I Was Right For The Wrong Reason


I Was Wrong About Who The Biggest Loser Was At The Slaughter In Ohio.

The Biggest Loser Was Fox News, as Chris Wallace Did the Worst Job Imaginable Moderating what should have Been as was Billed the Most Important Presidential Debate in History.

If There Is A Course On How To Moderate A Debate . . . the Blueprint would be to do Everything Chris Wallace Did In Reverse. I have Not Read Nor Heard one Person Compliment Wallace on how Wallace Managed what was Billed as the Most Important Debate in our History.


Even The People On Fox News Ignored Speaking Of Chris Wallace As If Wallace Had The China Virus & Was Spitting-Up Blood.


The Moment Biden Called PRESIDENT Trump a CLOWN, Before the American & World Audience, Chris Wallace Should have Immediately Intervened to State Without Equivocation, that if Joe Biden Doesn’t Want to Respect Donald Trump, BIDEN SHOULD AT LEAST SHOW RESPECT FOR THE AMERICAN PRESIDENCY.


What A Gift To The People Of The World Who Hate America & President Trump.

The Moment Biden Called the President of the United States of America a Clown, a Liar and a Racist . . . and then Told the President of the United States of America Before a World Audience . . . “To Shut-Up Man” – What Respect Would the People & Leaders of Foreign Governments Have for the President of the United States of America . . . Who was Called a Clown, a Liar and a Racist on National & International Television and the Worldwide Web?

If Biden was Proud of Himself and his Performance . . . He Shouldn’t Be – Since there is No Pride in Being as Publicly Disrespectful as I & Probably More than – 100-Million People Witnessed Last Night (September 29, 2020).

No One Learned Anything Last Night from the Biden Insults . . . and the Unfounded Charges against the Successes of President Donald Trump, while Padding the Non-Accomplishments of the Obama/Biden White House.

It Seems That Biden Is Unaware Of The Fact That People Like Me Lived Through The Fiasco Of The Obama/Biden White House.

I Remember the Massive Unemployment of the Obama/Biden White House. I also Remember Obama’s Close to $1-Trillion Dollar Shovel-Ready Jobs Promise that Never Materialized, as Obama Jokingly said after the Money was Pissed Away and No Jobs were Created . . . “I Guess They Weren’t All That Shovel Ready – Ha-Ha”.

I Also Remember The Obama/Biden Inspired Race-Baiting. And I Remember How we Have to Get Used to Obama/Biden’s “New Normal”, where American Jobs would be Gone Forever & America has to Reinvent Itself.

Anne, Stryker, April the Cat & I – are Currently Ensconced in Kenora Ontario, about a Two-Hour Drive to the Manitoba Provincial Border (130-Miles), where we will Travel Tomorrow to Brandon Manitoba . . . And to Tell you that I’m Exhausted from Driving Up & Down the Hills (Unrelenting Super-Long Inclines & Declines) Surrounding Lake Superior is an Understatement.

When I Was Told Of The Hills – I Laughed It Off, Since I’m Used To Texas Hill-Country, But Texas Has Nothing On These Hills.

But Even Last Night, Knowing that Anne & I were About to Leave Early in the Morning to Make this Drive to Kenora, After Watching the Debate Debacle . . . I Couldn’t Bring myself to Go to Sleep Until I Wrote, at the Very Least, a Blueprint of what you are Reading Now.


Even As Tired As I Am Right Now, I Won’t Set Aside My Keyboard Until This Editorial Is Written, Edited & Published.

My Written Words Will Not Move Mountains, even though there are Thousands of People who Read what I Write . . . But It’s the Thousands of People who Read what I Write, and then Send them off to Dozens & Hundreds of their Contacts (Family, Friends – Etc) who then Send What I Write to Dozens & Hundreds More of their Contacts, which Soon Number in the Hundreds if not MANY Hundreds of Thousands of People. Then My Words Might Move Some Mountains.

So – It’s Important for People to Know, That The Only Two Abject Failures In This Debate . . . were Joe Biden who thought he Could Ingratiate himself to the American Voters by Disparaging the Office of the President of the United States of America with Chris Wallace who Ran Interference, while Blocking for Biden . . . who Insulted, Lied and Refused to Answer Critical Questions . . . SUCH AS . . . Will you (Joe Biden) Pack the Court if you were to be Elected President? Will you Say Hear & Now that you Stand for Law & Order – & Would You Obligate America To The $100-Trillion Dollar Green New Deal?

