On 9/11 . . . “Some People Did Something”


I’m Not The Only One Thinking Like This . . . But There’s Much More That Hasn’t Been Said.

I Know Where I Was . . . When the First Plane Hit . . . & Where I Was When I Saw the Second Plane “Finish The Job”.

I Thought – As Years Went By . . . Remembering The 9/11 2001-Day Of Infamy, Seeing the Event would be Easier – But Unlike The Truism That Time Heals All – Time Doesn’t Heal All Wounds.

And whether I Wanted to Shed A Tear or Not, as I Watched the Remembrance of 9/11 Yesterday – On 9/11, I Couldn’t Help Myself, As I Shed Many Tears.

Minnesota House Representative Ilhan Omar . . . Moslem, Female, Pro-Sharia Immigrant, Anti-Semite, Socialist from Somalia Via a Kenyan Refugee Camp to the Grace of America, INFAMOUSLY Said About 9/11 . . .


But What Was More Infamous . . . Is What Nancy Pelosi DIDN’T Say.

Not Only Did Nancy Pelosi – Speaker of the House, Second in the Line of Progression to the Presidency, in the event that the Unthinkable could happen, NOT SAYING ANYTHING IN WORDS OF CONDEMNATION, was Bad Enough.

But Keeping Ilhan Omar On The House Foreign Affairs Committee . . . Even after her Outrageous Remark(s) is a Slap in the Face to the Victims & Families of the Victims of 9/11.

Considering Ilhan Omar’s Multiple Anti-Israel/Anti-Semitic Tropes . . . “It’s All About The Benjamins Baby” – Referring to the Wealth of American Jews, or Dual Loyalties, also about American Jews being “Perhaps” Loyal to Israel over the USAGoes Beyond The Pale.

The Fact that Neither Pelosi, Nor any other Significant Democrat came out to Sanction Omar for her Overt Anti-Semitism & Anti-Americanism, Says Everything that Needs to be Said about Pelosi & the Democrats.

It’s Not That They Are Anti-Semites (Which They Might Be), or that they are Self-Hating Americans in the Constitutional Sense, which I believe they are . . . But it’s Definitely that they Don’t have Courage of Conviction, and that they are Terrified of their Socialist Members, who in all Reality (the Likes of Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib & Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez), should Never Be Part of a “Storied” National Political Party, which has been Guided through the Generations by the Likes of FDR, Truman & JFK, who have become the New Face of the Democrat Party.

When Ilhan Omar said “Some People Did Something” . . . Omar was Right, but it Wasn’t just “Some People”, and it Wasn’t just Islamists, Nor Was it Islamo/Fascists.

And It Wasn’t Just “Some People Who Did Something” . . . It was Moslems who MURDERED More than 3,000-Men, Women & Children, Including those who Died on 9/11 and Afterwards as a Result of 9/11.

“What Some People Did” . . . Was To Physically Attack America, America’s Financial Center & America’s Culture. “Some People”, changed – Perhaps Forever, how People Travel & Live, which Includes the Hoops People now have to Jump Through just to get onto Airplanes.

“Some People” have caused the Sluicegates to Open to Security Overreach, to Take-Away many Freedoms, which People have enjoyed for more than 200-Years, which have always been taken for Granted, Especially in the United States of America.

TODAY – People are being Asked for all Forms of Identification, the NSA is Spying on all American People in Addition to People throughout and around the World.

The CIA is Violating its Mandate NOT to Spy on Americans, by Subcontracting Domestic Espionage (On Americans) to Countries Foreign to the United States of America.

And Now . . . Don’t Fool Yourself – American Security is Rapidly Developing Facial & DNA Recognition, which Undermines the Very Fabric of Constitutionally Guaranteed Freedoms.

Even The FBI . . . Now Has A Tarnished Reputation Of Being Untrustworthy.


Don’t Think For A Second That 9/11 Didn’t Forever Change The United States Of America Forever.

Any Person . . . Who Believes That What Happened On 9/11, was over & Done With at the End of the Attack, and at the End of the Second Iraqi War, with the Killing of Bin Laden & the Wind-Down of Troops to the War in Afghanistan – is Deluding Himself or Herself.

The Moslem War Against Humanity, Modernity & Secular Freedom . . . Has become Institutionalized within Civilized Government.

In Canada’s Provinces & Parliament, but far More Specifically in the American Congress, where Socialist Anti-Constitutionalist Islamists (Ilhan Omar & Rashida Tlaib) have COWED the Democrat Establishment, to the Point of the Democrat Party Becoming Irrelevant to the Freedoms of America . . . Thus Threatening The Freedoms Of The World.

When Ilhan Omar Said . . . “Some People Did Something”, and there was no Real Consequential Rebuke from the Leadership of the Democrat Party, Nor from the Twenty-Plus Democrat Wannabe Nominees to Become the Democrat Leader to Take-On President Trump . . . That Said Everything That Needed To Be Said!

To Me – What The Socialist American-Dream-Haters Say Is Immaterial . . . Since there will always be People who HATE, whether they Hate America, Jews, Christians, Secularism, The Rule of Law, a Meritocracy or Whatever . . .

What Isn’t Immaterial, Is – Who Is It Who Stands-Up Against The Haters . . . & Who Will Champion Our Freedoms?

