And If They Take Trump Down . . . ?


Tomorrow, Tuesday – April 4, 2023 . . . Anne, Tavor & I Will Be On The Road Home.

As We Drive North, We will be Listening Intently to the News on Sirius/XM Radio, While the Bragg/Democrat/Communist Spectacle Takes Place Against President Donald J Trump . . . As America Officially Becomes A Banana Republic.

Some People Are Really Worried . . . What Happens If They Railroad Trump To Prison?


1 – Jesus Christ Who Died On The Cross.

2 – Moses Was Forbidden By God To Enter The Promised Land.

3 – Joan Of Arc Was Burnt At The Stake.

4 – Davey Crocket, James Bowie & William Travis Died At The Alamo.

5 – General George Patton Was Shunned By The Military Insiders.

6 – Sir Winston Churchill Was Spurned By The British Electorate.

I Could Go On & On . . . But Just These Few Aforementioned People Changed The World.


No Matter What The LEFT Contrives . . .  It’s Too Late For The One World Order.

Trumpism . . . Has Become Imbedded Into The DNA Of America, since I Can’t Think of any Movement that has Changed the Culture of America Beyond the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution . . . More Than MAGA.

Whatever Happens with these Kangaroo Hearings, Engineered Indictments & Contrived News Stories to Get Trump . . . Becomes Secondary to the Reality that Trump Has Already Galvanized America in a Way the LEFT could Never Have Imagined . . . And It’s Not Fleeting.


You Can’t Kill An Idea . . .

Whether Trump Is Defeated In The Primary (Most Unlikely) – or Wins by a Huge Margin, (Very Probable), Trump will Own the Presidential Stage Regardless, Simply because the Ideas & Love of Nation of President Trump are Far Greater than the Man Himself.


First . . . I Don’t Believe Trump Can Be Silenced.

Second . . . If the Judge Issues A Gag Order . . . It Will Be The Loudest Statement Ever Heard.


As I Wrote In The Preceding – Trump Has Already Won . . . The LEFT Has Already Lost.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I will be hopeful, Howard, where Trump is concerned. He needs our prayers. Safe journeys home!

  2. Absolutely correct, as usual!!!!!! Thank you. This ride is going to become much bumpier than most Americans/Canadians can imagine. Evil recognizes defeat but too late, all in God’s good time.

  3. Safe travels home. You are leaving a troubled country and coming home here to Canada where we have many serious problems with our corrupt PM. Let’s hope for better days for both countries.

  4. Praying for my country, President Trump and all patriots(MAGA) all over the world. Safe travels keep writing!

  5. Safe travels home you guys and don’t ever worry about the love of FREEDOM Trump has re-ignited in the USA! NYC COMMUNISTS BE DAMNED!

  6. Safe travels to you, Anne & Trevor. I know you will need fuel for your long drive but I’m asking others to spend NO money anywhere tomorrow except to donate to Donald J Trump. Money is the only thing these people understand & the only thing they will notice. If you can, then take off work tomorrow. Let’s see how much of this country will pause to protest. President Trump needs our prayers! Tonight at 6:30pm CT, Pastor’s For Trump will be hosting LIVE National Prayer Call w/Mayor Rudy Giuiian

  7. Love the positive thoughts in this one. Since you wrote of Canada’s latest threat to free speech, I was wondering if you & family would reconsider staying in the USA. But even if you did, there are steps you’d need to take in order to do so, first abiding by your limited stay. I do hope you & Anne will consider it again since your editorials from there are likely to get you in legal troubles. Have a safe journey back home.

  8. Safe Home! My Dad’s heartfelt goodbye. I am 100% TRUMP! My text is flooded with other GOP candidates trying to dilute MAGA. Let them all jump to Trump and wait for 2008.

  9. Howard this time as many times you nailed it right on the head. Good Blog.

  10. Safe Travels….This morning the PM of Hungary sided with Trump. MAGA /TRUMP are known for what we stand for. But, this won’t stop the LEFT from every scheme, lie, abuse of law to cut Trump out of the 2024 election. The MAGA People now donate to his campaign directly! I will NOT donate ‘through’ RNC to have MY$$$ used for rhinos!! And yet, Trump has access to Presidential Funds issued by the RNC!!! (it’s their law)!!! TRUMP 2024

  11. Have a safe trip home. I would avoid the garbage dump of Washington DC.

  12. There IS a God who knows the innocence of Donald Trump and the guilt of Joe Biden, Hilary and Bill Clinton, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Hussein Obama, Hitler, Putin, Mao, Pol, Tse, as well as a long list of American politicians. I know which one I would want to be when it comes time to meet my maker and in the meantime, if I was Trump, I wouldn’t let any of this garbage bother me.

  13. Regarding your editorial “He Who Laughs Last – Laughs Best”, made me think about the Peter Principle. And, who chose Biden as his VP?

  14. After just finding out the liberal gov’s budget has included $100M to add a bicycle lane to the Trans Canada Highway maybe you should park your Truck and Trailer where you cross the border and buy a 55 foot rickshaw to get home

  15. Great editorial!!! Pray for our Country, everyone. Travel safely and enjoy your summer Galganovs.

  16. Yes, I add my name to the many above wishing you three a very safe and interesting trip north to Canada. Please let us all know that you make it back safely and are so happy to see your horses and pony again as you settle in. I hope the radio keeps you well entertained as you drive. Be safe. Please come back again!!

  17. Off you three go to home land again, hope your vacation was a good one. Wishing you Anne, and Tavor a safe journey back to your beautiful country. Praying both our countries will be better as the New Year comes along and we get our President Trump back in office. The left that made it so unbearable for he and his family I am sure our good Lord saw all that went on & would not want to be them on their death beds. God help us in our entire planet . Thank you for your great Editorials,

  18. Wishing you three safe travels as you make your way home. Thanks for all your efforts.

  19. Safe travels to you and Anne. I also want to wish you a Happy Passover. I’m not Jewish but lots of times Julie & I get invited to Passover Sedars. Strangely enough, I kinda enjoy Egg Matzoh !!! I also bring my own Cherry Coke to these Sedars, but that’s okay. They’re actually “Kosher” !!! Meanwhile, what is “Not Kosher” is how former President Trump is being treated. Donald Trump did in fact make America great again. People had jobs; The economy was never better. Wish Canada had a Donald

  20. Safe journey home Howard n Anne. Quickest and easiest way back into Canada is via Roxham Rd. RCMP will meet you, treat you and take you to a nice hotel, maybe the Ramada Inn, Cornwall. 😂

  21. Well said, as always! I totally agree that Trump has changed our world & will forever be recognized for doing so! I pray every day, that God will bless & protect him, his family, his devoted supporters & America!! I believe that he is the ONLY one tough enough, feared enough & respected enough to save our freedom & bring back America’s respect, law & order, decency & prosperity! Happy Passover & may God bless you, Anne & Tavor as you travel back home & always!

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