Does Something Smell Fishy To You?


The Election of the President of the United States is Incredibly Important to all Americans, and to all the People on the Planet who Don’t Want a Socialist (Communist) One World Government, which is Why President Trump is Fighting for all that the President is Worth . . . To Keep That From Happening.


The Presidency Lasts 4-Years At A Time & At Most 8-Years . . . A Supreme Court Justice Is For Life.

It Could be Argued that Stopping the Appointment of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court is as Important to the LEFT (Democrats) as is Winning the White House, since President Trump  Could Lose the White House, yet Keep the Flavor of the American Constitutional Republic Alive for Many Years, Even Until The Next Presidential Election . . . Unless a Victorious LEFTIST Win of the Presidency, the Senate & the House Would Move to Pack The Courts, Add at Least Two Extra States To The Union (DC & Puerto Rico) & Legalize as Many as, and Perhaps More than TWENTY MILLION ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, Already in the United States of America.


Does it seem Strange to you, that after Hundreds of Thousands of People who have Collectively Turned-Out for Trump Rallies, there is no Reporting of an Explosion of China Virus Cases? Neither was there any Reporting of Mass China Virus Cases as Millions of Americans Marched, Demonstrated, Shouted, Vandalized, Attacked, Looted & Burned American Businesses & Cities to the Ground for More than 6-Months.

I Keep Hearing & Reading . . . that there is No-Greater a Secure “Bubble” in the Entire World to Protect Against the China Virus, than the “Bubble” that Surrounds the President of the United States of America.


So Please Explain This To Me . . . How Does President Trump Become Infected with the China Virus, Including the First Lady, Many of the President’s Key Staff (Campaign Staff), and Thus Far – Three Senators who are Critical to the Senate Hearings on Judge Amy Coney Barrett . . . Coincidence?

Let Me Put This To You As Succinctly As I Possibly Can . . . The Only Way Biden Will Beat President Trump – Will Be If President Trump Doesn’t Survive The China Virus.

As I See It . . . President Trump, will Not Only Survive this Virus Foisted on the President by Happenstance or by Evil Design; but President Trump will Emerge . . . Bigger, Stronger & More Esteemed Than Any Past President In American History, to the Chagrin of America’s Socialist LEFT.

Anne, Stryker, April the Cat & I are Currently in Swift Current Saskatchewan, which before Coming here, was to me Only a Name on the Canadian Map. I have Been to an Enormous Number of Canadian Cities & Provinces – EXCEPT Northern Ontario, and all of Manitoba & Saskatchewan, which I Never Gave any Thought to, because I Stupidly thought of Manitoba & Saskatchewan as Sparsely Populated Back-Water Provinces that Supplied Grain, Cattle, Potash & Some Oil & Gas.

BUT LET ME TELL YOU . . . These Two Provinces Are Gorgeous. Their Small Towns are Fabulous, and their Main Cities are Far More than what I Could Have Ever Expected.

This Is A 100% True Unembellished Story . . .

While we are in Saskatchewan, more Precisely in Regina (Capital City), I Parked the RV in a Walmart Shopping Center to do some Grocery Shopping, because the Rig is Simply too Big to Park at a COSTCO, which was just Down the Road.

We went into the Walmart, which was by all Means a First-Class Store in Every Respect. And as Anne was looking at DENTASTIX Dog Cookies for Stryker, and Surveying the Price, Anne Started to Do Mental Calculations to Convert the Price on the Package from American Dollars to Canadian Dollars, Until Anne Caught Herself, Remembering that we Were Still in Canada.

Believe It Or Not . . . I Found Myself Doing the Same Thing, Not because we Thought we were in the United States of America, but Mostly . . . BECAUSE WESTERN CANADA IS SO MUCH LIKE THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

If I had To Say One Thing Negative About Manitoba Or Saskatchewan – I Couldn’t.

If You’re Wondering What I Will Think Of Alberta & British Columbia . . . and Albertan Cities like Edmonton & Calgary – or British Columbian Cities like Vancouver, Victoria – Etc, I’ve Been to Alberta & British Columbia . . . as well as Many of their Cities (Large & Small) Many Times. And in a Few Words, They Are All Stupendous.

But After All That Is Said . . . Saskatchewan Won My Heart, Just Like Texas & So Many Other American Conservative States.


