This Is No Way To Fight A War


Doing Nothing Will Be Your Biggest Decision Ever. . . And Maybe Not Your Best.

Today . . . As More Than One Billion Christians Worldwide Celebrate The Resurrection Of Christ . . . Hundreds of Millions of Christians in North America Cower from Each Other – Terrified Of An Enemy Forcing Us To Destroy Ourselves.


We Keep Hearing . . . From President Trump & Others, that we Are at War with this China Virus. As I have Written in the Recent Past, Had we Fought the Nazis like We’re Fighting the China Virus . . . All the World’s Jews Would be Dead, And those of us who were not Jewish, who would have been left on the Entire Planet, would be Clicking our Heels, Raising our Right Arm in a Nazi Salute . . . Shouting Sieg Heil.

Every Man & Woman – Young or Old, Knew they were Offering-Up His or Her Life, in the Knowledge that Death or Severe Injury was a Very Real Possibility, while Serving the Country Against the Nazi “Pandemic” . . . . A Vicious & Intractable Foe.

BUT . . . Whether at the Invasion of Sicily, on the Beaches of Normandy, During the Bloodbaths in the South Pacific – Our Parents & Grandparents Answered the Call . . . And Gave It Their All.

There Are Cemeteries Worldwide . . .  with the Remains of Brave Allied Soldiers, who Made the Ultimate Sacrifice Fighting for the Freedom of Others.

The American Government, from JFK Until Nixon, Didn’t Hesitate to Send Hundreds of Thousands of Drafted American Boys to Fight Thousands of Miles Away in a Place Called Vietnam.

And Not Just Once . . . But Twice – America Ordered Its Volunteer Military to Attack the Middle East (Iraq) & South-Central Asia (Afghanistan), with Hundreds of Thousands of Troops, Leaving Millions of Dead, Wounded or Homeless Enemy Soldiers & Civilians in their Wake.


CLOSE DOWN THE ECONOMY . . . Order People Not To Work. Order People To Self-Quarantine. Arrest People For Praying At Church Services In Their Cars. Order People To Restrict What They Do, Where They Do It & How It’s Done. In Other Words . . . Surrender Before The Fight Is Engaged.

And Give A License To The LEFT To Completely Socialize & Control Our Societies.

What Are Your Freedoms & Liberties Worth? Or is Your Declaration of Independence & Constitution – Really Worth Nothing More than just some Lofty Airy-Fairy Goals Written . . . Some 2-Centuries Ago By Men & Women Who Understood The Concept Of Bravery?


And if Anyone is Susceptible to Contracting this Virus & Dying as a Result, it would be Me – 70-Years Old, Somewhat Overweight, On Blood Pressure Medication and being a Type II Diabetic.

But I’ll Be Dammed To Believe We Should Cower-Away . . . While This Virus Destroys Everything Worth Living-For.

Right After The 8-Days Of Passover – Israel Is Opening Its Economy (Thursday April 16, 2020) For Business, Almost As Normal, Because the Israelis are Fighters.

GOD BLESS TEXAS . . . Next Week, Governor Greg Abbott will Open-Up Texas-Up for Business, while Doing what Texas Can to Protect the Most Vulnerable.

Some People Will Get Sick – Some People Will Die . . . But Life Will Go-On.


I Don’t Want to Hear . . . Any More from my Canadian Government Representatives – that Canada will be Shut-Down . . . Till June & Possibly Beyond.

I Don’t Want to Hear . . . from a Man I Consider to be Walking ScumEzekiel Emanuel, the Architect of Obamacare, who Came Close to Singlehandedly Destroying American Freedoms and the Best Healthcare System in the World – Who Says With Authority, That In His Opinion, America Will Have To Be Shut-Down For At Least Another Year To Eighteen Months.


