The Storm Before The Calm


Marjorie Taylor Greene – The New Member Of Congress From Georgia . . . Hit The Ground Running, as she’s Been Demonized & Crucified by the LEFT and Pretend Conservatives Amongst her Own Republican Party for her Controversial Views.

Let Me Start With This . . . If It’s Said In Congress Or The Media . . . Don’t Necessarily Believe It.

It’s Not A New Strategy . . . For the LEFT to Ridicule & Demonize an Opponent they Can’t Otherwise Compete Against in a Fair Debate. So the LEFT Resorts to the Most Basic of all Tactics, which Includes the Calling of Someone they Want to Get Rid of a Racist, a Nutjob, Or One of my Favorites . . . The Twisting & Mangling Of The Truth . . . To Become A More Than Acceptable Lie.

I’m Not Defending Marjorie Taylor Greene . . . But I Am Defending the Right of Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene to Speak-Out, and the People who Support Congresswoman Greene to Hear what Greene Has to Say.


Marjorie Greene – Publicly Confronted (In Word & Question Only) David Hogg, a Former Stoneman Douglas High School Student, who was Presented by the LEFT’S Anti-Gun Lobby . . . to Decry Gun-Rights, Essentially The Second Amendment, Because of the February 14, 2018 Shooting Spree that Murdered 17-People in Parkland Florida.

It Should Also Be Known That Hogg Was (Is) A Media/Publicity Hound . . . Drunk On His Own Self-Worth.

What Marjorie Greene Justifiably Questioned . . . Was the Sincerity of the Congressional Hearings, Because Anti Second Amendment Democrats & Wealthy Anarchist Supporters like George Soros, Michael Bloomberg & Almost all of Hollywood are USING this and other Student Shooting Massacres, which in all Honesty are Few & Far Between, as a Tool to Promote their Anti-Gun Agenda, Instead of Exploring the Reason for Violence Amongst some Youth.

What The Media Won’t Say . . . Is That Anti-2nd Amendment Advocates Get Congressional Hearings But The Other Side Doesn’t.

And Then There’s Newly Elected Lauren Boebert From Colorado . . . Who is Also in the Crosshairs of the LEFT, the Media & Congressional RINOS, because She Too is a Firm Believer in The Second Amendment, and wants to “Carry” Wherever She Goes, Including in the Capital Building and the House.

Greene & Boebert Are Outspoken America Firsters . . . Opposed To The Globalists.

And What The Media Also Won’t Tell You – is that Both these Women Won Enormous Victories in their Respective Districts (Georgia & Colorado), which I Guess to the Media is Inconsequential, Since there is a Movement to Either Get Rid of or Censure Greene & Boebert through Shame, Disgrace & Humiliation.

And To No Surprise . . . Here Comes (Republican) Minority Speaker Kevin McCarthy of the House & Minority Leader of the Senate (Mitch McConnell) to Pile-On.


Yet . . . When it Comes to Disparaging the One Man (Donald Trump) who Literally Saved the Republican Party, and who Did Make America Great Again – Denigrated by the Horrific Liz Cheney . . . WHO VOTED TO HAVE PRESIDENT TRUMP IMPEACHED – AFTER THE FACT, Cheney is Lauded by the Same 2-Men (McConnell & McCarthy) who are Dumping on the Two Women who Won the Hearts, Minds & Votes of their Constituents.


I Will Fight To The Death For Your Right To Be Heard . . . Even If I Disagree With Whatever You Have to Say.


I Hate Nazis . . . But I Hate Even More-So . . . the Concept that Even the Worst Opinions become the Target of Censorship for those who Disagree.

The Moment Freedom Of Expression Becomes A Censorable Commodity For Some . . . It Means Censorship For All.

I’ve Been Called A Dirty Jew, a Kike, a Christ Killer, and Have Been Told to Go Back from Where I’ve Come. And No Matter How Hurtful it was for me to Hear such Vitriol, OUR FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION . . . Guaranteed Me the RIGHT to Respond & Seek Redress in a Variety of Ways.


For The Government To Decide Which Words . . . Especially Pronouns, which should be or should Not be Acceptable . . . Is A Gut-Punch To The Very Foundations Of Our Freedoms.

