Are You Tired Of Being Nice Yet?


Have You Figured-It-Out Yet? . . . That While We’ve been Playing Nice and by the Rules, thinking that our Issues are our own National Problems, which will be Solved Nationally, THAT THEY AREN’T, Because in all Reality, whether we’re Canadians or Americans . . . South & Central Americans, Western Europeans, or even Israelis – The Entire Essence Of Our Freedoms Are Under Globalist Attack.

There was a Time Dating Back Before the Birth of Christ (400-Years Before Christ), when the Great Philosophers like Plato & Socrates Mused How Society wasn’t Capable of Self Governance . . . and NEEDED Men of Great Superior Intelligence & Thought to Guide & Manage the Affairs of Humanity.

Thankfully – These Elitists Are Long Dead & Gone . . . But Their Sick Philosophies Are Still Alive & With Us.

Several Hundred Years Before Socrates & Plato, Came a Blueprint for How to Live a Moral Life, Not According to the Elistist Thoughts of Man, but Rather to the Wishes of God, which were Illustrated in the 5-Books Of Moses (Torah), And Later Carried Forward by the Teachings of Christ.

Remarkably . . . BUT NOT ARGUABLY . . . The Very Teachings of Christ and the Torah, Through the Ten Commandments, Have for the Past Quarter Millennium (250-Years) Been the Bedrock of Individual Freedoms Enjoyed by the Freest Nation ever Known to Humanity.


BRITISH LORD ACTON, WROTE 134-YEARS AGO . . . “Power Tends To Corrupt & Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely. Great Men Are Almost Always Bad Men”.

Lord Acton was Writing About the Absolute Power of Royalty and of the Pope, Regardless of their Initial Intentions and of the Opinions, which Others Might Have of the People Yielding Absolute Power . . . That Eventually, Absolute Power Becomes an Intoxication Too Great for the Man or Woman in Possession Thereof; That He Or She Will Succumb To Its Allure.

We Have Never Been Totally Free From The Philosopher Kings, because they Manifest Themselves in Different Ways, Very Often Publicly & Equally Often in Hidden Secret Societies.

There Are Still The Fabians, Mensa & The Bilderberg Group . . . All Believing In their Intellectual Superiority.

The New Philosopher Kings are the Uber Wealthy Globalists & the Internet Tech Giants, who Have Determined for Themselves . . . No Less than Have the Philosopher Kings of Old, That They Are The Modern Chosen Few To Rule The Many.

Super Elitists Have Been With Us Forever . . . But So Have Been The Antagonists Of The Philosopher Kings.

America was Founded by Men who Believed in the Free Expression of God, Learning & Enlightenment, No Matter How a Person Saw God, as Either a Supernatural Being or the Architect of the Universe as a Builder.

I’m Writing About Free Masons, Of Which Many of America’s Founding Fathers Were Predominant, such as George Washington & Benjamin Franklin, Plus More than Just a Dozen Presidents since George Washington, who Framed the US Constitution to Literally Represent the Free Minds of the People.

The Catholic Church Feared & Hated The Masons For Hundreds Of Years & Still Do. So Did Adolf Hitler & The Nazis.

I’m Not Writing To Shill For The Masons, of which I am not a Member, Not for Any Religious or Political Reason, since, from What I Know about the Masons, their Views & Philosophies More of Less Parallel my own.

I Brought-Up The Masons So You Should Understand . . . that the US Constitution Wasn’t Created out of Thin-Air, but with Great Thought & Trepidation of the Ills of Absolute Power, OPPOSED to the Power of Free-Thought, which Led to the Creation of the Greatest System of Governance ever Know to Humanity, where Political Power is in the Hands of the People in a Government, Regulated by an Absolute System of Checks & Balances Between Three Equal Branches of Government . . . The Congress, The Supreme Court & The Executive.


The US Constitution Is Not A Living Document . . . which Must be Altered & Tailored to Meet the Changing Morals & Mores of Society at the Whim of Special Interests, any More than the Bible & Torah Should Or Need be Rewritten to Accommodate Debauchery.

