A North American Epiphany


Anne, Tavor & I Have Been on the Road for More than a Thousand Miles (Twelve Hundred Miles) Since Sunday April 3, 2022, when we Left British Columbia on our 3,600 Mile Southeastern American Journey Back Home To Southern Ontario By RV.

First – We Arrived at the US/Canada Border, where the Custom Guard Asked me to Shut-Off my Engine, Immediately After Taking our Passports and the Cursed China Virus Vax-Papers we have Been Forced to Carry.

He Never Looked at the Vax Papers, as he Simply Handed them back to Me as if they were Trash, which to my Way of Thinking they are. But he Did Ask Something I was Not Expecting and was NEVER Asked before at the US Border . . . To Hand Over The Truck Keys.

I Mentioned to the Custom Guard that Anne & I had Nexus Cards (Most Trusted Travelers), but were Told Before Coming to the Border through a Phone Call to the US Border, that a Rig our Size (41-Feet Plus The F-250 With The 8-Foot Box) would Fit More Comfortably through the Regular Lines . . . To No Avail.

The Custom Guard was Pleasant, had on a Big Smile, Was Courteous & Asked a Ton of Questions, to which I just as Pleasantly Answered. He Handed me Back our Truck Keys, wished us a Pleasant & Safe Trip, and Off we Went into the United States of America.

Anne & I were Incredulous & Still Are, that if you are Breaking into Biden’s America with ZERO Personal Information, No Health History, No Vaccine Status at All, No Money, Possibly (Probably) No Skills, Maybe a Criminal Record & God Only Knows if the Illegal Entrant (Invader) is a Drug Smuggler, Human Smuggler, Pimp, Prostitute, Gang Banger, Terrorist or Whatever – No Problem.

But A 72-Year-Old Man with his 71-Year-Old Wife, their 12-Month-Old Puppy in a Brand-New F-250 and a Relatively New 5th Wheel RV . . . Has to Do a Dog & Pony Show to Legally Enter the United States of America as Tourists . . .

Do You See Something Really Wrong & Sick With This Picture?


I’ve Been to Seattle Several Times for Business over the Years. The One Thing that Really Stood Out More than Anything Else in Seattle for me, was the Wharf and the Aquarium, which is Part of the Wharf.

The Space Needle was OK, but Nothing to Write Home About. But the Wharf, the Aquarium, and the Seafood on the Wharf Always Made Seattle Worthwhile to me. But for Anything Else in Seattle, there Really was Nothing that Separated Seattle from Any Other Big Dirty North American City.

And This Time . . . As We Drove Past Seattle, It Seemed Darker & More Despondent Than I Remembered It.


After Seattle, we Arrived at the Outskirts of Portland Oregon, where Several Miles out of Portland we Noticed an Enormous Amount of Trash & Jettisoned Crap on the Shoulders of the Road, then the Derelicts Living in Tents & Thrown Together Ramshackle Structures for Lack of a Better Description, Right Beside the Highway became Very Much Evident.

And as we Approached the City Itself, the First & Most Imposing City Symbol to be Seen was a Huge BLM – Black Lives Matter Banner – Which Kind Of Said It All.

At This Point – Anne & I Were Wondering If We Made The Right Decision To Go Home Through The Southeastern USA.

And Then About 20 Minutes South Of Portland . . . Oregon Exploded Before our Eyes as one of the Most Beautiful Parts of the United States of America we Had ever Seen. And Believe-Me When I Write . . . We have Probably Seen More of America than Perhaps 90% of the American People.

We Couldn’t Believe How Diverse Oregon Was, With All Manner Of Things To Drink-In With Our Eyes.


Anne & I Have Been In Several American Deserts . . . We Drove Outside Las Vegas (All Around Red Rock Canyon) & Relished Riding Horses in Tempe Arizona; But we NEVER Saw the Desert Quite Like the Northern Desert of Nevada, with Things to See that were so Delicious to the Eyes that we Could Visually Taste the Sights.

I’m Not Going To Give You A Detailed Travelogue, Other Than To Write, This Trip Is Becoming An Adventure Of Our Lifetime.


There Is Now Virtually No Part Of The Contiguous United States That Anne & I Have Not Driven Or Will Drive Through.

Flying Is Great If You Want To Get To Where You’re Going Fast. But you will Never Know America (Or Canada For That Matter) if you Don’t Drive Through-It. All of It. And Not at Night in the Dark, But in the Bright Sunshine, so you Can Drink-It All-In, and Not just Speeding Along the Highways to Get from Here to There, But Slowly Enough to Stop & See What America is Really All About.

If the LEFTIST Schmucks, Including Limousine Liberals, Private Jet Elitists, the Never Left School Teachers & Professors and all the City & Suburb Dwellers Ever Did what Anne & I Have Done and are Doing Now, They Would LOVE America Far More & Hate America Far Less.

As A Matter Of Fact . . . If I Controlled the Academic Curricula in Canada or the United States of America, I would Invest Tax Money to Make all Students who Want to Graduate from High School, to Take a Summer’s Vacation to Tour America (Or Appropriately Canada) in Places Most Americans (Canadians) Never Tread and will Never Know.

If The American Youth Knew What Anne & I Know . . . Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would Still be Tending Bar, Barack Obama Would Never had been Elected President, Biden Would-Be Living with his Own Sick Delusions in Delaware where he Couldn’t Destroy the Greatest Country that Has Ever Been, And There Would Have Been Two Successive Presidential Terms By A President Named Donald Trump.

It’s Sad Really, That Two Canadians Like Anne & Myself, Have So Much Pride In The USA While So Many People Don’t . . .To the Point that we Love the America Most Young People will Never Know & Will Never Understand.

