My Heartfelt Gratitude For Your Condolences


You Might Have An Idea . . . But in Just in Case you Don’t, Anne and I Can’t Possibly be more Grateful to all of You for Your Condolences over the Passing of our Beloved “April The Cat”.

What Sums-Up The Comments Best, Not that there were any Comments or Emails which weren’t Fabulous, Came from Dave Cooley of Tampa Florida, who Thanked Me for Bringing “April The Cat” into Everyone’s Life, who Read the Editorials on

That Made Me Very Happy To Know . . . That “April The Cat” Was As Real For Most Of You, As April Was For Anne & Me.


I was Also Thinking about all the People who Say they Despise Donald Trump Because of his “Tone”. But then again, these are the Same People who Loved Donald Trump, BECAUSE of Donald Trump’s Tone, when Donald Trump was the Star, Director and the Producer of The Apprentice.

I was also Thinking about the Hollywood & Music Industry, which has Shown such Disgust for Donald Trump, also Because of his Tone, who made their Vast Fortunes, Screwing (Sexually) on Screen and in the Director’s Suite to Get Ahead.

After-All . . . Didn’t Kamala Harris Screw (Married) San Francisco Mayor (Power Broker) Willie Brown To Get Ahead?

The Fact . . . that so Many of the People Lecturing the Masses on Tone & Value, are Indeed Amongst the Most Reprehensible Human Beings on the Planet, is in Itself a Condemnation to the Many Tens of Millions of People, Probably Well More Than 100-Million People, who Look to Hollywood Whoremasters, Musical Entertainment (Rappers) Druggies & Professional Sports Thugs . . . For What Should Represent Common Decency – Might Very Well Be The Harbinger To The End Of The American Dream.


As The LEFT . . . through the World of Academia, was Slowly using America’s Political Freedoms and what is American Generosity . . . to Poison the Youth, the People were Too Politically Correct to Stand-Up and say NO – to the Ever Increasing Assaults on Individual Freedoms & Common Decency, because No One Wanted to be Called a Racist, a Gender Bigot, a Misogynist or Anything of that Sort.

America, Just Like The Rest Of The World – Succumbed To The “Soft-Hatred” Of The LEFT . . . And Now It’s Too Late.

It Started Long Before Obama, but that’s when it was Switched into High Gear, when Obama Said, that he was – “Going To Fundamentally Change America” . . . is when the People should have Stood-Up and Drawn a Line in the Sand . . . But by then, the Many Generations of Academically Inculcated People, who Were Ignorant of Real History & Sacrifice, Absorbed the Obama Drama as if they were Cheering a Fictional Movie, Written, Directed & Produced for the Entertainment of the Masses . . .  As If It Was All Real.

I Won’t Go Into The List Of Social & Racial Lies Spewed By The LEFT, Which Evolved Into “Their” Nefarious Truths.

AS I WROTE YESTERDAY . . . I Don’t Know Who Will Win this Election, but I Suspect, even with all the Skullduggery by the LEFT, it will be Donald Trump. But I Can Guarantee Today – Is That I Know Who Will Be The Loser.


Since This Sickness Won’t Go Away . . . Because the Authorities Won’t Do What Should have been Done when the First Angry Fist was Thrown, after the Death of the Black Thug George Floyd . . . This National Mayhem Will Continue – No Matter Who Becomes President.


However . . . If that President Eventually Becomes Kamala Harris, because the People are Sufficiently Stupid to Vote-In Joe Biden, Expect America’s Second Civil War.

I Can’t Fathom The Conservative States Having Any Of This.

What the LEFT has Over Many Generations Unleashed Upon America . . . Is Going To Tear the Heart & Soul from what Is – And Will No Longer Be . . . the Greatest & Freest Country That Ever Was.

If Donald Trump Wins The Election . . . It’s Time To Take America Back In Deed . . .  Opposed To Just In Words.