The Government (Legislature) Is Not Just A Place Where Laws Are Written, it is a Place where Principles Must be Fully & Freely Debated Before The Laws Are Written. And to Limit or Censor Free Expression because Someone Doesn’t Like the Person, the Ideas or the Language of Another Person . . . Is ANATHEMA To Everything A Free Society Should Stand For.

A Few Days Ago . . . YouTube, which is Owned by Google, De-Platformed the Epoch Times News Site, which is an Excellent, Informative & Seemingly Accurate Up-To-Date Source of Global Information, which Focuses Mostly on the Politics of the USA . . . How Does That Help America?

Remember The Poem Of Pro-Nazi Pastor Martin Niemöller – After He Fell-Out Of Favor With Adolf Hitler . . .  

“. . . Then They Came For The Jews & I Didn’t Speak-Out Because I Was Not A Jew. Then They Came For Me – And There Was No One Left To Speak For Me”.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. McCarthy & Mitch McConnell is going down with all the other swamprats! The best is yet to come get some popcorn to watch the storm which is getting ready to happen. Biden is not the President and they all know that! Justice will be served and God is in control!! God bless American and Canada. Canada has it’s own problems and they better start getting Trudea out of office before he sells you to China!!!

  2. I am honored to have been left to say something about your editorial today. I have to agree with William & Vickie McCoy one big Yep. Sounds just like a good Texan. Originally being from St. Louis, Mo we say Yup as well. Lived in Ga for 20 yrs up at the beginning of the mtn. area loved it. Moved to S.C. so daughter could be near the ocean. I am not an ocean swimmer give me a pool I can see the bottom of. Wishing you and Anne all the very best love what U do for us. Thank you. Your a great person

  3. Sadly, both McConnell and McCarthy are both equally spineless, equally RINO and, resultingly, equally worthless. Like most of the swamp rats, they are more interested in just staying on the ol’ government gravy train instead of doing anything truly beneficial for this country.

  4. It is amazing to watch. Republicans bring in a new RINO like McCarthy and he shows his true colors. Watch closely because they will recycle old RINO’s like Newt Gingrich to explain why McCarthy was not wrong. RINO’s run the party and nothing seems to be able to dethrone them. McConnell has always been one, Lindsey Graham is another. I am no longer a Republican but rather a Patriot frustrated and disappointed with the direction our country is headed.

  5. I took out a year’s subscription to The Epoch Times print edition and have enjoyed reading it very much.

  6. Without Freedom of speech you will not know the enemy who will go underground to subvert and destroy. A soldier once told me, to win a war you must first learn the language of your enemy. First censure Freedom of Speech, then take the guns, control education and movement (think pandemic hoax), control the population (lockdowns and masks) make the people poor and you are well on the way to communism. Biden is reported to have signed ~50 EO’s to date. Wake up people America is dying.

  7. What is happening to our country with all the Executive Orders is so disheartening. One president comes in & turns thing around for the better; then here comes one that on day 1 undoes all that good & puts us right back in the mess we were hoping to get out of 4 years ago. Can’t help but wonder if God is sending warning after warning & we’re too blind to see them. Just like Israel, we’ve put God out of our nation, are killing unborn & violating God’s law. Can we not expect consequences-judgment?

  8. Hey Howard… As always, a great commentary. Now, not to cause a rift here, but you’ve done something I have a problem with. You have eliminated the posting link to Facebook and I don’t understand why. Lord knows, if there is any social media site that is in desperate need of having posted what you have to say it’s Facebook. Help me out here old friend. What’s up with that?

  9. I hate being negative but, Yes, the USA is in trouble. The removal of free speech is just another nail in America’s coffin.

  10. History Repeats itself, almost like Groundhog day. All the Beasts of the Past, Moa, Hitler, Un, have started in very similar ways. Stop the free speech, control the food and fuel, take away guns, then they crush who ever speaks up. Some of us listened in school, joined the military and are ready to defend our way of life. There are people in my circle of influence that know my home is a safe harbor, I have taught many how to defend themselves. They are People of many ethnic groups and beliefs.

  11. Howard, you are spot-on! I am so pissed at these self-righteous gonad-less hypocrites that never fight back for conservative values. Let’s face it, they don’t care about America, they care about themselves first and foremost. I hope these gutless dirtbags get Primaried and replaced with Patriots that love America and what it stands for. Thanks for mentioning The Epoch Times. I’ve been reading it for free for some time now, and just bought a subscription to support the good work they do.

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