I More Fear The Enemy I Don’t Know


Trudeau is No Longer Just in Hiding from the People of Canada, Whom he Has Taken an Oath to Protect & Serve. Now it’s Being Told that Trudeau has Covid (The China Virus) – How “Co-Winky-Dinky” . . . And Must Be Isolated For The Good Of The People.

Maybe This Prick Should Be Isolated From The People Of Canada For The Rest Of His Life?

According To The Bought & Paid-For CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), this Massive Truck Convoy, which is Fueled by the People, is Somehow Part of a Russian Campaign. Where Have We Heard That Song Sung Before?


It Has Also Been Reported by Trudeau’s Media, that Trucker-Thugs Defaced & Disrespected the Ottawa Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the Statue of Terry Fox, who Lost his Leg to Cancer & Subsequently Started a Run Across the Country from Sea to Sea on His Good Leg and on a Prosthetic Leg, which Ended in Thunder Bay, After Running More than 3,000-Miles before Fox was Forced to Succumb to his Cancer – Fox Ran for the Purpose of Creating Cancer Awareness & Raising Money for the Canadian Cancer Research Foundation.

I Doubt There’s A Canadian Who Doesn’t Cherish The Memory Of Terry Fox, Nor Honor The Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier.

We Don’t Know Who Might Have Defaced The Monuments, since for all we Know, it Could just as Easily Have Been a Staged Event Carried out by some Sick Supporters of Justin Trudeau (Like Many Of The January 6, 2021 Rioters), to Make the Truckers Look Bad . . . But What We Do Know, is that a Group of Truckers Took-It Upon Themselves to Clean up the Mess and are Standing Vigil over the Monuments.

But You Won’t Find That In Any Of The Bought & Paid-For Canadian Media.

We’ve Been Hearing & Reading Amongst the Bought & Paid-For Media that the Truckers are Impeding the Way of Emergency Vehicles (Ambulances & The Sort), However, it Seems that the Media Can’t Exactly Say When & Where.

And, from the Bought & Paid-For Media, we’re Also Learning that Truckers are Pushing their Way into Homeless Shelters & Food Kitchens. Isn’t that Strange, Considering there has Been More Donated Food to the Truckers than the Truckers Could Eat?

What We Do Know, is that the Ottawa Police are Reporting that there Have Been No Violence & No Arrests of Truckers & Convoy Supporters. We Also Know from Videos & Still Shots that there is No Shortage of Police, EMS & Fire Trucks Lining the Convoy Routes from Across Canada, with their Lights Flashing & Sirens Wailing in Support of the Truckers.

Also From The News – Nazi-Like Flags Were Being Flown In Ottawa At The Convoy – Man . . . The LEFT Are Easy To Hate.

To Add To What Kind Of A Schmuck Trudeau Really Is . . . Trudeau Just Released a Statement Against the Truckers and the Many Hundreds of Millions of Trucker Supporters Worldwide, that Trudeau Only Supports Protests which Trudeau Personally Believes-In, and as an Example, Trudeau Listed BLM (Back Lives Matter), the White-Hating, Cop-Hating, Violent, Corrupt, Communist, Black Liberationist Movement that Stands for Everything Anathema To Racial & Social Decency.


If You Want To Save America As It Was Created . . . Do-In The Democrat Communists & The RINOS.


The Enemies From Within Are The Most Insidious Foes One Can Imagine, who Cheer You-On to Your Face, while Conspiring Behind Your Back. We Know Who the Bastard Communists are on the LEFT, and we Also Know who Many of the Traitors are in the Republican Party who Pretend to be on the Right.

Once Republicans Take Back The House & The Senate . . . That’s When It Will Be Time To Clean-House.

I Don’t Trust Kevin McCarthy For Several Reasons, but Specifically Because McCarthy Caved like a House of Cards to Pelosi on Banning Selective Conservative Republican Members of the House from Sitting on Committee Hearings, and How McCarthy Threw Several Republicans Under Pelosi’s Bus.

If Kevin McCarthy Won’t Stand-Up To Defend His Own – Who Else Won’t Kevin McCarthy Stand-Up To Defend?

Mitch McConnell is Not Just a Proven Denizen of the Washington Swamp . . . McConnell is One of the Swamp’s Elder Statesmen, who Relishes in his Power & Prestige of Office – Opposed To The Well-Being Of The American People.

The Other Pretenders to the Conservative Cause – Who Have-To-Go . . . are Lindsey Graham, the Most Established Kiss-Ass/Turncoat on Either Side of the Congressional Aisle, Susan Collins, the Liberal who Wins while Running Under the Republican Banner and the Single Most Accomplished Piece of Human Crud – Mitt Romney, who’s so Drunk with the Need to Sit in Office that his Only Principle is to be Elected.

LAST THOUGHT . . . Stephen Breyer Is Retiring – Breyer Is Male, White & Jewish – Why Should Breyer be Replaced with a Black, Christian or Atheist Female, ONLY Because She’s Black & Has a Vagina? After-All, Could it Not be a Black Transexual who Calls Himself A Woman but has a Dick?

