The LEFT Is Done – But It Ain’t Yet Over


Remember The Ramifications Of The Old Drunken Office Parties . . . ?

“I Said What To Whom”? . . . “I Slept With Whom”? . . . “Where’s My Clothes”? . . . “I Didn’t Really Do That – Did I”? . . . “How’d I Get This Black Eye”?  . . . “What Do You Mean I’m Fired”?

This Is The Day After . . . And The Consequences Of The Hangover Has Just Begun.

A Smart Person Would NOT Get Stinking Drunk . . . A Smart Person Would Have Left the Party as Soon as the Raunch Began. A Somewhat Less Smart Person Would Know When to Stop Drinking, and the Real Dummy would Run After the “Hair Of The Dog” . . . And The Super Dummy Would Hang Around, even After Losing Everything (Reputation, Wife/Husband, Family, Friendships & Job) . . . He or She Would just Keep on Drinking, Which Is Where We’re At Now.

Some Members Of Liberal North America – Who Are Not Necessarily Of The Far LEFT . . . Are Getting The Message.

MANY ARE NOT . . . Which Will Continue the Socio/Political Pain for as Long as they Can. However . . . Even As It Gets Worse . . . It Will Get Better. And when the Hammer Comes Down on the LEFT . . .  It Ain’t Going To Come Down Gently.

Canada’s Future Is Tied To The 2022 US Congressional Election, Since there is No Leader in Canada Capable or Competent Enough to Save our Sorry-Northern-Ass, Which Includes the Phony Canadian Conservative Parties . . . Federally & Provincially, we Canadians Have to Rely on what Happens in the US . . . In The American 2022 Elections.

When We Were Kids . . . We Always Knew – That What Happened In America Today Would Happen In Canada Tomorrow.

We’re Not Kids Any More . . . And what Happens Today in America Affects Canada at the Speed of Modern Technology – Therefore, How America will Go – Will Be How Canada Will Go.

So As A Canadian I Have A Seriously Vested Interest In The Success Of American Conservatives.

If there is One Country in the “Free” World with the Worst Politicians to Represent the Real Needs & Freedoms of the People . . . IT’S GOT TO BE CANADA . . .

Which Is Why I Support Maxime Bernier Of The Real Conservative People’s Party Of Canada.

The People’s Party Of Canada Will Not Win, but at the Very Least, I Won’t Feel Compelled to Vote for Any of the Conventional BASTARDS who are there Only for their own Ego, Avarice & Personal Enrichment.


As Much as I Truly Believe that Most People (American & Canadian) Shouldn’t Vote Because They’re Too Ignorant, Too Stupid & Too Brainwashed . . . I Also Believe that there are Enough Patriots (Probably Not Canadian) in the United States to Rise-Up & Take-Back the Republic from the Lunatics who Have Seized the Asylum.

In-Spite Of The Dishonest Media (News & Entertainment), Pro-Communist Academia, Corrupt Political Class, Dishonest Politicized Judiciary and the Thrust of Globalized Oligopolies . . . Conservative America Is Waking-Up With a Vengeance.

I’ve Written Many Times . . . that the Window for the LEFT to Do all the Nefarious Things, which they Want to Do & Feel Compelled to Do to Bring Down American Exceptionalism, in their Insane Quest to Join or Form a One World Government, is Indeed a Very Small Window. And if the LEFT Can’t Succeed Right-Out of the Gate to Get it Done . . . They Will Fail Miserably.

We’re Beginning To See The Ultimate Demise Of The Current Democrat Party & Their Movement To The Hard LEFT.

It Isn’t Even Six Months Yet . . . And the Biden White House is Devoid of Energy, Without any Achievements, Successes or Victories of any Kind – And is Tired & Worn-Out Like the Political Parasite who Currently Occupies the Oval Office.

Joe Biden . . . The Biggest Embarrassment Ever To The American Presidency . . . Is Either Too Stupid or Too Mentally Incapable, and Probably Both . . . to Realize that in History . . . Joe Biden will Go Down as the Worst President Ever to have Sat at the Resolute Desk of the United States of America.

Not Only That . . . Biden’s Despicable Wife Dr Jill (Who Is In No Way A Doctor Of Any Consequence), will Go Down with her Demented Husband as an Accomplice (Aider & Abettor) to the Overall Biden Joke.

WORSE . . . Even if the Democrat Handlers Decide to Pack-In Biden Before his Term is Up . . . Look at What they Have Waiting in the Wings to Replace the Worst President Ever . . . The Worst Vice President (Kamala Harris) Ever . . . Beyond Description.

Kamala Harris Is Such A Joke (Nationally & Internationally) . . . Even Before Doing Anything Consequential, that Harris’s Elevation to the Oval Office Would be Tantamount to the Ultimate Insult . . . On Top Of The Presidential Tragedy Already In Progress.