What Should Be Terrifying To All Americans Today – Is The All-Out Assault On All Branches Of The US Government.


If Power Corrupts & Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely . . . Want Can Be Said About The New Corporate Philosopher Kings?

I Wonder How Many Americans even Know that these Following Words Exist & What are their Meaning, which are Taken as Part of the Oath of Each & Every Member of the US Senate, American Military and all Naturalized American Citizens?

“I Will Support & Defend The Constitution & Laws Of The United States Of America Against All Enemies, Foreign & Domestic”.

So . . . What Does it Mean when People Like Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (And Her Squad), Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and the Horde of LEFTIST Members of Congress (Schiff, Nadler – Etc) and Senior Members of the Judiciary, Leadership of Federal Law Enforcement & the Military . . . Usurp the Constitution?

Are They Domestic Enemies? And If So – What Should Be The Remedy?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. But Hiward you don’t want to hear or condone violence of any sort: hate to tell you but worldwide civil war is coming. Police and armed forces have a choice, be with and for the people or perish. In Canada pretty much all politicians, MSM and medical officials, JAIL.

  2. You are right on with this report. I am a Mason & we founded 2 Children’s Hospitals in every state of America. No parent has to pay one cent for their child’s medical help, it is the membership of the Masons who make that possible. According to the Constitution, The president has failed to do the job he was hired to do & therefor, should be removed from office. He swore to defend the boarders against ALL invaders & has not done so. It is in the Constitution.

  3. When so-called LEADERS have a “Rules for thee and not for me” Agenda, their FOLLOWERS will soon FOLLOW SUIT. Examples—the O’Biden administration’s having no RESPECT for the CONSTITUTION; the Pope’s being too LIBERAL, e. g., allowing Communion to SUPPORTERS of full-term abortions; the LAWBREAKERS’ not suffering the repercussions of their actions, etc… Our Education System is also a MESS & many PARENTS are ALLOWING their children to “Rule the Roost”. Bring back the TEN COMMANDMENTS soon! AMEN!

  4. We keep hearing more stories about the FBI ramming down doors,most churches including mine act like if we ignore this it will just go away.The characters in this movie change but the plot stays the same.

  5. The Bible and the U.S. Constitution….if only everyone in the U.S. would use these as guides for daily living.

  6. There is something that right-thinking Americans can do and that is to vote for people who will represent them and not a corrupt Democrat political party. There are good Democrats out there such as Manchin who wish to represent their citizen base and not their party’s political agenda. However, wouldn’t it be interesting when the Republicans take back the House that they make Trump the Speaker. Revenge would be sweet.

  7. Your words, What should worry Americans is the all out assault on all branches of Government. To me, this is not nearly as worrisome or terrifying as the All Out Assault on Christianity and Judaism. And everything Islam is given a pass, or even promoted by the Left!

  8. I was 18 when I took that Oath, as I enlisted into the Army. I believe all Military swear in to that Oath. They are just words to some, It was a commitment to me. At 69, I still believe it. But if you follow the Oath, you will probably end up in Prison even though you made a commitment to defend the Constitution. Shame that when a person breaks the Oath, a lightning bolt would flash down upon them, sending their ashes to Hell. I know many Masons, most of which are good honest citizens, some arnt

  9. Although the best statement in your editorial, “The US Constitution Is Not A Living Document . . . which Must be Altered & Tailored to Meet the Changing Morals & Mores of Society at the Whim of Special Interests, any More than the Bible & Torah Should Or Need be Rewritten to Accommodate Debauchery.” is true, both documents are assaulted with reinterpretations constantly & consistently. People rebel against Good when bad is made to look good; that’s the nature of sin in Self rather than Others.

  10. I just wanted to mention a possibly not well known fact about the Constitution. Before our founding fathers met, Ben Franklin and possibly others, met with Indian chiefs from various tribes and listened to how they were able to get along with so many different tribes and found out that they had a wonderful system of democratic self government where ALL tribes had councils who governed (women were included too) and this was the basis of our Constitution.

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