The Woke Is On The Road To Get Broke


I’m Pleased & Proud, That Even Though We Spent So Much Time On The Road, I Was Still Able To Read, Research & Write.

HOME AT LAST . . . Anne, Tavor & I Arrived Home in Southeastern Ontario this Past Friday Afternoon (April 22, 2022), After Driving Slightly More than 3,600 Miles In A Few Weeks.

The Drive Home Took us Through Washington & Oregon States, as Far as the California State-Line, where Before Entering California we Took a Hard Geographical Left-Turn through Northern Nevada, where we had the Driving Adventure Through Almost all the Mid-American States . . . Of A Lifetime.

We’re All Tired . . . Actually – Exhausted Is A Better Description, Including our One Year Old Tavor German Shepherd Dog, who was a Fabulous Driving Companion . . . And In Retrospect – Anne & I Couldn’t Be Happier For The Experience.


LEFTIST Disney Doesn’t Want Government Oversight Or Regulations – How Do They Square That Circle?

For The Few Who Don’t Know . . . Disney has Already LOST More than $36-BILLION Dollars of Stock Value Since Disney Decided to Declare War on American Morality & Family Values.

But More Than That . . . Anne & I Have been to Disney World in Florida Twice. But as a Result of What Disney has Just Done . . . Disney and all of Disney’s Spin-Off Corporations Can Whistle Dixie Before this WOKE Piece Of Crap Corporation can Ever Hope to See a Single Cent of our Money Again, No Matter How Disney Tries to Extricate Itself from this Socio/Financial Disaster of its Own Making. And We’re Not The Only Ones.

Furthermore . . . For a Company (Corporation) that Believes in Socialism (Communism), as was Demonstrated by Disney’s Assault on Family Values, Support of Debauchery and Against the Right of Parents to Raise their Children on the Values which the Parents Believe-In . . . How Does Disney Explain Having & Wanting Special Corporate & Civil Rights No Other Corporation has in America?

Isn’t Socialism/Communism Equity . . . Where No One Has More Than Anyone Else?

Why Should Disney Expect to Have More Rights & Privileges than any of the Other Florida Attraction, of Which there are Many? That’s Not Equitable To Quote The Woke.

And Now To The LEFT . . . Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Is Putin.


It Seems To Me . . . that Everyone who Stands Against the American Socialist/Communists for FREEDOM & EQUALITY (Not Equity) . . . Is Putin. And Everything that is Bad in America is the Fault of Putin.

The Price Of Energy Is The Fault Of Putin. The Cost of Food-Inflation is the Fault of Putin. The Democrats have been Found-Out to Have Cheated the 2020 Federal Election, which Stole the Presidential Victory from President Trump, Conservative Voters and from the Well-Being of the American & Global Population . . . Is Also The Fault Of Putin.


Putin Has Secured Himself a Spot of Dishonor in the Annals of Modern Mass Genocidal Murderers in the Likeness of Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot, Fidel Castro – Etc.

So Why Not Pile It All On? Everything Bad In The World Including Weight-Gain Is Now The Fault Of Putin.


When The Left Spoke About The Great Reset . . . They Never Imagined The Reset Would Bring Us Back To “Normal”.

The (LEFT) Contrived all they Could to “Create” a Scenario to Blame Trump’s 2016 Election Victory on Trump Being a Putin Co-Conspirator, who Did with Putin all Putin Could Do to Keep Hillary Clinton from the White House . . . And Even That’s Coming Back To Bite Clinton & The Democrats In The Ass Big Time.

They All Lied & Created A Conspiracy Of Gross National Fraud.


Two Questions Running Through My Mind Are Self-Explanatory. Why has it Taken More than 5-Years for the Clinton Machine to be Spotlighted for its Utter Corruption? And What’s the Chance that Hillary Clinton and Any of her Serious Acolytes will Pay a Real Judicial Penalty for their Crimes, which they’ve Committed Above & Beyond the Pale?

The Answers Of Course Are Depressing . . . There Is No Justice For The Well Connected.

In A Real World Of Justice . . . Barack Hussein Obama & Obama’s Many Henchmen & Women would have been Charged for Corruption & Un-American Activities such as Using the Government Apparatus (FBI, CIA, Justice Department, IRS, NSA – Etc) as a Cudgel with Which to Hammer Legitimate Conservative Political & Social Opposition.

