An Oath To Whom?


Is The Oath To The Government? . . . Or Is The Oath To The People Who Elect & Pay For The Government?

The Sentence Above Is A Real Conundrum To The People (Police) – who are Directly Charged by the Government, which is Elected (The Government) by the People, to Enforce Draconian Laws, which Run Contrary to the Freedoms of the People.

The Day Is Coming, Sooner Rather Than Later, When Law Enforcement Will Find Itself At Full Odds With One Or The Other.

Unfortunately . . . that Day in Much of the World, but Mostly in North America, which is Where Anne, Tavor and I Call Home is Here Now. How Long do you Think, if Unabated, that Government Stooges Will Be Knocking on the Doors of the People the Government Decides are Subversives?

Aren’t They Doing It Now In Australia? And What About The FBI’s List Of “Parental School Board Terrorists”?

In some Jurisdictions, that Conundrum is Already being Enacted on Steroids, where in Canada for Example, the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) which is a Federal Police Agency, Policing all Provinces Other than Ontario & Quebec, has Been Called-Upon to Enforce Draconian Laws in Violation of the People’s Freedoms.

In Ontario . . .  the OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) and in Quebec . . . the SQ (Sûreté Du Québec) – Quebec Provincial Police are Also Being Called-Upon to Assert the Will of the Government over the Freedoms of the People.

So How Did We Get Here . . . And How Do We Get Back To Where It Was & Where It Should Be?


Another Question . . . Will the Military of Both Countries, which are Being Purged by the Governments of their Conservative Officer Leadership, Respond to the Government to Control the People? . . . Or Will The Militaries Of Both Countries Protect The Freedoms Of The People?


Is It Really The Government Of The People, By The People & For The People? If It Is . . . The Answer Is Simple.

If The Government Is Not Of The People, By The People & For The People . . . It Means that the Judiciary from the Courts-On-Down to the Police on the Streets and the Military, are on the Wrong Side of the Constitution, whether it be the US Constitution or Canada’s Charter of Rights & Freedoms.


There’s A Reason Why There Exists The Posse Comitatus Act (June 18, 1878) In The United States Of America.

The Posse Comitatus Act Forbids The Use Of Federal Troops Anywhere On American Soil . . . for the Purpose of Controlling the American People by the Government for Any Reason Whatsoever, which is Why the Power of Military Intervention on American Soil Can Only be Authorized by State National Guards at the Behest of State Governors.

Imagine If Biden & His Cohorts Have The Power To Unleash The US Military Upon American Citizenry?

I Am More Impressed Than Just Somewhat With Many Of The American Sheriffs . . . And Other Law Enforcers (In Canada Too), who Have Come-Out Publicly to State that they Will Not Serve the Politicians’ Demands to Usurp the Freedoms of the People.

Unfortunately Though – Many Will & Many Have, which to me . . . Makes these Law Enforcers No Better than the Thugs (Brownshirts) who Served the Nazis, the KGB who Served the Russian Politburo or the Stassi Who Acted on Behalf of East Germany.

I’ve Been Writing & Speaking About The Coming Revolution For A Long Time.

I was Right, but Not Right about who was Going to Fire the First Significant Shot. While I & Others Believe Strongly in our Constitutional “Freedoms”, I also Believed that our Elected & Appointed Legislators were Generally Honest Arbitrators & Trusted Guardians to Keep the Barbarians from Penetrating the Gates . . . I & We Were Wrong.

Our Legislators & All Their Acolytes Are The Barbarians.


A CONSPIRACY . . . “Is A Secret Plan Made By Two Or More People To Do Something That Is Harmful Or Illegal”.

Make No Mistake About It . . . While we were all Playing by the Rules, even Though we Saw Firsthand that there are Two Brazen Levels of Justice in our North American Societies . . . One for the People in Power and of Influence – And One for Everyone Else . . . For Some Almost Indescribable Reason, We Accepted This Gross Miscarriage Of Justice As Normal.