The LEFT Want you to Believe that Biden Did Well Last Night, as Chris Wallace Tried, as Best he Could to Keep President Trump from Counterpunching by Refuting the Lies, History & Exaggerations of Joe Biden.

Where “Trump” Tried To Talk About Policy . . . and where the President Intends to Move America from 2021 to the End of President Trump’s Second Term, Biden did all he Could to Make his Attack Personal by Getting into the Swamp and Trying to Drag President Trump in there with him whole Avoiding Real Issues of National Importance.

In Spite Of This Being A Horribly Insulting Debate Where It Was Two Against One, President Trump Showed Why He Is President Trump . . . And Why President Trump Will Remain President Trump – After November 3, 2020.

The Big Losers In This Debate – Joe Biden, Chris Wallace, Fox News Sunday & The LEFT. BIG WINNERS – President Trump & The American People.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, take it easy. Make sure you’re rested up for your slog through through the Rockies towing a 41 footer. Northern Ontario is bad enough but the Rockies are a real handful particularly with all the mass you’re hauling. I did it a couple of times when I was way younger. We need you man, so take good care.

  2. I watched part of the debate but had to turn it off before I put a foot through the screen. President Trump was battling two opponents and acquitted himself very well. I know that northern Ontario highway well. I don’t envy your drive through that area. Just wait until you hit the Rockies. There are some big “hills” out here in Alberta and BC. Please drive safely.

  3. Stay safe on your continuing journey. On debate – I’d hoped Pres. Trump would be more respectful (not interrupt so much). It was discouraging. But when given time to answer meaningful question, he was straightforward, to the point. Find it odd that not even conservatives are mentioning Biden’s blips of confusion to finish a sentence with unrelated gibberish. It happened several times. Wallace seemed protective of Biden. So yes, it was an American disgrace all around.

  4. Thank you Howard. I not nor have I been a fan of Chris Wallace. He certainly does not hold a candle to his dad, who was somewhat of a decent reporter. “Plugs” is judenrat and whole lot of other colorful metaphors..Bless you and yours in travels and most noble endeavors. RC&SunA

  5. Joke Bidin’ was a programmed wind-up doll. Now we know what he has been up to in his bunker for the last two months. His election-savvy handlers have been prepping him for hours each day, feeding him dozens of likely questions and schooling him on how to respond to each one as clearly and simply as possible. I suspect that he was helped by performance-enhancing drugs. When it was proposed that a third party inspect both debaters for listening devices in their ears, the Biden camp refused.

  6. Howard, please try to get the proper rest you need! In my opinion, the debate was NOT properly managed. It appeared to be, somewhat, unprofessional. However, Trump’s consistent and selected narratives got Biden all RILED UP—which was Trump’s intent. Biden retaliated by INSULTING & DISRESPECTING Trump as PRESIDENT, which made him look like the OFFENDER. Of note is what was on Biden’s PODIUM which he kept STARING at during the debate, and was also IMMEDIATELY PICKED UP AFTER the debate??? AMEN!

  7. I got a blasting headache last night, but stuck through the debate anyway. Chris Wallace was horrible, yet the Fox News shows said nothing about his blatant interferences whenever Trump tried to respond. I don’t blame Trump for saying everything he could! He’s been vilified and dragged through their filthy swamp every day of his presidency. The debate was not a true debate. It was an ugly battle of two against one. Fox News gets black marks for selecting Wallace as moderator.

  8. I am embarrassed for America after that shouting match referred to as a debate. Imagine how other countries think after watching our leaders do that. Both candidates acted like out-of-control children who weren’t getting their way. It took about 10 minutes for me to tune it out and I started playing games on my computer. I haven’t decided if I’ll watch the next “debate”.

  9. Thank You Howard,I am going to try and send this far and wide. I have been upset all day after watching that debate Chris Wallace needs fired but Fox won’t They have almost become completely socialist since some of the people in charge are suppose to be related to Soros Our Great President will still be elected and hopefully Mr Barr gets the filthy swamp cleaned out

  10. Biden was a disgrace. His attitude was terrible and he needed to be taught a lesson for being so crass and insulting. Even Liberals and anti-Trumpers I work with said he did not show respect for the president and presidency. They were shocked he could not handle himself with dignity and they said he (Biden) turned them off more than Trump. I personally think t that media calling it a mess means they think Trump was better and they don’t want to admit it, so they say both were bad.

