Ignominious Campaign


I Struggled To Find The Best Word To Describe The Democrat Convention In Comparison To What The Conservatives Deliver.

IGNOMINIOUS – Defines the Epitome of Reprehensibility & Shamefulness, which Nails the Reality of the Global LEFT, but More-So the American LEFT, which is Led by the Likes of George Soros’ Money, the Socialist (Communist) American Political Wing (Democrats) of America and the Violent Democrat Shock-Troops (Brown Shirts) Antifa, Black Lives Matter & Occupy.

I Watched Democrat/Fox News Contributor (Paid Employee) And Disgraceful Self-Confessed Liar, Cheat & Blasphemer – Donna Brazile . . . “Discuss” with Fox News Contributor Tammy Bruce (Former Democrat . . . Lesbian Women’s Rights Advocate) on Fox & Friends – The First Night (Day-After) Of The Republican Convention.

In The Preceding Paragraph, I Bolded The Word “Discuss” . . . and Placed it Between Quotation Marks to Emphasize – that – What Started as a Discussion Between Brazile & Bruce Immediately Collapsed into a LEFTIST Screed of Identity RACIST Accusations by Donna Brazile, once Brazile Discovered that She was OUTED for her Lies & Misrepresentation of the Truth & Facts.

When Brazile Discovered to her Chagrin that her Argument was Baseless (Ludicrous) – Brazile Immediately Resorted to the LEFTIST Trope of Screaming, Not Allowing the Other Person (People – Tammy Bruce & Fox Host Brian Kilmeade) to Speak, while Brazile Spewed the Democrat Talking Point of Systemic Racism, Accusing Tammy Bruce of Being White, who Had No Right to Question Black American History and the Ills Affecting Black Americans . . .


If You’re White In America, You Have No Right To An Opinion On Black Issues – So Just Shut-Up, Listen, Apologize & Pay!

What I Saw Early Tuesday Morning (Around 8:30 August 25, 2020) on Fox & Friends . . . Showed me through the Wild Screed of Donna Brazile, the Absolute Desperation Within the Democrat Party, since the Democrats’ Most Important Political Talking Point – ENDEMIC AMERICAN RACISM . . . Was Being Challenged by Prominent & Successful Black Americans, who were Not Necessarily Republicans – Stating That Endemic American Racism Is Nothing But Democrat Contrived BS.

As I Previously Wrote . . . I Watched the Democrat National Convention Last Week & Came Away with the Belief that the Democrats were a Dire Bunch, out to Convince the American People that the United States of America was Built Almost Exclusively on the Backs of Black Americans for the Almost Singular Benefit of Wealthy White Christian Americans.

To Borrow The Meaning & Words Of George Orwell’s Classic Novel – 1984, The Democrats Want To Convince The People . . .


Success Is Failure . . . Communism Is Success – Free Speech Is Propaganda . . . Controlled Speech Is Freedom – The Police Are Evil . . . Rioters Are Patriots – America Is Bad . . . Globalism Is Good – Big Brother Is The Answer.


That’s How Good Last Night Was.

My Worry With The Tuesday Night’s (Tonight) Republican Convention . . . is that the Monday Night – Opening-Day was so Spectacular, that Anything just Very Good Tonight Might Not Measure-Up, Giving it a Sense of Failure.

But Then Again . . . Looking at the Line-Up of Who is Going to be Speaking Tonight, Tells me that we Should Fasten our Seatbelts, because Tonight is Going to Be Yet Another Wild Ride on the Trump Express.


I Don’t Know This At All . . . It’s Strictly Hopeful Conjecture On My Part – But I’m Kind of Hoping that When Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Speaks from Jerusalem Tonight, the Secretary will Announce Yet another Gulf State (Or States), that has Decided to Make a Formal Peace with Israel, Normalizing all Relationships with the Jewish State.

As I Just Wrote . . . I Don’t Know This At All – But Why Else would Pompeo Deliver an Address to the Republican National Convention from as Far Away as Jerusalem, Considering that an Address from the Secretary of State to a Convention by Either Party has Never Been Done Before?


If I Was One of the Leaders of the DNC (Democrat National Committee), I would be Far More Worried about Surviving as a Political Party After all of this is Done, Than I would be Worrying About Winning the Presidency, the House & the Senate.

I Truly Believe That The Die Has Been Cast . . . And Even With Monumental Cheating, the LEFT has Not Done Nearly Enough to Even Hold their Moderate Members from Voting for President Donald Trump, Republican House Members, Republican Senators . . . Or Not Voting At All.


1 – If the Demonstrators (Rioters) do Not Want to be Shot, Tear Gassed, Pepper Sprayed, Truncheoned – Etc . . . Stop Rioting!

2 – The Demonstrators (Rioters) have No Problem Destroying Public & Private Property, since NONE of them will Ever Have to Pay for the Restitution of what they Destroy, Including the Clean-Up of Graffiti.

3 – The Costs of the Demonstrators (Rioters) is Paid-For in their Entirety by People who Work for a Living & Pay Taxes. The LEFT Are Too Stupid To Understand That.

