Black Americans Should Be Kissing The Fabric Of The American Flag


When The People Fear The Government It’s Called Tyranny – When The Government Fears The People It’s Called Freedom!

I Wrote Yesterday (April 11, 2021) . . . About the Travesty of Police Abuse in Montreal, as the Police Strong-Armed the Rebel News Media, which is a Legitimate Online Conservative News Publication . . . Not for any Discernible Reason, but Rather, because Someone Ordered them to Roust an Independent Canadian News Media, which Routinely Tips the Governments’ Apple-Carts . . .

Questions? . . . Who Gave The Order & Why? Why Were There No Warrants? And What Happened To Freedom Of The Press?


I Can’t Imagine . . .  in a Million Years, WHY the Entire Canadian Media from Print to Radio to Television Wasn’t Screaming Bloody Murder at the Top of their Sorry Lungs for Such a Draconian Display of Fascist Anti-Freedom of Expression.

The Only Thing Missing Were The Brown Shirts & Jack Boots.

If this Happened to the Rebel Media, Which It Did, Where’s the Guarantee that it Won’t Happen to Any Other Canadian Media, Which Won’t Toe The Government Line?


In America . . . The Unfair Advantage Is Section 230 Of The Media Code. In Canada It’s Outright Bribery.

Before The Last Canadian Federal Election, Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Used the Growing Revenue of Paid Advertisements on the Internet as a Threat to Canada’s Heritage Media, Specifically Print & Television, as an Excuse for Trudeau to Buy-Off Canadian Media with the People’s Tax Money . . . to Level the Media Revenue Playing Field, to which Trudeau’s Federal Government Provided $600-Million Tax Paid Dollars to Selective Media to Provide “Balance”.

OK – To Which Media? . . . How Much To Each Media? And Who’s To Decide?


In Canada, there are Already Government Decrees (Laws) Forbidding Open Questions & Opposing Opinions about the Government Mandates of Mask-Wearing & Social Distancing for the Public Good.

IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, as well as in Many Places Throughout the Not-So-Free-World Anymore, where the LEFTIST Compliant Media & Big Tech CENSOR DEBATE about the China Virus and the Insanity of Black on Black & Black on White Violence & Psychological Racism . . . Which Is Perpetrated Upon White America.


Anne & I Decided to watch a Relatively New Drama/Action Series (The Equalizer) Starring Queen Latifa, who is a Very Talented Actress/Performer, who Plays the Role of a Former CIA Special Agent with Near Superhuman Instincts & Physical Abilities.

In Essence . . . The Show is a Repetitive Bang/Bang Shoot-Em-Up Script with Neatly Tied-Up Conclusions. For a Brain Break It’s Banal Entertainment, for Something Erudite . . . The Equalizer Isn’t Worth Turning-On the Television.

But After All The Daily Bad News & News Becoming Worse – A Banal Brain Break Is Sometimes As Good as A Tranquilizer.


If It’s Not Anti-White, It’s Anti-Male, Anti-Conservative . . . Or Pro-Gender Debauchery.

So Anne & I Began Watching The Equalizer Last Night . . . And What the Subliminal Under-Current of the Series Was . . . How White People Are Evil & How Black People Are Being Destroyed By White People . . . With No Shortage of References to Places Like Ferguson Missouri, Where on August 9, 2014 a Black Thug (Michel Brown), who was a Thief, a Bully & Violent Got What he Deserved (Shot Dead) as He Tried to Wrestle a Gun from a Cop (Darren Wilson) Who was Just Doing His Duty.

“Hands-Up – Don’t Shoot” . . . The Anti-White Racist Mantra (LIE) Perpetuated By The LEFT.

When the Reprised Series of Texas Ranger “Walker” was Announced for Primetime, Anne & I were Excited to Give it a Look, Remembering how Great Chuck Norris was at Playing the Role of “Walker” . . . But Here Too . . . The Entire Story-Plot Moved from how Great the Texas Rangers are – To How Bad America Is  and How Downtrodden the Poor Mexicans are in the United States of America, Where the now PUSSIFIED Walker (White), who is Acknowledged as a Once Great Texas Ranger, has all of a Sudden a Need to be Bailed-Out by Walker’s New & Far Superior Rookie Mexican Female Ranger, as His Black Former Partner, now Captain, Needs to Constantly Keep the Unstable Walker in Check.

Then There’s Seal Team . . . Which Anne & I Always Enjoyed Watching as a Macho Pro-American Display of American Warriors – Which has Now Become a Touchy/Feely Introspective, Questioning how Wrong things were Before, which has to be Changed With the New “WOKE” Reality.

For Anyone Thinking that These New Plot-Set Broadcast Series Aren’t Significant, Think Again, because this is Passive Indoctrination, Meant Not so Much for People our Age, but More or Less Exclusively to Brainwash our Children & Grandchildren.

Academia, Television, Hollywood & Social Media Are The Poison Apples Of The 20th & 21st Centuries.


If Truth Mattered . . . Donald Trump Would be Serving His Second Term in Office, Hillary Clinton & Clinton’s Cabal of Willing Co-Conspirators would be in Jail, Big Tech Oligarchs would be Dethroned with Black Lives Matter & Antifa Being Recognized as the Terrorist Entities they Are . . . And Black Americans Would be Kissing the Cloth of the American Flag that has Given All Americans Regardless of Color, Race, National Origin, Gender or Religion . . . The Greatest Equal Life Opportunity Imaginable.