My Fear . . . Is that the Ignorance Taught by Academia, from Pre-Kindergarten to Post Graduation has Created a Situation where the People are Too Ill-Informed, Greedy, & Entitled to Understand the Consequences when a Member of Government says “Some People Did Something” . . . & She Gets Away With Saying It.

Remember These Words . . . Real Empires Die From Within.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. We all hopefully remembered 9 11 but guess what we did forget? 9 11 was also the 7th anniversary of Benghazi. So much sadness!

  2. Given the stupidity and nastiness of its leadership, if the Demorrhoids are not irrelevant from this point onward, then America is finished as a light unto the world.

  3. The man who spoke up sure did a fabulous job of telling What Some People Did. I got chills watching him. We really need to CLEAN HOUSE of what I call INSIDE TERRORISTS. We Need Peace & Learn to WORK TOGETHER. We are NOT CHILDREN we are supposed to be ADULTS. What must the Youngsters think when they see elected officials act like FOOLS. This is not a Do As I Say Not As I Do working relationship. 9/11 HAPPENED because of Terrorists.

  4. The concern I have is how these 4 socialist/dems could have even been elected by their constituents??? They obviously represent a relative majority of the AMERICAN VOTING CITIZENS in their areas, who should be ASHAMED and EMBARRASSED by putting them in to ANY position of power in the HOUSE!

  5. People who don’t acknowledge atrocities are people who either don’t care about the carnage or think it unimportant. They think they are being smart and avant garde. But in reality they are showing themselves to be ignorant and callous people with no humanity. Nothing more.

  6. Although your focus is on the US, don’t kid yourself. The Moslems have infiltrated Canadian Govt as much or more so than in the US. They are just not vocal. Sneaky and stealth! And with Trudeau calling the election on 9/11, making the day all about him, tells us something. No respect for the US, no respect for the 26 Canadians killed, and no respect for the Canadian taxpayers. I am absolutely ashamed to have to admit to my US friends that we voted in this clown as PM, He needs to go!!

  7. American folksinger & songwriter, Tom Paxton, wrote a song about 9/11 entitled “The Bravest” -> “Now every time I try to sleep, I’m hounded by the sound….of firemen pounding up the stairs while we were running down.” Here in Canada, we were shocked and angered and deeply saddened by the events of September 11, 2001. Not only is the United States our neighbour….they are Canada’s best friend and together we are like family. Our thoughts and our prayers are with all the victims…then & now.

  8. Thanks Howard for a good and very relevant article about the after effects of 911. That event was horrible enough in it’s self, but the increases in the “police state” and loss of freedoms are I feel the real legacy of that event. It’s a real shame that more do not speak out about these things. Leonard Liotta Yankee Hill, California, USA

  9. Great subject Every morning while having my AM coffee when the time shows 9-11 I think where I was that day, I was driving to Ottawa when the first plan hit, I thought an air crash, but when the second plane hit I knew something was wrong. Where I turned around and went home to watch the news for the next 2 or 3 days. “GOD BLESS AMERICA” “GO TRUMP GO”

  10. Don Bos, yes the muslims in our Canadian parliament are as vocal, remember M-103 for starters? I agree with Hope Wozniak, when are the sheeples of both Canada and the U.S.A. going to do something about not the clowns but the traitors in our governments? I was coming back from a golf game that day and lost my job at Air Transat 2 months later because of this tragedy because people were afraid to fly, afraid they would also get highjacked, so airlines lost a lot of money, so massive lay-offs. RIP.

  11. Wouldn’t it be ironic if the sharia-loving Omar was honor killed by her Moslem husband for cheating on him with the campaign consultant?

  12. i TRIED TO WATCH SOME OF THE COVERAGE ON 9/11. Even after all this time I had such a reaction of anger, sadness and shear disappointed of how EVIL some people can be, I had to turn it off. Now after 18 years there is a, permanent, pre-9/11 and a post 9/11 part of my life.

  13. The gentleman who responded to Omar’s comments, with a detailed description of what was done & who did it, did so with emotion & conviction. For him & others who lost loved ones, Omar’s comment before CAIR were despicable & showed her hatred for the US. “Every Muslim in this country should be tired of it” – the end of her statement immediately gave me the thought/desire that gov’t allowed the enemy in & has done nothing but protect them (inclusiveness) against their own people. Ship them back!!!

  14. One may FORGIVE, but does NOT FORGET their OLD WOUNDS! MOSLEMS—not MUSLIMS—are infiltrating our Government and trying to RUIN and CONTROL it. It’s sad that HISTORY is no longer TAUGHT in our schools. Many people must EXPERIENCE certain things in order to UNDERSTAND and REALIZE what others have gone through! America’s people have become SPOILED to the extent where they NO LONGER APPRECIATE nor RESPECT its FREEDOM & LAWS! Thank GOD for PRES. TRUMP who is “fighting” for us! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  15. I will say this now … We are seeing the dying of what was once a great nation … The United States of America!!! In all honesty, neither party has truly stood up to the Squad, claiming Freedom of Speech. Even though anyone of their comments or speeches could easily call them traitors. But our own 1st Amendment stops us from saying those words. I am not sure which is worse … Our own US Congress or the Canadian government that kowtows to the Muzslimes in both countries!!! It may be a tie!!!

  16. Why didn’t anyone ask the shameless Omar in the press conference, ‘If some people did something’, who were they and what exactly did they do?

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