I Didn’t Mean To Tell An Untruth


MEA CULPA . . . As a Self-Promoting Purveyor of News Accuracy & Truth, I Lied. I Didn’t Mean To Lie . . . But Nonetheless – I Lied about having a Steamy on Anne and my 47th Anniversary at La Belle Province Yesterday (Friday, May 1, 2020).

Instead Of A Steamy . . . When I Lined-Up to Order my Meal, one of the Cooks (Counter Men) from behind the Counter, who I know Really Well from being Served by him for Many Years, Told me that the Smoked Meat was Fabulous, and that he would Personally Hand-Cut and Make a Medium-Fat Sandwich for me on Freshly Baked Montreal Rye Bread.

So . . . For People Who Don’t Know – Montreal Smoked Meat is the Absolute, Hands-Down Champion of Cut Briskets. I Apologize to my Favorite Texas BBQ/Smoke Houses. I Equally Apologize to the New York Delis which Believe their Pastrami or Corned Beef Sandwiches are the Tops.

But – When it Comes To Cut Brisket Sandwiches . . . which are Cut By Hand By A Master Smoked Meat Cutter, so you can have it Hand-Cut & Piled Between the Rye Bread as Lean (A Sacrilege), Medium (Not Bad . . . But Still Not Great), To Medium-Fat – The Sandwich Of Connoisseurs . . . Montreal Is The Place To Be.

Montreal Hand-Cut Smoked Meat Takes A Backseat To Nothing Else Of Its Kind.

So Please Forgive Me . . . for Not Telling the Truth, the whole Truth & Nothing but the Truth. But how could I know that the Smoked Meat Cutter would have been at La Belle Province with Deeply Steamed Montreal Smoked Meat & Fresh Rye Bread on the Day we Showed-Up?

Just So You Should Know . . . Montreal Smoked Meat is a Creation of Jewish Montrealers from about 100-Years Ago, who Immigrated to Montreal from Eastern Europe. And as the Tradition Developed of Eating Smoked Meat Sandwiches, mostly amongst the Montreal Jewish Community, French Montrealers soon enough Caught-On to the Unbelievable Taste, which eventually Made Montreal Smoked Meat less of a Cultural (Jewish) Meal . . . as it Morphed into a Montreal Food Cherished By Everyone.

And as many Immigrant Greeks Worked at Jewish Montreal Delis, they Soon Enough became Kings in their Own Right to Curing the Briskets & Cutting them with the Expertise of the Masters . . . Which Takes YEARS To Learn & Develop.

SO . . . Here I am with Anne and a French-Canadian Couple at La Belle Province, and here’s a Montreal Greek, Fully Immersed in the Culinary Science of Cutting Smoked Meat, who insisted that he Cut a Mile-High Sandwich for me, my First Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich in 7-Months . . . So Who Was I To Say . . . No?

For Your Information . . . I had the Greasy Fries and Handmade Cabbage Coleslaw with my Smoked Meat Sandwich. Anne and the Wife of the other Couple, had Steamies – As My French-Canadian Friend, Who Like Me, Would Never Let A Good Smoked Meat Sandwich Go To Waste.


As Crooked Hillary Said During Her Half-Hearted Endorsement of Biden . . . “As The Saying Goes (She Said) – You Can’t Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste”, which Might have been one of the Most Honest things I ever Heard Crooked Hillary Say. Of Course, Clinton was Referring to the Draconian Manner in which the LEFTIST Governors, Pelosi & Schumer were Treating the China Virus to Rig the November 3, 2020 Elections (Presidential, House & Senate) To Be In Favor Of The Democrats.

Imagine . . . No One-On-One Debates – Between Biden & President Trump. No Big-Time Rallies with Tens of Thousands Screaming Trump Supporters. No Independent Social Media to Play Fair-Ball between Biden & President Trump. And a Slew of Write-In Ballots in Place of Live At-The- Polling-Station(s) Voting.