The Ugly On-The-Inside Of Donna Brazile . . . Showed Her True Color & The True Color Of The Democrat Party & It Wasn’t Pretty.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I enjoy watching Fox’s liberal commentators. I have nearly worn out my TV remote’s MUTE button doing so. I then state loudly “I can’t hear you!” Sort of satisfying even if it IS childish!!!😎

  2. I don’t understand why Fox News is employing the likes of Donna Brazile and Juan Williams. I WILL NOT watch a show when either one of them is on. I don’t have a problem listing to a Democratic point of view, but these two are blind to the truth or facts and only spew far left poison and will NEVER admit that Trump or the Republicans have done something right. I also stopped watching Chris Wallace on Sunday morning, another “fox in sheep clothing”. Fox is the biggest loser because of this policy.

  3. To be fair and balanced I watched some of the convention on CNN. I shouldn’t have. It took me an hour to clean the puke off my couch.

  4. HG, thanks for publishing my thoughts once again! I watched the battle between Brazile and Bruce and realized; in spite of my disgust for Brazile for years, even before she admitted to lying, I’m happy FNC hired her so the world can see how disingenuous she is.

  5. If you repeat a lie enough times it becomes believed as the truth. That is what is happening in the west in terms of “racism” and all the other alleged ailments perpetrated by whites, males and conservatives. The media repeatedly deliver the same outdated, exaggerated, non-existent and criminal message about their preferred “villains” for many years until people believe it. Every divisive or controversial topic is that way because the media brainwashed people into thinking that way.

  6. If You think the Democrats are crazy now, just wait till there is a landslide for Trump in the election. All of the Democrats will go completely nuts. The homes for the insane will be filled completely up and there will be some taking their own lives. Trump and our Government will spend the next 4 years sending all of the rest to prison, which is the ones that should already be in prison.

  7. So happy you wrote this. I watched the same program this morning and feel exactly the same as you.

  8. Howard, thank you for all you write. You are areal encouragement to those of us down in the weeds of this evil. For Evil it is, and they are. If for no other reason than the juxtaposition of this evil and DJT’s (and our) positions we should all acknowledge the existence of Real Evil in this world. The current generations do not know the evils of the WW’s and Stalin’s USSR. But even if they did read about it, not having to have experienced those evil times, they would dane to not believe.

  9. I Too Watched The DNC for one evening. I seen enough and heard enough, of Nothing that warranted me to continue. As a one time long ago DEMO, I left that party in 1974. Became a Republican since then, until Paul Ryan. He had as much Chutzpah as a Castrated man! I consider myself a Conservative Independent now. I first Voted for President Trump at of Default, no way on Earth I would have voted for Hillary!! I am so pleased with President Trump, He has Earned my Trust AND My Vote.

  10. What a difference between the start of these two conventions. I’m with several of the other commentators, we need a landslide and fox news is becoming unwatchable with their democratic people on there like Juan Williams (can’t tand him)

  11. Thank You for describing Donna’s desperate and despicable performance on Fox and Friends this morning. Time to dump her.

  12. I too saw the exchange on Fox this morning. Watching Brazile completely lose her mind convinced me that the Democrats are scared; and with good reason! Trump is going to win in a landslide!!!

  13. Bad enough to listen to Juan Williams make up stories a real Bull Fiction Dreamer that episode this morning was a good session poor Brian he was in the middle and sat stunned but Tammy did stick it to her. Everytime she comes on I ask the same question who killed Seth Rich, she was the democratic big wheel when he was murdered

  14. The likes of Donna Brazile, Juan Williams, and Chris Wallace, commies that they are, have no business being on a “fair and balanced” network. They belong with the other shills on so called MSM which are consistently left to communist just like this 3 bufoons. Here’s hoping Fox realizes that being full on conservative (sort of) is what they need to be to offset the constant dribble from the other totally left leaning outlets.

  15. I was most encouraged after listening to the great lineup of speakers, well-produced program, nice visuals, 1st class compared to DNC. Was amusing to flip over to msnbc and watch the dour expressions of the anchors. Can’t believe the left is today characterizing much of last night as “dark” and “no optimism”. They must have been mistakenly watching video of the dnc! I liked Scott’s “from cotton to congress in one lifetime”, and Walker’s comment Trump not being racist.

  16. I LSU’s Ed to the screaming match. Tammy basically raised her voice as Donna Brazile was trying to over ride her comments. Brazile went ballistic & made a fool of herself! She snapped just as Biden does! No good! Bridgestone makes Tire’s in S.C.! Check out their web site!

  17. Wow! Monday was amazing and Tuesday was even more amazing! Regular people telling what President Trump’s moves have meant to them, their business, their lives. I couldn’t pick a favorite, one was better than the last. All regular “we the people” telling what life is like because of the great things this President has done! LOVED IT!

  18. LIBERALISM is a state of mind, a liberal does not listen basic common sense. Sometimes during a discussion if the person is one who just does not like Our President, you can help them understand the good he has done. A True Lib will not change their view and will scream it at you. I have stood off several, I make my point and walk away for I as one am ready for a battle should Biden and the Libs happen to win. Recently, in our quiet Conservative town BLM vandalized some Trump signs, bad news.

  19. I just read somewhere that Liberals are so open minded that their brains have fallen out. Maybe that’s why they’re so stupid.

  20. Last night’s RNC got an A+ again! To add to the comments above…the left is so FULL of self-loathing, they can hardly speak/scream! Donna Brazile”s fake, cutesy “I love you all” comments thrown in between the false & poisonous, liberal BS that she is “paid” to spew, is sickening! Juan Williams is nothing more than a pathetic puppet who can’t speak without his notes or ear-piece telling him what to say & what’s with the facial contortions!? Who cares what Chris Wallace has to say? Trump 2020!

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