They’re Scrambling With Nowhere To Go


One Of President Trump’s Chosen Texas Candidates Didn’t Win . . . And Somehow That Represents A Cataclysmic Trump Failure?

The RINOS & the Democrat LEFT will Grasp at Every Straw, True or Contrived to Show that President Donald Trump’s Control of the Republican Party is on the Wane . . . In Their Dreams.

The Global LEFT is so Terrified of Trump, and I’m Not just Referring to the American LEFT, since it was the Global LEFT, which Conspired & Colluded with the American LEFT to Bring Down the One Human Being Who Could Upset their One World Communist Applecart.

And Why Would Big Business, Big Media, Big Banks, Big Investment Firms & Big Labor – Etc Conspire Against Donald Trump?

The Answer Lies In A Three Letter Word B-I-G, as in Big . . . which Controls all Facets of World Society – No Matter in Which Country, or on Which Continent they Exist & Thrive, since their Power has Become so Interconnected, that all the Big Corporation-Types I just Previously Listed Have Become the New Governments of the Planet.

They’re At The Top Of The Food Chain & They Like It Where They’re At.

With Every Passing Day . . . We See the Detrimental & Anti-Constitutional Democrat Policies, which are Destroying so Much of America’s Foundation, which is Following the Playbook of Marxists & Other Anarchists like Saul Alinsky, who Had Preached the Strategy of Overwhelming the Society they Intend to Destroy, Since In Their Sick Mindset . . .  

The Society They Hate Can’t Be Repaired . . . It Has To Be Totally Destroyed – So As To Be Rebuilt In Their Own Delusional Minds.


The Traitors to American Freedoms Never Expected that their Small Minority Would be Met Head-On by a Huge Conservative Majority, and that an Inter-Racial America Actually Likes where They’re-At in Terms of Racial Harmony.


In Real Numbers, The Anti-White Black Racists Are In The Minority, Especially Amongst Black Americans Of Good Character.

The LEFT Didn’t Realize that Most Women Want to be Women, and that Most American Families Don’t Want their Children Brainwashed in School. The LEFT also Underestimated the Unity of the Vast Number of Americans who DON’T Want to Defund or Disparage the Police & DON’T Want Open Borders.

And Even Though Most Of Us Don’t Realize Or Think Of-It . . . All These Big Companies Are Almost Totally Interwoven.

It’s Not ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN Or Even Fox News . . . which Makes Broadcast Policy for their Respective Stations, it’s the Corporations which Own & Control them, and the Corporations & Investors – Who Most of us Have Never Heard-Of, Which Owns & Controls Them Too.

The Washington Post . . . Do You Really Believe That The Richest Man In The World (Jeff Bezos) Isn’t Pulling The Strings?

As I Think Most Of You Really Know . . . I have very Little to No Regard for Most of the People in the Media. To Give you an Example . . . I Really Dislike Geraldo Rivera, who is the Greatest Braggart on the Air, who Claims to Know Everything about Everything, and if you Don’t Agree with the Wisdom of Rivera, You’re An Idiot.

So How Much Nepotism Is There In The Media? – Ask Rivera’s Daughter Whom He Dearly Admires – Who Works For CNN.


Many Of Our Conservative American Media Clients . . . used to Joke about me Being a Canadian Communist in my More Liberal Days . . . And Then They’d Laugh & Tell Me That I Only Thought I Was A Liberal.

In All Reality, They Were Right & I Was Wrong . . . But I Also See the Same Thing in a Large Number of People in Canada and the USA – But Far More In America . . . Who Think Like I Used-To, and as LEFTIST Policies are Beginning to Take Hold & Destroy their Own Perfect Little World as Prices are Skyrocketing in Everything, as Crime is Sweeping the Streets of America & Joblessness is Becoming More Damaging & Contagious than the China Virus . . . A Huge Number Of People Who Thought They Are Liberals . . . Are Having A Serious RETHINK.


These Democrats Are As Dumb & Disorganized As Rocks Caught In An Avalanche.

The Avalanche Makes a Huge Rumble, Starts Slow, Comes-On Strong & Cascades Down the Mountain with a Hugely Destructive Fury & Noise Without Rhyme or Reason that Takes-Out Fauna & Flora in its Path Causing Huge Damage . . . And Then It Comes To A Screeching Halt.