As Far As Biden’s Sexual Peccadilloes . . . No One Really Cares – Other than to Pile-It-On to Sleepy Joe, who Seems to be at the Best of Times . . . Incapable of Dealing with What Was, What Is & What’s Going To Be . . .

But On The Up-Side – How Biden and all the Other Liberals (Socialists) are Bending Over Backwards to Give Biden a Pass, such as Pelosi, who’s Response to Sleepy Joe’s Accused Rape of Senate Staffer Tara Reade . . . “That’s Just Joe”.


However . . . To The Me-Too Movement – Even if the Victims of Rape and or Sexual Abuse have no Decent Recollection of When, Where or How, Or any Corroboration Whatsoever, with which to Give even a Modicum of Truth to their Story, Like Christine Blasey Ford – Where All Women Are To Be Believed, who had Zero Corroboration of Anything . . . Even Amongst the Likes of Uber LEFTIST Trump Haters such as Actress Susan Sarandon . . . They Too Can’t Take The Hypocrisy.

Either All Women Are To Be Believed . . . Or No Woman Is To Be Believed! Now That’s A Conundrum For The LEFT.


I Heard A Former Member Of The CIA On Fox Morning News . . . Declare This Morning (May 2, 2020), that if What Seems to Be – Becoming Fact, in Terms of How Members of the Government Under & Beyond the Obama Presidency, which Includes the Justice Department, FBI, CIA, National Security, State Department – Etc,  is PROVEN to be Factual as a Verified Attempt to a Coup D’état . . . Those Responsible At Worst . . . Should Get The Death Penalty. And At Best – Prison Sentences that Would Never Allow any of them to Ever see the Freedom of Day Again.

I Concur . . . So Much To The Point . . . That The Death Penalty is Permanent, and would Send a Clear Message to all Americans that There is No Gray Area for Treason.

This would Force Politicians such as Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, Schiff and a Herd of other Politicians who Lie & Cheat for Political Gain to Rethink what it Means to Represent the People . . . and what their Oath of Allegiance Means once they Take the Oath to Protect & Defend the US Constitution from Enemies Abroad & From Within.

I Hope They’re Smart Enough . . . To Be More Worried Than Just Somewhat.

As For The Media . . . CNN and all the other Propagandized Media, which Partially Destroyed the Life of General Flynn, which he Can Never Get Back, by Promoting Fake & Malicious Anti-Flynn Rhetoric, Whether by Print, Radio, Television or Social Media . . . They Should Be Thinking Nick Sandmann From Covington Catholic High School, Who Legally Nailed CNN to the Wall for False Reporting, which did Harm to the High School Student.

Now That I’ve Confessed – To Not Eating A Steamy . . . Telling The Truth Is Far Better Than Creating A Lie – Just Ask The Jerks On The LEFT.

The Way I See It . . . What Happened To Sandmann Was Just A Taste Of What The Media Did To General Flynn.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I agree; the leftist agitators should be tried, found guilty, and imprisoned….at the very least can’t they be replaced with politicians who actually have and profess allegiance to the USA, and not themselves exclusively? Our founding fathers must be turning over at high speed in their graves.

  2. Quote “There is No Gray Area for Treason…This would Force Politicians such as Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, Schiff and a Herd of other Politicians who Lie & Cheat for Political Gain to Rethink what it Means to Represent the People. That’s why they are doubling down on their lies and treachery. With Barr/Durham they have nothing left to lose but their futures. (the Montreal smoked beef thing made my mouth water. – you should do more Deli reviews)

  3. You need to consider writing restaurant reviews Howard. That meat description made me drool!! Illinois isn’t ‘cue country and any average gas station in Mississippi has better barbecue than what they call barbecue in Illinois.

  4. Howard, I agree with you that there is nothing like Montreal’s smoked meat sandwiches-my friends take me to a place in E. Montreal on a small back street – think the name is Schwartz’s-I have had nothing like their sandwiches anywhere on the east coast! But I hope you are comparing Montreal’s smoked meat to Texas smoked brisket-I think they are as different as day and night-both top of my list of treats to eat – you have me curious about ‘steamies’-have sent an email off to a Montreal friend ??

