Why We Will Never Surrender To The LEFT


January 13, 2021 . . . I Sent an Email to Several People of a YouTube Sent to Me by a Montrealer who Reads Galganov.com, to Remind Me of How it Used to be in Montreal.

I’ve Watched This Video Several Times, Each Time With A Heavy Heart Through Teary Eyes.

The Video, which is just a Few Minutes Long – is Linked Just Under this Paragraph, which Illustrates the Music & Memories of Two Great Montreal Minstrels (Bowser & Blue) who I Know Personally, and Who I Engaged to Help Raise Funds for the Quebec Political Action Committee (QPAC), which I Founded, Led & Used to Fight for Freedom of Expression . . . More Than 30-Years Ago.

QPAC No Longer Exists . . . But I Do – And I’ve Never Stopped Fighting.

LINK & MUSIC . . . To What Montreal Used To Look Like When Montreal Was Great.

After Watching & Listening To This Bowser & Blue Montreal Classic . . . I Decided to Forward this Video to Several People, who I Knew would Want to See it, One of Whom is an American Friend, who is Somewhat Fascinated with the History of Montreal – The City Of My Birth, Which I Guess I’ll Always Call Home, Even Though Anne & I Haven’t Lived There Since The Year 2000.

I Won’t Publish His Name, Other Than To Call Him Frank & Add A Few Details, Which Are Pertinent To This Editorial.

Frank is a Bit Younger than me, But Not by Too Much. Like so Many Americans, Frank has Lived the American Experience through Good Times & Bad. Frank is a Conservative, was a West Virginian (Maybe Once A Virginian Always A Virginian), Lived in Georgia, Tennessee and Now in North Central Florida.

Frank & Frank’s Wife Met Anne & Myself in Texas at the County-Line BBQ, where we Realized Pretty-Much from the Get-Go that we Had Far More in Common Than Not . . .

Given Our Relationship . . .

I Thought Frank Would Want To See The Video. The Following In Italics Is Frank’s Response . . . Which I Didn’t Expect.

Watching this even brings tears to my eyes. As it brings back memories of growing up and living in a time and country that are long gone. 

I feel like I am from another time and another country nowadays.  My heart breaks and I am beyond sadness in where we are at, and what we have become in this country, society, and world.   

It is hard to believe that our fathers and grandfathers, who fought in the greatest World War to secure the freedoms that we all shared growing up, and along with our mothers and grandmothers who were part of the greatest generation, sacrificed so their kids and grandkids could have the lives that they only dreamed of.  It is all lost now.

I think of what my own great grandparents endured to escape out of Russia, travel to a distant world, start a new life, all in hopes of a better and free life.  

They endured hardships, overcame struggles, worked like dogs to get ahead and lay the groundwork for a better tomorrow. The America that I grew up loving; The America of the 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s is gone for good. 

That is when America was great, and it was ok to be pro-American.  To love and respect the flag, to respect the police.  When I watch shows, see movies, or look at photographs from a time gone by, I truly get emotional. 

Howard you and Anne are two of my closet friends, even though we don’t get to visit as much as we would like, I still feel a real closeness to both of you.  And I will admit to you, I am very depressed, distraught, and just plain down in the dumps about where we are at this moment in time. 

I find myself often shedding tears over what we have lost, what we are in the process of losing, and where this will all end up.

Being a person who loves history, who looks back at the life of past decades through nostalgic eyes and fond remembrance, it rips at my soul to see what is happening. It is all being destroyed.  Maybe I was born at the wrong time in history. 

Even when I look back at the difficult and hard times I even experienced while a kid growing up in WV, it was not all bad.  I still look back on those days with great enjoyment, pride, and a yearning for those days again.  But I would trade what we have going now for any of those past days.

I think you understand what I am attempting to say in this email.  However, you summed it perfectly in your email . . .”What is & What was”.

You Should Know That My Friend Frank & His Wife Are Not Snowflakes. They Are Successful Hardworking Decent Patriots.

