A Message To The Democrats From Ontario’s Election


It Was Like Planning An Expensive Dress-Up Party With Printed Invitations & RSVP’s & No One Cared Enough To Come.

This Scenario Sends Several Important (Critical) Messages . . . To The Organizers & Hosts Of The Party. More than Half the People who were Invited Chose Not to Come for Various Reasons . . .

1 – Because they thought the Party Would be a Flop.

2 – The Invited Guests just Didn’t Like the Hosts.

3 – There was Something Far More Important to Do Personally on Party-Day – Like Washing their Hair.


How Will It Affect The Democrats In The November Mid-Terms, If This Is Only All About Ontario?

It’s Not Just All About The Province Of Ontario . . . It’s All About Voter Attitude, Enthusiasm & How Attitude & Enthusiasm will Decide the Absolute Future of Candidates, Political Parties & Governments Throughout North America on Both Sides of the Border.

The Reasons the People Didn’t Show-Up in Massive Numbers to Vote at the Ontario Election (Only 43.5%), was Because Most People Didn’t think there was Anyone Worth Voting-For, that their Vote Wouldn’t Make a Difference . . . And To Send A Powerful Message To LEFTIST Candidates & Parties Across Canada.

The Ontario Progressive Conservative Party Are Crowing that they Got the Biggest Vote Percentage in Ontario Voting History & Won the Most Parliamentary Seats in Ontario History . . . Which Is All About Bull-Shit, since the Voter Turnout was Also The Smallest Number In Ontario History.

So Where’s The Pride In Winning An Election Which No-One Really Cared About?

The Reason The Ford Progressive Conservatives Did So “Well” . . . with so Few Votes Cast, was Because the Other Real Conservative Parties (Ontario Party & New Blue Party) were Closed-Out by the Media from Publicized Debates & Didn’t Have a Fraction of the Money the Progressive Conservatives had with Which to Advertise & Campaign.

The Other Reason The Progressive Conservatives Did So “Well” . . . with so Few Votes Cast, was Because the Electorate Didn’t Want to Vote for the NDP Socialists (New Democrat Party) Nor the Socialist Liberal Party, Meaning . . . Even Liberal & NDP Supporters Weren’t Interested In Going To The Election Party.


Immediately After Taking This Beating At The Polls In General . . . which Included their Lost Seats in the Ontario Parliament, the Leaders of Both Socialist Parties (NDP & Liberal) Publicly Resigned.

But It Didn’t End There . . . The Message Was Clear & Succinct To Trudeau & His Federal Liberals – Their Time Is Coming.

Unlike The Ontario Election . . . Where the Conservative Ontario Electorate Had No-One in Fact to Vote-For, they Held their Nose & Voted Progressive Conservatives while Shunning the Socialists . . . In The Forthcoming Federal Election, which is Still A-Ways-Away, Unless there is a Non-Confidence Vote, which Could Happen, Forcing an Early Election . . . There is a Candidate that is Exciting the National Canadian Electorate Who Has A Simple Message, which is Resonating with the People from the Atlantic to the Pacific, from the Arctic Circle to the Great Lakes . . . His Name Is Pierre Poilievre – A Real Conservative.

Poilievre’s Simple Message Is – Give The Government Back To The People!

Friday Night . . . June 3, 2022 – was the Deadline to Join the Canadian Conservative Party in Order to Have a Vote for the Leadership Campaign of the Conservative Party, So Yesterday, all the Leadership Hopefuls Were Asked by the Media to Release their New Membership Sign-Up Numbers, Which Is The BEST Indicator For Voter Turnout & Election Enthusiasm.

GET THIS . . . Poilievre Registered Some 312,000 New Party Members, which are More Members than all the Other Conservative Candidates Combined. And if I’m Correct, which I’m Pretty Sure I am, Pierre Poilievre Raised More New Members for his Party THAN any Total Number of New Members Ever Raised Including all Parties in Canadian Political History.


Just As The American LEFT, Media & RINOS Will Do Anything To Stop Trump . . . So Will The LEFT Try To Stop Poilievre In Canada.

If The People Really Wanted to Reelect Doug Ford to be Premier of Ontario, who Had a Full Term (4-Years) of Leadership Under his Belt – The People Would Have Elected Ford with a Large & Impressive Voter Turnout. But They Didn’t . . . Which Says A Lot.

Ford Won An Embarrassing Ontario Victory . . . Embarrassing, Because of the Meagre Voter Turnout . . . and the Socialists (Liberals & NDP) Got their Asses Served-Up To-Them on a Platter . . . Because There Was No Voter Enthusiasm For Any Of Them.


The People Don’t Want Socialists & They Don’t Want “Progressive” (Liberal) Conservatives.

