Canada’s Crossed The Rubicon


Before I Get Into The Morass Of What Canada’s Become . . . New York City’s On The Brink Of Becoming Batman’s Gotham.

I Never Had High Hopes For Eric Adams . . . But I Hoped, that at the Very Least, Adams Could Stem the Tide Somewhat of New York City’s Decline Towards Dystopia, Which Is Now A False Hope, Since the Moment Eric Adams Expressed his Support for Black Lives Matter . . . Adams Gave The Finger To Any Chance Of New York City’s Redemption.

I Hate Saying This . . . But What Is True Is True . . . Eric Adams Is Just Another Big City Black American LEFTIST Politician . . . Who is Part of the Problem Rather than Being Part of the Solution.

When Socialism/Communism is Coupled with Self-Imposed Black Grievances, which Political Leaders use as a Political Cudgel with Which to Hammer the Excuse of Malicious Behavior as the Fault of Decent People, while Ignoring the Victims of their Own Political Making . . . The Result Is Always Dystopia.

I’m Not Imagining This . . . Nor Am I Making This-Up.

During the Summer Riots (2020) of Antifa & Black Lives Matter, Every Time we Witnessed Stores being Looted, Fires Being Set & White People Being Abused & Attacked, it was Almost Always at the Hands of Black American Mobs.

Almost Every Time There Is A Random Street Shooting . . . the Shooter is a Black Person. Nearly Every Time a Cop is Shot, the Shooter is a Black American. And Virtually all Black Murders – are Caused by Black Murderers. And Almost Always, when we See Freight Trains being Looted & Ravaged, the Looters are Black People, Same as the Daylight Looters of Retail Establishments.

True – All Perpetrators Of Evil Social Deeds Are Not Black . . . But when Considering the Fact, that the Black Population in the United States of America is Only About 13% Of The Total Population . . . The Proportion Of The Perpetrators Might As Well All Be Black.

So Eric Adams’ Solution For The Crime & Murder Rate In New York City Is More Gun Control & More Welfare.

My Solution Is Far Simpler . . . Every Able-Bodied & Mentally Capable Person Must Work for What they Want. Lock all the Criminal Bastards-Up for a Very Long Time. Execute The Really Bad Ones. And Fire all the Teachers Who Don’t Want To Only Teach The 3-R’s & Civic Social Respect.

And Go Back To The Days Of Mayor Giuliani . . . And Prosecute Even The Most Minor Law Breakers.


There Is A Hemorrhage Of Money & Talent Leaving Cities Like New York, Which Are All Assets That Will Never Return.

There is a Reason Why Conservative States & Conservative Cities in America are Thriving Financially, Psychologically & Socially, while Massive Cities with Socialist (Communist) Governments & Unforgiving Ignorant Black Inner-Cities are Cascading Down a Hole to Social Hell, for which the Educators are Responsible For Not Teaching our Children that which Should have Been Taught . . . Maybe It’s Time To Lock-Out Or Lock-Up The Teachers Unions.


Here Is a brief Message To The Black Community . . . There Is No Worst Enemy To You Than Yourselves.

Even in “Red-States” like Texas, there are City’s such as Austin & Houston with Socialist Mayors, which are No Less in Social Decline than Cities in “Blue-States”, Where the Streets are Littered with Druggies, Pan-Handlers, Excrement & Violence.

The Last Time Anne & I Were In Austin, We Were Relieved To Have With Us Our 100-Pound German Shepherd Dog (Stryker).


At This Editorial Writing. . . As Many & More Than 35,000 Truckers Are Preparing To Mass Upon Ottawa To Show Their Disdain.

Street Demonstrations are Being Staged with Thousands of Protestors, Many of them Spontaneously, and Virtually all of them by Grassroot Canadians Throughout the Country from Coast to Coast, all of Which are Because of Draconian Anti-Constitutional Laws & Mandates, Which Will Morph Into Protests Far Beyond The China Virus Mandates.

Canada Has Slowly Been Transformed By Socialists – Also for Generations Through Academia, which has Successfully Turned Canada in a Very Negative Way from a Country of Individual Responsibility Into a Country of Group Dependance on the Government.