In My Next Editorial . . . I’m Going To Write About All The Incongruous Good That’s Coming From The War In Ukraine.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov  

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  1. We’d love for you and Anne to stay in the USA, but we understand that Canada needs you as much as we do to stand for the freedoms we used to have, and hope to regain in the next couple of elections.

  2. You are absolutely right on seeing America! I have all been to all but 2 states – Conn & Maine The cool thing about riding a motorcycle is you not only see it, you feel and smell it! It is an amazing place. I agree – too many read about it or see it in a film – I would think if they could experience it as you all are and as I have – they just might have a love for it. Continue to enjoy / next week I ride from Myrtle Beach, SC to Amarillo TX!

  3. Howard, You are a unique and valuable asset to both Canada and America! Thank you for sharing one of Canada’s true treasures with us. Dick Black Kansas

  4. I know what you mean about driving across America. Back in the late 1980s, I headed back home to Ohio from Palm Springs, CA. I took the northern route through Nevada then southern Utah to I-70 which was only a two-lane highway at that time. I passed abandoned cattle ramps and corrals that brought images of a Zane Gray story to my imagination. I wrote my thoughts down in a journal which I gave to my girlfriend at the time; so that she could share my adventure.

  5. You are so right in saying that if the Democrats would take the time to travel by car or motorhome and see the country….they would love America….and Liberals would love Canada. I have traveled by car and also by Truck and Trailer and saw 9 beautiful Canadian Provinces and 1 Territory. I have also traveled, admired, stayed and loved 43 of the American States as a Canadian….HOW MANY CANADIANS CAN SAY THAT….and HOW MANY AMERICANS HAVE SEEN MORE THAN JUST THEIR OWN CITY OR STATE…SAD.

  6. I’m wondering if part of the problem is that parents don’t take their families on vacations in their cars anymore. We stayed with family members Washington State, California, Texas, New Mexico, and Kansas. Those vacations were a lot of work for my parents and certainly weren’t perfect, but we SAW THINGS…and met tons of people related to us!! For a 10-year-old, that was pretty mind-blowing. People fly everywhere now. It’s faster but I realize now that it isn’t better.

  7. Well having travelled the world in my younger business days it always seemed to me that as soon as these people put on a “military” style cap their persona changes!

  8. I am going to share a different view. As a kid we drove across this great nation several times, my folks were taking us to visit family in LA and MI also finding work. It was a different country with lots of pride in folks. In the early 80s I drove our rig from CA through the north west several times and the Southwest once. In early 2000, my wife and I did the same routes, what a difference I saw, shambles , trash, junk along most roads seems the pride had worn off. Seattle and Portland are junk

  9. Regarding Seattle – People get what they continually vote for. I feel no pity for them. Only its a shame that those who wish to enjoy a city that could have been really nice can no longer do so. They chose their bed and bedmates, now they must sleep in it. Regarding Academia here in Canada, you’d be wasting your time and money. These jack fools have already crossed the line into the “liberal racist sublime” of eliminating candidates for research positions because they are white and male.

  10. What a wonderful discussion you’ve made on how great our two countries ARE…………. While my husband and I, and our black cat Lucky (now approaching 17 yrs old) no longer RV, we did just that for some years. Each trip was a marvel and we have photo albums to prove our many trips. Thanks for your words of honesty and wisdom. Happy Trails….and God Bless! Sheila Whitt, Land O Lakes, FL

  11. Howard I have traveled through every state east of the Rockies and most of Eastern Canada. Every inch of both countries is beautiful., just not appreciated by some, so they destroy whatever they come in contact with, including people(drugs). These people are Godless. i watched Sean Hannity interviewing Sean Penn and Penn said something that shocked me “If there is a God”, then I knew for sure what a liberal was, They are disciples of Satan, and should be treated as such.

  12. Sorry to say we didn’t travel much until our kids were grown. It took money we couldn’t spare. Once my 2nd child was born, I quit work to raise them. After they were in college, we traveled east coast (Maine to Florida) on vacations. I spent a few months in KY as young adult & that’s the extent of my travels other than an 11-day trip to Greece & Turkey in 2001. Sad to say but most of my “seeing the world” is photos or pics of nicer parts on internet.

  13. Enjoy the trip–I’ve seen most of America by road and really enjoyed and appreciated it’s rural people! If you have the time and resources try Kitt Peak Observatory- Canyon de Chey- Silverton to Durango- Old Tucson- Big Bend National Park-Smoky Mountain Natl. Park-and more I could name that I have seen and enjoyed for 75 years.

  14. Howard, you and Anne’s border crossing experience and the points you made about it certainly exemplify just how bass-ackward America’s values have become.

  15. YES, it sure would be nice if Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would still be tending bar, Barack Obama would never have been elected, President Biden would be living with his own sick delusions in Delaware where he couldn’t destroy the Greatest Country that has ever been, and there would have been two successive Presidential terms for Donald Trump. Also agree with Paul C. (above) that the Liberals are disciples of Satan, and should be treated as such! Welcome back to the U.S. via the LEGAL WAY! AMEN!

  16. So glad you got to see MY beautiful Oregon – once you got out of Portland, which USED to be a beautiful city. May you continue to enjoy the sights of the USA.

  17. Someday you will make it to the beautiful Lucerne Valley in the High Desert of Southern California. We are so lucky to live here. Yes, it’s in the People’s Republik of Kalifornia, but that’s not its fault!

  18. The best drive in Canada is between Banff and Jasper Alberta passing by Lake Louise and Moraine Lake. I had the opportunity of doing that in 2010 when I paid myself for a vacation in the Canadian Rockies. I hope I can do this again in the future but it’s expensive and most of the time I live paycheque to paycheque not being able to save for another trip of the sort.

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