Believe It Or Not, as a Canadian, I’ve Driven & Flown to More American States & Cities than I Have Travelled in Canada, and as Much as I Loved Canada Before this Cross-Country Trek, I Have Such a New Appreciation for the Majesty of Canada’s People, Vastness & Topography . . . that Just like I Feel about the United States of America, Canada Too – Cannot Be Handed-Over To Socialist One World Government Creeps & Dishonest Politicians.


This Continent We Call Home – The USA & Canada . . . Is Worth Fighting For To Our Last Breath. Not To Do So . . . Would Be A Crime.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I, too, have been wondering just why so many Republicans in critical places, have been struck by Covid. I actually wrote to Fox News to suggest that they should also report Democrats who could affect the justice vote. Maybe there are none! What makes it more fishy is that Biden reported that he and his wife had been tested and were, so quickly that it may have been even before Trump’s report of being positive. Your suggestion that there may have been sabotage is the first I have heard of it.

  2. Hey Howard. Love the Prairies. Saskatoon is one of my favourite cities. Anywhere outside the major centres in Canada people are warm and friendly just like they are all over America. Explore a lot and have an eye opening wonderful trip.

  3. Your comments on your trip and the wonderful people and countryside in Canada warm my heart. Good for you. Enjoy your winter stay to the fullest. I hope that President Trump’s exposure to the Wuhan Virus was not an evil plot, but like you, I believe the democrats are fully capable of such deeds.

  4. You have to question about who gets infected. At the end of march early April it was noted by health officials that in the US and Canada, Senior’s Facilities were reporting simultaneously, Covid infected Sr’s from coast to coast – with no links to Wuhan. This was under investigation in the US and Canada due to the curious lack of transmission vectors – We have not heard of the results of these investigations.

  5. I have thought the Chinese virus was an act of biological warfare from the start. Before the Chinese virus was there even any doubt of a Trump re-election? The U.S. and Trump Administration were cruising hitting on all cylinders and seemed unstoppable. I am not so sure it wasn’t an “inside job” given the rate it expanded. After the first case in Washington state every state but West Virginia had a few cases to seed the U.S. epidemic. Very strange.

  6. H, I have had the same thoughts of you – Pres. Trump, Melania, key figures . . . it just doesn’t add up. The Dem’s are so desperate that I can believe them doing this – I believe that to them, it’s worth killing for. My prayers go out to all concerned and desperately hope that I’m wrong. I ask myself, can this really happen in America? I fearfully answer myself that Yes, it could be. On other notes – I’m so happy for you and that you are all enjoying your cross-Canada trip. Be safe.

  7. Welcome to the “prairies”. If you go to my Facebook address you can see the great view that I have enjoyed all my life just north of Lethbridge. There are strange things happening on both sides of the 49th. I would pray that the “socialist” agenda falls flat on it’s face. Be safe, appears to be the current salutation. Don’t know your timeline to reach B.C. but my previous offer is still available.

  8. Make sure you do the continental divide including Jasper to Banf and the Kooteneys. Just came from there. Wonderous.

  9. I couldn’t agree more with your question as to how, after six months of the Chinese Virus the introduction of the Supreme Court’s newest Justice should cause such an outbreak….it’s far to convenient….and useful to the Democrats….and yes, I know this idea will be classified as a conspiracy theory and discounted immediately…..Why though, is no one suggesting it….? Ed Tait, Victoria, B.C.

  10. Since the very second Covid hit the news here and actually attacked the USA my heart felt it was such convenient timing – made glaringly clear by the ridiculously quick and widespread infection. How in the world did that happen nationwide in a matter of a few weeks? I am not a conspiracist but merely a realist. And it’s a very strong possibility given the crazy stuff we’ve witnessed the last 4 years.

  11. Glad your venture into western Canada is turning out so well. Enjoy the beauty. As for covid, I’ve actually been wondering if the Trumps, & others testing positive all of a sudden might be more a ploy on Trump’s & others’ parts to strategize–ref Judge Barrett vote before or after the election; strategy for another debate, etc. And Trump could use the rest. Was a tad surprised he went to Walter Reed though; perhaps to be more under guard by military as well as secret service. We shall see.

