Code Words . . . Trigger Words – Woke . . . BS of the New LEFT


If Anyone Alive Today, No Matter how Old he or she is, will Say they’ve ever Seen Anything like the Political Mayhem Cursing the Globe, but Especially the United States of America as it is Today . . . I Will Say That He Or She Is Either A Liar, Stupid Or Delusional.


The NY Times . . . Just Published an Editorial Defending THE ATTACKS ON THE 1ST AMENDMENT. That Not Everyone Should have a Free Voice. And that Not Every Opinion Deserves the Right to be Heard.

The LEFT are being Accused of Using Tactics from Saul Alinsky’s Disrupter Book . . .  “Rules For Radicals”.

I Don’t Agree.

The LEFT are Using Tactics Used by Nazi Chief Propagandist Joseph Goebbels . . . Create The Lie. Make The Lie Gargantuan. Repeat The Lie Over & Over Again. And then Disseminate the Lie through the Willing & Controlled Media.

Eventually . . . The Lie Becomes The Not-So Truth – And The Thugs Win.


The LEFT Always Decry Any Comparison To The Nazis & The Holocaust – Why?

Think About This If You Didn’t Already Know . . . We all know that the Nazis First went after the Jews through the 1935 Nuremberg (Race) Laws, which Literally Made being Jewish a Crime Against Germany and the German People.

We Know that, in Addition to Disenfranchising all German Jews . . . The Nazis Also Seized All Guns Owned By Jews, so No Matter what the Nazis did to the Jews, the Jews would Not have the Wherewithal to Fight Back.

What You Probably Didn’t Know . . . Was that the Nazis Also Seized all UNLICENSED Printing Presses, Making it Illegal to have an Unregistered Printing Press, which could be used to Disseminate Information Not Approved by the Nazis.

“He Who Controls The Medium Controls The Message. He Who Controls The Message Controls The Masses” . . . Joseph Goebbels.

The Nazis Created & Mass-Produced A Radio . . . The Volksempfänger (People’s Receiver), which was a Cheap and very Affordable Radio, which was found in Virtually all German Households, where the Occupants Couldn’t Otherwise Afford a Radio.

The Purpose of the Limited-Range Volksempfänger, was to make it Possible for all of Germany’s People to be Entertained & Informed by State Approved Programming & Content. TO LISTEN TO ANY NON-APPROVED PROGRAMMING WAS A CRIME PUNISHABLE BY DEATH.


Before the Nazi’s were ABLE to Dispossess Everything the Jews Owned, Including Jewish Property, Professional Status, Wealth, Dignity & Life . . . First the Nazis had to Demonize Whatever was “Jewish” – in order To Create a Sub Species (Untermenschen), which Defined Jews as Less than People (Human) . . . Vermin to be Eradicated.

THINK ABOUT THE FACT . . . that the House of Representatives are Doing all they Can to Destroy Good Men & Women who Threaten their Hegemony through Demagoguery, in the Likes of what the LEFT (Democrats) are doing to President Donald Trump, Justice Kavanaugh, William Barr, Rudy Giuliani and Everyone Else who Gets in the Way of their Narrative.


Where’s The Difference To How The Russians & Chinese Operate To The Democrats?

The Democrats want to Silence the Free Press, Including the Internet. They want to Control Social Media, and STOP People Like Me from Expressing My Opinions, which is Contrary to Many if not Most Political Policies.

The Democrats (Government) Control Public Television & Radio through the FCC. And in Canada through Government by the CRTC.

In Canada . . . The Current Liberal Government Has Created some Control over Private Media by Spending Upwards of $600-Million Tax Dollars – On Grants To Compliant Media. How’s That In The Best Public Interest?

And Just So You Should Know . . . Stand-Up To The CRTC & Your Broadcast License Will Not Be Approved Or Renewed.

Think About University Safe Spaces . . . How Conservatives are Blocked from Speaking at Universities. The Democrat Party’s Brown Shirts . . . AKA Antifa & Black Lives Matter. Can you Not See a Parallel to the Tyrannies of History?

Think About Hollywood & Television . . . And Social Media Programming – Netflix, Amazon – ETC . . . Pushing Values Of Screwed-Up Gender Identification & Socialism, in Productions where Conservatives are Always Evil.

To Bring It Closer To Home . . . Prior To & Including the American Revolution, Pamphleteers were Arrested, Beaten, Tortured & Executed By The British, for the Crime of Disseminating Opinion.

And Now The LEFT Want To Complete The Circle.

When I Tell You . . . That the Current LEFT is No Better, Nor Different than any and all Totalitarians, whether Nazis, Russians, Chinese, Cubans, Venezuelans – ETC . . . Take It To The Bank.

The Only Difference Between the Historical Thugs and the Current LEFT, is that the Current LEFT Hasn’t Yet Become Powerful Enough to Force their Will Onto the People.

And in the Case of the United States of America . . . The People – By The Grace Of The 2nd Amendment . . . have the RIGHT to Own & Bear Arms. And if the LEFT are ever Able to Take Away or Make Mute that Constitutional Guarantee . . . Katy Bar The Door.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. It goes beyond SCARY when you compare and contrast today’s Democrat Party vs the Nazi regimes actions. The only thing I can same is “What will it take to wake up America, and Canada?” Most folks now just give you that “smug” look indicating your “Stupidity and ignorance.” We can sit back as a multitude of “good” Germans did,….or wait until WE have to look to joining an “UNDERGROUND Movement”,….or LOSE OUR COUNTRIES!! Your choice folks,…your country, or not? You tell me?

  2. Another good one, Harold. You’re always so “bang on”!!!! Thank you again for keeping us informed and for your great insight.

