The Lionization Of A Thug


We’re All Victims In This Mess . . . But The Black Community Has Committed Suicide.

When the Black Community Wakes Up After this Incredible Drunken Party of their Own making of Destruction, Looting, Arson and the Demonization of White People Everywhere . . . I Wonder if they and their White Enablers will be Smart Enough to ask Themselves – What The Hell Did We Do?

I Was Watching . . . A Group Of Black Led Thugs On The Internet, Who Thought They Were So Righteous – Demanding that a White Police Officer Should Take A Knee. The Cop Refused. Then the Chant Started . . . “Take A Knee, Take A Knee, Take A Knee” – and the Police Officer Simply Walked Away.

This Is How Far We’ve Sunk!

George Floyd Shouldn’t Have Been Killed . . . But George Floyd Should Also Not be Lionized as an Advocate For Social Justice – From all I can Discern, Including from the Publicly Available (Floyd) Arrest Warrants & Prison Records . . . George Floyd Was Not a Decent Human Being, And His Death Is No Loss To Society.


I Assure You . . . That if Any of these Useful IdiotsEspecially Useful White Idiots who are Taking A Knee for George Floyd . . . or Giving the Black Power Salute for George Floyd – Espousing their Deep Love & Regret for George Floyd, Had Been Victimized by George Floyd, As Were So Many Others – They Would Be Singing A Different Tune.


I Saw Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and a Host of Other Democrats Taking a Public Knee for “Saint George Floyd”. I also saw Several Police Officers who were Lining the Entrance to the Funeral Home, where Floyd’s Body was being Wheeled-In, Standing at Attention, Saluting The Casket.

To Me . . . These Visuals Are No Different . . . Than What I Imagined Compliant Jews Did With The Nazis From 1934 To The Liberation Of The Concentration Camps In 1945.

From All That Is Not Reported . . . How Many Women did George Floyd Impregnate and Abandon? How Many Fatherless Children were there Before George Floyd was Killed (Or Maybe Floyd Died From Something Else, Like A Drug Reaction) by Officer Chauvin? How Much Drugs did George Floyd Sell on the Streets, which led to the Ruination of Boys, Girls, Men, Women & Whole Families?

How Many People Did George Floyd Personally Injure & Terrify During his Criminal Life, in Addition to the Woman who George Floyd Held A Gun To Her Pregnant Belly, while Floyd and his Friends (Accomplices) Ransacked her Home Searching For Cash & Drugs . . . For Which Floyd Served A Sentence Of Just 5-Years . . . for Cooperating with the Prosecution?


Group Think Is What Is Policy In Communist & Tyrannical Regimes . . . Such as China, North Korea, Cuba – Etc. It’s what Makes Freedom the Enemy of Tyranny, which is Being Taught in our Schools, Instead Of Objective Thinking.

To The Children Of Academia . . . Freedom Is In Restraining Freedom Of Expression.

But It’s Too Late Now . . . The Cat Is Out Of The Bag – Our Children have become Totally Inculcated, Brainwashed & Propagandized, to the Point that Anyone who Doesn’t see their Distorted View of the World is an Enemy to be Destroyed.

And If You’re An Unabashed Conservative Unwilling To Take A Knee . . . That Means You!

When I Was 19-Years Old (1969) . . . I saw a B-Movie Called Putney Swope. The Storyline was that the Chairman of a Board of Directors Died, and the Board Needed to Vote amongst Themselves for a New Chairman, with the Proviso that the Board Members Couldn’t Vote for Themselves.

On The Board Was A Token Black Man (Putney Swope), who like all the Other Members was Eligible to be Voted-In as the New Chairman. And Because None of the Other Board Members Wanted to Vote for Each Other & Couldn’t Vote for Themselves – They Individually (Unknown To Each Other) Intended to Destroy their Ballots by Voting for Putney Swope – The Token Black Board Member Nobody Wanted To Win.

So Guess What?


This Isn’t A Great Movie, but, Seeing that this Movie was Perceived, Written, Produced & Directed More than 50-Years Ago . . . It’s Pertinence To What We Are Bearing Witness To Today Is Stunning.


If you Don’t have the Time, Patience or Inclination to Watch this YouTube . . .  Here is the Bottom Line. Swope Takes Over a Wealthy & Highly Successful Corporation. Scope Hires an Army of Black Thugs & Racy Broads. Scope Ruins the Lives of the Complacent White Directors Who Wound-Up Kissing Scope’s Ass. Scope Runs the Company Into the Ground & Absconds with the Money that’s Left.

I Always Worried About The Incoming Inevitability . . . But I Never Saw It Coming Like This.

I’ve Determined . . . For Me – It’s No Longer Hypothetical, The LEFT Have Declared War On Our Freedoms. And they’re Using our Freedoms as their Gateway to Destroy our Societies. And their Soldiers are our Children Armed with the Ignorance Bestowed upon them through Academia.

We Have Two Choices . . . Which Are Fight Or Flight. And because it Seems there is Nowhere to Flee. Our Choice Is To Either Fight Or Take A Knee.

Let Me Make This As Clear As The Water Drawn From A Glacial-Fed Pond . . . I Will Never Take A Knee To Anyone.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Putney Swope was a great movie on its own off centred terms. So no apologies needed.

  2. You pose the question in the first paragraph from the black community, “what the hell did we do?”. I agree with your previous posts that these demonstrations were WELL organized. These “sheeple” who participated in this scherade were just the vessel to do the MOST damage. Hopefully this attempt to take down our two great countries by these well organized entities will fail. If they win, heaven help us.

  3. Amen Mr. G. The only Knee I will take is to get on my knees and pray for the officers who were killed and injured and the families they left behind. Thank the media for giving them zero time on their fake news broadcast. I guess their lives didn’t matter.

