To Mask Or Not To Mask? – That Is The Question!


There is No Question that John Lewis Showed Real Courage & Commitment as a Warrior for Black Civil Rights. And there is also no Question that Jon Lewis took the Abuse, Pain & Blows for Standing-Up for his Convictions . . . But That Was Yesterday.


But From Then – Until Today . . . John Lewis was Nothing More than a Career Politician Feeding-Off the Publicly Funded Trough like all the Other Career Politicians, who are Lauding John Lewis as a Political Icon, who Pontificated from On-High, Believing  (Pretending) that he Really Represented the People who Elected Him 17-Times (34-Years) to the House of Representatives.

In The End . . . John Lewis Represented Himself.

I Assume John Lewis Will Have A State Funeral . . . Ted Kennedy, the So-Called Lion of the Senate Had a State Funeral, even though Kennedy was an Ineffective Senator whose Decisions (Votes) were Mostly on the Wrong Side of what was Best for America; Kennedy was a Drunk, a Womanizer and the Murderer of Mary Jo Kopechne, but that Didn’t Stop Kennedy From Having A State Funeral With All The Pomp & Circumstance.

And What About John McCain – “The Maverick” Who was More of a Malcontent than McCain was a Maverick . . . McCain also had a State Funeral, even though McCain, who was Supposedly Disliked by Everyone, who in the Dark of Night, just Before Going to his Death Bed, Voted Against his Own Party & Promises he Made to his Electors to End Obamacare, Which McCain Didn’t Do out of Malice?

And Then Of Course There Was Senator Robert Byrd . . . Who Also got a Grand Funeral Sendoff, Eulogized by Congressional “Luminaries” like Hillary Clinton & Joe Biden . . . Even Though Byrd At One Time Was A Hugely Active Leader In The KKK.

But I Save One Of The Best For Last . . . And Even Though this Newest Icon wasn’t a Member of Congress, but Rather an Outstanding Member of the American Thuggish Criminal Element, who was Responsible for Spreading Illegal Drugs, Passing-Off Phony Money, Theft & Brutality Against His Fellow Humans – Black Icon Of Propaganda . . . George Floyd Was Given A Send-Off Reserved For Royalty.

I Wasn’t Enamored With John Lewis . . . But it is a Terrible Pity that the Legacy of John Lewis will be Coupled to the Legacies of Horrible Politicians like Ted Kennedy, Robert Byrd, John McCain and a Despicable Thug like George Floyd.

At One Point . . . John Lewis Was A Real Hero – But That Was A Long Time Ago.

Just To State A Point, A Question Actually . . . Why Aren’t The Democrats and even Some Republicans Not Railing Against all the Anti-Cop Rhetoric, the Insane Demonstrations, Violence & Destruction Caused by Antifa & Black Lives Matter?

The Two Answers To This Question . . . To My Way Of Thinking Are Simple.

1 – The Democrats & RINOS are Passively in Favor of Doing all they Can to Destabilize the United States of America to Keep President Trump from Continuing to Make America Great Again, and Preventing President Trump from Protecting the World from a One World Socialist Government.

2 – The Democrats, RINOS & Even Republicans who are Not Anti-Trump are Too Worried Politically to Take a Strong & Principled Stand in Support of Law & Order & Real Social Peace, which is a Terrible Indictment to the Political Courage of our Politicians.


Let me Apologize to all the People, Especially some Men Who are Not Tall, who Take Personal Offense when I Refer to Anthony Fauci as That Little Prick, because No Offense is Intended & Fauci Is A Little Prick, who Somehow Sees Himself as the National Voice & Conscience of the People.

No One Elected This Little Prick To Anything – Who Is Destroying Our Society.

Everything The “Authorities” Have Said about the China Virus has Been Untrue, Biased, a Lie or Absolutely Without Merit. They’ve Been Wrong or Dishonest about Wearing Masks. They’ve been Wrong about How the China Virus Spreads. They’ve Been Wrong about Locking Down Travel from China. They were Wrong about Ventilators, Gowns, Gloves, Hospital Beds & ICU’s.

They’ve Been Wrong About Locking Down Our Countries & Small Business Commerce.

The Authorities Were Wrong About Hydroxychloroquine . . . They were Wrong about Testing. They were Wrong about Moving Infected (China Virus) Elderly People into Nursing Homes with Healthy Elderly People.

And Now We Discover That They’re Really Wrong (Dishonest) . . . about the Real Numbers of Sick People who have Tested Positive for the China Virus. And to Add Insult to Injury . . . People Who Die From As Much As An Infected Fingernail Are Recorded As Dying From The China Virus.

I DON’T WANT TO WEAR A MASK . . . Why Should I, Since these Schmucks Have been Wrong about Everything Else? And there is No Shortage of Reliable & Reasonable Doctors & Immunologists who Agree in Large Numbers – that Wearing a Mask Doesn’t Make Much of a Difference, and in Fact Could Hurt More than it Could Help.

Plus . . . There’s The Socially Negative Interaction Associated With People Wearing Masks.