  3. Howard, I am the 75-year old son of two devoted Democrats. I saw the light in my late twenties. My sister, who doesn’t talk to me, still drinks the Kool-Aid of The Left. Your latest blog post definitely tells it like it is. My biggest concern right now is not whether Trump gets re-elected, because he will win in a landslide. I am wondering if there are any Republicans that will run in 2024 that have a set of gonads the size of Trumps. Because America will be lost if a Progressive is elected.

  4. No wonder James Woods said that Hollywood was becoming more and more like 1930s Germany. He could have been referring to America’s Democrats and Canada’s Liberals. The most dangerous fools in both countries are the insufferable libtards and the fence-sitters.

  5. Breathtaking blog today. I think most any American can UNDERSTAND this threat. Too bad so many of them just do not care!

  6. Howard, thank you for reminding all of us about historical facts and where the left is taking us!

  7. Howard you forgot Canada totalitarianism. We are a virtually totalitarian state with Trudeau and one exception. Totalitarian neither answers to, nor accountable to the people. Trudeau IS accountable but ignores it, no permission or mandate. He has been found guilty of two crimes and several other misdemeanours without impunity and is laughing at the Canadians. Watch tonight, a female team of biased moderators with questions framed for Trudeau lovers & Trump haters. Watch Bernier for real issues

  8. Thanks Howard for the reminder (when history is forgotten – history is repeated). These are the times that try men’s souls, thanks again for all that you do for Liberty. God Bless

  9. HG, your MOST IMPORTANT Editorial statement–“The Only Difference Between the Historical Thugs and the Current LEFT, is that the Current LEFT Hasn’t Yet Become Powerful Enough to Force their Will Onto the People.” BUT, unless people WAKE UP SOON, the LEFT are definitely “Using Tactics Used by Nazi Chief Propagandists”! We are definitely HEADING in the WRONG DIRECTION!MIRACLES do happen, however, and PRAYERS are also most IMPORTANT! GO HOWARD & TRUMP because your WORDS are preciously needed! AMEN

  10. I believe (sadly) that we are looking at Civil War 2 sooner rather than later. I’m old and I have cancer but I am still an RN/MSN and I stand with the patriots and will utilize my medical skills and training as a Nurse Practitioner until I am no longer needed or an “adverse event” (oncologist-speak for death) occurs. EVERYTHING I have is because I was blessed to be born in America and by the grace of God, a Southerner. I love America. I would die for her–but hopefully it won’t come to that.

  11. Well Said! Tell Lies 100 times over & over & soon it becomes TRUTH. That is Fake News Media. The uninformed voters are lapping the LIES up to MAKE THEIR VOTE DECISION. Hitler’s Nazis lasted long enough to DESTROY millions, will the Socialists (DEMS & ‘Free Press’) last as long? Saul Alinsky is NOT dead…We have Soros & Obama, PLUS the HOUSE/SENATE, & Fake News to carry on SA’s Divide & Conquer. We did NOT learn from HISTORY, so it is repeating itself. God Help Us.

  12. Both Hillary and Obama wrote thesis in college on Saul Alinsky. I used the words self hating Jews straight to their face , also told some to look at their grandchildren some put democracy before being Jewish No knowledge of our history repeating . I agree its time to educate some , they listen to the Fake News , I predict a socialistic North Amrerica and its sad to see what’s happening. All their hatred for Trump came about more after he moved the embassy to Jerusalem

  13. Great Read. A book, “Unintended Consequenses” by Roth, does a great job of sharing the story of GUN CONTROL in this country. He does take some liberties at the last part of the book to throw in some Fiction. Just was watching FOX NEWS, I was surprised to hear all the push back on removing our troops from Turkey and Syria. We should not be fighting their battles, help yes, but they must do for themselves also. Why do we spend so much money overseas? Where is the UN.

  14. If the liberals win who pray tell is strong enough to stand up to Russia N. Korea and China nobody on the Dems side have the talent or the will power. What happened to America first and which party you want. Growing up there was not this terrible division of people.

  15. Thank you. It dumbfounds me that so many refuse to see and acknowledge the parallels. If someone had told me 50-60 years ago that this would be the state of things in my country before the end of my lifetime, I would NEVER have believed them. I will continue to rely on my Bible and the Constitution, and no amount of twisting and cherry-picking of their content will convince me that there’s something better to be had. I refuse to be “woke” and I pray that most Americans will agree in 2020.

  16. Trump is our God Given last hope. If we don’t hold on to our Republic now, we will be gone forever. Then generations from now will have to have a revolution, i.e. Venzuela, Iraq, China, N. Korea, etc in order to start regaining their freedoms. Let’s all hope and pray that America will wake up for the next election and elect Trump and Republican Congressmen.

  17. Let’s not forget in Canada , speaking ill of a Muslim is punishable by law, not so of a Jew or Christian . As for the Guns , a re-elected liberal Gov. has SAID it will ban “assault rifles” and allow Cities to Ban Handguns ; criminals will not be held to the same standards

  18. I just finished watching/listening to the Canadian debate. WOW, I thought our pols were screwed up. I have lived next to Canada (Detroit) for most of my life. Almost married a Canadian gal way back when. I always held out hope that Canadians would remain at least somewhat conservative in their views and political beliefs. What I saw tonight convinced me that climate control, taxing the rich, and the needs of those in Quebec are the most important issues you face. Another WOW.

  19. Wow you at times scare the living devil out of me and I know you mean to do so. How frighten I am for my country and your country Howard. All we can do is pray that our heavenly Father in heaven will do something about it ll before to much longer. Bless you and family. Kitty too :))

  20. Howard… you hit all the things that most people don’t even know. I wish that I could say more but you covered it all. We appreciate your writings just wish more people would know the facts !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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