But With Poilievre As Well As With Trump . . . The Enthusiasm Factor Is Without Bounds. And as the LEFT will Beg for their Moderate Base to Turn-Out, which they Won’t . . .  Conservatives Will.

Poilievre – Like Trump . . . Their Respective Base, Moderates & Independents Will Walk On Glass Shards If Need-Be To Vote.


Don’t Believe The Media. Don’t Believe The Polls. Don’t Believe Whatever The LEFT Tells You. Believe What It Really Is.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I agree wholeheartedly. Even though I’m not gung-ho on Trump, I certainly am on my Governor, the absolute best in America, Ron DeSantis. I expect him to have a crushing reelection victory this upcoming November which could (hopefully) be his springboard to a presidential run in ’24. The stars are aligning nicely, even if we’re suffering terribly on the way.

  2. It is time to have mandatory elections together with proportional representation in Canada. That will only make us the most democratic and politically correct country in the world.

  3. It’s indeed an HISTORICAL abysmal participation rate at any given election in Ontario and that’s a shame since what was at stake was the freedoms of Ontarians. What non-voters didn’t realize is that when you don’t take care of politics, politics will take care of you but not in a way that you think will be suitable for your life choices. However, if you look at the 2016 presidential elections in the US for instance, the most important one ever, only 55% voted. So it’s not only an Ontario

  4. Great article and certainly agree. Many people don’t realize that you can protest your vote, hand the ballet back and say you protest your vote because none of the candidates are capable. I’ve done this a few times in my life. Can you imagine if 60% of voters did this.

  5. In this system we only can do what we can through democracy within the Conservative party.You will never get it perfect the way you want, but to vote for other small parties is like helping the the leftist opposition. At least I am glad Doug Ford won in Ontario and I think it is obvious that he is preferred over Del Duca or Horrible. Can you imagine that because of a small party like the PPC would be the reason that Trudeau would win in 2025 ? Howard, you have to accept democracy within a party.

  6. A crisis will emerge prior to the November mid terms allowing marshal law (and therefore no election). Just my guess.

  7. Agree 100% Howard. This election is a sham. People either don’t care anymore or have totally given up. I shake my head anymore. I voted New Blue which is out of character for me as I’ve always tried to stay with the Consertive party. I did what I thought could maybe make a difference. I’ve lost hope for this Country/ Province.

  8. I have a friend in Montreal that he and his wife are true believers in CNN. There totally oblivious to the real world. Biden is the best, the best what? Desantis in Florida is all but a idiot, along with Trump and every Republican. Even the media in Canada does not permit anyone or anything that talks conservatism. Thank you Sander Sokoloff

  9. As a Quebecer, I will not vote Conservative if Charest wins the leadership of the Conservative Party. Disliked him when he was premier of Quebec. That has not changed. Let us not have another Quebecer as leader of a federal party. It will not end well. Luigi Lamorte, Montreal

  10. To my mind not voting says nothing and is not even smart. If you have a message then vote! As I agree with the above my advice for effect is to vote. That is, SPOIL YOUR BALLOT INTENTIONALLY! Illustration: 60% did not show up to vote – so what; how about a report that 100% did vote but spoiled their ballots – a big seismic wow in the news that can’t be ignored by anyone except Trudeau. The latter is a tradition in the US but not in Canada. Etc but out of space.

  11. Fully agree with your view of voter apathy but I also think a great deal of blame falls on the party’s and candidates themselves. Of the 8 (?) candidates on my ballot, only 1 came to my door and in my community only 4 lawn signs were visible. So if the candidates don’t show, why would the voters?

  12. Looks like you’re right. Can’t wait for the day to arrive. We need someone to clean up the mess & I think we have the right person. Ray Moscato Calgary, Alberta

  13. Elections have become a JOKE. Get the right money folks behind you and you will probably win. Folks are tired of the lies, cheating, miscounting and such. Tell the public anything to get elected then do what the Lobby wants. Crime has climbed nation wide, so lets ban weapons, BS. Time for Vigilante Work, see a crime, help out. Too many folks just turn their heads to people in distress. AGs need to be fired if they support non bail issues. Time to lock the Criminals up, so what if it is crowded.

  14. Poilievre absolutely needs to be “elected” as leader of the UPC. Then, Bernier had to grow a pair, and find a way to merge himself and his followers votes with Poilievre. We need a UPC majority, not a minority. This is the only way to take back Canada from the Marxist, Globalist, Socialist, Global Warming Cultist – Trudeau and Singh.

  15. I wish you & your country all the very best, as I do ours’s the U.S. Get rid of the TRASH that is in our White House as fast as we can get rid of it. We Americans want out country back Those who have taken the millions & trillions need to be in jail and so should their lawyers. I pray that we do not have college kids go vote for what is in there now. Dogs & horses are smarter than those kids are. They will vote for them for they were told you are going to get so much from them. Oh Baloney .

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