You should Also Know . . . That there are Millions – Upon Millions – Upon Millions of North Americans (American & Canadian) who are Feeling just as Vulnerable, Deflated & Terrified for their Country, their Children, Grandchildren & Themselves as Frank is Feeling . . . All Of Whom Need To Be Encouraged, Supported & Given Hope.


People Don’t Want To Read, Listen To Or Watch The “Manufactured” News Created For Ratings. People Need & Want The Truth.

People NEED To Know They Aren’t Alone. That Over the Grayest & Most Malevolent Skies We’ve Seen in our Lifetime . . . There are Blue Skies & Bright Sunlight just Beyond.

People Need People . . . Who will Champion their Thoughts & Offer Hope & Courage, who will Not Back-Down, who Don’t Answer to a Producer, Director or Advertiser, who Will Plow Forward No Matter How Severe The Consequences Might Be . . . Because No One Wants To Stand Alone.

And Why Should You Support Galganov.Com Once A Month . . . The Preceding Paragraph Should Be Obvious.

If We Don’t Stand Together . . . Who Will Stand With Us? And If I Don’t Get Your Support – Who Else Can I Rely On?


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. What Frank writes can equally be said about my native country, England. I would trade life during WWII anytime for what has become of England, far worse than America or Canada. I often reflect on my childhood, it too can be very emotional and bring tears of happy times. I am the last of my group of friends who like me shuddered at what the world has become. I give thanks for people like Howard who never stop fighting for the freedom our parents and grandparents fought for. I do what I can.

  2. God Bless you Howard…I’m a native So Cal 60 year old white Christian Republican conservative male. Watched our freeway system be built as a child ( literally watched the 405 and 605 be built ). The Apollo command service module build 5 miles from my home ( watched many leave for launch ) I cry at times, as you say, when I watch videos and am reminded of those times. I hate where we are and anger / frustration is often. Lead…

  3. I would like to know why there is a curfew in Quebec. Simon Parkes indicates that it is something related to what is going on in the U.S. my first memories in Montreal as a teenager, were during the mailbox bombings in Westmount. It was a scary time.

  4. Thanks for the memories of what was and may never be again. Like you, I grew up in Montreal. I attained political maturity in 1964 when I read Barry Goldwater’s ‘Conscience of a Conservative’. It instantly appeared obvious to me that the REAL struggle is not between Republican and Democrat or Right and Left, but between moral and immoral. In this sense conservatives literally OWN the moral high ground. The only reason I would reach aross the aisle would be to slap the dirty bastards.

  5. I have never been to any of the places you speak of. I grew up is a small town in the middle of Florida. Your words and Franks words are also my words. I am so broken-hearted, disenchanted, depressed, and distraught. I and three quarters of a century in age and there is no hope of being able to openly love my country celebrate its independence and freedom. I agree that the 50’s and 60’s were a time like no other and will never be again. I still have hope and faith and want to believe.

  6. We spent 11 winters in Mesa, Az, living in our RV. The Canadian Snowbird Association always put on a free Concert at the Mesa Convention Centre. Bowser and Blue were usually one of the entertainers. They were FABULOUS! We miss our friends from GoodLife RV Resort. A lot of Canadians, but mostly US citizens from the Midwest. About 90% Republicans, so it was just a great environment.

  7. Kathy Reydn, Calgary, Alberta, the reason why there is a curfew in queeeebec is because the covid-19 coronavirus is a very dumb virus. It only infects people outside their homes between 8:00 PM and 5:00 AM. (sarcasm). Any other period or place during the day, you are safe, LOL !!!! Might as well laugh a little because the situation in Canada and the U.S.A. is so bleak and on the verge of becoming communist. Howard, that email from your friend is SO TRUE !!!!

