Blow-Back & The Consequences


The Last Time I Considered A Subway Sandwich Was The Day Subway Featured The Sponsorship Of Megan Rapinoe.

It’s Not As If . . . I was Against Having a Subway Sandwich as a Fast-Food Alternative if there were No Other Choices Available.

But Why in a Million Years Would I Want to Spend 2-Cents on a Sandwich Sold by a Fast-Food Restaurant (Subway) that Pisses All-Over my Values, which Employs a Freakish Spokeswoman with Purple Hair as a Spokesperson, who Takes Money from the People of the United States of America – Only To Insult The Flag, The Anthem & The Foundation Of Gender – Both At Home & On The International Scene?


According To Everything I’ve Been Reading . . .  Subway is Taking a Mammoth Beating from Diners, Investors & Franchise Holders, to the Extent, that in this Market, Where People are Looking for Affordable Dining in a Crowded Fast-Food Marketplace – Subway Is Closing Far More Locations Than They Are Opening.

But It Doesn’t Stop With A Not-So-Cheap To-Order Meal – At A Fast-Food Restaurant Franchise Group . . . In a Recently Released Report on the MLB (Major League Baseball) . . . Their Television Ratings, Stadium Attendance & Overall Revenue is Quite Dire . . . And the MLB, Disney & Subway are Just Three Flailing/Failing WOKE Corporations, which are Reaping the Misery of What they’ve Sown.


The Short Answer Is – We Don’t Know, Since The LEFT Has Never Reached Rock-Bottom . . . But Not Through Lack Of Effort.


This Leaked Samuel Alito Supreme Court-Draft . . . Concerning The Debate On Roe V Wade Is The Issue . . . Not What The Leaked Draft Said. And Not Even the Fact that it was Surreptitiously Leaked.

The Real Issue . . . Is How I Suspect The Democrats & Their Strategists Had Their Fingers All Over The Leak.


The Timing Was Succinct . . . The Leak Was Published at 10:32 Monday Morning On May 2, 2022 By Politico. By the Next Morning, the Democrats had all their Talking-Points, Signage, Fundraising & Demonstrations Set-Up and in Place.

As I’ve Written Repeatedly . . . To The LEFT, The End Always Justifies The Means, No Matter How Scurrilous Are The Means.

As Far As I’m Aware . . . Maybe Just One Person Working at the Supreme Court Building was the Leaker, But He Or She Didn’t Act Alone . . . The Democrats, who are Desperately In-Need of a Social Campaign Issue to Hang their Hat-On, since Everything Else the LEFT  has Touched has Turned American Diamonds into American  Coal, are in Dire Need of a  New Narrative – Since all the Crap they’ve Tried Before, Like the Russia-Russia Fraud, The Zelenskyy Phone Call Fraud, the Two Trump  Impeachment Frauds, the Brent Kavanaugh Disgrace and the Current Non-Insurrection Fantasy . . . Are All Falling On Deaf Ears.

But Guess What? . . . This Latest Roe V Wade Fraud Will Also Blow-Up In The Face Of The LEFT Like An Atomic Bomb.


It’s Not So Much That JD Vance Won Last Night’s Republican Ohio Senatorial Primary.

It’s Not Even that JD Vance Won Convincingly Against other Great Candidates – Or With a Message that Resonated with the Vast Spectrum of Republican Voters. Or Even that there was a Huge Republican Turn-out at the Republican Polls, Where in Contrast, there was a Dearth of Democrat Voters who Turned out for their Primary Candidates . . . It Was Because Of The Trump Endorsement That Has Sent Them Apoplectic.

Last Night . . . President Donald J Trump Endorsed 22-Republican Candidates In Ohio & Indiana . . . And all Twenty-Two Trump Endorsed Candidates Won – AGAINST the Prayers of the LEFT & RINOS . . . that Trump’s Candidates (Especially JD Vance) Would Lose & Trump Would Somehow be Diminished as the Republican Kingmaker.

I Believe that Most of the Ohio Republican Voters Would Have Been just as Pleased if Any of the Three Leading Republican Candidates Would Have Won, Considering they were all MAGA Acolytes . . . But Having JD Vance Win, Who Was Trump’s Personal Choice Said All That Needed To Be Said.

Yesterday Was Another Great Day For Conservatives . . . Every Day Is A More Horrible Day Than Yesterday For The Left.