We’re Watching The Avalanche Of The LEFT – Do Its Worst To America . . .

But Understand This . . . Just like an Avalanche in Nature, which Comes to a Screeching Halt after it Does its Worst, Nature Recovers, the Trees & Bushes Grow Back, the Wildlife Returns . . . And Normalcy Is Regenerated.

And Just Like The Cocky Prize-Fighter Who Finds Himself Or Herself Flat On His/Her Ass, who Gets Into the Ring Full of Piss & Vinegar, who is Absolutely Self-Convinced that He or She Has it Won Before the First Punch is Thrown, Just like the Congressional Squad Believes in their Political, Moral & Economic Superiority . . . They – Like the Cocky Prize-Fighter will Learn Soon Enough, what it Means to Think You’re Far Better than you Really Are.

It’s Already Happening As The LEFT Is Feeding Upon Its Own As Conservatives Are On The March.

Best Regards . . .  Howard Galganov

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  1. Trump will never lose control. What we are witnessing is the Left losing their minds and back to drumming up lies about Trump in order to discredit him. And of course the mindless CNN watchers and useful leftist idiots will fall into line and start with their old, outdated, fearful, lying chants about the evils of Trump and conservatism. These fools would rather saw their own legs off than admit anything positive about Trump.

  2. Great editorial Howard. Made me realize we’ve not heard much from AOC and the squad lately. Reckon AOC having been redistricted out of a Congressional job, is busy deciding whether to take over Schumer’s job or run for president in 2028 – haha. No doubt she’s got plenty of $$ behind her for something. Hope she’s the cocky fighter in for a BIG surprise knockout.

  3. J.E. I agree with you. I’m amazed at how many Canadians are rooting for us.Also glad they have gotten rid of some of the Fox personnel who were everything the conservatives believed.Agree with HG that Geraldo needs to go. He makes me sick. Claims to be such a good friend of Trump, ha ha.

  4. Howard, I agree with. It is starting especially with the lawsuit by Dr. Immanuel for defaming on CNN. She is suing Anderson Cooper and CNN for $100 MM. In addition, lawyers are gearing up to sue universities, corporations, businesses, state and local governments for mandates not only on masks, but requirements for the vaccine. Suits will range from discrimination, defamation, personal injury and more. The vaccine mandates is in violation of the Nuremberg Code as a result of Mengele

  5. As you say Howard, the left will self destruct, like most arrogant ,A-holes , their ignorance and self assurance that they are the final answer to all of the problems that we don’t have that they make up in their heads.

  6. Howard just wanted to let you know I totally agree with everything you stated in todays editorial, I also can’t stand Heraldo and I did not know he has a daughter working for CNN. I sincerely hope you are right about your prediction for the future in todays editorial, For me you perked up my day gives one hope that change is slowly coming to this nightmare. Thats my take on todays newsletter.

  7. I met a woman in 1982 and we dated off and on until 2009. She told me that year that she never would have dated me if I wasn’t a conservative. It turns out that I realized I was a conservative in 1992 and I voted for Ross Perot. And, and as they say, the rest is history. All of my immediate friends are ultra-conservative like me. And I’m a very happy guy.

  8. One of Trump’s favorite words is “HUGE”. His POWER is “HUGE” thus, this is the reason WHY he is so FEARED by his FOES! This is not Trump’s “first rodeo”, i. e., he already has the LEFT’S “NUMBER”. AMERICA is slowly being DESTROYED by the O’BIDEN ADMINISTRATION to the point where there is NO TURNING BACK for them! Hence, people are slowly WAKING UP to the TRUTH regarding the DEMOCRATS’ COMMUNISTIC, DESTRUCTIVE & SELF-SERVING AGENDA. Their VENGEANCE will surely DESTROY them! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  9. Howard, your wisdom far outweighs your good looks. God bless you, my man!

  10. I wish you fair winds–but never underestimate the stupidity of the voters in America–In my 74 years–I have learned to never trust the government or ANY political promises–unfortunately most voters only hear how much “free stuff” they are promised and don’t remember the last time they were “baited-and-switched”! Only GOD’S promises are trustworthy!

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