My Personal Conundrum


No . . . I Didn’t Watch The Biden Inauguration, and I have No Intention of Watching any Part of the Democrat Party’s Display of their Fraudulent Election Victory (Steal) Celebration.


It would be Akin to Celebrating the Ugliest & Least Talented Beauty Contestant Accept her Crown, only because the Judges had for One Reason or Another Predetermined that Miss Ugly would Beat-Out all the Really Beautiful & Talented Contestants.

It’s Too Late Now . . . But if the Democrats Really Wanted People like me to Believe the November 2020 Presidential Election Was Won Fair & Square . . . The American Election Commission and the States in Question would Have Agreed to all Inquiries to Prove that the Vote was Fair & Honest – But Because They Didn’t . . . That Trust Is Lost Forever . . . And The Ugly Girl Is Going To Get Crowned.


Because of the Need for MORE Information & Freedom of Expression, I Restarted Producing my Podcast, which I Expected to Broadcast on Average about Once a Week, but the Amount of People who have “Tuned-In” to Hear what I had to Say was Far Greater than I had Imagined, so, I’m Going to Try Podcasting with Every Written Editorial, or from Time To Time . . . Just a Stand-Alone Podcast.

My Conundrum Is . . . Do I Write More Or Podcast More?

Anne (My Wife) Says that She’s a Much Bigger Fan of the Written Word Opposed to the Spoken Word. Some of my Friends Tell me that the Podcast is Just their Cup of Tea, Because they Can Hear what I Have to Say While Driving and doing Something Else, Rather than Reading my Thoughts on the Tiny Screen of a Smart-Phone.

So – To Expand My Base & Hopefully’s Revenue Stream . . . I’m Going All-In To Do Both.

Also . . . Because I’m Already “Working” Far More than is Healthy; Because in Addition to Writing & Speaking Almost Every Day, I Read all the Emails & Comments & Whenever I Can I Respond to the Emails.


Because Of My Commitment To Reach Out . . . I Have Decided to KEEP the Comment Section in the Written Editorials & Remove the Comment Section in the Podcasts. That Way, I will Still be Able to Read all the Comments, Emails, Information & Do All the Research that I Can.

If Removing The Podcast Comment Section Bothers People . . . Let Me Know & I’ll Rethink That Decision.

I Will Also Endeavor to Write Shorter Editorials (Not Short – But Shorter) & Restrict my Podcasts to between Ten & Fifteen Minutes Each . . . Both of Which Should be Manageable.

If I Try To Do More Than I’m Already Doing . . . I’ll Just Make a Mess Of Things, Which Will Be Of No Benefit To Anyone.


In Spite Of Trudeau Propaganda . . . That the China Virus Vaccine is On-Track in Canada for National Immunity . . . Not Only Is The Vaccine Not On-Track – There Seems Not to be a Track For it to Be-On.

And Even Before Biden was Sworn-In, Here was Trudeau – Cap-In Hand, Begging Biden for Some Pfizer Vaccine, Because Trudeau the Dilettante Threw Canada’s Lot-In with the Proposed Chinese Vaccine Instead of Going with “Trump’s” Vaccine.

And Now Canada Is All But Begging Third World Countries For A Share Of Their Vaccine.

What Makes It Even More Embarrassing . . . Here’s Ontario’s Premiere (Doug Ford) Begging American States for Vaccine, in Order to Immunize Ontario Residents. And to Add to our Canadian Humiliation, Canadians are Trying Through Hook & Crook to get to Florida and other Red States to Get the Vaccine.


Between Trudeau’s Vaccine Debacle & The XLT Pipeline Fiasco & Trudeau’s Rush to Join the New World Order & the Seemingly Never Ending US/Canada Border Lock-Down & Forthcoming Canadian Inflation & Coming Job Losses, Plus the Unaffordable Cost of Energy Mostly Because of Trudeau’s Insane Carbon Tax . . . Canada Doesn’t Have Much To Look Forward To In 2021.