Tomorrow’s Israel Independence Day, The Day Israel Was Recognized As The Reborn State Of The Jewish People 74-Years Ago.

In Montreal . . . The Home (City) Of My Birth 72-Years Ago, there will be a Parade From one Prominent Part of Downtown Montreal to the Downtown Core, in Which, as a Biker, I will be Part of a Number of Bikers who will Lead & Escort the Celebratory Parade.

This Won’t Be My First Israel Independence Day Biker Escort . . . And even though it will Take me at Least an Hour to Ride Just to the Preliminary Staging Ground for the Bikers . . . Given the Worldwide Threats Against Jews, and Montreal’s Penchant for Anti-Semitism . . . There’s No Place I’d Rather Be.

I Won’t Be Riding Alone . . . As A Close French-Canadian Christian Friend Will Also Make the Long Ride with me to Montreal to be Seen, Heard & Support. Silence Murdered 6-Million Jews!

The Rumble Of Motorcycle Engines & The Courage Of Riders – Jews & Non Jews Will Drown Out The Silence.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Didn’t know you rode. What bike is your ride? Cheers.

    Honda VTX 1300T . . . Driven from South Eastern Ontario to Texas, Florida, Washington DC and all Places In-Between – Multiple Times – HG:

  2. AM YISROEL CHAI (ISRAEL LIVES) . . .To you as well Howard & friends!

  3. Superb again. Todah! I would place my bet on that the inserted creature of unknown gender had something to do with betraying that Supreme Court and the US. And enjoying in advance the coming reckoning…

  4. Amen, amen! The Left keeps self-destructing and appears to be totally unaware that all their blabber about Women’s rights cannot be squared with their absurdities regarding gender. And count me in as a Christian who supports Israel!

  5. Great article Howard. As usual the left is probably pissing on their drawers with out a clue as to what happened in the primaries. As well with “subway”. I prefer “Firehouse subs”, Mo better. God bless America, my home sweet home.

  6. The rumble of motorcycle engines and the courage of riders – Jews and non-Jews will drown out the silence! Thank you and all the other riders for your courage! ROCK ON!!!!!!! AM YISROEL

  7. Howard… another super write/report all well said!!! Just when I think that I can’t endure another news story on what is going on I get renewed by reading your thoughts. I even received your report on time, guess Google was sleeping. Have a great ride!!!

  8. The Supreme Court leak may have come from a leftist JUSTICE. Amazing a low life clerk is being blamed, I believe it was leaked with the blesslng of a sitting JUSTICE. Amazing that it not even being suggested. There does not seem to be interest finding the perpetrator, wonder why?

  9. It’s amazing to see that what was created in 1948 by the united nation is now so despised by the modern united nations.

  10. Coincidence that the leak came after GHE appointment of the leftist that could not define what a woman is….COINCIDENCE…?…I think not….PLANNED was made up back in I believe in January.

  11. Because of the leak’s meaning, Schumer is threatening to pack the court (SCOTUS) if they keep the majority. That much more reason for the Dems to by thrown out!!! Sure would be GREAT if someone beat out Schumer & Pelosi. We need to get the “entrenched” politicians out of Congress once and for all. Stay safe on your biker journey tomorrow. Israel will remain no matter what.

  12. Happy Cinco De Mayo, I turned 70 today. Had I known I would live this long I would have planned better, my lifestyle pointed to me being dead by 50. Road a HD Heritage Softail for years until vertigo made me quit. We are in a time again, wondering if Russia is going to Nuke us, 1960 we as kids were told to hide under our desks. Every so many years, WAR is used to reduce the population, Planned Parenthood is being used to do that now through abortion. Lack of morals is the biggest problem today.

  13. Another of your winners Howard and my first time to comment. Those comments of yours that refer to the he or she who was involved in the leak and the thinking that the dems had a hand in it mirror my own. The timing of what ensued pretty much confirms what we’re thinking. I so appreciate your articles and share them around the world. Many reply favorably. One retired Marine’s favorite reply is: ‘The Canadian hits another one over the fence.’ Keep hitting I say!

  14. I have never understood Christians that are anti-Semitic We worship a Jew!!!! This is more proof of what brainwashing can do. Jews have been enslaved more than any other race, creed or color, yet they are very successful, smart, great citizens, etc. I believe that this is envy and jealousy. I never saw a Jew on welfare, withoiut a job, or homeless. Why? They are very stong people. We should take notice, not hate and bias.

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