“Just Following Orders”


The Entire Spectacle Of A Counterfeit President Surrounded By Masked Stepford Women Was Worthy Of A Kafka Dystopia.


What Does That Mean Exactly? Does It Mean Conversely . . . WE THE GOVERNMENT ARE THE PEOPLE?


Think About That . . . Because the Way I Took the Meaning from Biden, that “We The People Are The Government” . . . And Given the Thus Far Draconian Governance of the Biden Administration, with a Plethora of Executive Orders, Few Congressional Laws . . . Virtually No Bipartisanship Legislation and a Sketchy Statement that Equates the Government as the People, Rather than the Most Famous Statement Delivered as Part of the Gettysburg Address . . . Government of the People, By the People and For the People . . . You Really Have To Worry.

As I Am Seeing It . . . A Lot Of People Are Already Really Worried In-Spite Of What The Media Wants Us To Believe.


Like Everyone Else, at the Beginning of the China Virus Pandemic, I Too was Very Worried, to the Point . . . When in the First Few Weeks of the Announced Pandemic, I Didn’t Sleep Well at Night Worrying about Getting Home from North/Central Florida to South/Eastern Ontario.

I Didn’t Wear A Mask & I Didn’t Social Distance – Other Than For A Few Days When We Were All Spooked. But I did Wash-Down Everything I Touched with Disinfectant, Including the Packaging, Fruit & Vegetables we Brought into our Home, Because of the Ludicrous Advice from the Idiot Woman Doctor (Nicole Saphier) on Fox News, who Fox News had on their Air Non-Stop Throughout the Day & Night Every Day & Every Night.

As It Turned-Out . . . Like Most Of The “Experts” – Nicole Saphier Was Full Of Crap & Only Spread Fear & Anxiety.


I Refuse to Social Distance & I Am Very Pleased to Shake Hands & Give Hugs to People I Correspond with & Care About, even though I am Not a Tactile Person. And I Won’t Carry-On a Conversation with an IDIOT Wearing a Mask, Unless I Am in a Store & REALLY Need to Converse for Information.

I Wear A Mask Only When There Is No Choice . . . But How Did We Ever Get To Be This Stupid?

I Look at People – Men, Women & Children Wearing Masks Outside while Walking, Talking & Even Running . . . And I Feel Despair at Knowing How Malleable the Minds of our People have Become and are Becoming Amongst our Youth.


“SOME” State, Provincial & Local Police Have Outright Said they will NOT Just Follow Orders about the Proposed Restrictions on Firearms or the Suspension of Civil Rights & Liberties . . . Vis-A-Vis the Forced Wearing of Masks and the Lockdowns of People & Places.

But “SOME” Are Not Enough . . . Every “Cop” Should Respect The People They’ve Sworn To Serve & Protect.


“On My Honor, I Will Never Betray My Integrity, My Character Or The Public Trust. I Will Always Have The Courage To Hold Myself & Others Accountable For Our Actions. I Will Always Maintain The Highest Ethical Standards & Uphold The Values Of My Community & The Agency I Serve”.

I Have Read Multiple Oaths of Service Sworn Upon by Police Recruits . . . And Outside of a Just Few Words Within the Oath . . . All of the Pledges by the Recruits are Sworn NOT to Serve & Protect the Government . . . BUT RATHER – TO SERVE & PROTECT THE PEOPLE.

And In The Case Of Police & Military . . . The Oath Extends To Defending The Constitution From Threats – Foreign & Domestic.


More Than 100-Million Ordinary People Have Been Murdered By Communist & Fascist Police Who Were “Just Following Orders”.

Screwing-Over Israel Is Nothing More Than Just A Pastime For Anti-Semites & Stupid Or Ignorant People . . . BUT DID YOU KNOW? – That in Israel, which was Reborn After More than 2,000-Years as the Nation of the Jewish People . . . Not Just Because of the Holocaust, But Hastened Because of the Holocaust, where Millions of Europeans had a Hand in Murdering Jews . . . Just Because – They Were “Just Following Orders” . . .

. . . That you Would think Israeli Police & Military More than Any Other, who are Under Constant Threat & Terrorist Attack 24/7 . . . Would Always Take The Low-Side & Err On The Negative.

But That Would Be Wrong-Thinking – Because “Just Following Orders” In Israel . . . IS AGAINST THE LAW.

