The Academic Indoctrination Of Our Children


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For Many Decades . . . Generations Actually – our Educators have been Instilling into the Minds of our Collective Children (You & Me Too), that the World is Great, while Diminishing who we are and our Many Accomplishments.

We have Been Inculcated to Believe that White Men are Bad – We’re Privileged. And as such, All People of Color, Including Men of Color and Women, Whether the Women are White, Black, Brown or Whatever . . . have Been Trod Upon because of White Male Privilege.

In The Name Of White Male Privilege . . . The American People Allowed American Politicians (The Government) to Create the Largest Pan-National Reverse Racist Program I Can Think Of . . . In The Name Of AFFIRMATIVE ACTION.

Where America Was Created, Nurtured & Prospered for all Men & Women, Regardless of Gender & Skin Color, who had the Grit, Determination & Willingness to Fail if that Would-Be-So . . . These Successful Entrepreneurial Warriors Have Been Vilified Opposed To Lionized.

MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT . . . The Globalized LEFT – who are Communists, who Prefer to Call Themselves Socialists, or even More Deviously Democratic Socialists, are Nothing More than an Elite Cadre of Uber Wealthy Individuals amongst Power Hungry Miscreants, who want a Vision of Globalized Control Based upon a Terribly False Narrative.

There Is No Democracy Or Freedom . . . When The State Takes By Force From Someone Unwilling To Freely Give.

The LEFT . . . Despise when People Compare the Present to the Nazi Past. But what else can we Compare Today’s Socio-Political World, Other than to the Nazi Past?


For Anyone Unfamiliar With Joseph Goebbels . . . Goebbels was Adolf Hitler’s Propaganda Minister, who Hitler Attributed More than Anyone Else . . . To Hitler’s Rise To Power.

To Control The Media Is To Control “Your” Truth!

One of Goebbels’ Most Famous Philosophies Was – To Paraphrase . . . Make The Lie Big Enough & Tell It Often Enough & The People Will Eventually Believe It.


“If you Tell a Lie Big Enough & Keep Repeating it, People will Eventually Come to Believe it. The Lie Can be Maintained only for such Time as the State Can Shield the People From the Political, Economic and/or Military Consequences of the Lie. It thus Becomes Vitally Important for the State to Use all of its Powers to Repress Dissent”.

Goebbels Also Wrote In German . . . “The Most Brilliant Propagandist Technique Will Yield No Success Unless One Fundamental Principle is Borne in Mind Constantly – it Must Confine Itself to a Few Points & Repeat Them Over & Over”.

But Fearful Of The Consequences . . . Goebbels Wrote: “The Truth is Always Stronger than the Lie, for the Truth is the Mortal Enemy of the Lie, and thus by Extension, the Truth is the Greatest Enemy of the State”.

There are a Plethora of Nazi/Democrat Similarities . . . Such as Goebbels’ Belief, that the Only Way to Destroy (The Weimar Republic) Democracy, was to Win a Democratic Election & Destroy Democracy from Within, Using the Democratic Tools of Freedom to Do It.

Didn’t Barack Hussein Obama Say . . . After I Win The Election (2008) – I Will FUNDAMENTALLY Change America?

Goebbels was Infamous for Orchestrating Book Burnings to Destroy & Demonize the History & Achievements of those he Wanted Perceived to be the Enemy. Goebbels Promoted Kristallnacht. And he Hated the “Privileged” Class, which were Whomever Goebbels Said they Were.

And Goebbels Had His Brownshirts . . . Which Today In America Are Akin To Antifa.

THINK ABOUT IT . . . The Democrats Decry the War on Women. What War On Women? What Laws are there Preventing Women from Enjoying Full Equality Anywhere, other than where Physical Gender Makes Equal Participation Impossible?

The Democrats Shout-Out the War Against Black Americans. What War would that be, since the 1964-Civil Rights Act gave Black Americans a Huge Step-Up over White Americans through the Affirmative Action Program?

So . . . How did it come from the End of WWII-1945, to Where we are at Today, with the Democrats Behaving with the Strategy of Joseph Goebbels?

In A Simple Answer . . . EDUCATION.

We Allowed our Teachers at all Levels of our Societies (Canada & USA) to Demean our Countries and the Successes of our People. We Allowed our Teachers to make Real Achievement Something to be Ashamed of. And we Allowed our Teachers to Participate in the Greatest Subterfuge in our History, Convincing our Children to Hate who we Are & Love Those who we Aren’t.

WORST . . . We’ve Taught Our Children To Believe The Big Lie.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard,have you been reading pelosi/shumers diary-shifty shift sure has.

  2. Every that is coming to bear is leading us directly into the dystopian society written in George Orwell’s “1984”. He just got the date wrong. If the silent majority don’t start to act soon, the left will win and we will be smack into that dystopian society with no chance of coming out of it. Sheeples wake-up before it’s too late !!!!