I Also Want The Americans To Know . . . and Remind all Canadians, that Just Prior to the Last Canadian Federal Election, October 19, 2019, Trudeau Decided to GIVE (Bribe) Selective Mainstream Canadian Media, Approximately $600-Million Canadian Tax Dollars to “Help” them Offset the Loss of Advertising Revenue Lost to Social Media.

For A Country Canada’s Size . . . $600-Million Is An Awful Lot Of Money.

In Truth . . . The Mainstream Media did Lose Revenue to Social Media – But in all Reality, it was More-So, because Canadian Mainstream Media was Hemorrhaging Audience through Bad Programming & Fake News (Print & Television), Much like What is Happening in the United States.


So Basically . . . Trudeau Bought & Paid For – At Best . . . Contrary Media Silence, and at Worst . . . Mainstream Media Compliance. And That’s What The American People Can Expect As Well.

Freedom Of Expression Is Not Free If It Is Bought & Paid For By The Government.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I missed the misery as well. I imagine the crowd was huge… what? the truth is that I had a choice, watch the Obama trailer show or re heat the left over ossobuco stew for lunch. Rational thinking prevailed. The stew was great.

  2. Biden shutting down XL pipeline & Michigan governor Wittmer shutting down Line 5 pipeline to Sarnia should finish off equalization payments to Trudeau’s Quebec from Alberta. But it won’t

  3. HG, I’m with Anne, I prefer reading your blog (preferably on a big screen in piece & quiet so I can really enjoy it) then listening to your Podcast, so therefore, dropping your comments section on your Podcast is not an issue for me. Shorter editorials?? I have not found your editorial too long, my view is, if you have something to say on subject, I would like to read it, the thought that your editorial was/were too long never crossed my mind. Thank you for your hard work, very much appreciated

  4. For what it worth Howard, I prefer the written articles. Thanks for asking. TedR

  5. I rarely comment but since you asked… I much prefer your written editorials. You can read it at your own pace and readily go back to it if need be. The podcasts should be short. I believe that could be achieved by keeping your intro much shorter than it is now. Keep up the great work.

  6. I chose to watch old western TV shows from the 50’s, my teenage years, could not watch the dog & pony show. Every news station will be running it all evening…. MUTE BUTTON will get a work out. I prefer the written blog as well, being 78 hearing is also a challenge for me & my 96 yr old WWll husband. Thank you Howard. Mary Bemis

  7. The Biden inauguration looked like that of a “banana republic” where the army protects the in coming president from the public.

  8. “Do I Write More Or Podcast More?” Personally, I’d prefer more writing and less podcasting. I can’t always listen to audio but more opportunities for reading your fine works. 2 things I’ll never believe; 1) that Trump lost the 2020 election fair and square, 2) that the Democrat Party has EVER been interested in Unity outside of a “their way or the highway” consensus.

  9. I also prefer the written editorials. I also think the length of them is not an issue, you need to take all the time you need! Thanks for always being there with the truth and sharing it with us all.

  10. I’ve said bye to virtually all mainstream news, big tech and media. What’s the point of staying with them? They only repeatedly lie and slant. I won’t stay in any bad, life relationship where I’m being lied to constantly, so why stay with bad, lying media? I’m only with trusted Conservative, thought invoking and educational sources. It’s adios to most of Hollywood too. Its become nothing but social justice drivel designed to undermine me. So bye-bye. See ya around.

  11. Many of our friends have flown to Florida for the vaccine. Under Herr Trudeau Canada has become the laughing stock of the world. Most of the people around me are diehard Liberals. It’s embarrassing. Oh, and I prefer the written word. Not that I don’t like the sound of your voice. By the way, for your American followers, after 30 years our family doctor retired. Our vaunted goverrnment-run healthcare system forced us to put our names on a list and wait until a doctor was CHOSEN for us. Got that?