During The Post WWII Nuremburg Trials . . . Convened To Hold People Responsible for their Participation in the Genocide of the Holocaust, one of the Most Prevalent Statements of Defense by People who Did Horrific Things to Other Human Beings, or Just Participated Even in a Small Way which Led to the Death of Others – Was . . . “Just Following Orders”.

TO OUR POLICE . . . “Are You Just Following Orders” – Or Are You Honoring Your Pledge To Serve & Protect The People?

By Howard Galganov

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  1. Thank you for your blog. Just following orders as we see that the police here in Canada have given up on the Charter and have now become The NEW NAZI’S. Some think this abhorrent to call them as that is deemed harsh but it is the best term to give to police who just follow orders judges who refuse to give injunctions yet agree with cases put before them. Wow history repeating itself again and again and again.

  2. Biden is the quintessential politician that smiles, kisses babies and says and means absolutely nothing. And in his present mental state he is nothing but a propped up puppet. He was the same throughout the campaign. His being president is the greatest media con perpetuated on the American people. And the American people showed their disregard concerning their own freedoms, their absence of critical thought and their willingness to be “media and big-tech” led by voting for him.

  3. I listened for a few minutes to Obiden’s pukeworthy malarkey and had to turn off the tv lest I throw something – anything – at the screen. What bothered me the most, however, were the few dozens RINOs who stood and clapped for the fascist creep. The scene was like Jews applauding Hitler. If you can’t or won’t recognize who your enemy is, you are doomed.

  4. I didn’t listen to joe biden but I puked anyway just knowing he was there and why he was there and how he got there. I don’t capitalize names of people and things I can’t stand for the simple reason I don’t capitalize S**T!!!!! I think I’ve left a message.

  5. I just couldn’t watch it last night least I broke my tv by throwing something at it. Its disgusting listening to that fool. They only place I’ll wear a mask is in the waiting room of the doctor’s office, otherwise they force us to leave and reschedule the appt. Doesn’t matter if you tell them your vaccinated (witch I’m not and won’t be) they still make you wear it…idiots

  6. I don’t like the man or the people who have control of him. I sure as all get out did not watch him on T.V. and never do. Hope all is going well with Tavor you & Anne can’t wait to see pictures of the little man. Take care be safe and you all stay well. God be with you always.:))

  7. I have never worn a mask and never will. I made my doctor write me a medical exemption from having to wear one. It comes in very handy and I love enraging the Karen/Kevin brigade. I usually tell them I can’t understand them, can they remove their mask. Heads then explode. Very entertaining. Mask wearing is the way I tell idiots from non-idiots. It’s my version of the Bill Engval comedy classic “Here’s your sign!” that reads “I’m Stupid” so that stupid people aren’t asked questions.

  8. GREAT EDITORIAL—it says it ALL!!! Last night, the O’Biden speech was BORING, full of LIES and certainly did NOT promote any UNITY! Even the two “BOOK-ENDS” didn’t appear to be too enthused! Since the Democrats don’t have any POSITIVE GOALS, they continue to ATTACK TRUMP to TRY to provide some SUBSTANCE to, and to JUSTIFY their CRUSHING LIBERAL Agenda. Can’t wait for Trump to begin with his new rallies! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  9. With you 100%. I became suspicious 1st lockdown & started my conspiracy theory, focussed most on Bill Gates & now reality. Lockdowns, masks, fear-mongering, false PCR and killer mRNA. Objective: 10-15% depopulation. Incomprehensible how the worlds lemmings have been led over the cliff, and still are. Cleverly contrived, the pandemic that never was. No worse than FLu, do some research to verify that. Biden last night, a pathetic site with dementia for sure and a witch looking over his shoulder.

  10. Last night the idiot needed the mask and so did the rest ,it was a cover so that his wife could help him w/that mess he was unloading on the American people. Note she was not in the gallery, where most first ladies set she was in close proximity. I believe they are communicating w/ a secret service unit, maybe w/ an altered frequency. he stumbled once and got back on track.it would look funny if she was the only one with a mask on.

  11. Just following orders is what someone says when they have no moral compass or when they agree with the order. It’s the easy way out & blames someone else/absolves you of responsibility for your action (which seems to be the modus operandi these days anyway.

  12. Only one thing can explain why cops have and are becoming so dumb and stating just following orders. When they practice shooting their tasers, they shoot each other in the head and their brains turn to mush just like zombies. most cops are not following their oath and think it’s the government that pays their salaries when actually it is the people that they swore to protect that pay their salaries with the people’s taxes but they don’t understand that anymore since their brains are now mush !!!

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