When You Stand For Everything . . . You Stand For Nothing


I’ve Given This Some Thought. And in the Last Editorial Comment Section (May 19, 2020) Steve Cariati of Glenmont New York, Made a Somewhat Disparaging Comment Against what I wrote about New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo, and how Cuomo is Single Handedly Responsible for the Deaths of as many as 5,000 New York Seniors in Retirement & Assisted Living Homes in New York State.

What I Wrote Was Not Conjecture, since Cuomo was the Man-In-Charge, who Either Ordered or Oversaw . . . that the China Virus Infected Seniors were to be Moved into Retirement & Assisted Living Homes where there was No Virus. As A Direct Result, Thousands Of Non-Infected Seniors Died From Cuomo’s Decision.

Steve Cariati . . . Ended his Comment with the Following . . . “Thank you for clarifying your ridiculous charges against the Governor of NEW YORK. I live in NY”.

My Response To Cariati’s Comment Was . . . “This Is Your One & Only Warning NOT To Spew Liberal Crap On Galganov.com – HG”.

I Rethought My Warning To Cariati . . . Cariati can Read Galganov.com all that he Wants. But he has Been Permanently Removed from the Galganov.com Directory. He will No Longer Receive Editorial Advisories. Nor will Cariati be Able to Comment on the Galganov.com Site Again. I’m sure Cariati’s had Bigger Disappointments in his Life.

THE LEFT . . . Have Enough Venues With Which To Spew Their Garbage, whether on the Mainstream Media, Social Media, Academia, Television Sitcoms, Hollywood – Etc – That They Don’t Need Galganov.com . . . But More Importantly – Galganov.com Doesn’t Need Them . . . Therefore – Goodbye Mr Cariati.


“Those Who Would Give Up Essential Liberty, To Purchase A Little Temporary Safety, Deserve Neither Liberty Nor Safety”.

So, Every Time I Hear A Media-Type“REMIND” their Audience about SAFE Distancing and all the Other SAFE Messages, which have Become an “Essential” Statement in our Lexicon, I Think Of The Above Quote By Benjamin Franklin and the Tens of Millions of Men & Women, Many Who were Not Much Older than Teenagers, who Threw Their SAFETY to the Wind, as they Created the Greatest Country (USA) with the Most Freedoms Known to Humankind & Helped Defeat the Greatest Foes (Nazis & Soviets) in our Modern History.

If Today’s Generation Were Alive In The 1700’s . . . There would have Never Been the American Revolution, and there would Never have Been the United States of America. Also – There would Never have Been the American Civil War, Germany would have Won in 1918, the Nazis would have Won in 1945, the World would be Part of the Soviet Union & America would have Never Put Men on the Moon.


So Who Aren’t We Safe From? We Are Not Safe From Our Governments, Bureaucrats & Too Many Police.

I Broke the Law Yesterday, the Day Before & Days Before that Too & I Will Do So Again In The Future. I SHOOK HANDS WITH A FRIEND & HUGGED HIS WIFE.

Anne & I Went To The Shooting Range Yesterday, since it has only been Opened for a Few Days . . . and at the Shooting Range, the Government Guidelines DICTATE Social Distancing. Now How Stupid Is That? When Shooting a Gun, the Last Place Anyone wants to be is in the Line of Fire or Close Enough to the Action to be in Harm’s Way. No One . . . Especially A Jerk-Off Bureaucrat Needs To Tell A Shooter About Safe Distancing.

But They Do-So Because They Can – Ah . . . The Taste Of Bureaucratic Authority.

I Need Some Minor Surgery In One Of My Ears . . . I’ve Needed it Done the Moment we Arrived back to Canada in April, but the ET (Ear, Nose & Throat) Departments for Elective Procedures are Closed. However – How could some Bureaucrat Know what’s Elective? Since he or she Can’t Feel my Discomfort?

Free Healthcare In Canada Is Free . . . If You Can Get It, Which In The Best Of Times Is Dubious.

So I Took A Shot & Called A Private ET Surgeon (A Rarity In Canada), and will have the 5-Minute Procedure Done on Tuesday for $125.

When The Media Proclaims . . . “We’re All In This Together” – Who the Hell are they Kidding? The Public Sector Workers in Most Cases are Getting their Weekly or By-Weekly Salaries, whether they Work or Not. The Media Talking-Heads, their Producers & Support Staff are all Getting Paid. The Cops are Getting Paid. And Workers which ONLY the Government Deems to be Essential are Getting Paid Too . . . But Let Me Tell You Who Isn’t Getting Paid.

All The Small Businesses Owners, whose Businesses are Not Deemed by the Bureaucrats to be Essential, Aren’t Getting Paychecks. And Neither are TENS OF MILLIONS OF THEIR EMPLOYEES.

So You Tell Me . . . How Are We All In This Together?

Sorry . . . But I Have To Get This Off My Chest. I Wake-Up Every Morning Listening to the News on Fox & Friends. I find Fox & Friends Informative, Entertaining & Conservative . . . But I Never Much Cared For Ainsley Earhardt, or as I Less than Respectfully call her Ainsley Airhead.


If Earhardt Doesn’t Stop her Religious Sermonizing (From A Young Woman Who’s Already Blown Through Two Husbands) Every Chance she Gets, and Doesn’t Stop LECTURING Everyone To Be Safe, I’ll Find A Different Media To Tune Into In The Morning.

