A Contradiction Of Realities


Even Though Billionaires Like Jeff Bezos Kiss The Ass Of Communists Like Van Jones – I Stand By Yesterday’s Editorial.


As I Wrote Yesterday (July 21, 2021) . . . Jeff Bezos, just like Richard Branson, Elon Musk & Even Bill Gates, Have Proven by Deed & Result, that Independent-Will & Freedom . . . Trumps Any and all Measures of Government Control, even though they Think they’re such Geniuses . . . And That Their Genius Is Exactly What The World Needs.

It’s True That They Each Possess A Form Of Genius, But So Did Einstein, Except Einstein Knew His Limits.

Of The Many Differences . . . Between Einstein and the Billionaire Geniuses of Today, is that Einstein Knew Where his Genius Began & Where it Ended.

It Is Vastly Believed By Scholars, through Testimony of Close Friends & Mathematical Peers of Einstein, that Outside of Einstein’s Passion & Proclivity for Mathematics, Physics & Music, that in the Ordinary World of People like You & Me, Einstein Would have Been be Ordinary Too.


In 1952 . . . Albert Einstein was Offered the Titular Presidency of Israel After the Death of Israel’s First Prime Minister – Chaim Weizmann . . . Even Though Einstein was a Zionist & Deeply Supported the Newly Reborn State of Israel, and this Offer was a Great Honor, Einstein Knew his Limitations & Responded to the Incredible Invitation Thusly . . .

“. . . All My Life I Have Dealt With Objective Matters, Hence I Lack Both The Natural Aptitude And The Experience To Deal Properly With People And To Exercise Official Functions.”

I Personally Know People Who Are Extraordinarily Successful In Business . . . Who Have Become Wealthy, but I Wouldn’t Trust them to Clean the Manure out of one of our Horses’ Stalls.

More Than That . . . Not because of their Wealth or Incredible Success, and Perhaps In-Spite of their Wealth & Success, I have Found Many of these People Objectionable.

Do You Want A Perfect Current Example Of Someone We All Sort Of Know?

Britney Spears Is Knockdown Gorgeous. She Sings, Dances & Performs Like No One Else. I Believe in Addition to all of that, Spears even Choreographs her own Dance Moves, Including the Moves of her Back-Up Dancers . . . If That’s Not Genius – What Is?

This Is Not A Judgment On Britney Spears Conservatorship . . . Spears has the RIGHT to be as “Insane” as she Wants to Be as Long as she Harms No Others. But Spears has Already Demonstrated, that Once out of her Lane of Genius, Spears is a Human Disaster, which Doesn’t Impede Spears from Doing What Spears Does Best. But that Doesn’t Change what is.

As A Matter Of Fact . . . Look at Most of the Hollywooders Including the Actors, Writers, Directors & Producers. Look at their Drunkenness, Drug Use, Fights, Failed Relationships, Destroyed Marriages, Debauchery and their Constant Demand for Approbation from Others.

Do You Think Professional Athletes Are Any Different?

What’s Remarkable . . . Is that these People Maintain so Much Sway over a Dumbed-Down Population Based upon the Contrived Myth the Media Creates Around Men & Women of Very Poor Character, who Should be the Last people to Sit in Judgment of You & Me, which is Exactly What they Do.

OPRAH IS A BILLIONAIRE . . . She’s a Performer, she Knows how to Manipulate an Audience & Make Money, or Perhaps NOT Even Make Money, which is the Job of her Agents & Managers . . . But Regardless – Ask Yourself This?

Outside of Performing & Talking, What Has Oprah Built & Contributed To Society In A Concrete & Meaningful Way?

By Extension . . . We Can Say the Same Thing About Most if Not All the Famous People who Extend their Fame in Directions of Which they Know Nothing . . . Yet Shower us with their Ignorance Ad Nauseum.

BECAUSE . . . The Billionaires (Bezos, Branson, Musk, Gates – Etc) Support the Philosophy of Elitism Via the Pathway to Socialism, which would Make them the 21st Century Equivalents to Plato’s Philosopher Kings . . . So What?

1 – We Don’t Have To Give A Rat’s Ass About What They Think, What They Say & Who They Support.

2 – The Fact That These Men Have Moved Mountains With Their Own Will & Money Is In Total Contradiction To What They Say.

The Development of the World, Especially as Has been Demonstrated through the Independent Genius of the Constitution of the United States of America is Proof Beyond Debate that the Spirit of Individual Accomplishment Trumps all Else.


Even The Greatest Purveyors Of Communism In America Today . . . Seem to Forget that All they Despise Was Built Upon Individualism, Including Within the Great Universities from where they Spew their Nonsense, Hollywood where they Create their Propaganda & the Mainstream & Social Media which are Used for Dissemination.

I’m Worried About The Forthcoming Pain . . . But I Am Confident Of Our Future.


We Have To Thank The New Philosopher Kings For Reminding Us That Individualism Trumps Communism Every Day.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The problem with the rich and famous of our planet is they all seem to think that because they have loads of dough and fame that they somehow are better than us and know something others don’t, and that they can speak for us and do our thinking. Because we, the unwashed workers, tax payers, citizens, community builders and family raisers, don’t have the ability or knowledge to know what’s best for us or think for ourselves.

  2. Hollywood, the music industry and the news media is totally Satanic. There may be a few exceptions, but they are very few. One does not need to attend Satanic worship rites to be a follower! All one needs is to ignore their Creator!

  3. Howard you talk about Einstein. Your in the same league when it comes to commentary. I don’t know how you do it day in and day out.

  4. Hey Howard. I agree totally with your last editorial. Kudos to Branson and Bezos. They spent their own money and flew their dreams.

  5. What you say is so true of people. The Rich usually start with money behind them and they create. The educated sometimes find a niche and build on it and become Rich (Docs, Lawyers, Mouthpieces). Common folk make it on their own. My brother was a star Pitcher, signed in 67 but went into the Army in 68, He trained as a Sheet Metal Man later. Retired at 55 with lots of money. He created metal work that saved a large candy company millions and can fix anything, no college, just willing to work.

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