Pro Trump Supporters Defy Stay-Home Orders . . . Fake News


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The Above Headline . . . “Pro Trump Supporters Defy Stay-Home Orders”, which was on Canada’s CTV News Network Today (April 17, 2020) – Is Fake Propagandized News.

The Headline Is Real . . . The Integrity Of It Is Not.

CTV – Which is Canada’s Most Watched Television Network, has No Idea if all the Men & Women Protesting the Draconian, Anti-Democratic & Anti-Constitutional Laws Passed, because, of the China Virus were Trump Supporters.

Is it Even Remotely Possible, that some of the Tens of thousands of Freedom Loving Protestors from across America, who are Fed-Up with Governors & Mayors, who are Violating Constitutional Rights & Freedoms . . . Could Not Have Been Just Trump Supporters?

Or Is CTV News Somehow Privy . . . to Their Own Reality, that the Only People in the United States of America who Cherish their Rights & Freedoms, which have been Guaranteed by the United States Constitution are Conservative Trump Supporters?

If So . . . What Does That Say About The Rest Of The USA?

The Media Is The Media . . . Corrupt & Misleading – Whether in the USA or in Canada. Some People will Read this and Say, well – the Headline Might not be Entirely Accurate, but it Really wasn’t that Bad either, since we might Assume that Many if Not Most of the Protestors were Indeed Trump Supporters . . . But Why Should We Assume That?

And Even if 100% of the Protestors were Trump Supporters . . . So What? Does it Make these People somehow Evil, Dangerous, Wrong-Headed, Racist or even Anarchists – As The Media Attempts To Always Paint Trump Supporters?

It Certainly Gives The Impression . . . That if you’re Willing to Defy the Law of Government & March on a Government Institution – Waving American Flags & Don’t Tread On Me Flags . . . And Carry Home Made Posters Declaring Freedom . . . Then You Must Be Some Kind Of Anarchist Nut-Job Who Has To Be A Trump Supporter.

The Subtleness Of The Media Is Terrifying. It’s Not Necessarily What They Say. It’s How They Say It.

The Media Sets-Up The Narrative . . . and Through Gentle Propaganda, Carefully Crafted Words, Half-Truths, Slanted Truths & Repetition, the Media Leads the Consumer of the Media’s News . . . To A Destination Of The Media’s Making.

Therefore – If You Take To The Streets & Protest Against The Government – You’re A Right-Wing Anarchist & Trump Supporter.


There Is No Question In My Mind – None Whatsoever, that this Coronavirus (China Virus) is Highly Virulent & Lethal to Many . . . But There Is Every Question In My Mind . . . About the Need for the Government to Scare the Piss-Out of Hundreds of Millions of People – and to Impose Draconian Laws, which Arbitrarily Removes all the Freedoms of the People at the Sole Discretion of Government, whether it be the Federal Government, State, Provincial or Municipal Government.

I Never Want To Ever Hear These Words Again . . . “Social Distancing”.

To Me . . . The Real Heroes are the Men & Women who Show-Up for Work Every Day, to Supply all Manner of Products & Services for the Continuance of our Society.

I Don’t Need A Television Doctor, A Bureaucrat Or A Politician . . . to Lecture me Day-In & Day-Out on How to Wash my Hands, How Many Friends I’m Allowed to Stand with, Whether I should be Allowed off my Property to Walk my Dog, Jog or Shoot Hoops in the Park.

I Don’t Need Television Doctors Or Politicians . . .Telling me Ad Infinitum to Wear a Mask, Don’t Wear a Mask, Don’t Touch This, Don’t Touch That, Don’t Go Here, Don’t Go There . . .


. . . NOTHING!

I’m Aghast . . . Truly Terrified – At How Easy it Was for the Government to Suspend all the Human Rights & Liberties of Hundreds of Millions of People Without Firing A Single Shot.

I Can’t Say This Too Loudly – Or Rather Loudly Enough . . . In Spite of What you Might Think or Say. And In-Spite of What Hollywood Pretends – and In-Spite of all we Believe-In about our Constitutions . . . THE ONLY RIGHTS WE HAVE – ARE THE RIGHTS THE GOVERNMENT ALLOWS US TO HAVE.

And if you Want to Argue that Point . . . Actions Speak Much Louder Than Words – just look at How Subservient we’ve Become over the Last Few Weeks.

If You Have A Condition which makes you Vulnerable to the China Virus, Take all Precautions Necessary, because it will be the Right thing for you to do. But, if you Simply want to be Free, and Aren’t Worried about the China Virus, and Won’t get Close enough to Infect Someone who Wants to be at a Distance . . . Then Just Get On With Your Life.

On March 23, 1775 – Patrick Henry, Standing Before The Second Virginia Convention Said . . . “Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death”.

The Clock Is Ticking . . . And It’s Not Ticking In Our Favor.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Applaud your editorial. It’s high time WE THE PEOPLE rise up and retake our freedoms given by our Creator & enumerated in the Constitution. My decreasing vision keeps me home more anyway, but needed a few groceries early last week, I used plastic gloves & a surgical mask & went to Walmart, got what I needed & came home. Hands sweat & glasses fog up; masks don’t stay in place & make looking down impossible without pulling it down. The only time I got the flu was the 1 time I took the shot. Crazy.

  2. So true, especially when House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn (S.C.), brainstorming with over 200 members of the Democratic caucus, admonished his colleagues with a line we suspect will become infamous: “This is a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision.”

