Their Empire’s Disintegrating


Canada’s Trucker Convoy Has Lit The International Freedom Fuse.

First Of All – Over this Week of Trucker Convoys in Ottawa, there Have Been Many Tens of Thousands of Demonstrators in the Nation’s Capital in Addition to the Truckers . . . And More FREEDOM Demonstrators Coming Every Day.

For The HUGE Part Of It, the Truckers and the Non-Trucker Demonstrators have Been Exceptionally Peaceful, Respectful & Lawful, to the Point that the Ottawa Police have been Publicly Amazed.

So . . . Whatever You Might Hear About Disrespectful Freedom Demonstrators In Ottawa – Is Simply Media Propaganda.

Trudeau Is Pushing the Big Lie that the Truckers are Basically White Supremacists . . . So How Does this National Embarrassment (Trudeau) Explain the Sikh Truckers who are Participating in Huge Numbers, or the Black Truckers, of Which One is a Personal Friend of Mine?

Trudeau is Also Tagging the Truckers for Being Misogynists, without Explaining the Fact that Many Women also Drive Trucks. But Even More than that, What About the Thousands Upon Thousands of Women who are Rallying Independently Beside the Men?


How About Nazism, Jew-Hatred, Swastikas, The Stars & Bars & Signs That Depict The Holocaust? That Should Do-It.

What Evil Won’t Trudeau Conjure-Up to Demean Hard Working Men, Women and their Children to Propagate his Lies to Promote his Liberal Tyranny?

Trudeau’s Scared . . . With Just Reason – Because Trudeau’s Crossed The Rubicon Between Freedom & Tyranny.

Sorry Justin . . . The Only Racist & Misogynist in this Entire Ordeal is the Man Who Wore Blackface Multiple Times, and Played Dress-Up as he Dressed Himself, Children & Wife as Ceremonial Indians in India, for a Photo-Opportunity, which was a Complete Insult to the Indian & Canadian People.

And Now . . . Even After the Ottawa Police Came-Out Full of Compliments for the Demonstrators . . . Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly Suggested that the Canadian Army Might Have to be Called-In to Drive-Out the Peaceful FREEDOM Demonstrators.

So Here’s The Kibosh On That . . . The Canadian Military Said Policing Is Not What We Do. End Of Story.


The Farmer-Son Of A Farmer Friend Of Mine Is Part Of A Farmers’ Rally To Convoy Tractors To Ottawa This Weekend.

When Mr Black-Face Dress-Up Prime Minister Trudeau Said . . . The Truckers Are a “Fringe Group” with “Unacceptable Opinions”, it Made Me & Millions of Other Canadians like Me, and Not even Hard Core Conservatives Wince . . . Since When In A Free Society Are Legitimate Opinions Unacceptable?

This Truckers’ Convoy Lit The Fuse To A National Rally, Which Already Had Enormous Unintended Consequences.

Because of the Convoy . . . The Canadian Conservative Party Threw Out its Horrible Leader (Erin O’Toole), who should Never had Been Nominated to Lead the Conservative Party, which is Partly Insignificant, since the Party Executive who O’Toole Mostly Answered-To is Still In-Place

The Premier of Saskatchewan (Scott More) has Announced that he Would be Ending the Mandates in his Province, which will be Ending Sooner than Originally Anticipated . . . I am Quite Certain Because of the Convoys.

The Premier of Alberta (Jason Kenney) has been Shown to be an Inconsequential Dufus when it Comes to Fighting for the Rights & Freedoms of the People of Alberta & Will Soon Pay the Price at the Polls.

French Separatist Quebec is Now Rethinking its Draconian Mandates which it has Imposed on its Own People, as the Premier of Quebec (Francois Legault) is Publicly Inviting Truckers to Speak with him One-On-One, Probably Looking at a Face-Saving Way to Get-Out of a Misery which the Quebec Government Unjustifiably Imposed Upon all Quebecers.

Ontario’s Premier (Doug Ford) is Being Hung-Out To Dry for Being One of Ontario’s Least Competent & Most Gutless Premiers, Perhaps in Ontario’s History, because of the Disgusting Manner in which Doug Ford Managed the Pandemic, As Trudeau’s Ass Kisser-In Chief.

The Maritime Provinces are Being Relatively Quiet as is British Columbia, which Will Succumb to the Will of the People Much Sooner Rather than Later, as the Freedom Rallies Continue to Grow Across Canada . . . And Soon Across The Expanse Of America.

What has Been A Horrible International Experience (the China Virus), has Also Been Somewhat of a God-Send, as the Catalyst that Lit the Spark, which Ignited the Inferno Against the Domestic Communist Push Towards their Sickening Elitist One-World Government.

Even The New York Times Is Beginning To Attack The Bidens. Facebook Just Took an Unexpected $200-BILLON Shit-Kicking on the Market, when for the First Time in Facebook’s History, Facebook’s Global Usage is Down with the Greatest Decrease Being in the United States of America.

CNN Is Cleaning House . . . the People are Starting to Stand-Up to  the LEFTIST Insanity & the RINOS Are Heading for the Hills as the Midterms Approach.