It’s Time To Lock-Up all the Conspirators, and Begin to Deliver Harsh & Rapid Judgment to all the people who Infringe Upon the Rights of all the American People, who Riot, Burn & Loot . . . Who use Violence Against the Police & Others.

It’s Time to Attack the Antagonists to Freedom who use the Court Systems as their Free Get-Out Of Jail Card.

It’s Time To Reframe The Biological Truth . . . That Men Are Men & Women Are Women.

And it’s Time to Censor Lies & Filth in the Movies and on the Music Charts, which Destroy the Very Essence of Real Decency Amongst People, Starting with the Children. It’s also Time to Reclaim the Truth of History, and what Separates Capitalism in a Free Society FROM Socialism in a Tyranny.

And It’s Time to Replace LEFTIST Academia . . . with Teachers who Teach the Three R’S & Leave the Teaching of Values to the Parents.

And It’s Time To Stop Apologizing For Disgraceful Actions Of Too Many Within The Black Community.



God Help-Us-All . . . If Kamala Harris Is Ever Greeted As Madam President.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard and Anne, Sorry to learn about April the Cat. I missed some earlier posts and just now catching up. Thanks for your consistently reliable conservatism. Needed now more than ever.

  2. My wife, Wanda & I voted early about 15 minutes ago here in Northern Virginia’s land of Narcissism, Loudoun County. We grew up here & in my 63 years, I’ve watched the degradation of thought for one another. In the early 60’s, I (an unashamed white guy) grew up in a predominantly black neighborhood. We all played together, ate together & enjoyed each other’s company. It wasn’t until the so-called educated, told us we had hate in us that our troubles started. We rose above it then, & will again!

  3. Dearest Howard, no one can say it better…..thanks for your intelligence and love of liberty!

  4. I love your editorials!! Thank you for telling it exactly as you see it. I am thinking – it’s hard to imagine Trump losing what with all the enthusiasm at his rallies etc. But we know demon rats cheat – always have. And if people willingly put on masks & shutdown for Covid I doubt they will rise up to tyranny with Biden. I feel this is our last chance to save America. All we can do is vote and PRAY! Thank you Howard and Anne!

  5. I totally agree with you. It is time to deal those opposed to the principles this country was founded upon a good healthy dose of reality. Our country was not founded on the separation of church and government but rather on the religious principles of God which included country (government). Men are men and women are women and that is that. Those who believe differently, and they are clearly not the majority, should make plans to depart and go live in the socialist nation of their choice.

  6. Howard, when I am reading your comments about the corruption and less that quality lifestyles that have permeated western culture I reflect on God’s word. Abraham was pleading with God to spare Sodom. There didn’t seem to be even 10 righteous people there to avoid complete destruction. I wonder were are we in the eternal plan of things. Oh yes, we can learn to value others by how we value our furry friends. Sorry for the loss of April the cat. We had a Jack the cat character and Smokey the dog.

  7. I love your editorials and the comments that follow. We are a community of selfless patriots who take pride in the traditional values that define the greatness of America. Should they win – HEAVEN FORBID! – the fascist Demorrhoids will unleash a torrent of fury as millions of patriots just like us rise up to take back the America they love.

  8. You final words today: THE FUTURE OF THE WORLD DEPENDS ON THE OUTCOME OF THIS ELECTION: God Help-Us-All . . . If Kamala Harris Is Ever Greeted As Madam President. What if the Dems mess with the voting so badly to pass the swearing in of a new president that we end up with Nancy Pelosi. There have been rumors to that effect. My heart cries for your loss and for mine.