Patrick Henry Said . . . “Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death” – The Governments Are Killing Us Slowly.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Our Members of Parliament make $183,000 a year. Did you know that they each received a pay raise of $3,000 on April 1st? They literally laugh at us while their commandant Herr Trudeau spends us into bankruptcy bypassing Parliament where such spending is supposed to be debated. If you don’t think Canada has degenerated into a Chinese-style kleptocracy, you haven’t been paying attention.

  2. Hitler’s big lie strategy:  Never leave room for alternatives; never accept blame; concentrate on one enemy at a time and blame him for everything that goes wrong; people will believe a big lie sooner than a little one; and if you repeat it frequently enough people will sooner or later believe it.

  3. Two things I want to say right here and right now. Howard, I not only agree with what you have to say…and I think of you as a very knowledgeable person who tells it like it is. Secondly, kudos to the person who commented right before me, Harold Pomerantz: You are absolutely right, Sir. Thank You Howard + Thank You Harold !!! Excellent comments and observations.

  4. Well hang on to your shorts, Absentee ballots only may be headed your way. For some reason, Idaho Primaries are absentee only, BIG BS on this, .0003% of getting the virus and we cant vote in person. If they push this nation wide, I will bet the LIBS will win, as they know how to stack boxes of votes with the dead, non existent, illegals. I am over the government mandates, I choose to greet with handshake, hug or even kiss. I do not wear a mask, and do not support a business that requires it.

  5. Howard, you are absolutely right! I am tired of the liberals crowding out conservative blogs. Also, you are right about no USA if the people we have today lived back then. We must stand up and speak against our liberties eroding. I do not blame you at all for taking that guy off your registry. Libs DO have too many platforms and people are bombarded with their lies. Keep up your good work.

  6. Trudeau, two expressions: All Canadians agree and We’re all in this together is like chalk on a blackboard to my ears.Trudeau doesn’t speak for me and I’m not in this with anyone except the people who believe in the conspiracy for one world order, and global control. Big brother is at work brainwashing the mindless people who follow instructions implicitly without a whimper. I almost forgot, remember to wash your hands, better still your ears for the propaganda.

  7. I saw that comment by the Glenmont moron. You know where Glenmont is? in the shadows of the stench that is Albany…home of Gov. Perry Cuomo, a lesser knock off of his well spoken, but wrong daddy Mario. I’ll be holding my nose passing thru Albany next month on my way to a slowly, reopening area further upstate where there are actual, rational thinkers, most with a full set of teeth! Press On Howard.

  8. I’m quite surprised by Mr. Cariati’s comment because he never learned what your website was all about nor did he infer anything about your personality or your continued goal to always print the truth. If he did, he never would have made his comment in the first place. We faithful members of your community here obviously did a long time ago and are glad to be here.

  9. We hear the SAME rhetoric in Michigan. We have a Governor I call HITLER. The tactics she has used to CONFINE everyone is OUT OF SIGHT. We The People have started to rebel. Her high handedness may have gotten her listed as Vice President with Biden, but it has turned most of us into ACTIVISTS. We may ‘distance’ and wear a mask, but our businesses will re-open whether they have employees or even a business to open remains to be seen. Economic destruction was due to politics. MYPOV

  10. Waiting for the GOV’s of New York and/or New Jersey to send out SWAT/death squads to enforce their dogma. Why not, Hitler did. The sci-fi movie “Escape From New York” may well become a reality……..Glad I am in Texas.

    Wish Anne, Stryker, April the Cat & I Were There Too – HG.

  11. I’m ready for the lock-down to end in my state of Maryland. I want my freedom back. I want what is specifically and clearly stated in the Constitution of the United States of America. I’m tired of being cooped up, in more ways than one. Give me my liberty back; return it to me ASAP!

  12. Howard I look forward to your editorials , you tell it like it is and don’t sugar coat it, THANK YOU!

  13. Andy Cuomo belongs in Federal Prison. Many of my friends are either anti-President Trump ( even my wife is) while some others are horribly far off to the left. I’m constantly berated by many in both the aforementioned categories. I feel that our societies ( both Yours and ours) need to be effectively reopened ASAP. If that happens to be a mistake (not very likely) nothing says that some sensible social restrictions couldn’t be imposed. You should hear the hue and cry when I espouse my thoughts.

  14. Unfortunately the Demoncratics run this state-New York State that is. I’ve lived here all my life and sincerely wish that Cuomo and Schumer would take Pelosi and all go on a slow boat to China. And not take very long getting there. And not come back.

  15. I will be 87 next month. Three weeks ago I boarded a Delta Flight from Atlanta Georgia to Denver Colorado. A plane that held 125 passengers flew with 20 to 24 people. The airport was literally empty. The train I took at Denver which usually has 20 or so in it had 1 me. How frightened do we need to get? Are we already too dumb to let a Dr. (Fauci) connected with communist WHO tell us we need to quarantine everyone, &now God forbid we will be FORCED to be vaccinated? That’s what scares me.

  16. Can you give us the details on Airheads’ divorces? I guess I can google it. James Edison above should have said “Give me back my liberty NOW!!! If you want it ASAP, Larry Hogan might tell you it’s NOT POSSIBLE! Howard, I think you should let the Liberaltardians comment on here and you can blast them below their comments so we can all get a good laughtl.

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