As I See It . . . If The LEFTIST Mainstream Media Can’t Find Something (Anything) Positive to Report on President Biden or his Staff, They’ll Write & Speak of His Dogs, his Favorite Flavored Ice Cream . . . And Revert Back To All Things Trump, which by the Way . . . Is Making The Chump Media Look Even More-So Like Chumps.

And if You Follow Media Ratings (Radio, Television & Print) As I Do . . . You’ll Know that Conservative Media is Rocketing to Success & Growth, While LEFTIST & Pro LEFTIST Media Is Getting Creamed In The Public Square.


The LEFT Want the People to Believe that Trump’s Border-Wall is a Negative and a Slam Against American Hispanics, who the LEFT Want Everyone to Believe are Mostly in Favor of an Invasion of Illegal Spanish Speaking People . . .

Don’t Believe What The LEFTIST Media Are Writing & Saying . . . And Believe What you See & Hear for Yourself . . . as HISPANIC – ICE Officers, Border Patrol Officers, Southern Border American Sheriffs & Southern Border Mayors . . . Defend Their Country (America) & Home From The Invasion Of Illegal Immigrants.

And If You Think There Is No History Of Hispanic People Defending America From Invaders . . . Think Alamo & The TEJANOS.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. RIGHT ON HOWARD GO P.P.C. and Mad Max (Maxime Bernier). And The Blue Party of Ontario. But on another note just look at what our Liberal Government has said the the U.S.A. that they (we) will take in the migrants (ILLEGALS FROM THE SOUTHERN BORDER).

  2. Max Bernier and the PPC all the way. The so-called “conservative” opposition is a fraud, no more legitimate than the idiots in the White House.

  3. Does anyone think that Biden / Harris are in charge of America? IMO it is BHO / Val Jarrett. We know the hate Obama had for America by his slams against Israel and support for IRAN and other American hating countries, not to mention the disdain he had for Americas military. Biden didn’t campaign for the 2020 election because he’s so incompetent and Kamala Harris? Think about it, she couldn’t raise any money or get any support when running for president she was 1st out. We must go on offense

  4. Hello, of course everyone has the right to choose but me/mine will NOT be voting for Bernier or his ppc party. Perhaps, if he wasn’t so opportunistic as to be a: separatist, liberal, conservative and a self appointed leader of ppc party it might be different. Then, I factor in how despicable his ppc supporter trolls (note, NOT regular supporters) were to Andrew Scheer/conservatives and know it would be a massive disaster to have them in power. Sadly, their behaviours ensured his failures!

  5. How does voting help when the machines are rigged?

  6. Howard the Patriots and President Trump is in charge and we are getting ready to take our country back. God is in control and storm is coming soon. If you go to X22 reports on rumble and listen to his report you will understand what we the people and Patriots are doing.

  7. I HOPE YOU”RE RIGHT!!! This country can’t take much more of Biden/Harris’ puppet masters destruction of everything we hold dear in life and as patriots. The next election in Nov for 2022 BEST NOT be rigged and defrauded as last Nov. The noise about Dominion machines has died down; I hope they aren’t in existence at polling stations this fall & if so that people will demand hand counts in every precinct.

  8. Your comment hit the bull in an area where the sun shines least. A friend of mine has been describing liberals almost the same way since the 60’s, always stating, PEOPLE ARE STUPID. This crap has been building since John Kennedy was president, each year a little worse. Armand Hammer was the leader back then, and after him, Brooklyn Bernie Sanders. a Viet Nam traitor took over the reins and got help from George McGovern and George Soros, all low life scums.

  9. Well stated Howard! The left, I believe ie a sinking ship! I hope I’m right! Thank you for what you do!

  10. If your a conservative in Canada and you don’t support Max Bernier your likely a cino. The only way our leftist media will give Max a minute of attention ( accept for going to jail ) , is if he takes votes away from O’toole ( our chief cino ). If that happened , maybe O’toole would wake up just a little and start to get real. We don’t need another liberal prime minister.

  11. The US, my homeland, needs to follow Canada’s example of how to run elections. The OLD FASHIONED WAY with paper ballots and hand counting. Also, with all of the voter ID that is required. Enough with the rigged elections.

  12. Howard, I agree with you on all fronts, including Canadian politics. If we have a PPC candidate in our riding, I’ll be voting for him/her. I do like Derick Sloan though. See where Maxime was arrested in Manitoba for attending a Freedom Rally. Sad day for Canada. The US NEEDS Donald Trump if they hope to survive.

  13. HG—What a GREAT analogy—“HANGOVER”! The more the LEFT continues to try to instill their SOCIALIST AGENDA in America, the more “they will fail miserably”! The people are readily & easily ATTUNED to O’Biden’s & Kamala’s multiple FAILURES and how they have RUINED AMERICA in LESS than 6 months! Also, Jill IS just an “Aider & Abettor” to the “Biden Joke”, but let’s HOPE that he lasts 4 yrs. to prevent the BIGGER JOKE, KAMALA, from becoming President. O’BIDEN should be IMPEACHED! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

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