  11. Chris Wallace didn’t just have his thumb on the scale, he was jumping on it. Even on a good day Wallace wouldn’t make a pimple on his papa’s patootie and this wasn’t a good day. He continuously interrupted President Trump to the point that he was also debating the President. He went out of his way to tee up softball questions for Biden and argued with President Trump along with Biden. I have never seen such a biased moderator unless you count Candy Crowley. It was deliberate interference by Wallace to help Biden and damage President Trump.

  12. Trump will win but the Democrats will be on a war path when he wins. Every Democrat in politics is crooked and has done something illegal. Like lining their pockets with the tax payers money. They will be caught and brought to justice after Trump wins. This is the biggest reason that the Democrats want Trump out of there, they don’t want to go to prison. Biden will only be a robot for the Democrats as they will tell him what to do if he can remember that much.

  13. Let us know how your drive from Kamloops to Abbotsford is. I have driven the Coquihalla many times even pulling a ski boat behind the F-150. Be sure to have a full tank of gas when you leave Kamloops. There is a Costco as you are about to leave Kamloops on the East side of town.


  15. This was NOT a debate….it was a mess. They used to have a Rebuttal period after one persons reply to questions….they did not have that in this episode. That would have eliminated much of the cross yelling and interruptions by Wallace. I have always taught my children and later my sales people….“you may not like a person in authority….but respect the position or office that they hold”. Biden is a crass ignorant Buffoon and he showed it last night…SO SAD FOR AMERICA.

  16. Wallace was a disgrace, chosen to be moderator for a purpose but he failed to humiliate and intimidate the President while working for the Biden Clown. Trump could have done better but it’s like a professional playing a game against an amateur. Take your time Howard and safe drive to your destination, sounds quite daunting.

  17. The debate was a joke, I watched the coles notes today. Safe travels Howard, I live in River MB, just outside Brandon. Any assistance you require, let me know. Iain Gunn

  18. Great commentary, Howard. Biden showed no respect for the man holding the office of President. Trump tried time after time to dispute Biden’s constant lying about Trump’s record. While many people may be turned off by Trump’s ‘demeanor’ or his personality, let’s remind people of the incredible accomplishments of this administration.

  19. Remarkably Biden was hname calling and absolutely never gave an answered any question. It has been clear for some time that this is a Fake election. The DNC does not want to win. The useful idots in the MSM and the Dedmocrat Party voters want to win – but they don’t get it. It si a Fake elections. The DNC belives the Economic Mess created by Obama/Clinton will collapse and they don’s want to be holding the bag if it does.

  20. To me, this showed the disdain Biden, ( a life long Politician) and the left have for our President. President Trump has done wonders for the working class. The lazy class and Political Left are pushing a do nothing man so they can control the swamp and send us into a bottomless grave as a country. Pro Abortion, spineless Libs, Socialist hogs non believers wish to control us. If Biden wins, they will begin by trying for our 2nd Amendment and will meet those of us who honor our country to the end

  21. Thanks Howard you nailed it. The Democratic Party of Today is more like a Fascist Regime! President Trump is NOT A Politician! He’s more like a Statesman. Thank God. TRUMP 2020 Being From The Streets of The Bronx, I Know Very Well, That, when your jabbed, when your hit, or kicked, You come back with a BAT! We wanted the SWAMP Drained, WELL, what did WE expect those carnivores to do?

  22. Spot on, Howard! The debate was a disaster because of Chris Wallace. We all knew what Joe Biden would do, but we expected a professional moderator to conduct the debate fairly! President Trump has been put through the mill and he is tired of the lies and obstacles that are trying to destroy him and our country. Meanwhile…the Debate Commission stated this: “The commission is grateful to Chris Wallace for the professionalism and skill he brought to last night’s debate…” Oh, please!

  23. You are spot on…. Perfect look at what was an attack on Trump….. Biden should remember he did the same thing to Paul Ryan 8 years ago…. Karma..

  24. I stopped watching because the attacks became personal and had nothing to do with the the president’s record or the candidate ability the handle the job. What does anyone care how much income tax one paid this last year, just what does it have to do with the job your seeking. Ray Moscato, Calgary, Alberta

  25. RIGHT ON HOWARD!! If there were ‘suspicions’ that Biden was ‘wired’ – there is a new technology that uses contact lenses that can project TEXT to the wearer. Text only seen by the wearer. Note the ‘normal’ color or Biden’s eyes and compare to the debate eyes. Not a ‘comspiracy theory’ – check the facts. Why would’t Biden allow a wire inspection before the debate? Obvious.

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