d all rather climb a mountain to tell lies than stand on the ground & speak truth. “I Don’t Believe There Is Any Level, Which Is Too Low For Pelosi To Stoop!” Me either. Every time I think they can’t do anything lower, they find 2 or 3 sub-basements of vile underhanded behavior to stoop to.

  12. We can only wait and see !! To a conservative like me, it was a year of calulated BS and a giant waste of tax payers dollars. Go Trump Go.

  13. December 18, 2019 a date which will re-live in Infamy for the cowardly, and dastardly attack on the US Constitution. The American people in their righteous might will rise up and defeat these enemies of Liberty and Freedom so help us God. Let’s Hope & Pray the voters of this great country see thru this impeachment hatred, and scatter the Demo-rats careers to the ash heap.

  14. The problem is, WHO has right/authority to go after the Dems flagrant abuse of Constitutional law? The 3 branches are equal, so what authority can bring charges against Congress? They seem to have no qualms being kangaroo court against Exec Branch, who holds them accountable? The ballot box hasn’t done it because most of the oldies run unopposed. What recourse do We The People have?

  15. If the articles of impeachment are NOT sent to the Senate is President Trump impeached?

  16. Pelosi is a tyrant who has seized power because there is no machinery to prevent it. She has seized power over the House and perhaps the Senate because she has been allowed to do so. What is next? Will she gain control of the Supreme Court too? Somebody needs to stop her power grab before she elects herself President.

  17. The winning of the 2020 election will depend on how many and how still the sheeples are totally brainwashed by the leftist demon rat lamestream media. If they have finally woken up to this impeachment 3 ring circus then there is still hope. Don’t count on polls. The only reliable poll is election day.

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