Maybe A Conservative Canadian I Can Vote For


After Reading This . . . Tell Me Where The Difference Is Between Canada’s Bureaucracy & America’s Bureaucratic Elitists? It’s Like Taking The Pepsi Challenge – They’re Both Colas.

Remember This Name – IF DEREK SLOAN DOESN’T SCREW-UP . . . Derek Sloan Will Have My Vote & My Support.

A Few Days Ago . . . Derek Sloan Wrote – “Does She Work For Canada Or China”?

Derek Sloan Also Wrote . . . “Dr. Tam must go! Canada must remain sovereign over decisions. The UN, the WHO, and Chinese Communist propaganda must never again have a say over Canada’s public health”.

AND . . . “Theresa Tam followed the World Health Organization every step along the way. She accused Canadians who were concerned about this virus initially for being racist, she also suggested that travel bans were unnecessary and as late as January 14 she suggested that human-to-human transmissions of the coronavirus was not happening when very credible evidence suggested that it was”.

And How Does Trudeau – The Liberal/Socialist Respond . . . RACIST!

Isn’t That How The LEFT Always Responds . . . When they have No Answers or Defense for their Bad Actions? After the Moslems Attacked the USA and other Countries over the Years, It Quickly Became RACIST for People Like me in Canada to Legitimately Criticize Islam for their Terrorist Actions & Active Belief in Sharia.


And Now . . . That Dr Theresa Tam, who is Chinese by Birth (Hong Kong) and Canada’s Chief Health Officer, who has so Spectacularly Screwed-Up with the China Virus by Depending 100% On The WHO & 100% On China’s Propaganda . . . To Criticize Tam Has Now Become RACIST.

Welcome To Trudeau’s Canada. And The Canada Of Fake Conservatives.

I know very Little, or Perhaps Less than Very Little about Derek Sloan, other than he is a Lawyer, lives not too far from where Anne & I Live in South-Eastern Ontario, and is a First Term Member of Canada’s Parliament. He is also only One of Four Conservative Party Members Who’s Earned the Right to Campaign for the Federal Conservative Leadership.

As For Three Of The Four – I Won’t Support Two of them (Peter MacKay & Leslyn Lewis), since I know they are Liberals in Conservative Clothing & Worry about Crap like Climate Change and some Form of a Global World Order. And I also know they will Tow whatever the Faux-Conservative Party-Line Happens to be.

I’m Dubious About Erin O’Toole, who Says the Right Things, but Hasn’t Always Campaigned, Supported or Voted for what O’Toole is Saying Now.

But Here Comes Derek Sloan . . . Out of Right Field, who is Not Yet a REAL Politician, who says all the Right Things and is Rattling the Cages of the Liberals and the Faux-Conservatives. I don’t Suspect that Sloan has much of a Chance to Win the Nomination, but, if his Tone Doesn’t Change, which I Strongly Suspect it Won’t, Sloan will have all of my Support, and I will Encourage all of my Canadian Readers to Join-Me.

Because Of The China Virus . . . The Conservative Party of Canada Extended their Deadline to Join the Party Until MAY 15, 2020 for you to be Able to Vote in the Election To Choose The Next Conservative Party Leader.

THEY CALL HIM A RACIST – HE’S NOT . . . They Call Him A Misogynist – He’s Not . . .They Call Him A Gender Bigot – He’s Not . . . I Call Him A Commonsense Conservative.

Click Here For The Link To Derek Sloan & How To Join The Canadian Conservative Party.

THERE IS NO SECRET . . . That our Country (Canada) – just like the USA, is in the Crapper because of Really Bad Politicians. And if we Don’t get Involved and do what we Can to Vote for the People (Men or Women) who can Make a Real Difference, we Deserve to Get What we Get . . . And We Don’t Deserve To Have An Opinion.

The Cost To Join The Conservative Part Of Canada Is Only $15 Per Adult. Anne and I are Members, and we’ll Cajole all our Canadian Friends to Join or Re-Join . . . Which Will Give All Of Us Our Say & Will Really Be Entitled To Our Opinion.