  9. Should Trump lose the election Canada better brace for being taken down as well, there will no one on our side to take out the want to be dictator in power here at this time

  10. Amazing article u are so right God Bless America. RIP April the cat. Sorry for your loss

  11. Glad to see you still hanging on. I ‘ve followed u 4 years. forward ur insightful message’s to many. Doubt u remember me. My sweet, tenacious wife has now on 32 years surviving pancreatic cancer and now has bone cancer, which has hit her hard. U have hit the nail on the head. I read and dig a lot. Most people don’t have a clue what is coning down the line, and not just from neighbors. The world is in trouble. To leaders we aren’t much more than sheep, and have no problem of sacrificing . Take

  12. Disheartening H in the closing hours to Nov 3rd you are not as sure today as you were in 2016. It’s a fact we must reckon with. Biden could win, more takers than makers, so much big money (Soros, Blumberg) funding burning, looting, anti Trump, Covid & Women. Our PM is out of control, $$$millions on the (his) government cottage where his separated wife is living. Trump has incredible energy, drive & tenacity, it’s incomprehensible he could lose, but it could happen. Civil war is but a bullet away

  13. A great editorial again. Sodom: Are the ten righteous men today? Sports thugs, Movies, Actors, Rap: Lead to all sorts of evils, later accepted. Morality has been outlawed by Democrats, soon all. Political correctness = deception. Online Democrats are the most reprehensible human beings on the planet. Teachers did not politicize before 1950 where I schooled. Biden echos, To Fundamentally Change America for years to come. @ 90, I pray that my USA does not die before me. I fear for our grandkids .

  14. Early voted a week ago. Glad to be able to do so since waiting until Nov 3rd would have meant standing in socially-distanced lines for an hour or more. Am feeling fairly confident Trump will win with a total run-away margin that there is no debate. But I realize the Dems, socialist liberals, and just plain thug rioters (Antifa & Communist organizations in the US) will go all-out to reek havoc to destroy the outcome & the US as a whole. Agree it’s time to put a put a halt to it everywhere.

  15. Howard—Trump WILL win because he is a WINNER! Plus, the THOUSANDS of people who attend his RALLIES is a GREAT SIGN of his winning. “Sleepy Joe”, however, has individuals in their CARS “TOOTING THEIR HORNS” to show that they have a BIG CROWD! HORNS don’t Vote! PRES. TRUMP’S accomplishments will get him RE-ELECTED. He has also been FAIR to ALL NATIONALITIES! He NEEDS to be RE-ELECTED to DRAIN THE POLITICAL SWAMP! There is MORE WORK NEEDED to “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!” GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  16. Anne and Howard for the lost of April She was a Big part of your Family.

  17. America now has 3 parties. The GOP, The Dems, and the unofficial MAGA party, Democrats for Trump see themselves as the MAGA party. The MAGA party is huge – the Pollsters haven’t a clue that it exists. The polling stats are base upon the diminutive Remnants of the Dems and the GOP. Were the truth recognized Biden would never come out of his basement again

  18. George I am praying for Joe Biden—- That he suffers a landslide defeat.

  19. Truly sorry to hear about April the cat. I hope President Trump is reelected. I am shocked at how many can possibly support the Biden/Harris ticket. The consequences of a Biden presidency are so dire it is almost unimaginable to think about. We pray for you and for America. God Bless.

  20. My heart is sadden for the lost of April for you an Anne. RIP little April one day she will be waiting for you both when it is your time to cross over she will be there waiting to give you her love as she always did before. Our loving pets that we are blessed to have and to love and take care of are never but a heart beat away from us. How truly lucky you had her for 19 loving years what great memories you & Anne will have of her.Do not be sad, she waits for you one day. God is playing with her

  21. My deepest condolences on the passing of April, being a long time reader I know she was part of the Galganov family. We’ve casted our votes for Trump, displaying signs & flags on our property and are trying to turn every Democrat we can. Now we keep our fingers crossed that the percentage of the stupid Americans is not as high as the media predicts. Can’t wait for Wednesday.

  22. So sorry for you all for the loss of April. We have lost so many pets but I remember each one. Try to think of the gain in your life from April. We have had dogs & cats, a rabbit, turtles and fish, as well as two sons. At one time we had 3 cats & 3 dogs at one time. We currently have 2 dogs (Dorothy & Sarah). The love the animals bring to our life is unmeasurable. You will own another cat someday. The cat will find you. Right now that is hard to believe. I grieve for you and April.

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