The LEFT’S Abandonment Of America


Worse & More Succinct . . . The Entire Free Word Is Under Assault By The LEFT Wing’s Globalist Army . . . & Biden’s The Dupe.

This Old Parable Tells It Best . . . In 1837, Hans Christian Andersen Published “The Emperor Has No Clothes” – Yet the People Pretended the Emperor Did have Clothes, so as Not to Lose Favor with the Emperor or to Be on the Wrong Side of the Emperor, Until One Brave Boy Stepped Forward & Called-Out The Naked Emperor.

The Essence Of The Parable, Is That The Emperor & The People Were Duped Into Believing Something That Didn’t Exist.

In This Case, the Essence of our 21st Century Parable . . . is that Biden is the Emperor Without Thought or Good Judgment, Making Dreadful Decisions that Could Destroy the Empire Surrounded by People Too Stupid, Too Ignorant, Too Corrupt or Anti-American to Make the Declaration that Biden is the American Emperor With the Intelligence of a Feeble-Minded Old Man, Who as a Younger Man was Nothing More than a Tool of the Powerbrokers, With A Personal Vision Of Grandeur Sustained By Biden’s Own Lies, Deceit & Embellishments.


Which Is . . . Why The People Won’t Admit Biden Is The Emperor Without Clothes? Because The People Voted For Him.


Let Me Be Even More To The Point . . . Donald Trump Shook the LEFT’S Nefarious Plans to the Core, Forcing the Enemies of Constitutional Freedoms from Without & Within to Act with Reckless Abandon, Knowing they’ve Been Found-Out . . . Compelling The Scurrilous LEFT – To Act Now Or Never.

Before Continuing . . . Thank You To All The People Who Supported This Month. Your Support Makes A Big Difference!


The Rot Is Too Deep For Any Hope Of Normal Political Salvation, When we Read & Hear about 4-Star Generals Committing High Treason – by Usurping their Commander-In-Chief the Way General Milley Did with Approval and at the Behest of the Speaker of the House (Nancy Pelosi) and Other 4-Star Generals, who had Defiled the Oath they Took to Serve their Commander-In-Chief, the President of the United States of America.

It Matters & Doesn’t Matter If Milley Conspired With The Chinese, Since Milley’s Ordering of the President’s Generals to Ignore the Orders of the President and to Report to him (Milley) Directly, to Avoid the Chain of Command before Reporting to the President is More than Enough . . . To Be Arrested & Tried For Treason.

However . . . That Written – Pelosi Also Took An Oath . . . Does That Not Count?

In The Real World, Opposed to the Insane World of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and all the Entitled Members of the House & Senate, Democrats & Republicans Combined . . . General Mark Milley Would Be Stood Before A Wall, Had His Stars Ripped From The Shoulders Of His Uniform & Shot Dead.

That’s What You Do To Traitors . . . Instead – Treason Amongst the Rank & File Media Becomes a Debating Point, Rather than an Issue of Lost Patriotism, a Broken Oath and a Surreptitious Challenge to the Rule of the People, Much Like the Suspension of Civil Rights & Liberties in the Face of a Deadly Virus (To Some), with the Oath of Government to the Very Essence to the Meaning of Freedom as has Been Enunciated And GUARANTEED by the Constitution of the United States of America, Until the Likes of the Democrats and the RINOS Decided Otherwise.


But that Said, Even if the People Accept the Numbers of Votes Cast, which were Deemed to be Official, MORE Than 74-Million Americans Voted For Donald Trump. And Given the Magnitude of this Vote for President Trump . . . when Pelosi, Schumer & Others of their Ilk Decry “Trump” Voters as Being a Threat to Democracy & Sanity, One Has To Question Who Is & Are The Real Threat To Democracy & Sanity?


In Three Days (September 20, 2021), Canada will Go to the Polls to Decide which Political Party will Form the Next Government, and Who will be Canada’s Next Prime Minister.

Even Though There Are 5-National Parties, Excluding the Ethnocentric Racist Nationalist Bloc Quebecois, which Only Runs Candidates in the Province of Quebec . . .

I SEE THIS AS A BINARY CHOICE, where I Can Choose to Vote for the Lesser Evil so as Not to “Split” the Vote . . . OR MAKE MY CHOICE BASED ON PRINCIPLES.

Our Country (Canada) is in the Mess we’re in Today, Because for Generations, we’ve been Voting for the Lesser Evil. So What Has That Got For Us? It certainly Didn’t Give us Better Governance. In all Reality, all we Got for a Less Bad Choice was Nothing More than Just a Lesser Bad Choice.

I’M NOT GOING TO DO THAT ANYMORE . . . I’m NOT Telling you Who or What to Vote for, because that’s your Business. But I’m NOT Going to Vote for People who Lie, Steal & Cheat. I’m Also Not going to Vote for People who Believe that their Opinions are More Important than my Rights . . . To Have Their Opinions Foisted Upon The People In Place Of Our Freedoms.

I Don’t Want Higher Taxes. I Don’t Want a Carbon Tax. I Don’t Want Government Covid Mandates, Forced Vaccines, Forced Social Distancing, Forced Mask Wearing & Forced Shutdowns.

And I Don’t Want my Canadian Tax Dollars Given to Other Nations. Or an Open Door to the People of Other Nations. I Also Don’t Want Anything to Do with Socialism More than What we Already Have. And I Want Nothing To Do With A One World Government.