However . . . That Said – Even with the Fact that all the Mainstream & Giant Social-Media will Not Honestly Report on the Crimes of the LEFT, which also Includes a Rigged Election that Has Thrown America and the World into Turmoil, there are Enough Bloggers like Me, Really Popular and even Less Popular Conservative Radio Talk-Show Hosts & Several On-Line News Providers like Newsmax, One America News, Breitbart & Soon to be Trump’s Social Media, which/who are Taking the Information & Disseminating it to . . . A-Hungry-For-Honest-Reporting-Mass Audience.

And Wait For It – Whether Elon Musk Is Successful Or Not With Twitter, The Damage To Twitter Has Already Been Done.


Do You Remember Aesop’s Fables Shepherd Boy Who Cried Wolf Once Too Often?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. So glad you all are safe at home, we prayed for you all the way. You are correct sir, the great reset is now a boomerang!!!

  2. Glad to see that you made it safely home. Sadly the governing powers in Canada & the U.S. are so corrupt that they don’t even know or care what they are doing to the average person. Seeing that you are using some old quotes may I add “those people who live in glass houses should not throw stones”. Keep up the faith trying to put out with the real truths realizing that one will agree with everyone. That just makes life a bit more interesting!

  3. 1. Have you noticed that the election in France, all voting is “ in person “ and Id is required. No mail in voting allowed. So even this socialist dump has a much less corrupt system than US/Canada. 2. Gotta love Musk. He is not woke, and knows the damage sites like Twitter and Facebook have caused by suppressing any comments centre or right of centre. Banning Trump was the start of Twitter’s downfall. 3. Pierre Poilievre is gaining momentum. Libs and Leftists in Canada are panickin

  4. Happy to hear you all made it ‘home’ safe & sound, tho tired. Found out Elon has 27 Tesla businesses in mainland China & announced New Years Eve another is being built. He’s smart & seemingly ethical/moral, but a lot of those locations are in the Uyghur territory. As for Trump Social, will wait & see. Yes our gov’t is corrupt, has been for awhile; but since Obama, it has metastasized. I hope Nov’s mid-term election is successfully legit; it will be flood washing Dems out if it is legit.

  5. I wish I would have known you were in Oregon. I would have invited you over for some tea and a martini!

  6. Sure glad to hear you folks are safe and sound.Thanks for all you do for this crazy world. Guess I am one of the people hoping Putin gets rid of these evil dirty Bio labs I think they are called The US doesn’t seem interested in destroying them

  7. Howard, glad to see you made if home safely. Walt Disney must be rolling over in his grave. When I lived in Florida, I used to enjoy going to Disney World. Now that D World has become WOKE, I will NEVER again spend one penny visiting “RAT” World!

  8. Howard and family, so glad to hear your home safe and sound! You went through Erie, Pa, where I was born south of there and raised in Lock Haven, PA., home of the Piper Cub and Williamsport, home of the little league baseball! Musk is a smart man!

  9. Recognizing that Disney has become the driving part of the ownership of National Geographic, this subscriber has decided to end a 60+ year relationship. Thankfully, Smithsonian Magazine has not yet made a left turn.

  10. As everyone has said glad you three wore out people & doggie got home safe and sound, Is there anyway you and Anne along with Tavor could just rest one day before you begin all the work that you will have to do? It is not like any of the work is going to start without you. But do as you need are want to do. Just rest somewhere God be with you three always. :))

  11. Glad to hear you had a safe journey. Disney like Coke, NFL and others put their BS two cents in and it is costing them big time. Now we must deal with the Cancer in DC. It is so advanced only amputation will can possible save it. Even with that their is so much immoral BS going on that the cancer will kill us. The Clintons, Obamas, Bidens and politicians of this world have created a festering sore upon us, but it has spread and they feel they are above approach of the Laws and punishment.

  12. An excellent article in a Prague newspaper described Justin Trudeu as a fool but the Canadian fools that elected him is even worse. The 40% support of the worst most corrupt, unaccomplished, pathological liar President in American history is the same story. In the immortal words of Pogo (sorry young folks who don’t know who he is), “I have seen the enemy and it is us”.

  13. To me, too much praise for Musk. He knows his billions are made on the back of slave labor. To me, a true American Patriot would have all one’s factories in America, helping fellow Americans, even though the bottom financial return would not be as large. I take any news concerning super rich allegedly unselfish, honest portrayal with a grain of salt. Even so, if it don’t play out right, blame Putin. God bless America.

  14. Howard, Disney has been like this for years, it is not New. Even their employees are brainwashed (dead) One has since left the employ of Disney and struck out on his own as a folk singer and storyteller. I was in total shock when at one of his performances, he made a favorable remark about Obama, which was a total lie, and condemned G. Bush. as well as a derogatory statement about the U.S. I had all I could do to keep from grabbing that S.O.B. and pounding his head in. I got up and walked out

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