While People Of Hong Kong Fight & Die For Freedom – Time Picks A Fraudulent Mentally Ill Girl For Their Cover.

Just as Robert Mueller’s Long Public Service Career will be Remembered for his Catastrophic Handling of the Failed Fake Russia Probe Against President Donald Trump . . . Michael Horowitz will be Remembered (at least by me) for a Disastrous Report, He Himself Tainted . . . BY PROCLAIMING THERE WAS NO ANTI-TRUMP BIAS.

How & Mostly Why Horowitz Came To That Conclusion Is A Question Worthy Of Debate In Itself.


As Clearly As EVERYTHING Said & Documented (Texts, Emails & Interviews) . . . By The FBI, McCabe, Strozk, Page, Susan Rice, James Comey, John Brennan, James Clapper & Far Too Many More To Mention . . . The Horowitz Report under Senate Questioning . . . Is Nothing More Than The Horowitz Attempted Deep State Whitewash.

Even though Horowitz Revealed Many (17) Egregious Assaults On American Freedom Perpetrated by the FBI & Department of Justice, Horowitz’s Claim that there was no Bias – Destroys everything else about Horowitz’s own Credibility.

Even though Horowitz Proclaimed throughout the Senate Hearing, that Horowitz’s job was ONLY to Investigate & Reveal the Facts – And Not to make Judgments, since that is the Job of the Attorney General (William Barr) . . . Why did Horowitz make this Incredible Judgment . . . That There Was No Bias, when all Evidence & Logic Tells Otherwise?

Was Horowitz Defending the Integrity of the Foundation of American Freedom? Or was Horowitz Covering as best he could for the Deep State?

It Makes my Skin Crawl whenever I hear Politicians Heaping Praise upon each other just for Doing their Jobs. Or more precisely for just Being at the Job.

How many times have we heard how James Comey was a Boy Scout? A Man of Huge Integrity & Beyond Reproach, the same thing for Mueller and now for Horowitz, only to Finally Realize that they are no Less creatures of the Swamp, than all the Other Career Civil Servants?

Give Me A Break!

These Are All Professional Bureaucrats – All Of Whom Survive At The Pleasure Of The Deep State.

They All have No Shortage of Personal Reasons to Protect Themselves, which Means they have all have Unlimited Reasons to Protect Each Other. So Ask Yourself – Who Isn’t Being Protected?


To Get Right To It – As Far as I’m Concerned, Horowitz, as Much as Mueller – Did Everything he could to Show a thorough Investigation with Enough Documentation (433-Pages) to Muddy The Waters, Giving Enough Reason for Outrage from his Report . . . to Take-Down a Few Easy (Public) Targets – But Not Enough To Go After The Serious Players At The Very Top.

Right From The Get-Go . . . Dianne Feinstein Said. . .  “There Is No Deep State”. Why’d Feinstein Say that, since this Senate Hearing had Nothing to do with Investigating the Deep State . . . And Everything to do with Investigating (Extreme) Judicial Abuse of Power at the FBI & Justice Department?

It’s Like Looking At The Cat With Yellow Feathers On Its Lips Wondering Where’s The Canary?

To Quote Horowitz . . . What Happened With The FISA Abuse – Were “Minor Mistakes, Errors, Inaccuracies, Omissions, Incompetence” and the Such. It’s hard for me to think of anyone Else I’ve Heard, who could Twist & Obfuscate Words with such Efficiency . . . as what came Forth from the Lips of Horowitz.

The Republicans are Fighting Corruption at the Highest Judicial Level . . . While the Democrats are Refighting The Mueller Russia Hoax – IGNORING the Truth of the Insiders’ Attempted Coup D’état of a Duly Elected President – Donald J Trump.


The Democrats & Insiders . . . Including RINOS Are Terrified Of Being Found-Out.

Democrat Senators – the Likes of Kamala Harris, who is Not Only in my Opinion, but also in the Opinion of so many of the People she Purports to Represent, is an Arrogant Useless Piece of Work . . . are Using this Critical Enquiry Into what is Probably the Most Egregious Abuse of Power Used to Overthrow a Duly Elected President of the United States of America, in what had become a Failed Attempted Coup D’état.

Isn’t It Interesting How Kamala Harris and other Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee Deflected their Questioning of Horowitz, to Demeaning & Defaming Barr & Durham in Anticipation on their Judicial Intentions?

Who Else Won’t These Conspirers To Overthrow The Will Of The People Go After . . . President Trump, Flynn, Carter Page, Kavanagh, Giuliani, John Solomon, Barr, Durham . . . Etc?

There’s Good News, Better News & Great News.