Ask Yourself . . . Who’s Paying the Wonderful Incomes for all these Privileged Talking Government Heads, while the Real People, who have Paid for these Privileged Bureaucratic Characters through their Taxes Forever . . . are Begging for Money from the Government, Just to be Able to Eat & Survive . . . Because These Bastards Unilaterally Decided To Shut Down The Country?

If My Parents . . . One of Whom Served in the Canadian Homeland (Mother-WAC) Military During WWII – and my Father, who Fought Under the Canadian Flag Across Europe from Day-One, Could See What’s Become of the Country they Both Sacrificed So Much For . . . They Would Hold Their Heads & Weep.

DO SOMETHING . . . You are Not Without a Voice and a Vote. Call, Write, Email, Text – Send Smoke Signals If Need-Be – to your Government Representatives, and all the Like-Minded People you Know To Do the Same – And Tell Them To Get The Country Working Again.

WE CAN SOCIAL DISTANCE – Wash Our Hands, Protect the Most Vulnerable Amongst Us & Still Open The Economy . . . Because That’s What Conservatives Do.

Where Have Courage, Common Sense & All The Patriots Gone?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. If America doesn’t reopen this week, we will not have an economy and Trump may be defeated considering he will get all the blame that Fauci and Birx deserve for lying to ALL of us. I’d be on lockdown anyway due to chemo, but there’s going to be food riots soon. Thank GOD for the truckers or we’d really be screwed.

  2. It’s time to open our country up. There is more to this than a virus! God Bless all of us and get us out from under democrat socialist/communist reign! Take our countries back!

  3. I agree with you Howard, let’s get this show on the road !! 🙂

  4. Texas spirit will lead the way. Mr. Abbot is a good leader. Others will follow. Thanks Mr. H.

  5. Agree, pull ourselves up by our bootstraps, get with the business at hand. Open up, get the economy going and moving. Weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth does not accomplish anything.

  6. So many in government forget that we are fighting the Wuhan Virus rather than people. Our most reliable weapon is preventing the spread. Let people be creative in how they do that and allow business to open again. Sure, some fools will gather up and spread the virus among themselves. Pray for them.

  7. As I said elsewhere, We are complacently sitting on a ticking time bomb, contemplating what not to do.

  8. Well said Howard, this has gone on already to long and should have never been stepped up to shutting down the economy. I will write our local conservative MP and urge him to support and fight for starting and open up our economy immediately. From the beginning I believed this was a real event however the response from government and the MSM has been nothing but fear mongering with the intent of a power grab and further loss of freedoms. The sad thing is the sheep follow. God says fear nothing.

  9. Let us get the show going… We, the old ones, will keep low while the life process re starts. President Trump. Yes! Re start.

  10. omething stinks here. The Globe and Mail is running a daily tally and Canada has 22000 reported cases which is , get this, .00061% of our population. Ontario and Quebec COMBINED have 18000 of the cases ( 81.8%) with Quebec having close to 12000 of the cases of that and 54.5% of the cases in Canada. Liberal strongholds are being hit hardest, ie Ontario and Quebec, throw in Vancouver which is BCs hotbed but the numbers are well contained and insignificant i

  11. There is NO PERFECTION in this world & WHO can PREDICT the FUTURE? Many ACCUSE Pres. Trump of NOT HANDLING the CRISIS properly; he is DAMNED if he does and DAMNED if he doesn’t. He is the one who has to make DECISIONS! It’s so EASY to PREACH to others when one isn’t IN CHARGE! NOTHING will prevent people from dying, etc… when BUSINESSES OPEN. Trump has made AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, so why would he not continue to PROTECT it—with & without REPERCUSSIONS? One is either FOR him or AGAINST him. AMEN!

  12. Many times more people will potentially die from the shut-down of the global economy than from the virus…and the most vulnerable are the poorest of the poor of the third world. Let’s get back out there. Business as usual!

  13. While the private sector is hurting badly, no government employee will lose his job. Safe and secure in their cushy jobs they literally laugh at us. How can anyone not see the absurdity in this arrangement?