How’s That Not An Insult To White Jewish Men? Which Is Also How Sick & Insane The LEFT Really Are.


It Might Not Feel Like-It, But We Conservatives Have The Momentum . . . Let’s Not Let Up.

Best Regards . . .  Howard Galganov

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  1. If anyone believes Trudeau has covid I’ve got a bridge for sale for them. The only thing he has is a severe case of “Stupidity” with “Weak and Ineffectual Liberalism fever.” It’s more contagious than covid and spreading like wildfire, affecting more people than you know. Best stay away from him, lest you catch a case of “spineless dope.”

  2. Cheers for the truckers long may they live, hopefully the sockpuppet will take a long time to recover and then just like sleepy joe make a fool of himself.

  3. I am very impressed by the great truckers. Thank you all. The Obama plan is being stopped.

  4. Breaking news, maybe real….First Black Woman Supreme Court Justice Could Be… a Man? A transgender Ottawa claiming cost of policing on Saturday ~$800,000. If the police had trusted real Canadians not to be violent or vandalism there would not have been any need for more police than to do traffic control. The few incidents were almost certainly hooligans or paid infiltrators. Willie Wiarton Trudeau has gone back into his hole and there will be six more weeks of winter.

  5. HG, GREAT COMMENTARY As Usual. Thanks for your Directness, and Telling IT Like IT IS. The Left has NO Integrity, and Don’t give a Dam about Ordinary people. History Will Treat them like the lying Scum they are. Fauci, Gates, Soros, Hussein obama, Pelosi, Schumer, Mitch, Linsey etc. will be Remembered for ALL the Damage they Tried to do to the cause of Freedom. May they Get their Just Rewards.

  6. The SWAMP is not only composed of Democrats…it definitely also includes the RINOS! The Democrats SCREWED Trump in the 2020 election, but many of these “screw-ups” are already being addressed and will be resolved prior to the 2022 November Election! “Fool me once, it’s your fault; fool me twice, it’s my fault!” The Election Process is being watched very closely. Also, thankfully, many Democrats are slowly, but surely, removing themselves from running for office again! GO TRUMP GO! AME

  7. We get the politicians (in most cases) that we vote for. Most voters don’t take the time to educate themselves about who or why they vote for someone. Canada has a different system than the U.S. Trudeau got about 20% of the vote yet ended up as PM. I don’t understand why the conservatives are so weak in Canada. Hopefully that will change in the next election. Here in the U.S. Biden is another issue. He is POTUS in name only and we are stuck with him (perhaps not) for the next 3 years.

  8. “Truckers are fringe with unacceptable views”. is what Trudeau said. However, he agreed with Black Lives Matters agenda! Wakeup Canada! This Prime Minister is a Dictator not a Leader!

  9. I almost went crazy this morning when I read that, with all the problems here in the U.S., our cognitively impaired pretend POTUS next attack will be on the pollution emitted by factories emitting toxic fumes! OMG! What next????? BB

  10. Again, you hit on many great points. Washington has to be cleaned up but the problem is MONEY! These Sorry SOBs as Biden seems to call certain folks, have the backing of Rich Sorry SOBs like Soros, Blumberg and such. A good honest person does not have much of a chance to get in, if you can find an honest Lawyer. As far as the Supreme Court, it has always been filled with Elite Lawyers from Yale and Harvard, we need an honest person with common sense, and no bias, I don’t care who they are.

  11. I hope & pray that US Truckers will also be doing something similar. The “fringe minority” will be about a ZILLION people! Clear the “Swamp” —– including the RINO’s

  12. Heard this a.m. that US is getting organized to do the same type of convoy here. Thanks to those brave Canadian truckers for what they are doing. The videos show how much the general population is backing the truckers. I hope Trudeau stays in his cave until he is overwhelmed by the Truckers’ support. Agree with you about McCarthy, Graham, McConnell who have betrayed all of us numerous times. Hope whoever takes 2024 will clean house, from Justice, FBI and all those who have been sucking off

  13. Nations’ leaders are all on board with Klaus Schwab’s-WEF great reset. They’re opting for big positions under the new world order. Notice how the leftist leaders are now using derogatory slurs, names or references for those of us who are standing for freedom. But if a conservative were to dare do the same, they would be splashed over all media and likely be found, threatened, home attacked, etc. All this discourse, etc, is thanks to decades of academia’s brainwashing.

  14. Last night I saw one of the organizing truckers say they have two convoys planned for the U.S. I am so proud of the Canadian truckers; they sure gave a lot of us hope! The patriotic spirit is alive and well in Canada! It is here in the US, too, but we’ve let Covid and lefties run all over us. I just hope no one decides to riot. Lefties would be disappearing more of us! Sad to be thinking that way but there are still the Jan 6th people locked up and being abused…

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