Either Fight Smart Or Fight In The Gutter


They’re Trying To Shut-Us-Up & Shut-Us-Down. And In Canada, The LEFTIST Government (Trudeau) Is Doing It By Legislation.

This Blog – Galganov.Com . . . Like all Successful Blogs in Terms of Audience & Influence, No Matter how Great or Small, are a Threat to Those who Fear Freedom of Expression to the Extreme, and Who will Do Anything & Everything the LEFT Can to Silence us, Either Through Big Tech, Mainstream & Social-Media & Government Anti-Freedom Laws, Right Up-To the Use of Violence (Antifa, BLM – Etc).


Amongst The Last Few Editorials . . . Several Comments Were Abruptly Removed By Me. Why? Because I Won’t Have this Blog Reduced to being an Outlet for People to Fight in the Gutter, by Suggesting, Intimating or Promoting any Form of Violence.

What Bothers Me The Most Perhaps, Is That These Comments Were Made By People Whose Opinions I Generally Respect.

What Also Bothered Me, Was that all Those Opinions which I Removed Promoted the Concept of Violent Overthrow, with some Suggesting Political Judgment through Violence.

One Commenter Wrote that the Only Way for Canada to Save Ourselves, is Through the Violent Overthrow of the Elected Canadian Liberal Government.

Another Commentor Wrote that after the Republicans Take Back the House & Oval Office, all the Democrats should Literally be Rounded Up & Hung.

And then there was Yet Another Commenter who Agreed with the Commentor who Wanted to Hang all the Democrats.

This Is Not What Galganov.com Is All About. This is Not What Truthful & Forceful Debate is all About. This is what the Other Side Does. This Is Getting Right Into The Dirt With Gutter-Rats.

I Remove Outlandish Comments All The Time, Perhaps Not as Many as you Might Imagine, But More Than Enough . . . And I Don’t Have Either the Time or Patience for this, or the Money to Defend the Integrity & Existence of Galganov.com.

And if this is What the Comment Section of Galganov.com is Going to be Reduced-To, I will Simply Remove the Comment Section from Galganov.com, which would be a Pity, Since Many Of The Readers Enjoy Reading Most Of The Comments.


I Watched & Listened To The Entire Trump Speech Yesterday On RSBN (Right Side Broadcasting Network – July 11, 2021).

But More To The Point . . . RSBN Covered the Entire CPAC Dallas Convention, which Provided a Worldwide Audience which All The Mainstream Media & 99.9% Of Social-Media Wouldn’t Cover. I Heard Some Great Conservative Conversations & Equally Great Speeches by the Men & Women Who Will Eventually Navigate The Good Ship USA Back To Friendlier Waters.


President Trump Was On-Fire & So Was President Trump’s Audience.

To Many Within The Mainstream Media, President Trump’s Speech was Rambling & Far Too Long, but to the Enormous Number of Trump Supporters & Even People who had Not Supported Trump in the Past, the Speech Touched on all the Things that the LEFT are Doing to Destroy the Greatest Country Ever Devised by Man in Known History.


If You Saw The Trump Speech . . . You’d Understand Why The LEFT Will Do Whatever They Can To Cancel Donald Trump.

As I Have Repeatedly Written . . . The LEFT has Taken their Best Shot, Not that I Suggest they Won’t Attempt to Create More Havoc & Damage, which I Assuredly Believe the LEFT Will Do . . .  But if you Heard the Speeches & Policy Statements of the Conservative CPAC Meeting, Culminating with a Fire & Brimstone Speech from Donald Trump, who is the Unquestionable Leader of the Conservative Constitutional Freedom Movement. . . It Would Have Put A Bounce In Your Step.


This Fight Is Far From Over . . . And How It Ends In The USA, Is How It Will Affect The Entire World, Which We Can’t Afford To Lose.

The Entire World Is In Flux. The LEFTIST Worldwide Conspiracy is Real, and the Global Community has Caught-On to the Lies & Empty Promises of the One World Government Globalists . . .

They’re Even Starting to Riot In Cuba. Lebanon is Literally Seconds Away from Total Financial & Civil Disaster. Arab Nations are Either Openly or Surreptitiously Aligning themselves with Israel. Europe is Rejecting the Calamity of the Fake Global Warming Crisis. And the LEFT has Played the China Virus for as Far & as Much as they Can.

And In As Much Of Freedom Of Expression . . . We Conservatives are Beginning to Tell the Globalist Social-Media, That We Lived Without Them Before & We Can Live Without Them Now, as we Create an Armory of our Own Conservative Social-Media.

And To Academia Promoting their own Style & Lessons of Social Values to the Nations’ School Children, Academia Has Poked The Bear, Opening a Deluge of Private & Spiritual (Parochial) Educational Opportunities, and the Recall of all the Bastards that Have Been Poisoning the Minds of our Children Throughout the USA & Canada, with Already Failed Communist Philosophies & Valueless Gender Ideals.