As For The China Virus . . . Back in January (2020), I wrote that China is up to No Good, and this Virus Might be Far More of a Problem than China and the Rest of the World is Letting-On. The Next Day, President Trump Banned Flights from China to the Great Political Dismay of his American Opposition and the Talking Heads in the USA & Europe.


A Bit More Than Several Weeks Ago . . . I Questioned the Accuracy of all the So-Called-Models Presented by Fauci & Birx, in Terms of the Infection & Death Rates Published. As it Turns-Out, I was Wrong when I Said, Using their Formula, that the Death Rate will be Fewer than any of their Stupid Charts Suggested.

I Was Wrong . . . Only Because their Death Rates were so Far from the Truth, that Even my Figures, which were Immensely Less than Theirs (0.7%) Turned out to be Significantly Higher than what is Really Happening Now at 0.5%.

WELL MORE THAN TWO WEEKS AGO – I Encouraged the Government(s) to lift the STUPID Anti-Constitutional Work Ban & Self Quarantine, “To Figure It Out”, and to Let the People who Aren’t at Risk to Go Back to Work before the Economy Collapses to the Point Of No Return.

But Even At What We Know Today . . . There are Still Governors, Mayors and Pipsqueak Bureaucrats who Refuse to Relinquish Their New-Found Power over the People, and Still Insist on a Lock-Down, which is Nothing Less than Self-Imprisonment.

I Applaud All The Governors Who Understand – That It Is . . . WE THE PEOPLE & NOT US THE GOVERNMENT. And I Equally Applaud all the Men & Women who said Enough is Enough & Exhibited their Freedom by Getting in the Face of the Elected Representatives through Demonstrating & Protesting.

We The People Will Survive This – Not Because of The Government – But Rather – In Spite Of The Government.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard thank you for telling me about Derek Sloan. I am so happy to know that there is a good guy running for the conservative leadership. I was not sure if I wanted to renew my membership but now I will and Derek Sloan will be getting my vote and support

  2. You nailed it again, Howard. Derek Sloan is the Real Deal: a genuine (small-c) conservative. I’m with him 100%.

  3. I wish that I could say more….but….as usual you are spot on !!!!!!!!!

  4. What are your thoughts on Jim Kaharalios, his policies and on him being kicked out of the running?

  5. Excellent editorial, as always! I checked out Derek Sloan. I gladly support everything he stands for except for one, which I predict, will be his Achilles heel: He believes being gay is a choice. This concept is totally outdated, due to numerous studies which show that 90% of all gays would rather be straight. Further, conversion therapy has been outlawed in many states. As a lawyer, he could easily find that as fact. Personally, I was a gay basher until I learned it was NOT a choice.

    I don’t believe being Gay or Straight is a Choice. And I have no Problem with People who are either, as long as they don’t rub my face in it. I also don’t support his position on Marijuana consumption until 25 years Old, since 18 is the National Age for the Right to Vote, Marry, Serve in the Military Etc. That’s not to say I support Legalizing Marijuana. All that Said, I’ll never find a politicians I’ll agree with 100% – HG.

  6. Trudeau is unfit to even shine Stephen Harper’s shoes, never mind being prime minister.

  7. Prior to reading your commentary, I read two articles: one disturbing and one good. The disturbing one is that the governor of Georgia is opening-up ALL businesses including hair salons, barbershops, tattoo parlors…, etc. All of the places where intimate human to human contact is essential. On the other hand an article about a doctor at Stanford who argues to forget the fear factor and to only concentrate on the portion of the population that may be prone to severe complications.

  8. Howard as a member of the Conservative Party, I was thinking of either Mad Max Bernie (P.P.C.) Peoples Party of Canada or Solan (C.P.C.) Conservative Party of Canada in the next election.