And I Want Less Government Opposed To More Government. Therefore . . . The People’s Party Of Canada Gets My Vote.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I’ve already voted PPC. All the other Party leaders will do nothing but perpetuate our misery and rob us of even more rights, if such a thing were possible.

    Congratulations!- HG:

  2. Beginning with O’BAMA, O’Biden has been USED by the COMMUNIST Democrats & by his wife, Dr. Jill. THEY are HOLDING ON to his CLOTHES! He will be BLAMED for America’s DECLINE because he was PLACED in that POSITION for that PURPOSE. The SWAMP is a lot DEEPER than anyone could have ever IMAGINED! The DEEP STATE had the NERVE to make ACCUSATIONS against Trump which they could never PROVE! He shall RETURN “to make AMERICA Great Again”! GET READY, everyone, especially his ACCUSERS! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  3. In Canada we have a very stupid prime minister, he was elected because there are too many very stupid people who voted for him. These idiots think the government gives you things, what they don’t realize is the government is spending their money, when the government gives you something it comes from your pocket.the prime minister is not Santa claus

  4. If I was writing a movie script it would go something like this. Donald Trump gets overwhelmingly elected again. He immediately summons General Miley to the oval office where in front of TV cameras he cuts the stars off Miley’s uniform, rips off his fruit salad of medals, busts him to 2nd Lt. and has him arrested by MP’s standing by for insubordination, sedition and treason and is marched off to the stockade to await courts martial. PDJT turns to the cameras and says ” who’s next, where’s Nancy?

  5. The leadership of the free world has gone to hell in a handbasket. It has become nothing but self-serving clowns with no competence, intelligence or vision to accomplish anything of value. Legalizing pot and teaching transgenderism to kids is not a sign of leadership when nations are rattling sabers and the world is struggling to survive all the negative effects of covid lockdowns. The world lost/loses big when it says no to leaders with conviction and balls like Donald Trump.

  6. Don’t forget a vote for the CCP .. is a vote for Trudeau …Why not vote O’Toole, this time, and CCP, the next time, if you want.. WE HAVE TO GET RIDE OF TRUDEAU

  7. I voted PPC. There will be a PPC car rally tomorrow, Saturday Sept 18th at 2pm starting at the Pierrefonds city hall parking lot. It will be a slow two hour cruise through the west Island ending with a tailgate party at Centennial Park in DDO. Flags, banners and refreshments. Everyone is welcome.

  8. In SD&G Duncan will almost certainly win with a large majority so he doesn’t need my vote which will go to the PPC. A vote for PPC is needed to build that party, the only one that speaks to the real values and concerns of working Canadians. A vote for NDP, PC, PPC, or even Green is one that Trudeau won’t get. MHO PPC is the best choice it will all be irrelevant and for naught, goodbye Canada if Trudeau wins again, minority gov or not. Sophie threw him out, let’s vote him out.

  9. Two things: 1-The world’s mess is due to Klaus Schwab pushing his agenda, the Great Reset on world leaders at WEF meetings for a half century, esp once Trump was out. He is using covid to push harder. He now openly advocates “You will own nothing & be happy”. And 2 – People are no longer duped about Biden; proof was the chanting at lots of the 1st football games this past weekend – “F— Biden” was the chant. Folks are fed up. Just as you feel for the US citizens, we too feel for you there.

  10. First of all Canada good luck on your voting. Second Mr. Silverman I liked your movie script, you left a lot out but it must be your first movie. You left out Hilary and her group. I could go on & on but we all know the characters of this movie. We all know this planet is in one mess. We all talk about it but what in the name of sweet Jesus are we all going to do about it. ??? Best of luck to you, Anne, & Tavaor. .Bet he is getting bigger. God be with you all.

  11. ” In those days ,nations will be in perplexity” A Biblical sign of the end times.

  12. My son spent two terms fighting in Afghanistan. That’s an on going battle. Now sphincter Biden has just armed the Taliban with more and better arms than our army has. So Biden and his friends are out to kill my son. Trudeau, where’s our Black Hawk helocopters??? And he and Biden already have blood on their hands. And we need elections for this???

  13. I know you remain optimistic about Americas as have I, but the news that the drone strike in Kabul reported to have killed Taliban leaders actually killed an aid worker and his family is my last straw. Biden and his military are pure evil, and that casts a shadow on the sheep who elected this administration.

  14. I had to do an early vote and voted for the PPC candidate in my area of Calgary Bridgeland here in Redneck Alberta. I’m tired of the wishy washy ‘Conservatives’ who I call ‘Libera Light’. I continue to post your blog on my FB wall. Thank you HG for all your thoughts.

  15. The news last night included IRS wants money moves from banks over $600 reported? Mandate Vaccines, Masks, I now believe I live in Nazi Germany. It is time to push back on the idiots in Washington and local government. Someone made the comment it is time to be kind to others, BS it is time to throw into the faces the same language, actions that the Libs have been using against us. I have never struck a woman, now if anyone gets in my face cussing at me I will respond, if they strike me, oh well.

  16. So, maybe the emperor thought he had some nice looking balls. Anyway, THANK YOU, HOWARD, for caring more about America way more than half the people here. Who wants to see creepy, disgusting Joe in the raw? He looks creepy enough WITH clothes.

  17. Our Constitutional Republic has been taken from us —– and, right before our eyes!!! None of the above mentioned individuals will be held accountable or prosecuted —– as the “shining light on the hill is being extinguished.” Klaus Schwab’s book: COVID-19: The Great Reset, points out what is coming. I do not know how we can stop it now.

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