But To The LEFT, Truth Is Inconsequential To Their Ugly Strategy . . . To You & Me – Truth Is Survival.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. When Jimmy Fallon makes fun of biden we should have arrived! I was shocked to see a video of it but glad even the left has no choice to admit the lunacy of this so called administration! Anyone can search for it and see it…

  2. Was it Nikita Khrushchev that said: The proletariat is the undertaker of capitalism…

  3. Oh yes, North America is a mess! I also notice an abundance of “colored” commercials. As for TV. We have found that the “Turner Classic movies” program is a great review of old movies along with a bit of background on the shows and eras. Also regarding the Rebel incident, maybe there should be some charges against the police as well as whoever set that up! I wonder where the “breaking point” is going to be for mass revolt?

  4. As a white male by birth, poor white trash by being born in a poor family, I am totally down with BLM, woke, Antifa, and all the idiots rioting every day for what ever reason. It is time for business owners to protect their business with force. When they break glass, make a citizens arrest. When they storm the store, shoot them as you are being attacked. The BS that people can take up to $1000 of your property at your store is criminal, they deserve to be shot period.

  5. Antifa and BLM should be designated as terrorist organizations. Their leaders deserve to be serving serious prison time. Same thing for Obiden and the fascist Demorrhoids. We always knew that America would fall to the Enemy Within. What we need now more than ever is a REAL insurrection, for it would be perfectly justified.

  6. This is all about divide & conquer, divide & conquer —– pages torn out of Saul Alinsky book! The MSM is giving all the attention to Antifa, BLM and anti-police. Who has taught the MSM people? Our “educational System” has been teaching Socialism = GOOD and Capitalism = BAD for decades and decades. Now the chickens are coming home to roost. I live in the Atlanta, Georgia area and I can tell you for a fact that the vast majority of black people are not of the mindset that is being shown!!!

  7. Just pay attention to almost any television ad and you will see very few white people. Why? Have we become the minority? Frightening

  8. The media, in general, gives credence to the North American trash speakers and virtually idolizes and worships left-leaning persons. When I was younger, 1940 ff, small newspaper editors reflected the attitudes of their readers, but they no longer have a voice of the public. The entire media seems to be in lockstep with one another, excluding or demeaning everything conservative. Instead of reporting news accurately, they are directing their followers how, and what to think. Total mind control.

  9. Our media in Canada was bought off a long time ago. The modern T.V. shows are garbage and the music today is the same. I Can’t stand Rap music. Glad I was born during a time when one could be creative and free. Love the Bee Gees, Boston, Journey to name a few God I miss those days, God pity our children and grand-children.

  10. The best Equalizer TV series was from 1985 to 1989 with Edward Woodward in The Equalizer (1985). Like I said before, I now know for sure what makes the cops so stupid. When they practice using their taser, they point and shoot their tasers at each other’s heads and that release of electricity makes theirs brains to become numb and turned into mindless zombies that are supposed to defend the everyday public but instead attack them.

  11. The fact that one of the COMMUNISt founders of BLM now owns $3 Million (USD) of houses is criminal. She is as bad as any of the MAFIA DONS of the past with the racketeering of BLM and its extortion game against big business. The real question though is who is the biggest jerk: she for creating the racket or BIG BUSINESS for giving the money?

  12. As a “White Anglo Saxon Protestant Monogamous Heterosexual Male” it is refreshing to read your editorial about being woke. Another entertaining series is succumbing to the same “Wokeness” is The “Resident”. I am actually getting closer to stop watching any Cable or “mainstream” programming. It is all junk and not worth my time.

  13. Howard, I feel I know you personally because of how you think. This is a spiritual battle that began in Heaven and we are seeing it come to life straight from the pages of the Bible. We’ve been told how things would be if we followed our own minds by thinking we know better than our Creator. It’s the hearts of men that have brought this havoc on us by so many wanting to be Caesar! We know the ending, just keep you faith.

  14. Great article. Hit it out of the park. More opinion on the way. True about cable, gave it up years ago. It appears that “Black is the new White”, “hero is Female, Black, Superhuman strength, conquering the bad white crooks”. Watch old Audie Murphy/Randolph Scott/John Wayne westerns and youtube music from IPad tp tv, Allison Krause, Garth Brooks, and even K. D. Lang when she was on the Country scene. God Bless America & Canada. Thanks Mr. H.

  15. It’s about time that someone is calling out the TV commercials as Robert Turnbull indicated above. What he omitted was the importance of the lacking of WHITE MALES IN ADVERTISING. It’s almost a majority of daughters and mothers. Not very inspiring.

  16. Your comment says it all–“But To The LEFT, Truth Is Inconsequential To Their Ugly Strategy . . . To You & Me – Truth Is Survival.” WHITES are now being treated as being in the MINORITY, but its FOES are slowly FAILING in sustaining its acting MAJORITY! They are so BENT on DESTRUCTION vs. HARMONY & not seeking the TRUTH that their LIES & ATTACKS will LEAD them to their own DEVASTATION! TRUMP will shortly be returning and will be very INSTRUMENTAL in EXPOSING the TRUTH! “It ain’t over yet!” AMEN!

  17. German Consumer protection trial lawyer Reiner Fuellmich suing to prove there never was a pandemic, only conspiracy for population control & depopulation of the world. Guilty perpetrators may all go to jail, including politicians & White coats. Fuellmich guided muliti-billion $$$ cases against Deutschebank & Volkwagen to success and may well win for the people versus the conspirators. A Canadian BC Lawyer is taking a case. A Conspiracy, Vaccines, lockdowns & masks killing people, that’s MHO

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