What Isn’t Simple . . . Is Usually A Lie


What’s Not Complicated . . . Is How & Why We The People Are Ripped-Off Everyday By Government & Industry.


I was Having an Email Conversation with a Reader of Galganov.com who Took Exception to my Last Editorial, where I Lambasted Industries like Dentistry and the Veterinarian Associations . . . as Segments of the Problem, which are Ripping-Off (Gouging) the Public & Causing our Demise.

But These Two Associations Only Represent Many.

The Reader’s Thoughts To Me Were . . . That I’m Writing Like a LEFTIST, because I want to Restrict Free Enterprise, by Criticizing those Two Industries for Making Money. In his Words (To Paraphrase), the Dentists & Veterinarians Charge Only what their Associations use as Guidelines.

We’ve All Become So Brainwashed By The LEFT, That We No Longer Get It.


I’m Not Just Ragging On Dentists & Veterinarians . . . I’m Railing Against all of them who Couch their Greed behind the Wall of Professional Associations, because they Use the Guidelines of their Associations to Charge Enormous Amounts of Money to do What Used to Cost a Reasonable Amount of Money, Before Their Associations Began “Recommending” Service Fees.


Why Would A Free Businessperson Need An Association To Figure Out How Much He Or She Should Charge?

If You’re Curious . . . These “Professional” Associations do Far More than Just Police the Integrity of their Members, Which They Were Initially Created To Do. In Fact, these Associations Invest Enormous Amounts of Energy in Protecting Themselves, and the Authority They Have over their Members.

What About Charging Above The Costs To Operate, In Order To Be Competitive & Still Make A Decent Living?


The Teachers Used To Teach . . . Now It’s All About Serving The Interests Of The Unions.

I Remember When High School Graduates Went To Teachers’ College Instead Of University, for a Two-Year Program to Learn How to Teach, while some Others Went to University to Become Subject Specialists, which Earned them Somewhat More Money than those Just with a Teaching Certificate.

I Remember When Teachers Weren’t Paid Much . . . but were Compensated with Payment Over the Entire Year, which Included the Summer Months, Christmas & Easter Breaks. I Also Remember Teachers Getting all Manner of Summer Jobs, from Teaching Summer School, to Gardening, Truck Driving and for Many, being Summer-Camp Counselors.

And Then Came The Unions.

I Remember When Students At The Level of Grade Three, Could Read, Write & Do Basic Arithmetic. Now they Graduate High School Without the Ability to Read, Write or Do any Arithmetic . . . And Far Too Often Without Any Marketable Skills.


Biden and the Bastards Pulling Biden’s Strings, Plus Trudeau, Boris Johnson – Etc, are 100% Correct when they Scream that we Need a Global Reset . . . BECAUSE WE DO . . . Back To The Values That Made America & Canada Great, Not the Crap that has Created the Immoral Principles, which the LEFT Wants us all to Believe-In.


It Doesn’t Matter If The LEFT Likes It Or Not . . . Only The Fittest Survive, Whether in the Wild Amongst the Animal & Plant Kingdom, Or in a Remote Village, Or on the Farm . . . Or in a Crowded Metropolis – Those Who Want It Most & Are Most Capable, Will Get What They Want, and it’s up to us to Do the Best we Can to Swim with the Sharks, if we are to Survive.

Life Is A Journey Of Choices . . . We Can Choose To Be Sharks, We Can Opt To Be Guppies . . . And We Can Help One Another.

But We Can’t Sit On The Sidelines Waiting For Shangri-La . . . Because Outside of Fictional Books and the Movies – There Is No Shangri-La, Just As There Are No Safe Spaces. There are Only those who Can, those who Can’t, and those who are Willing to Help those Who Can’t.

When The Number Of Those Who Are Willing To Help Those Who Can’t, Become Sufficiently Diminished – The Game’s Over.

We are Approaching that Time in World History, when Those who are the Least Capable are Controlling Those who are the Most Essential, for the Benefit of Those who Have Become the Most Objectionable.