  12. I couldn’t watch Biden/Harris get sworn in – makes me sick to think what they will do to America. I prefer reading your blogs on my home computer. I listen to your podcasts, but have difficulty hearing, so prefer to read. BUT I like both. As for the length of your editorials – make them as long or short as it takes to clearly get your point across. I’ve never thought they were too long. I appreciate all the time and studying you do. It means a lot to have a voice I know is truthful/accurate

  13. I much prefer to read than to listen. I read much faster than you can talk–I read transcripts rather than listen to the broadcast since the average person talks at the rate of a little over 100 wpm. I read (and retain) about 1000 words a minute–it a gift from God. If I could teach people how to do it, I’d be filthy rich for sure. Biden is the scum of the earth and since fraud is baked into the machines, I see no point in ever voting again even if I am still alive in 2022.

  14. Well, if you are a Trump supporter in America, you are now labeled a White Supremacists and a danger to the Republic. Even solders that supported Trump are considered a risk and are being singled out by FBI background checks. So, Biden doesn’t trust the military and 74 million people who voted for Trump. And forget the 1st amendment, that’s dead, and most likely the 2nd amendment. When it hits the fan with all of Biden’s Leftist policies, buyers remorse will be rampant but too late.

  15. Mlk saw the top of the mountain and we now at the bottom again. I had a glimpse of the Garden of Eden and now they’ve taken that away from me. Where do we go from here? I’m with you you 75 million but I’m too old. I’ll try but I can’t help you. Forget about the vaccine and stock up on Murti Bing pills. You’re going to need them – I think.

  16. I agree with most of the other folks, written editorials are much better……….My blood is still boiling over the election. Most young people do not see or perhaps do not care the direction Canada and the U.S. is going. KEEP WRITING!!

  17. I agree with everything said above. This election was a total lie/fraud. News now ‘leaking’ about Biden’s ‘cognizant’ problems all know BEFORE but kept from the voting public. The plan was always to put in Harris asap. Left has no business to ask for ‘unity’ after they treated the President/First Lady with total disrespect. Keep up the good work Howard. At least we can reach or hear each other’s thought here. Thanks!

  18. Prefer your written editorials. Absolutely refused to watch the idiots being sworn in. He belongs in an assisted living facility. And she, by design, will most likely be president. Schumer and Pelosi, still steeped in vitriol and hatred for President Trump and his supporters, need one way tickets to Havana. And to be reminded that their covid vaccine shots are thanks to Trump’s Warp Speed initiative.

  19. Sounds like you have a Biden up in Canada with Tradeau. Incompetent at its finest. I chose not to turn the circus on so instead the wife and I went out and got a sandwich and went to Duluth Trading post and bought me a shirt. Only thing I noticed was the foul smell coming from Washington.

  20. I wonder if Joe Dufus is related to Joe Dirt. All sleepy, creepy needs is a mullet.

  21. Appreciate your viewpoint. I hope that Canada and the USA are always allies. We have fought and died together for the world and not so much ourselves. I guess the need for a vaccine exposes the poor performance of the Canadian Health Care system. I would expect a little of that since you have a small percentage of population we have. And it is fair that we share once we have taken care of the most vulnerable and those on the front lines. Enjoy your writing.

  22. Prefer you have the Editorials over the Podcasts, as I can read your great editorials at my leasure. I have given up listening to the false news media! I live in Canada and am very concerned that Canada will go the same way as the USA. Our freedom of speech in Canada is fast disappearing. Your Editorials are one of the last methods available to me on reading the truth. Keep them coming!

  23. No my T.V. has not been on all day & will not watch the bad people who did what they have done to our President Trump. That is what money power & greed & the devil himself are doing. For your podcast love them but love your editorials as well. Do what YOU think is best for you and Anne and your health sir. God bless you for all that you do for we the people & yes hope your people in Canada can get rid of your swamp people as well at your next voting. Take care you Anne & all your loving dog.