  12. Hi Galganov’s. I was born in a little prairie village south of Swift Current Sask. I think you meant this name place instead of Swift River. Nevertheless you are passing near some of the most flattest part of the prairies. You are not too far from the mountains when you hit the bustling city of Calgary. Although the drive through the Rockies will be challenging it will be worth it. Safe travels and watch out for those Alberta drivers. 🙂

  13. I spent 3 years of my elementary school childhood in Edmonton. We had a half section farm on Star Lake, known for trout fishing. I have many warm memories of those innocent years. Tobogganing in the snow. Ice skating in our backyard using hose water to make the rink. O Canada. Esso gas stations. Banff and Jasper. Calgary Stampede. Having to go to bed when the sun was still up at 9pm. Indian families in Duffield near our farm. Amazing.

  14. The left has been the author of 2020. They never have to answer for any unlawful doing. Why would they stop now. Democratic Coup 2020. Hillary is still free. Let this sink in. Patriot Paul in TEXAS

  15. This is precisely why I said in my last comment ” evil lurks in the hearts of men” The only two people wielding power today are Trump and Nancy. Everyone else is just a follower. I bet the security people are pulling hair trying to fend off someone with a million $ and a syringe. motive and access Royce Hinson

  16. Underhanded tactics from the Left? One commenter from another Conservative website suggested that President Trump’s microphone was contaminated at the debate. If it didn’t happen then, the comment is causing me to think it likely a deliberate contamination was perpetrated somewhere else recently. Everyone around Trump is tested for Covid, so just how was he infected? Not from the rallies! He’s more than 6ft. from the crowds, so the Left can’t use that.

  17. I did the Calgary to Toronto trip in 1983 with three kids when we moved to Toronto. It was breathtaking then and continues. If anyone has some new conspiracy theories I could use them as all my previous ones have been proven true. Things are getting stranger and stranger each and every day. Who could have imagined. Wishing good health and happy days to all.

  18. My exact sentiments on the CV 19 infections of Trump, Melania and so far 10 staffers of his re-election crew as well as former Governor Chris Christy and Kelly Conway. It’s just not believable that this happens 32 days before the election. You just can’t make stuff like that up… the movies yes but in real life….NO. Something not only smells….it stinks to high heaven.

  19. Something always stinks in Government. Our President and first lady are on the Libs hit list on way or another. Why are the Clintons not in jail, Comey and his like did bad things to good people during the election under the FBI and CIA protection unbrella with no jail time. They protect each other in Washington, both sides. Term limits for all, including Supreme Court. No life time pensions for 4 year service, this is a draw for unscruplous lawyers and like. All should be 8 years and gone.

  20. Great Blog, and the comments are eye opening as well. I traveled by train from Edmonton to Vancouver and it was wonderful, thanks for the reminder. Sharon in Texas

  21. Thanks much, Howard. You have perfectly and succinctly explained to us how important our November election is to both Americans and Canadians!

  22. I am certain that President Trump was deliberately infected with the China virus–and they are giving him an unproven treatment with unknown side effects or long term damage. It’s a “soft” assassination attempt and I am worried that they are desperate enough to resort to this to get rid of President Trump. He should be taking hydroxychloroquine, zinc and Azithromycin–not this fake drug remdesivir that is untested and unproven. Pray for our President, he is in danger.

  23. Great Editorail HC. wondered when you where going to bring it up about is it a way to get rid of them with the virus. They have done everything else they can think of and I am sure there is more to come. They are EVIL PEOPLE with EVIL PEOPLE with LOTS of money packing them up. U know money talks.They should all be in jail. What does it take to become a citizen of Canada and keep our American one? Your Sasakatoon? Why have U an Anne not move there? Have fun on your trip be safe, God speeed.

  24. I too feel there is something fishy about the virus 19 and the Demos. I go so far to believe China has the cure and prevention for it and has given it to the Demos. Like you said there are too many Republicans and NO Democrats coming down with it all of a sudden. Love your articles. Scharlotte VanVoast, Oklahoma City, OK USA

  25. Howard do I ever agree with you about the prairie towns and cities, I travel them almost every week and can’t get over the fastness and unique beauties they have including the hard working people. Yes Canada is worth fighting for. Keep up the great work you are doing in proclaiming the truth and stating the facts. God bless you and your family and keep you safe in your travels. The best is yet to come hope you have a great drive through the Rockies and Rogers pass and enjoy your Golden accent.

  26. This reeks of the work of psychopaths, who, if caught should receive life in prison under the same conditions as Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor–solitary with 24 hr. lighting.

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