It is Only a Matter of Time Until Canada will Fall Apart Through Massive Government Malfeasance, Because of the Irreconcilable Disparities Between the Provinces & the Regions, where Successful Provinces Financially Support the Poorly Administered & Corrupt Provinces to the Social & Financial Detriment of the Taxpayers of the Successful Provinces.

The Politicians Won’t End Canada As We Know-It . . . The People Will.

As I’ve Written Repeatedly . . . The Only Future Canada has, and Not for all of Canada, is in the Success of Conservative Patriots in the United States of America, which will Determine Where & How all of Canada will Eventually Develop.

Socialism & Political Central Planning Doesn’t Work, Which Canada Is About To Discover The Hard Way.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I agree with everything you have said. My hopes for the future took a nosedive two days ago . I’m sure you are familiar with Jordan Peterson . Apparently he has walked away from the University that he worked for in Toronto. Jordon has posted a video of his reasons for doing so . My heart collapsed when I heard him state his reasons for doing so. If you have a chance , I hope you will give us your opinion on this tragedy.

  2. Teachers unions and their enablers are a stench and blight on society. But no Government in Canada or the US is going to break them up. They sadly are protected by law. And they vote mostly left, so the Democrats and Liberals are always going to support them.

  3. Am glad the leadership in Virginia changed hands. Not at all sorry to see Dems go. I can only hope the same conservative change will occur after this coming November elections for US Congress; & it will, barring anymore illegal shenanigans by Dems & their control freaks. Liberal elitists have put the US “shining light” under the proverbial bushel, but that light just may be shining brighter & showing through cracks/slits in the bushel. Let’s pray it brightens until it cannot be extinguished.

  4. How dare you even suggest all the garbage in Blue states and cities, is at the hands of mostly Black People!! Funny, I was thinking the very same thing for some time now. It’s way past time that all the Black caused problems are articulated as such. Every day and every way, we need to call out the bad actors. Can you imagine if that was to actually happen, you’d see how much crime and trouble are caused by less than 13% of the public. Oh well, I can dream can’t I???

  5. Thank you. I agree with you wholeheartedly!!! The Blacks are their own worst enemy and it’s about time they opened their eyes. And the good ones should finally stand up and fight back that’s when you’ll see a turnaround and not until then. But I suppose most of them are afraid to!!!

  6. My family used to live near the Canadian border in a tiny little town in Montana. Everyone used Canadian and American money interchangeably on both sides of the border. We watched Canadian television because it was so much better than American TV. When we moved to the US/Mexico border, it was so different. The currencies were not interchangeable, although shops in Mexico accepted American money. I remember being so shocked when they wouldn’t take Canadian money to purchase my lunch ticket!

  7. I am ashamed of being born and living in queeeebec. I would have preferred being born in Alberta. I am a Conservative of the right and proud of it. To many in queeeebec are socialists and communists. At least I do work for my living and do not depend on Alberta money to make a living but it seems that apart from the new Quebec Conservative Party with leader Éric Duhaime the rest are all dependent on Alberta money to balance their budgets. queeeebec is a “HAVE province not the “HAVE NOT” said

  8. I resided in South Africa for six months a couple of years before … that. Driving by Soweto afforded me a view of two tire collars executions. Also one Zulu Police raid against other tribes folk “illegally” in Johannesburg. Terrible yet Nothing like the carnage in the USA. The US has fallen into the hands of… You choose what to call that horror.

  9. Two more officers killed in NY, called for domestic violence and murdered. Soon officers, good and bad, will make a total exodus from police work. Many areas already are seeing 911 calls slow response. In CA, firefighters are waiting for officers to show up before going into some areas for 911 calls due to attacks, time to arm them for self protection. Yes, 95%+ of crime is committed by 5% of the people, Time to bring back Public Executions with required viewing in all High Schools. Education !

  10. What people don’t understand is there is no free lunch. Somebody, somewhere, always pays. And that somebody is often us. Our stupidity, acquiescence, ignorance, willingness to turn our backs on history and its lessons, our blindness and docileness in electing and dealing with incompetent leaders, our acceptance of utterly ridiculous, radical liberal mandates as prime importance and so on….All these things lead to our own demise. We think we’re being smart kicking that can down the road.

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