  8. Franks story sounds like mine only my grandparents escaped from Austria to come to America.. oh yes, growing up in the 40, 50, & 60 were the days, Will we ever go back to them? No, we won’t and what a shame. Howard thank you for all that you for all of us, I will do my best this yr. to help U out. I wish it would be more but it will be the best I can .As for what is going on in the U.S. my heart is still crying and broken. Take care be safe you Anne & puppy dog. God be with you always. :))

  9. Hey Howard. Small town Ontario. I looked like a member of “Our Gang.” Tamest “riot” in the past year is getting an unreal response. FBI and DHS knew it was coming and CHOSE not to inform Capitol Police. So now apparently an armed right wing terrorist group is rumored to be planning to attack during inauguration. 25000 troops on site. The stage is set. The Dems are choreographing this dance. Media are hyping up the tension leading to ..What?? Hint. The Dems love martyrs and Biden is very lame.

  10. I was born and raised in Miami Florida from 1946 thru the 60s. Was the best time to grow up. Can really relate to all that is written in your article. Spent time in the Army 1966-1969 with time spent in Vietnam. Still was the best of times. Seems like it has all been downhill from there. I am a firm believer in American freedom and will be until the day I die. I will fight the liberal communist democrat bastards until the day I die.

  11. My dad took 8mm videos (silent) of my family, my mom had 11 siblings, and there are lots of memories. One particular Christmas in 1954 when her family all got together for Christmas. They were poor folks but dressed up like a pageant for Christmas dinner. They entered as couples – young and beautiful. Joy , love, and family. I was not born yet but it stirred me when I saw it. My grandma and grandpa + rare images of my great grandma and great grandpa. Simpler times. MAGA

  12. Growing up in the midwest during the 40’s, 50’s & 60’s, were the best of times. My Dad and all of my Uncles and 1 Aunt had just come home from the war. The whole country was united and we were all Americans. Everyone looked out for each other and we were all in this together. It is very sad that those days are gone and our kids and grandkids will never know what it was like to live those day. We only pray that God will turn this around and we can once again be ONE NATION UNDER GOD.

  13. Is anybody selling blue “MACA” hats? (Make America Crappy Again)

  14. I’ve lived in Toronto, Winnipeg, Kitchner and here. There were no good old days. Mtl was bad then. Today it’s worse and dumber. Mtl and Quebec always – forever – lived on entitlements and we know where all that comes from. Takers will never build a self sustaining and meaningful culture. That’s what’s wrong here and in the USA. The curse of ingratitude – I think!

  15. I’m an immigrant from Germany in 1954 at the age of 9 and fell in love with our adopted country. I became a Canadian Citizen and joined the RCN (Canadian Navy) in 63 to 66. I worked hard, became successful in business as did my older brother. My brother and I meet on a regular basis with my son who is now 51 and we reminisce about our glorious and happy days of the 50’s, 60’s and the 70’s as well. those were the good times and I am very concerned about the direction our countries have yaken.

  16. Thanks for the memory trip. It is always nice to be able to dig out family history. Some people are not able to do this due to catastrophes. I have been able to trace my Scottish North American roots go back to Nova Scotia in the early 1700s where great, great grandfather was a shipbuilder out of New Glasgow. Each of us should celebrate our background and appreciate other people’s lineage. We have such a variety and need to enjoy our differences!

  17. Don’t worry Canada and America what’s happening in the United States get ready we are taking our country back. The foreign and domestic traitors are getting ready to pay and pay big. God is in control and there is going to be awakening in the next few days. There is 24,000 troops in Washington DC and swamp is going to be drained. Have faith in God. Justice is coming.

  18. Born in 52, lived in LA, MS, and CA as a child. Had great friends lots of simple fun. Joined the Army in 71, and learned so much about people good and bad. As an adult I worked for the same company for 25 years in CA, watched it change politics, drug problems and lazy people. Lost my first wife and mother to my children at 44 to MS. Since I lived in AZ, WY and ID, “LIfe is hard, real hard if you are stupid” was said by J. Wayne. Dems are making it near impossible for God Loving People, Patriots.

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