  5. I love Montreal Smoke Meat but I think Schartz is overrated. Ben’s that closed was better, so is Dunn’s. Happy belated 47th Anniversary. I hope that the William Barr, John H. Durham criminal investigation report comes out soon and that prosecutions follow quickly so that it will finally be the demon rats that will be in hot waters way over their heads. Can’t wait to see how the socialist-communist leftist lamestream media will spin that one or are they gonna try to bury all of it.

  6. Never trust a Montrealer who doesn’t order his smoked meat at least medium-fat (or even fat).

  7. Hey Howard. Happy anniversary and I hope you savored your wonderful anniversary meal. I’m still steaming about the mischaracterized usurpation of gun rights in Canada yesterday. The AR-15, which I saw one person describe as the Ferrarri of target rifles, can be used as a hunting rifle for indigenous people in the Arctic but is prohibited anyplace else. A large segment of the population are now outlaws. So now the media is controlled, the populace is disarmed, the country is broke. Socialism?

  8. The deep state people involved in these wrongful activities must be punished to the fullest extent of the law – if the double standard prevails then the American people will have no respect for the FBI, CIA, or the Judicial System. If they can do this to a 3 star general then what could they do to us!

  9. No apolgizes needed on the food. Our governments have given a taste of what the world saw in the 30s as Hitler was gathering his armies. I do not believe we will see another Holoicost as there are so many of us that actually stayed awake during Civics classes and served our Countries. There is an armed giant that is awakening that is just starting to push back against the idiot Liberals. Give me Liberty our give me death a great man once said and wrote. My guns protect all who need it.

  10. It was your plan to have a steamy; plans change. So it was not a lie; so in this instance, give yourself a break. Anyway, hope you, Anne & your friends had a good day celebrating your anniversary. As for treason resulting in death penalty, seems George Soros might fall into that category as well. If sedition is a definition, he qualifies & not just in the US. Diff matter–state governors (Dem so far) are imposing penalizing those who defy their EOs–restaurant in Maine lost license yesterday.

  11. No one is tried for Treason any more. The corrupt politicians took the “sting” out of our laws that they knew they would break. We can’t have citizenship cards with all our info because no Kennedy/Biden/Clinton, et al could check in a motel with a “dolly”. They don’t want our country to be legal. The corruption starts at the top and the fertilizer oozes on down to our everyday society. We become the victims of our illegal voting and cancelled laws and Propaganda Press

  12. You made my mouth water! I enjoyed many lunches at La Belle Province over the years both Steamies and Smoked Meat and in the interest of telling the truth……..sometimes both. Much of the media, both here and in the USA have been bought and paid for by the LEFT, I believe nothing that they spew, they’re liars motivated only by their ego’s and ca$h.

  13. WOW…Howard what a lunch !!! after reading about the best description of a sandwich I ever read, pity me all I will have for my lunch will be PBJ…………………

  14. Let’s hope Flynn gets justice. And the Obama crowd are charged, and convicted for their crimes. But I’m not holding my breath. Weissmann for example has been getting away with these tactics for years.

  15. The only thing that comes close to being as delicious as Montreal Smoked Meat is a Philadelphia Hoagie. I would love to have either one of them right now…. Jim Cole. Toronto

  16. Your forgiven for your fib about lunch. As for the rest of your Editorial I am from Missouri the Show Me state until those people are in jail or hanging you will have to SHOW ME!! Then I will yell out HOORAY they finally got rid of all the dirty TRASH!! Now lets start with some good clean people.

  17. My oh my, I would also break down for that. What does really bother me is the lame brain public Servants with so much power in their hands and absolutely no idea about compassion or common sense and that show a lot about the leadership in most communities, I am just following orders, sad, the people need a break. Time to open up Ontario and take some power away the bureaucrats

  18. “The Death Penalty is Permanent, and would Send a Clear Message to all Americans that There is No Gray Area for Treason.” And, if applied to these treasonous folks you mentioned, might do wonders for the American gene pool.

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