If You’re Too Stupid To Vote – DON’T!


How Can Black People Support White People (Democrats) Who Think Black People Are Too Stupid To Know How To Vote?

I Could Understand if there were Two Sets of Rules for People to Vote. One Set for White People and a Different Set for Black People, as there were Generations Ago, Prior to the 1964 Civil Rights Act . . . But That’s Not The Case At All.


For Democrat Neo-Communists, Especially from Democrat Leadership to Compare the New Voting Rules of the State of Georgia to the Days of Jim Crow – is Nothing More & Nothing Less than a Rank Display of Dishonesty for Racist Propaganda Purposes.

I Have To Seriously Wonder . . . If What The LEFT Really Want Is A Full-Out Racial Civil War?

If I Was A Black Person . . . I Would be Aghast at the very Idea that White People Would think that I’m Too Dumb, Incapable & Unworthy to Compete at Anything on an Equal Basis with Anyone – Especially Voting . . . Regardless Of The Other People’s Color, Race Or Religion.

In Canada & The USA Until The 1960’s . . . Jews were Banned from Many Jobs, Accommodations, Social Clubs and in Many Cases were only Somewhat Partially Allowed into Universities (McGill, Harvard & Others) as Long as the Jews had a 10% Score Higher than Christians . . . And Didn’t Surpass The Jew-Quota.

Where Were The Riots, Demonstrations, Boycotts, Fights, Beatings, Shootings, Lootings, Arsons & Affirmative Action For The Jews?

If Your Ancestors Came to the USA From an Irish, Italian or Other National-Background . . . You Know They Didn’t Have It Easy. No New-Comer Had it Easy. Just Ask the War-Time Japanese Americans.

Like It Or Not . . . Discrimination In America Was Always A Right Of Passage, Except for Too Many Black People & White Racial Provocateurs who Never Let-Go of the Slave Days, because Politically, it was to the Benefit of LEFTIST Politicians & Black Race Hustlers like Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton, Jeremiah Wright – Etc to Keep the Black Community Ignorant & Dependent.

In One Way Or Another . . . Through Ignorance or Purpose . . . 80-Million Germans had a Hand in Disenfranchising, Robbing, Beating, Raping, Torturing, Experimenting & Murdering 6-Million Jews, Including Men, Women, Children, Infants & the Very Old . . . Only For The Crime Of Being Jewish.


We Jews Do Not Forget & We Don’t Forgive . . . But Most Importantly – We Don’t Condemn The Children Of The Perpetrators.

By 1945 . . . The Holocaust Came To An End . . . Most Germans were Not Nazis, and Most Germans Didn’t have Personal Jewish Blood on their Hands. The Same Can be Written about White Americans and the Treatment of Black Americans.

Within 76-Years After The Holocaust, Israel & Germany have Become Valuable Trade Partners, with Germany Supplying (Selling) Israel all of Israel’s Most Sophisticated Fleet of Submarines.

That Is Just Within 76-Years Of The Worst Racial Crime Ever Recorded In History.

When . . . After More Than 156-Years Since The Fall Of Slavery In The USA, at the Cost of as Many as a Quarter of A Million White Dead Americans (Union Soldiers) Fighting to Free the Slaves, and the Passage of a Slew of Pro-Black Civil Liberty Laws and Reverse Discrimination (Anti-White) Laws such as the Ultra Racist Pro-Black Affirmative Action Laws . . . Dating Back Almost 60-Years . . . Too Many in the  Black Community are Still Fighting Yesterday’s Wars.

When Will The American Black Community Decide To Let Go & Join The Rest Of The Real World?


For White People To Suggest That Black People Can’t Vote Because Of Mandated Voter ID Is An Egregious Insult.

I’m Sickened by what the World of Academia has been Able to Accomplish over the Past 100-Years at the Behest of a Globalist Communist Society, even Way-Back-Then, as we, the North American People (USA & Canada) Reveled in our Freedoms through Equal Opportunities.


I’m Perhaps even More Distraught at How we the People have Chosen Leaders Steeped in a Communist Philosophy that has for More than 100-Years Destroyed Whole Civilizations . . . leading to the Depravation of Billions of People and the Direct Deaths of More than 100-Million People. What We Allowed the LEFT to Do to Us is Unconscionable & There’s No-One to Blame But Us.