  4. Wow, Howard, I was not aware that Floyd co-operated with the prosecution. I suppose that means he has merited the angel wings and halo.Time for the deification! Make a statue, place him on a pedestal, and we can all take a knee. When is the hagiography to be published?

  5. If what I am witnessing in the media today was a Movie run 20 years ago I would call it fiction and move on. Sad state of affairs . Newest generations are confused, poorly educated and entitled . Ripe for the picking by any and all ill intended governments. By the way George has moved on to Sainthood ( watching the funeral right now) his photo has wings and a halo. What a Show !

  6. I am disappointed in you for the first time. It was completely unnecessary for you to disparage George Floyd the way you did. Not because he was a minor criminal but the extras that you added. You pride ypurself on facts and only facts. This was out of anger. Granted he was no angel but, he did not deserve to die the way he did. All of Hashem’s children deserve some dignity for he created all of us: good and bad. As it is written in Kohelet, “Nothing is new under the sun”.

    It Was 100% Necessary . . . And I Held-Back. What’s Wrong With You?

    If it would have been you or one of your own who was beaten, robbed or Killed by Drugs supplied by the “Angel” George Floyd – Would you still be so Self-Righteous?

  7. 100% right Howard, not many, no blacks, talk about the 77 year old police captain (ret) who was killed guarding a friends store………..OH !!! he was black.

  8. If a Monkey had been the focus of attention to trigger the riots Antifa, probably Soros and the Dems would have made IT a Martyr, eulogized and glorified in the same way as they have Floyd. He was a black person in the right spot at the right time for the leftists to seize the opportunity to attack Trump, and destabilize the USA and the whole world in their quest for anarchy leading to be controlled by One World Order. It’s Atlas Shrugged & 1984

  9. Howard, I always enjoy your fresh approach. You failed to mention that Floyd passed a couple of phony bills, the proprietor attempted to get his merchandise returned for the phony bills and Floyd refused. Then the cops were called. He wasn’t an angel and the cops knew it. At least he’s off the streets for good. Vietnam Vet. We never forget, never forgive.

  10. I agree that these Rioters do not realize what they have done. The jobs that have gone away are mostly theirs. No business will hire them if they know they were part of the riots and many businesses will just not be able to rebound as the insurance companies are calling this an act of terrorism and will not cover them. Taking a knee will be for me when I am getting into a defensive shooting position. It is time to gather your friends and families close, be damned the Political Virus.

  11. Howard, when I saw police officers saluting the casket, I almost THREW UP and turned off the BOOB TUBE! SICKENING!

  12. Right on, Howard. I didn’t realize I’d (still) be watching a Presidential farewell.

  13. Howard, My feelings also, turned off TV for the day. Almost threw up too, but never could or I would have. Your editorial was right on mark. Keep up the good work. Never will take a knee for anyone, period.

  14. George Floyd was on Meth and Fentanyl also cocaine Possession and more ,which was not in the Left News This was well planned by Soros Group and the rest of the Deep State….

  15. I wonder how overnight all these demonstrations and riots and looting got organized and paid for WORLDWIDE?–Remarkably similar messaging, signs, chants, and logistics that rivals an organized army! I smell GS!

  16. George Floyd was a multiple time convicted felon. He had meth and fentanyl in his system and died of a heart attack. The lying propaganda media have portrayed him as a cross between Ghandi and Jesus. It’s all a lie. One of the cops that was there was brand new–his 4th DAY on the job–and now he’s looking at murder charges. Suddenly the corona lies went out the window and riots are essential after plunging the world into a depression. We are SO being hosed.

  17. I will kneel to no man. I will kneel only to God. There is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that Obama’s Organizing For Action is using Black Lives Matter as a front to promote his fascist One World agenda. As for the pathetic virtue-signaling Demorrhoids, Nadler is ugly, fat and stupid, and Nazi Belousy could have used a botox job on her knees. Anyone who is rooting for the freaky weird Biden is demented and delusional.

  18. Seeing all the Dems kneeling I got the impression they supported the officer who kneeled on Gorge’s neck and were telling others to do what that officer did. No one said anything about the 11 Jews who were shoot to death in their place of worship. I guess they should have had a police record and have used drugs in order to get TV and paper coverage. I posted words like this on FB, let’s see if they stay posted. I stand with you Howard.

  19. They called an ambulance. Should have called for a garbage truck. One less career criminal walking the streets. The cop was wrong and he will be dealt with. But I have read that a Go Fund Me account raised well over $1 million. Shows how pathetically stupid people have become. Civil war is fast approaching when we idolize such useless trash.

  20. I watched the movie “Putney Swope” but only got to see half of it. The girl I was with (Diane) kept wanting to make out !!! (hahaha) Great memories. Anyhow, living in this crazy world today, with folks wearing masks and “taking a knee” on the ground, like you, Howard – I will NOT wear a MASK… and I will NOT take a KNEE. Welcome to THE TWILIGHT ZONE !!! (ps: I’d like to watch “Putney Swope” again…Diane, where are you?) ;>)) – Brucester

  21. The TRUTH is FINALLY SPOKEN! What a SAD world we live in where we CHOOSE to celebrate CRIMINALS vs. the POLICE! Everyone realizes that Floyd was MURDERED, but that didn’t give the BLACKS, et al, the RIGHT to RIOT, etc… Our children ARE being BRAINWASHED into a DIABOLICAL & DISTORTED mindset! “In the Heath of the Night” is a ME TOO TV program which depicts many of the VERY SAME issues as exist today, but were, somewhat, better HANDLED! The KNEELING was a complete DISGRACE! AMEN!

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