  9. I think you nailed it hard! Because WHO screwed it UP for everyone else, and the Dem’s are the main reason for this! I think that we were stupid in helping China build this pandemic at the BIg Gov’s incuragement! Why did the Dem’s screw up the supplement package ? could this be that they wanted their cut

  10. Sloan will get crucified if he does not denounce his views of gays, etc. I used to think being gay is a choice. But many scientific studies have proven most are born gay. So I will definitely not support him. Conservatives cannot win on social issues. Will not get millennial votes. Focus on freedom, liberty, low taxes, less Government, support for small business. And also on why Globalism as pushed by the Liberals is bad for Canada. Also eliminate milk, chicken, monopolies.

    Let me repeat . . . We will never get a Candidate with whom we will agree 100%. Let’s just get one closest to our Values – HG.

  11. Agree Howard. Although Sloan is unknown in my area he has got the attention of the real conservative base. I have alerted my associates and they are enthusiastic . Hope he can pull it off. He would be great for Canada.

  12. I 100% agree but unfortunately as we all know, when it comes to elections, especially in Canada, sizzle trumps steak every time. Nice hair defeats logic and national reputation. So the question is this, can Mr. Sloan defeat Mr. Trudeau. Can he debate him down to the canvas? Or will the left labelling him as racist win the day for them. Inquiring minds need to know.

    The American LEFT pegged Trump as next to Attila the Hun and look who’s the President of the United States – HG.

  13. Most all Conservative MP’s are silent on the Liberals power grab over the Covid Pandemic fraud. The additional silence from Past MP’s and PM’s is so much so that I have to ask if Derek Sloan is the only one allowed to speak?

  14. I think that Canada and the United States should eliminate the border between the two countries

  15. What these Governors who want to keep their states locked down don’t seem to understand, realize, or care about is the fact that many more people will die from other causes than the virus if they don’t open their states and let people get back to work. People are watching their livelihoods, businesses, retirement savings, and pension plans being destroyed and/or going down the drain. The American people are only going to put up with so much of this tyranny before they fight back!

  16. Your Derek Sloan sounds like another Donald Trump. Not a politician, but a lawyer. Trump is not a politician but a business man. The Socialist/World Order are calling him all the racist names they would call themselves. That is brainwashing and politics today at its finest. i hope you can get him elected, as we did Trump in 2016. He has been hammered by lies, fake news, propaganda, etc ever since. Is your media owned by the Socialist/Left as our is? if so, God help you.

  17. Canada will be in for a surprise in the next federal election. Maxime Bernier the leader of the new People’s Party of Canada will garner enough elected members to carry the ‘balance of power’ in another minority government. I am a member and will support him. His views are generally consistent with my beliefs. I encourage readers to take a look at his website –

  18. Jim Karahalios will still be part of that race. He’s taking this fight to the courts. From Jim Karahalios:”This afternoon, the Court dismissed the Conservative Party’s motion to strike our claim out of court. That means that our claim will proceed! The Court has set a hearing for May 15th to determine whether our disqualification from the leadership was valid. The Party’s motion argued that our claim did not have a reasonable cause of action. The judge disagreed.

  19. Fox News, Corona has been found in cats, in New York! So, it didn’t come from China, came from New York cats (:> I’ve followed Sloan since he appealed for funds to secure a seat on the ballot. I like his style, he speaks to the people like Bernier and Trump even though he is a Lawyer. His aims and objectives are in line with what most people want. I too don’t like a couple of his beliefs. As HG says, no one is perfect, but Sloan comes pretty close. We have a choice now Max or Derek both good.

  20. Get ready it is coming, the end of the world (AOC). For some that is true each and every day. Death happens, no one avoids it no matter how rich or poor. What is your footprint left for the rest to see? Is it good or marginal at best. He who has the most toys does not win, they too just die. When a person feels all hope is gone, they do strange things some bad some good. When politicians die we throw them a parade in most cases we a glad to see them go and not return.

  21. I prefer Pepsi, but I drink mostly Gatorade Zero and water. Howard, are you turning blue yet? You should put a little blue tint on your picture above. Keep up the GREAT Commentary. God bless.

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