And It Was Normal . . . Based Upon Our Willingness To Allow It To Happen.

In A Truly Just Society . . . People Like Hillary Clinton and all of Her Allies would be Locked-Up for Life at the very Least . . . Or Executed For Treason At The Most.

I’m Not Going to Go Into the Minutiae of What Hillary Clinton and her Axis of Evil Did to President Donald Trump, because if you Don’t Already Know it Doesn’t Matter, Other Than To Say It Was A COUP D’ÉTAT, For Which There Are Historic Remedies.

And How Are We Going To Get Out Of This Mess . . . The People Are Rising-Up.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. This is the question. The Russian military did not support the Czar. The army and police in Venezuela are paid enough to support Maduro. In Quebec one cannot drive more than three kilometers and not see a blue and white shark ready with a ticket. I do not see any uprising from well nourished Democrat loving boomers in Quebec, Ontario, Nfld,,,

  2. This is absolutely on-point and something that find myself wondering about on an almost continual basis….. I fear the government may push to a place where it issues orders the State’s enforcers may not be willing to follow….. Which means, we may well find out the answer, fairly soon…..

  3. “There is not greater weapon than the TRUTH.” Yes, slowly but SURELY, the “People are Rising Up.”…as noted by the Administration’s RATINGS! Yes “People Like Hillary Clinton and all of Her Allies would be Locked-Up for Life at the very Least . . . Or Executed For Treason At The Most.” The only reason these ACTIONS were not taken is due to their being “ELITES”! Again, it’s “RULES FOR THEE AND NOT FOR ME”! We’ll be ABLE to get out of this MESS in November 2022! “LET’S GO BRADEN!” GO TRUMP! AMEN!

  4. What is wrong with the police and the army. It seems that they become mindless automatons as soon as they put their uniforms on and go to work. They are like you say, public servants. Their salaries come from us the taxpayers, not from the government. This to me has been and still is continuously mind baffling that the cops and the military, act like this. We do need a revolution soon in every democratic countries in Canada, the U.S.A., and Europe !!!! Time to put the elites in jail for life !!!

  5. Start with cIvil disobedience, withhold all tax from your income. Wait though the gouvernment will be quite indignant at this. Gets far worst because when you take your money and ask for an account of where is goes to people who think they are above everyone else…….. sad but a horrible civil war is enroute

  6. The voters in America interview the people seeking Federal office and have done a poor job in doing so. Elected officials are OUR employees, not the other way around.Several of our employees have failed to do their jobs & should be fired and some put in jail. Are we going to sit around & do nothing until it is too late or do we have the backbone to file charges against them? Take them to court, NOW.

  7. Five years ago we had a preview of things to come, a window into the mindset of politicians when then mayor of Montreal Denis Coderre proposed a law against pitbull type dogs which would allow city employees (dog pound workers) the right to enter your home to check what type of dog you have and be able to seize that family member! Not only pitbulls were in the crosshair, but dogs with certain characteristics such as head size and shape. Fortunately the Corderre was defeated in the election.

  8. What can I say Howard, dead to rights. Godless Communists who worship at the alters of Stalin, Hitler and others, are running Canada and the US into the ground. Both Police and Active Military must decide if they are in fact the Guardians of Freedom, or minions of the Godless Communists.

  9. My oath of office as an officer in the US Navy was to a document. No kings, queens or potentates of any sort. One phrase stuck out, “…all enemies, foreign and domestic.” Domestic? Who in their right mind… oh, yeah. Never mind.

  10. What is happening currently in the streets of Major Cities, Lib run, stores are being looted and customers robbed. Now is the time for true Vigilante Justice. One of these Looters is going to push the wrong person or persons and a shooting will happen that will be the straw that broke the camels back. It will be fast and furious and many will die. As a Veteran, I took an Oath, that included the phrase “all enemies, foreign and domestic.” Yesterday, I took my family out for shooting practice.

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