  14. Our Protection is in the 22nd Amendment, it limits the President of the U.S. to ONLY 2 terms, they need NOT be 2 consecutive terms. While I agree we are fighting a War against an invisible enemy, and the terms of that war are totally different, . I DO however concur that this could not have happened at the worse time in History. My biggest fear is not the virus, but GREED! Why work if you’re still getting paid? But on the humorous side, we have provided masks for our future looters & thugs!!

  15. I’m gravely disappointed in th vulgar language! Also, Trump is doing what he thinks is best, we can’t expect more. Outsiders do not have all the inside info. I find it best not to call shots with an empty gun.

  16. We are being blackmailed into poverty. I can just see the next budget stealing all I(we) have worked for disappearing into gov coffers, Thanks Justin and all liberals

  17. I find it interesting that after all the garbage that has been thrown at Alberta re the attempts to destroy the petroleum industry, Alberta is taking the high road and sharing medical supplies with the rest of Canada. Good for them! Now, if the so-called powers to be would cut their income in a similarly fashion to the private sector I would be even more impressed! There are some businesses that are trying to “social distance and stay open so please work with them!

  18. You da man Howard! Although you forgot to give the Candy-A$$ Rhinos their due! If you haven’t already, Rep. Massie, Kentucky deserves a shout-out and whatever financial support one can afford. He is being primaried by a D donor from his district running as an R. C L Watson, presently under conditional release in Las Vegas. You can shoot a rifle down the strip, pick your orientation, and not hit anything.

  19. We have been living with the after effects of 9/11 since it happened : Control . We will be living with the effects of China Virus as well and forever . This will end with the Banks running the Economy and Taxpayers paying for Gov controlled Universal Income forever. In some places that’s called Communism . N Americans call it Globalism .

  20. Happy Easter to Everyone. This morning I watched LIVE MASS then cooked my Easter Di.nner. Getting a little ‘wacky’ with being confined, I got in the car and drove past Wal-Mart which looked like they were having a BLOW OUT SALE as the parking lot was PACKED & all you could see were Blowing Gloves & Masks. I decided I had seen enough and came home. We are on Shelter In Place until 4/30/2020 in Michigan.

  21. Boy oh boy, Harold, you couldn’t have said it better. I agree with you 100%. We’ve become like sheep. Government locks us up in our homes and everybody obeys from fear of being reprimanded! This scares me more than the COVID2019 virus!!

  22. So anxious for Monday to arrive I hope President Trump walks out with VP Pence and says America goes back to work .Time to tell those 2 that are trying to bring this country down with their so called models to go straight to —- !!!!!!

  23. Throwing money at the problem and encouraging people not to work is dangerous. This could create a recession that will take years to recover. Let the states put people back to work with safe guidelines. There is a hell of a lot of difference between Wyoming and NYC!

  24. Strangely,I almost ALWAYS AGREE WITH YOU. But with this editorial I’m not sure what your point is. WWII was a very different and not at all comparable situation. All people didn’t risk their lives on a battlefield, in fact few did. Most kept the economy moving which ultimately defeated the Axis. Now the enemy is invisible and every citizen is at risk. Also, random death is more likely if social interaction is not mitigated.The world economy is suffering but we don’t damn the torpedo now!

  25. The country should never have been shut down. The virus should have been left to run its natural course, we’ve had similar before and survived. Get back to work, test everyone starting with working age people, sick quarantine, healthy go to work. Some will die it has to be that way. The failing economy, with so many casualties will kill more than corona. half the deaths are in care homes. The numbers are skewed.

  26. When gov’t MADE employers withhold taxes before paying workers, it began control never envisioned or a gov’t OF THE PEOPLE with inalienable rights, liberty & freedom would not have been written by the framers. Every law & penalty has arisen because of a few but to allow rule of the many to take our liberties/inalienable rights away. Right now with millions not working is ideal time to RISE UP & PROTEST GOV’T’s rule & take back our country!

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