  24. Howard, I prefer the written and I don’t feel that you need to publish everyday. Take time and smell the roses.

  25. I like both the podcast and reading. I refuse to turn the tv on and watch the clown show. I am literally sick to my stomach that this creep is now, nope not going to say it, but these two freaks are in my Whitehouse. I’ve deleted twitter and facebook and will wait for parler and stay on news. I’ll stay away from tv that fawns over a sick pervered lying scum bag and his second in office who should have been placed in jail not office

  26. I prefer your writing so I can focus more on what you’ve provided and it’s easier to read again if needed. Thank you for doing what you do.

  27. Howard: In answer to your question about your print & podcast, I prefer the print as I’m deaf. Thanks for asking.

  28. Howard I prefer the written editorial. I didn’t listen to China Joe either, the thing that is scary he has the Nuclear Codes when he doesn’t know half the time where he is.


  30. Dear Friend….Don not overdo it. Just WRITE PLEASE! One is enough……and what more can/do say after you write on a given topic? Your very concerned riding buddy. Andy

  31. Because my daughter works in next room, I prefer written. Only looked at Biden thing during his speech to see how many people were there. He reads pretty good for someone without much mental capability left. Other than military there were maybe 100-200 people, including family & previous presidents/wives, that could be seen with minimum panorama shots. I said from beginning, the capital breach was set up to allow shut down of DC to justify there being no one at Biden’s inauguration.

  32. Agree with Anne re: being a “Bigger Fan of the Written Word Opposed to the Spoken Word.” “Fraudulent Election Victory (Steal) Celebration” is an excellent DESCRIPTION! Many people need to EXPERIENCE certain things before they can UNDERSTAND them. Well, they will have that OPPORTUNITY because FREEDOM of EXPRESSION is DECREASING and will get much WORSE during BIDEN’S REIGN! However, the TRUTH will be EXPOSED about the FRAUD ELECTION and the STEAL will surely be REVEALED! GOD help us all! AMEN!

  33. I seem to have breakups as you are speaking. That is probably my overloaded internet connection as I live out in the country. For example, it sounded as though you said that the population of Canada was 7 million and I know that you know it is over 37 million. Therefore I prefer the written. Biden has canceled the Keystone pipeline project. I suggest that Alberta shut off the oil and gas supply for one week and see what the rest of Canada & the U.S. thinks of that. War could be in the offering

  34. I prefer the podcast. btw this election was framed as illegal etc for various reasons relating to the voting procedure. Is it not one of the most important parts of a democracy? Why I ask, does not the USA establish an independent body to establish voting rules and regulations for ALL states? Late ballots, spoiled ballots NEWLY found ballots etc. should not be possible nor acceptable. AN INDEPENDENT WELL PAID BODY WITH EQUAL REPRESENTATION AT EVERY VOTING STATION MAY SOLVE THIS IS ISSUE.

  35. Oh so Howard. Not only did it by them off the media but I also think it’s put them in line to help Trudeau regarding all the Chinese flu propaganda. All in all we’re looking at some dire years with the leader ship we have in North America putting us more on par with Europe. But we deserve what we voted for or what we let happen without any opposition.

  36. I couldn’t stomach watching the sham of a ceremony celebrating the illegal victory of Biden and Harris. The only good thing coming out of this is that I’ll have lots of people to say “See, I told you so!” We will no longer be shopping with Bed,Bath & Beyond, Kohls and Wayfair and have already crafted letters to send to their CEO’s telling them why! I guess they don’t realize that more than half of the country doesn’t agree with their cancel mentality! I love both yourwritten word and Podcasts

  37. Your podcasts always bring me back to the days your show gave a bit of coherent passion to the English speaking communities of Montreal. You’ve always had a great radio voice. The rest of the English media here played and still promotes the pathetic need for conciliation and understanding of the bigoted and racist Quebec government which had instilled fear and loathing into most French Quebecers. The English have almost disappeared, but we still need to “protect” French. Oh, thanks Trudeau!

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