If I Had A Choice, Which I Do, To Be On The Side Of The LEFT Or The Side Of The Right? – No Contest.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Great Editorial…Thank You. CPAC as now been BLOCKED from using YouTube for anything Trump. If we do NOT catch a particular piece of info LIVE then it will NOT be broadcasted again. AOL is up to the SAME shananigans…..ie: Galvanov is constantly in the SPAM folder. And there are many videos provided to me by Conservatives & I can no longer OPEN their contents. I will continue handwriting letters re: my displeasure and make TELEPHONE calls too. And OTHERS are doing this too. We Will Win

  2. Each of us can play a role in the war on the Left without resorting to physical violence. I walked away from a profit of $400-K in “green energy” investments; I refuse to subscribe to Netflix, which is ideologically aligned with the Obamas; I refuse to buy anything associated with Nike, which is in bed with the CCP; I will not cheer on any athlete who sports the Nike swoosh; I will not buy anything made in China. You have to walk the walk in order to talk the talk. Every one of us can do this.

  3. Wow, I find it very difficult to believe that your readers would have the audacity of leaving the kinds of remarks you have mentioned. I would have thought it was not in their DNA. Of course I was wrong. The rest of us are fully aware of your rules of posting on this site. I hope the others get the message. Thanks again, Howard, for keeping us informed!

  4. I find great comfort reading your editorials. We are on the same page!

  5. An abbreviated summary of Saul Alinski’s Rules For Radicals on creation of a social state: 1 – Control Healthcare, 2 – Increase The Poverty Level, 3 – Increase Debt Levels, 4 – Impose Gun Control, 5 – Increase Public Welfare, 6 – Control Education & The Media, 7 – Eliminate Religion, 8 – Induce Class Warfare by dividing people into the wealthy and the poor. It looks like the far left is making good progress here in America. WE NEED TO WAKE UP!

  6. Being a person who has not watched football or baseball or any team sport, I whole heartedly recommend a total boycott of all sports, even though many athletes who still respect the anthem and flag and stand for freedom will be harmed, in the future. Great article Mr. G. God bless.

  7. CSPAN3 also played live Trump’s speech. I usually just go down the dial from FOX and eventually find a network broadcasting the full facts.

  8. Yes, our battle to lose. Were we not caught off-guard by Dems plan to pull off 2020 election in whatever way possible, things might have been different. Thing is, conservatives don’t play by same ‘rules’ as liberals/leftists. As you say, we don’t gutter fight. But we can & do use moral, ethical & legal methods to return things to freedom/liberty outcomes; it just takes longer than leftist strategy. We get caught off-guard but not for long. I figure that battle is front/center for next elections.

  9. I watched Pres Trump’s CPAC speech live on FoxNews yesterday.

  10. Sir, you are correct. I will reframe from my ideals of what I believe is coming. I was able to watch most of the greatest President this country has seen in past 100 years, bar non. He is right on in his message about Violence in our cities that are Lib run, chaos in countries that Biden is bending too. It is going to be a fight for might, Conservatives have to get everyone they know, love, care about to vote in 2022. Write your congressman and ask what they are doing about election fraud.

  11. Everyone has noticed how many athletes both professional and college that have Nike clothes and equipment. The money and free stuff is the bottom line! I quit them years ago.These people are against slavery and sweat shops yet they support a company that benefits from this type of labor.

  12. The leader has finally committed himself, that God has ordained to be his choice to lead the U.s and the free world. A leader who will protect Israel, will not back down from tyranny but face it in such a manner that it crumbles, and make our enemies knees weak so they shake so bad they self destruct. TRUMP IS BACK.

  13. Howard, I think we are at the point of no return in Canada. Trudope has been traveling across Canada handing out money like it grows on trees. Buying votes with borrowed $$. Polls say he will get a majority. But I am not afraid of Trudope. I am afraid of all the ignorant voters who support him. Sad, sad, sad.

  14. Great REMINDER of Alinsky’s Rules by Mr. Andresen. Listing them by numbers helps to remind us, and YES, WE NEED TO WAKE UP! As usual, Trump’s speech was EXCELLENT. Some claim that it was too long, but listing his COPIOUS ACCOMPLISHMENTS & LEFTIST ATTACKS requires much time! NO other President has had such a HISTORY! Yes, “TRUMP SPOKE . . . THE WORLD LISTENED”, as proven by the people’s PRESENT SUPPORT for him. TRUMP IS BACK! “This Fight Is Far From Over!” Pray for his success! GO TRUMP! AMEN!

  15. I always read you and I always agree. Thanks. Now, is it possible to use a larger size type?

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