  3. I would like to get your take on the $600 million the Canadian government made available to the media.

  4. Oh what I would give to see President Trump and 80% of WE THE PEOPLE tell those that should be careful to use their common sense and the rest of us all go back to work, school, any where we like, all on the same day. I don’t live in Russia or China and I won’t allow our economy and rights dictated/destroyed by idiots. We had to err on caution, but we now know this is insanity, capitalized by media, left loons, and people choosing to live in fear instead of freedom.

  5. Just for the record, this observer NEVER watches CBC News, and often advocates the abolishment of this overtly and blatantly biased taxpayer-funded broadcaster. I have recently ceased to follow CTV News which is NO better. As a former journalist and a Parliamentary correspondent in Ottawa, I am both disturbed and saddened by what passes as news reporting in Canada. Truth and accountability are currently rare commodities in North American journalism, and the prospects for improvement appear dim.

  6. I only get my news from you, The Rebel Media with Ezra Levant, True North with Candice Malcolm, FOX News with Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Mark Levin, Judge Jeanine Pirro, Laura Ingraham, Ben Shapiro, Breitbart and to make things short only news from Conservative sources. The leftist fiberal, demon rat, fake news lamestream media lie all the time and can’t be trusted at all. This includes, ctv, cbc, tva, nbc,cbs, nbc, mslsd, clinton news network, the washington compost, the new-york times etc..

  7. You are so right, Howard! I too am horrified at how quickly we succumbed to the government because of fear. I hope we citizens stop and think about this for our future. In the positive side I am also encouraged now how so many have just had it and are speaking out and standing their ground.

  8. Howard…Just reread your ROLLERBALL Blog., dated Mar. 22, 2018. You were way ahead of the game….as usual. We remember the 1975, film vividly! It was scary then and we are living it today! Yes, we need you to stay in the Parade and we ALL need to be marching with you! God Bless you….stay strong and safe. Boss and Shirlee Sutton, Modesto, CA.

  9. Amen Howard, Amen. The ridiculously stupid lockdown as done far more damage to millions of people and businesses worldwide than it could have possibly helped. They might just as well have decreed that one should crawl into a hole and pull the hole in after them!

  10. I’m 86 years old and am flying from Georgia to Wyoming next week because I want to help my son after his operation I’m healthy and IF I did get the virus I will take the recommend medicine and get well again just like I would if I caught a cold. It’s nonsense in America we are allowing anyone to limit our God given right to be Free to choose where we can go and I will fight for MY freedom to the best of my ability.

  11. Oh my gosh!! Susan Sheldon nailed it!! If only. I wish Trump would listen to Rush and Mark Levin and get rid of Mr. Gravely Voice (who I can’t stand to listen to and I am highly suspicious of him after seeing him sitting in the audience in the video when “W” put out way back in 2005 that we need to prepare for an epidemic, just like the one we’re experiencing. Fauci has kept quiet all these years!) As for the Scarf Queen, I trust her as much as Mr. Gravely Voice Fauci—in other words, I don’t.

  12. Population Canada ~38 million, Corona deaths to date 1310, half in Senior Home clusters. Do simple math and ask if Corona really is that dangerous. We have had worse virus’, they came and went and only the sick were confined at home or in hospital. There is a lot more than can be told here, search for collusion , WHO, Dr.Tam, China, USA Trade agreement and Trudeau & check REBEL. Remember Trudeau failed attempt to try for ultimate totalitarian power. 1984 is here for real. Do math for USA too.

  13. I work in nursing home part time. get news of persons test positive,, most had visited Mexico ,,not far from us. there is many case’s there. A crowd at the stores that stay open for food.

  14. Powerful editorial, Howard! You always speak your mind, but I do detect anger at the stupidity of those who are following blindly by words only! I stay at home, due to not driving anymore, so all of this business doesn’t really affect me or Hubby. But the rest of my family have been doing their normal thing, going out when groceries & etc. are needed or going to the doctors. My grandson works for the local school district, so he has been off with pay. Life goes on!!!

  15. Howard. I have sent emails to CTV News (Lisa La Flemme) Canada’s so called “number one reporter” about her one sided leftist reporting and it has all fallen on deaf ears. It’s time now that we send letters to their advertisers telling them we will not be buying their products for allowing CTV to spread propaganda with examples. Hit CTV where it counts. I will be sending you a donation now that I have received my CERB money. Can’t think of a better place or person to send it to.

  16. Exactly my sentiments. And make no mistake, the media are totally the same here in Europe! Remember your Mom saying “it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it”. Great piece Howard.

  17. Washington now has a Barometer on How Quick Society can now be manipulated & Controlled,AND for those of us who have Eyes to see,they can now see it too!What’s next (SPS)Social Police Squad?My wife has Diabetes, we’re both 68, we both understand, AND WE BOTH HAVE “UNCOMMON SENSE”COMMON left the building a long time ago!We both know what needs to done for each other and ALL Others.When I go out early in the AM to a store,the night before I ask my neighbors,by phone or driveway if they have needs.

  18. I’m especially concerned for Canada 🇨🇦 at least America 🇺🇸Has Trump on there side to put Americans first Canada on the other hand is sinking fast with Trudeau standing on top of us willing to give it all for fame.

  19. Right on the money, Howard. All this is, insidiously, leading us to the “one world government” It’s amazing how quickly, we the sheep, have been lead to slaughter world wide!!!! I feel like we’ve been locked downed like prisoners and no one is rising up and fighting back. Where the Hell did common sense go when it comes to fighting a virus????

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