As We Allow The LEFT To Progress The Unraveling Of The Greatest Societies Known To Humanity . . . The Sharks (Chinese, Islamists, Russians – Etc) Who Understand the Reality of Survival Of The Fittest, are Circling & Waiting for the Kill, Like a Pack of Wolves Following a Weakening Prey, just Waiting for the Right Opportunity at the Right Moment to Strike.

What We’re Allowing The LEFT To Do To Us Is Unconscionable . . . And There Is No One To Blame But Us.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. As a pet owner, you understand the high cost of veterinary care. One example of a maddening rip-off here was our experience with veterinary teeth cleaning, which costs from $400-$600 in our area. Local pet grooming shops used to provide teeth cleaning without anesthesia for docile pets. One person would do the cleaning while the other one held the pet with a towel. The cost ranged from $75-$100 and was a big hit, until the vets got together with local politicians and got them banned outright.

  2. I see a dentist in the Chicago burbs who is the best and cheapest dentist in the USA. His wife runs the office and says “we make a living, not a killing”. He did a single tooth implant for $1500 when the rate elsewhere is $5-$8K for the same thing. He and his wife were dentist/missionaries in Africa for 7 years, so money is clearly not his motivation. He says he makes money at $1500 for implants & other services also WAY below market. Public Service: William Seasly, DDS in Palos Hills IL.

  3. I am so glad I can receive your comments. Many problems with AOL until today. Happy Thanksgiving to you a little early. June Harding Williamsburg VA 23188

  4. A friend’s aging cat was constipated & after 3 visits to vet for nothing but an xray & meds for owner to administer, it cost over $1000. Vet bills had gotten as expensive or more than Dr bill for humans that insurance companies took up the cause. I love dogs & had my share of pets, farm animals & horses Before all the outrageous billing. Gotta say this is easier to talk about than politics & our current situation thanks to Biden & his masters.

  5. The law of the jungle. Everyday you get up and start running. You are either avoiding being prey or are looking for food.

  6. Your comments are right on. I went to a clinic to get new dentures which I thought my insurance covered . Negative. When I returned to tell the Clinic the bad news, the bill was reluctantly reduced by $1000.00. Again you are right on about our (non) Education system. Hard to believe how unprepared our graduates are for life in the real World. They have trouble telling time without their digital watch.

  7. If people want to really find out how bad they have HAD read a book “ OUR DALLY MEDS “ . Have you ever thought about this Big Pharma along with AMA from do no harm to I want the $$$$ from big Pharma and I will push the drugs that YOU will have to take for the rest of your life. This is because Big Pharma will not make anything that cures you! Have fun and look out

  8. Another basic ripoff is Real Estate Brokers, I was one. They will tell you there is no set commission, BS try to find one that actually works for less than 6%. Most homes sell themselves, having a person walk someone around and write a contract for Thousands of dollars is a burn, with the average home going for more than 500K, 30K is a lot for the service. I was given Hell by other Brokers because I would represent for much less than 6% and made money. Gov’t changes caused me to quit, more regs

  9. I’m an optometrist in the US and have belonged to national and state associations, and understand that professional associations cannot “recommend” or set service fees. Such would be price-fixing and possibly come under the scrutiny of anti-monopoly statutes. Even when I attend continuing education events, docs will occasionally ask a speaker what they charge for something and the speaker dodges the question and gives generalities. Make no mistake: docs charge what they want.

  10. Good editorial as always, Howard. This country is going down the drain. How do people like us seniors living on wages we made back in the 50’s, 60’s and etc? Our SS is based on those wages of $3.50 hour, which was great! Gas was $.29 gal and also waited on you and checked everything, cleaned your windows! What has happened? Even want u to scan your own groceries. Being 90 years old, is a burden for many of us. Have a great ‘turkey day!”

  11. Until AMERICA’s children begin to get a BETTER education where they CAN, again, “read, write & do basic math by the 3rd Grade”, NOTHING will change. SOCIALISTS don’t want this to happen, however, because UNSKILLED children are much easier to CONTROL and brainwash. Only the ELITES are now ALLOWED to have INTELLIGENT kids! The COVID Virus was CREATED to DESTROY America and, to a point, it has SUCCEEDED. It is now less than a year to the Nov. 2022 election! God help us all then! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

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