  3. All part of the communist goal to destroy the nuclear family, which is also happening. Part of that is the position that the children belong not to their parents, but to the State. Americans, and parents in particular, need to wake up before it is too late.

  4. I cannot blame ALL parents re the brain washing of American Children…Couple this with the influx of illegals of all stripes, Hispanic, Asian, Muslim and ALL of the others, flood our schools with kids who speak over a hundred languages and it is amazing any of them learn ANYTHING We are at least 2 full generations, perhaps 3, of the diabolical plan by the commies to accomplish the destruction of our children’s world view It was slow and determined. Teachers & Polls are out in the open now!

  5. I was taught in grade 4 that it didn’t matter what party was in “power” – this is Canada and in particular in a two room country school in Manitoba – it was the permanent civil service that controlled the legislation via an oversight over the politicians. This was the DEEP STATE here then and here now in Canada and the USA. Hey, I was 9 years old and at the end of the second world war. I think!

  6. We the boomers who were peacenik lefties in the 60s are to blame, especially those among us that became educators at all levels. We raised our kids, gave them everything except a work ethic. Free everything. No wonder they embrace socialism. Everything for free from the faceless mysterious entity called The Rich. Theyve all imbibed the leftist koolaid from the cradle to university. Shame on us, the boomers, for creating the progressive mess we now find ourselves in.

  7. What mean WE? I was a Goldwater teenager and never looked back. There must be millions like me.

  8. There are three threats in Canada, Cultural Marxism (Trudeau Globalisation) , Islam, and Mandatory Bilingualism. If no positive action is taken to prevent Islam in Canada then the other two threats won’t matter. Thirteen Muslims were elected to parliament in the recent election (think M103). What do you think will be the number in 2023? Muslims use Minority rights against us today; when they are the power there will be no minority rights, only Sharia. Wake up USA and Canada. MAGA & Canada too.

  9. What is sad and scary is that today’s educators, students, govts and general public have no idea who Goebbels and the Nazi party were. The most valuable, notorious and apparent education of all history lies at our fingertips and we have so soon forgotten about it or have no idea what it is and the lessons it offers. For this alone we deserve to be lined up again like sheep at a slaughter.

  10. I hope everyone is putting these on Facebook, Twitter, and Share as they are able. I put mine on Facebook but am to computer illiterate to know if it is read or not.

  11. Reading your comments and the above responses from other readers puts in my mind that the education community along with the unions they belong to, and along with the democrat left, are the “NAZI” party trying to usurp Mr. Trump and the freedoms of the people of America and Canada. Mr. (Ex. potus) Obama and his fellow “socialists” should keep in mind that the world came around and bit hitler in the a*#. Keep safe Mr. H. Enjoy.your stay in Texas away from Austin.

  12. If there is anyone out there that doubts or doesn’t believe what’s happening to our country just sit your child down and ask them what they learned in history today. American history, world history, civics……..none of these classes exist in the schools of today. Want to have some fun, pitiful fun…..ask anyone from the millennials on down a simple set of questions. Name the faces on the currency they carry in there pocket everyday, ask them why they were famous and what for? Shame on us.

  13. I’m 80 years old now. I remember my teacher in the 6th grade telling the class that, “The Constitution was a LIVING document.” I had to live many years to realize just what she meant. The indoctrination was started many years before I was born. Thank you for taking the time to write your editorials. May God bless our countries, President Trump and keep you and yours’ safe on your journeys. Jim Hornberger, Lewisburg, PA, USA

  14. There was a big, news-worthy, battle in Texas some years ago over new textbooks. Had to do w/changes to historical facts (slanting perception) or removing them altogether. If the recent removal of Confederate monuments is any indication, I’d say the changes won. This is all part of fed gov’t control they assume w/10% on average funding of public schools. Feds give states back their own $$ til they’re dependent, then threaten w/holding to control them. States need to take back their rights.

  15. Short story. I was an electrical contractor and chairman of California joint apprenticeship committee. due to the quota system of the EQUAL OPPORTUNITY PROGRAM… I was prohibited from hiring my two sons… It was ok for me to hire my partners sons as they had a name denoting Mexican decent; due to a mixed marriage. Equal justice for all……… Royce Hinson

  16. In 1975 a man Dr. James Dobson (Focus on the Family) warned this day would come. Starting in our schools! Something in me took it seriously.My wife and I pulled our children out of public schools and Home Schooled the five of them! We did have the SS(Social Services)come to our house,WE DID NOT LET THEM IN!We had all documentations at hand.I watched as the indoctrination of children took place.Dumb down Curriculum’s,NO Patriotism, “No Child Left Behind”. With Obama felt like the gears shifted.

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