This Insanity Keeps President Trump From His Giant Rallies. The Masks Make Trump Supporters Appear To Be Evil & Uncaring. The “Safe-Distancing” Allows The Democrats To Keep Biden In His Basement & Gives Credence To The LEFT’S Campaign For As Much Mail-In-Voting As Possible.

And Even Though I’m Not A Gambling-Man . . . I’d Be Willing To Bet There Will Never Be A Real Biden/Trump Debate.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Only one way to stop at this political super non-sense. It doesn’t matter if it’s municipal, provincial, states, federal, 2, 4-year terms for any politicians, as for the house in the states do like the senate, only 2 congressmen per state. Here in Canada, only 10 mp’s per province. Again in Canada, the senate should be elected and only 5 senators per province. Provincially, only enough mpp’s to run core service ministries and committees for run core ministries !!!!

  2. Like you I don’t like the wearing of masks. But I do believe in the constitution. If a business, even walmart, says I must wear a mask to shop, I wear a mask or go somewhere? else. And until I walk from my car to the door, I do not wear the mask. The mask will not cure coved, eventually the masks have to come off, all these leaders will have some explaining to do. Also no vaccine for me, just as the flu vaccine. Vit. C and D mega dose for me.

  3. I only wear a mask when I go to town, which is only once or twice a month. I’m a lucky one, I’m 30 miles back into the woods so I shop accordingly.

  4. It’s unbelievable how people will comply to that nonesense especially at the end of a pandemic as an eternal reminder that it’s not over. The rest of this so-called pandemic is just purely political and has very little (if anything) to do with actual science. When we were at the high of this pandemic, the so-called experts were telling us it was useless to wear a mask and now they are telling us the opposite? Screw them all.

  5. Let us thank GOD for having Trump as our President! He has proven that he’s NOT a POLITICIAN. The LEFT will, again, try to PREVENT him from being RE-ELECTED. This time, however, the Conservatives will be even more PREPARED re: FRAUDULENT voting. The MASKS and SELF-DISTANCING requirements ONLY SERVE the LEFT’S AGENDA to PREVENT Trump from winning. People are getting FED UP and sooner or later, will choose to no longer OBEY these directives. I believe that there WILL be at least one debate! AMEN!

  6. I live in South Florida. Boca Raton to be precise. I have not stopped working since the beginning of this pandemic, nor have my happy employees. But yes, I wear a mask to visit with prospective customers for our custom closet systems and I insist the clients do too. My installers wear masks while performing their work. I go to synagogue on Saturday and being head of our security/safety committee I have mandated certain protocols, mask wearing included. I agree with you about everything else 🙂

  7. To this day John Lewis has been wearing his badge of courage, the band aid on his bald head, that he got on his march to Selma Alabama. Ever since, as a representative he has done nothing for his filty, rat infested, district that has always been a worse environment for his brethern the Blacks that the plantation of the old South. 34 years of nothing! He a democrat – I think.

  8. As a conservative senior citizen in the USA, I am deeply concerned that we have lost our country. I see the lawlessness taking place in our country and the fake news who perpetuates it. I cant help but wonder why conservatives have not stood up to the various groups in the streets and boycotted the stations and the products advertised on the fake news channels. Cash is king and these channels might be more honest in reporting the news. Now is the time to fight fire with fire.

  9. Tired of this whole mess, ALL OF IT!!! Some leftists think nothing of verbally attacking people who are not wearing a mask. Name calling is becoming ‘normal’. It’s brats and bullies attempting control of everyone via abuse, verbal and physical. We will take only so much more of this before we fight back, one way or another. ‘Nuf said.

  10. David Stockman said it best…..”a disproportionate response to a nasty virus that only impacts about 5% of our population “. And as far as a mask, it’s like trying to keep mosquitoes out of your yard with a chain link fence.

  11. I am not wearing a mask nor willmy girl. Me they cannot make me I have COPD we both know this has ALL been a crock of BS. All to keep Trump out of office again. they are all so bloody scare of that man it is unreal. That witch Nancy P & her gang do not want out of D.C.they are all drunks for one, and sex nuts. And Obama is in it as well as Bill Gates G. Soros, and many others. They have done everything but try to shoot him, but they don’t dare. So everything else is thrown at him, take care.

  12. After being certified by OSHA as a tech, and over 14 years in Health and Safety, I can assure you that the mask game is only that a game. Only a small number of Mask meet the requirements under 49 CFR for protection from BioHazard. When the election is over the hazard will disappear. My wife and I do not wear mask even though our county is requiring them. I ignore the remarks or simply say MYOB. Most Career Politicians are just HOGS at the trough of our money, do nothings. Keep your powder dry.

  13. The “defund cop” people need to volunteer to answer 911 calls.

  14. Do not believe anything coming from governments and the MSM, all full of it, every day…they have a vested interest to keep people living in fear, stress, worry, anxiety – control, $$$…do not buy into it. As for the virus, same thing, do not buy into the government, MSM, WHO, Bill Gates…narrative…all LIES, go watch Dr. John Bergman, Dr Joe Dispenza & Dr Bruce Lipton, Him Hof, Dr. Rashid Buttar…breathe, relax, eat well, exercise…get some sun, strengthen your immune system…easy stuff

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