And If It Can’t Get Politically & Criminally Worse For The American LEFT – Durham Is About To Drop The Hammer.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. l live in U.S. my sister-in-law listens to news 2 times a day has never heard of the Canadian convoy. Friend of mine asked over 12 people what they thought of it. Not one of them had heard about it. This is one of our really big problems, for the most part, people are just ignorant of what is going on. May God help us and bless you.

    You’re Sister-In-Law will Wake-Up once the American Truckers Start to Roll – HG:

  2. Good news on many fronts this morning. It’s about time that we average Canadians and Americans are finally seen as being thoughtful, honest, no-nonsense patriots with opinions that deserve to be heard. We are not white supremacists, looting, neighborhood-burning, violent extremists (much to the liberals’ disappointment). And hopefully, the lies of politicians and MSM will be seen for what they are by millions of Canadians and Americans. We were silent for too long.

  3. How ironic if the “passive” Canadians cause a contagion that leads to the downfall of the American far Left. Fox News is aware of CDN Public Enemy Number One Ezra Levants Rebel Media and Fox’s Tucker Carlson has given his blessing. Mr. Levant should now assume leadership of Canada’s Conservative Party. One request Howard… On the day of reckoning please grant a Get Out of Jail Free card to my favorite RINO Sen Lindsey Graham. He instituted the Taylor Force Act and has always supported Isr

  4. I am glad that the people are finally waking up and standing for our rights Concerning the Conservative party getting rid of Erin O’Toole I hope the Conservative Party will return to Conservative principles. I was a Conservative party member until it became a mess, I am considering renewing my membership, do you think I should ? David

  5. You said it well…Trudeau has crossed the Rubicon between Freedom and Tyranny. This evil man should be expelled!!!! I can’t believe how horrible a person he has turned out to be and he’s bashed the truckers to pieces with his vile comments. If the WOKE jerks vote him in again Canada will be finished!!!!!

  6. Never should anyone donate through the Go Fund Me site after withholding the truckers funds. Not the first time they have done this kind of stuff!

  7. Ottawa’s police chief should resign a very sad leader of the police, he is just a liberal lackey following mayor watson’s direction

  8. Media is doing exactly what they did with Trump/Biden and with so many other left/right issues, intentionally not reporting what goes on against their leftist narrative and intentionally making up lies to suit their agenda. Media is paying the price but not enough. CNN is in the well deserved crapper but they need more. Stupid sheeple follow the lying mainstream media, smart people are starting to find out the right news 0n their own through conservative sources.

  9. God Bless the Canadian Truckers —– all of them. Hopefully, they have finally triggered an international march to regain our freedoms. There will be many unintended consequences. I hope one of those consequences will be the removal of the RINOS and worthless bureaucrats here in the USA —– at all levels: Local, State and Federal —— starting w/ dr. falsey!!! I understand there is going to be something similar here in the US. I support it 100%.

  10. We conservatives can also win the war without firing a shot. It sounds as though that war has begun with the trucker convoy. I hope it continues peacefully. But BEWARE of hired infiltrators like sneaked into Tea Party rallies to make them look bad; & they succeeded. Hopefully if such is tried with the convoy, the truckers will realize what’s going on & usher the infiltrator(s) out. They will be known by their anarchist behavior as opposed to the current peaceful/respectful truckers.

  11. I support the Truck Convoy, and do not support the mandates. However, I want to comment on those who disparage Kenney in AB, and Ford in ON. I have a number of relatives and friends in AB for example who are calling for Kenneys resignation. Same thing is happening in ON. So my question to all you brilliant people is, who will replace them? Can’t speak for ON, but in AB it will be the NDP. So Notleys socialists are better than Kenney? Get real, and think ahead a little.

  12. What Canada needs is a law preventing government subsidies to media. The Canadian media is bought by the Liberals and the Conservative Media get nothing.

  13. Our Cowardly PM could have met this convoy and, discussed, conceded, compromised but he instead chose to HIDE. He is a Coward and has lost all respect. What more can one say?

  14. The Convoy has opened many eyes, watch construction material pricing jump again as much of US lumber comes from Canada. Your spineless PM needs to be Tarred and Feathered and run out of Canada what a jerk. Just like 1/6, Libs slide in and started the destruction leading some foolish folks. Biden, in NY, said GUNS are the problem, while NY has some of the toughest gun laws. Billions of well used Guns have never committed a crime, need to start execution of murderers not releasing them on the us.

  15. Read the Book by Peter Schweizer called “RED HANDED”. if you want to read about the Trudeau Family and their ties to the Communist China Party. Time to hold Black-Face Justin Trudeau accountable!!!!

  16. Howard, the facts are simple, it is not just happening in Canada and the U.S. but all over the free world. This is the movement toward a” one-world government”. The United Nations is and has been behind this takeover movement for years, this is the New World Order, that George Bush (both of them)used to speak of. The Bilderberger Org. would be a great place to start looking for the facts and history of the movement. It is also Biblical. i could explain -not enough room.

  17. Is anyone surprised about how Justin is acting ?? The height of his arrogance is now being exposed , and politically speaking , he’ll have to keep hiding. Maybe he’s got a basement like Joe ?? God bless the truckers.

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