Because They Can & They Know We Will


Why Is That Still Breaking News? . . . Who Cares? And Why Should Any Of Us Care?

Why . . . After Several Weeks of Anticipation and a Week of Employment Drama, is the Fact & News that Chris Cuomo, the Brother of Failed & Disgraced Former Governor of New York State Andrew Cuomo, who Had been Caught (Chis Cuomo) Lying Multiple Times to his Audience on his CNN Broadcast, has Been Fired . . .  Is Still Breaking News?

There Are Three Principal Reasons.

1 – For Networks like Fox News and all the Other Competitors to CNN, It’s Schadenfreude, the Joy in Watching the Embarrassment of an Opponent Fail Spectacularly.

2 – The Media Knows How Much the People Like Entertainment, Even when the Entertainment is Bundled in “News”, More than the Masses Like to Understand the Real World around them, Because It’s Less Complicated To Enjoy BS.

3 – The Media Really Don’t Want to Report on the Severity of Real Issues Affecting all the People, Because Propaganda Reigns Supreme, and this Way the Bureaucrats Who are Running Things from Bad to Worse are Without the Needed Scrutiny they Deserve.

Why Do You Think People Like To Watch The View? Because It’s Erudite? Or Because People Like Watching A Train Wreck?

While the Majority of the People are Consumed with Entertainment, Wrapped in a Bundle of Fake News, China is Rapidly Consuming our World, Russia is Burying Europe with Russia’s Control of Europe’s Need for Energy, While Iran & Turkey are Vying to See which of the Two Islamic States will Create the Next Islamic World-Order, Much Like The Ottoman Empire Of Old.

While the LEFT Tout Global Warming, Climate Change or Whatever they Want to Call it on Any Given Day to Control World Progress & Independent Freedoms . . . We in the West (Canada & The USA), who are Awash in Fossil Fuel Energy, with Enough Proven Reserves in the Ground to Sustain us for More than a Thousand Years, are Torturing Ourselves to Appease our Domestic Communist Supporting Dummies, Who Contribute Nothing To Society But Ignorance, Hate & Hardship.


I Have No Doubt That The China Virus Is Dangerous . . . But So Is The Flu.

When in our Lifetime Have we Ever Shut Down the World Because of the Flu, Regardless of the Ever Changing Variation? When Has any Government we’ve Known used a Virus to Fully Control the Very Fabric of our Freedoms?

The Governments Of The World Are Stripping Away Our Freedoms Because They Can & We’re Letting Them.

Anne & I Took Both Virus Shots (Pfizer Vaccines). And Whether or Not we will Take the Booster is Up in the Air. But the Way we Figured-It, Right or Wrong, Hundreds of Millions of People Have been Vaccinated with almost Zero Negative Reaction.

And if the Vaccines can Only Make Having the Virus Less Sickly & Deadly, that’s Good Enough for us. But That’s A Decision Each Person Should Be Able To Make On His Or Her Own.

And If The Vaccine Is Worthwhile Getting . . . Stop Screwing Around & Open-Up Society Again.

Just As An Aside . . . The American LEFT, Love to Tout Canadian-Style Free Healthcare, Because they Have No Idea How Bad Free Healthcare is Unless you’re Dying, and Even then . . . the Chances are that you’ll Die Before Being Treated in Canada.

Anne & I Live in the Province of Ontario. We’re Spending the Winter in British Columbia. If we Decide to Get a Booster-Shot for the Virus, we Cannot Get the Shot for Love or Money in British Columbia, because we’re from Ontario. BUT – If we Cross the Border into Washington State, we Can have the Pfizer Booster-Shot for Free at Walgreens . . . EVEN THOUGH WE’RE CANADIANS.

How’s That For Free Healthcare In Canada?

How Is It . . . That in States Like Florida, where the State is Wide-Open, with Virtually No Government Mandates or Restrictions because of the China Virus, Life is Back to Normal for Floridians and the Virus Isn’t Controlling the People?

Yet In “Fauci-Land”, Life Is A Misery Of Government Control & Trepidation?


Or Is It . . . Not Seeing The Trees For The Forest? Either Way, Sometimes The Most Obvious Things Are The Least Obvious.


The Sun Never Set On The British Empire . . . But After Centuries of World Dominion, it Took a Ragtag Army of American Patriots Less than a Decade to Overthrow the Most Powerful Military the World Had Ever Known at that Period of Time – 1776.

The Ottoman Empire Ruled For More Than 600-Years, which Included Control of Nations from South Eastern Europe to Much of the Middle East to Parts of Africa & Asia. Yet In Just Four Short Years . . . From The Beginning To The End Of WWI – The Empire Disintegrated.

Communism Officially Began In 1917 . . . and Ravished Eastern Europe from the Time of the End of WWII In 1945. But it Took Ronald Reagan Less than Two Terms in Office to Obliterate Communism Throughout Eastern Europe.

Between the Romans, The Ottomans & the British, we Jews were Exiled from our Own Ancient Homeland For More Than 2000-Years. But it Only Took One Generation for the Jews to Reclaim our Ancestral Homeland.


Do You Really Think The Domestic Communist Dickheads Can Do Today . . . What No Others Were Able To Have Done Yesterday?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. HG: I often see a video on TV about very poor Jews who live in Russia. There is a charitable org. that send boxes of food to them. Why is this happening? I feel so sorry for them and that they are starving and being ignored by officials.

    I See the same Ads, and Frankly I’m Offended by them. The Worldwide Jewish Community has More than just a Few Establishments which Help All Jews in Need. And Jews Don’t live in what Appears to be 1900 Era Squalor. We, the Jewish People are far Better than that. And any Jews Living Anywhere in the World has the right to Come to Israel where they will be Cared-For.

    That Doesn’t Mean there are no Jews living in Hard Times. But this I think is Way Over-The-Top – HG:

  2. #3 from reasons media is covering Chris Cuomo’s ouster is my choice, not that it matters. Communists know the US is presently at the weakest its ever been or will be in the future. So the are flexing their muscle and salivating over a take-over. BUT there is still trepidation from not being ‘quite sure’ of our weakness under Biden, or our military under Austin. China will test waters via Taiwan, and Russia thinks we’re not paying attention to them because of China. It’s a crap shoot.

  3. Howard, you say, ” Hundreds of Millions of People Have been Vaccinated with almost Zero Negative Reaction.” This may be true, but what about the millions of serious adverse reactions including death? Taking this shot is playing Russian roulette. Thank God you and Ann are okay. Nevertheless, the data shows that the vaccinated have are now more likely than the unvaccinated to be infected. Israel has demonstrated this in spades. You will be in my prayers.

  4. The evidence of the adverse reactions including death from the vaxx is being censored and suppressed. The vaxx is ineffective and unsafe.

  5. Forget about waking up the sheep and start waking up the sleeping lions. It’s way past the time to fight and take back our Rights and Freedoms.

    BRAVO!!! – HG:

  6. Talking Heads in the News are mostly BS shows saying what ever they need to for ratings. Not sure what it will cause the shooting to start but when it does look out, thousands will die quickly. The Hoards of Looters are setting themselves to be the targets of folks tired of seeing them steal what others worked hard for. Why is it that we see mostly Blacks & Latinos doing the smash and grab. They are not the starving poor, just the Bold and Stupid . Gov’t is doing more against 1/6 folks & parent

  7. I can’t believe that people that study history can’t see what’s really going on. I know more people dying a month after this vaccine then from Covid Never in history has governments taken freedoms away have EVER given freedoms back without a war

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