1 – I Think that Barr & Durham, if they Do what I think they Will Do, or at Least what I Hope they Will Do, and know what they Should Do . . . their Actions will Rip the Deep State a New One.

2 – By Reading Between the Horowitz Report Lines . . .  And Knowing that the Deep State is Finally Somewhat Exposed – The LEFT will not be able to Scramble Enough BS to Keep their Political Ship Afloat & Save Many Insiders from Serious Legal & Political Consequences.

3 – Because of the Personal Anti-Trump Defamation (Failed), the Mueller Russia Fiasco (Failed), the Disgraceful Ukraine Vilification (Failed), the Devastating Horowitz Revelation, beside Horowitz’s Claim of No Bias (Failed) and the Kangaroo Court Impeachment (On The Road To Failure) – The Days for the Democrats are Numbered.

The LEFT Better Steel Themselves For A Good Old Fashioned Ass-Whooping. It’s On The Way.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. That’s rich coming from someone who had a CHINESE SPY on her payroll for 20 YEARS!!!!!!!!!

  2. I am heart sick over it all! Did you see this in the IG Report? THE IG REPORT Page 468 Response to Report By the FBI 12.6.19 If you read this I hope you are as concerned as I am. It is stated that the “FBI SHOULD” in almost all of it. That makes no sense. Should means just that, they should do it, but where’s the guarantee to the American people that they “SHALL/WILL” do it? That should be totally unacceptable in this report. It needs to be changed to say “SHALL OR WILL.”

  3. GREAT article! Horowitz noted that there were “minor mistakes, errors, inaccuracies, omissions, & incompetence”. These words can be easily TWISTED to SUIT a person’s benefit! It would be very interesting to see EXAMPLES re: what these words truly REPRESENT! Horowitz’s report RESEMBLES Mueller’s in that people EXPECTED more DEFINITE information! “It ain’t over yet!”, i.e., until we see, if and how, BARR & DURHAM will CLEAN a good portion of the SWAMP! There is still some HOPE! GO TRUMP! AMEN!

  4. No “Deep State”, No “Bias” my ASS! The very Foundations of our Country are being DEMOlished! Which reminds me of something I’ve learned a long time ago. “If the Foundations be Destroyed, What will the Righteous stand on.

  5. Says Feinstein who has fed off the people coming up on 18 years as has Schiff. Pelosi-will be 32 years shortly. Career politicians are definitely deep state feeders – in it for power and $$, not for the people or the USA as a whole. First person to deny something is often guilty; in this case Dems ‘mo’ is blaming those they see as enemies of the crimes they themselves commit. So what does that say about the Dems insatiable desire to impeach Pres. Trump?

  6. They are already planning the next attempt at a coup when Trump wins in 2020, in case this one fails, which it will.

  7. The democrats are all ready to impeach Trump AGAIN if he wins in 2020. They said as much! Slimeballs, all of them! They keep poking the sleeping giant, eventually it will wake up!

  8. I agree with Ms Feinstein … there is no deep state. There is an entrenched bureaucracy that claims to be unbiased and to work for the betterment of the nation, a betterment that they define however., leaving the citizen at the sideline. We’ve finally learn to call it a swamp. a deep state and an unelected government. It’s time to recall that we can take back the power we’ve given them.

  9. Feinstein is PURE B/S!!! The Deep State has been going on for decades, since at least FDR’s time. The bureaucracies began in the 1930s with the Great Depression, when all of the “assistance” started. Most will not believe me, just read your history & it is all laid out there in black & white. The FBI was already strong & under the thumb of Edgar Hoover. Welfare was on the way. I hope that the Swamp is finally taken down, but we will see.

  10. Howard. you won’t let me use obscenities so I am at a loss for words. Pity, I have so, so, much to say.

  11. I guess she has a point… There are so many people within the US government and the media working against Trump, it is not a deep-state affaire or a conspiracy… It’s just business as usual. Heck, even the Canadian media are on board

  12. The radical Dems will continue to harass, intimidate, and use the hearings, court system, left wing news, and anything else on this President. A civil war is in the making!

  13. Well…Well…Well. Is that the same specimen that tried her hand with donia Ford of fragil memory and vast twisted imagination? Waste of valuable time listening to the Chinese driven item.

  14. You with you analogies, writing so well. Love the Feinstein comment & your retort – “cat w/yellow feathers, and where’d the Canary go”. Beautiful, as to calling out that ludicrous Feinstein attempt at a cover-up! GREAT Howard – don’t let up on the crafty leftist SOB’s!

  15. About the cat and the canary, I think you watched too many Looney Tunes of Sylvester the Cat and Tweety Bird. I taw I saw a puttycat !!!! LOL !!!! Great blog.

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