On A Brighter Note . . . Many People Contacted Me Asking For A Picture Of Tavor . . . You Asked For-It – You Got-It.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. He’s a cutie pie!! I miss Stryker and April the Cat stories, so I’m looking forward to Tavor stories.

  2. Anyone who believes in and chooses a senile, unaccomplished after 48 years, proven corrupt, accepting millions in bribes from the Chinese Communist Party over a President who has accomplished more than perhaps any president in American history should not be allowed to vote. In other words, for the sake of the country, Democrats should not be allowed to vote. AND … Tavor sure lucked out. I’m still grieving after putting my dog two weeks ago.

  3. Your headline, “If you’re too stupid to vote, don’t “. I agree 100%. So speaking for Canada, that would eliminate anyone voting Liberal, NDP, or Green!

  4. Greetings HG: I’m sure you’ll have a treasure trove of stories for your readers about Tavor! Congrats! Very compelling editorial today. Drive safe on your rerun to Ontario.

  5. Oh he is going to be a beauty. Thank you for the picture of Tavor I hope you take lots of pictures of him as I am sure you did Stryker, & April. He is going to love you and Anne so much. Sorry David C. for lost of your dog. Howard hope you and Anne are both home safe & sound now. Everyone should be allowed to vote with proper papers & know what they are doing. Next they will be asking us for our Graduation papers. Hey if they made it fine. I am already in love with your dog. Take care.

  6. What a little sweetie. So adorable. My boy Dexter sends Tavor a paw-pump. As to your post and some of those who replied as well, we must keep in mind that this is NOT what the people voted for. I am also somewhat certain that there are many Democrats who are thinking that today. Biden, and his administration, are illegitimate. They were put in power by fraud and corruption. Beijing Biden did not win the election!!

  7. Tavor will bring joy and happiness to you both. Congrats. I am unable to understand (although I have my suspicions) why a country such as the USA is unable to have a foolproof voting system that is without a doubt producing the true results of the voting public. Are there not any decent responsible citizens willing to take on the task of making sure the voting system is not rigged? NOTHING CAN BE MORE DAMAGING TO A DEMOCRACY THAT UNRELIABLE ELECTIONS.

  8. I think Tavor is already a ray of sunshine in your lives, Howard. A cute puppy that will be a loving adult dog who will live to please you in any way he can. And yes, you can’t fix stupid, and too bad most of them seem to be voting…

  9. Nice picture of Tavor. Would it be also possible for you to post the best picture of Stryker and April the cat as we have never seen them if it’s not too emotionally painful to do so? If we let only the properly informed to vote, then you are looking at only 20% of the population. 80% should be banned from voting.

  10. I have only one thing to say about Tavor. AAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!! And great editorial as always.

  11. Having worked for a large corporation, I can assure you that there are many folks out there that are to ignorant, to lazy, to uninformed to vote. We as a country have let this great nation be run by the rich, the lying, the supposed most educated people who can twist words to make you think they are going to do good, or the right thing only to do the exact reverse of what they promised. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, said by a great mind. You can not trust most of them.

  12. Add to that: Anyone who doesn’t pay taxes should not be allowed to vote. The social and economic mess we are in today is a QED on this insight – I think.

  13. I can’t have a voter ID, but I have a COVID-19 ID. Oh, and talk about TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION, those pilgrims should be rolling right now.

  14. Too bad one can’t train a dog to sniff out ignorance, stupidity, and intolerance. I know that my Great Pyrenees knows instinctively if there is evil in a person. He won’t allow me to get anywhere near someone who he does not trust to be a good person.

  15. Let’s float a new idea. Only taxpayers living in the Southern Sates should be made to pay ‘reparations’. At least start the conversation. See how they like them apples.

  16. My daughter just adopted a mutt, part Lab and part Terrier, after having lost their 14 yr old black Lab, named Danika. My own dog is coming up on 15yrs. old. She is part Lab and Springer spaniel. She had a stroke in October and I was afraid of losing her, but she came out of it. Each day shows a little decline in her health, so I’m preparing for the worst. Thank you Howard for sharing Stryker and Aprils stories and showing us cutie picture of Tavor. Best to you all.

  17. Corporations and Sports need to stand up and stay the hell out of politics. They jump on the band wagon with no research or facts!

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