Biden Won Nothing

Neither Biden Nor The Democrats Won.

FINALLY – We’re off the Road & Set-Up in Ocala North, where we will Spend the next Month Before Heading-Off to Delray for a Week, to Celebrate Passover with Family & Friends.

I Can’t Even Begin to Describe to you how Many Hours I Spent Reading “Your” Emails every-time we Stopped for the Night. But under the Travel Circumstances, it was Pretty Much Impossible for me to Respond to all the Emails & Continue with our Journey. But Rest Assured I Read All The Emails.

I Listened To & Watched The Super Tuesday (Thursday If You’re Sleepy Joe) Primaries Yesterday, by Channel Surfing on all the Major Networks, with the Exception of CNN. And I Came Away With An Entirely Different Take on What Happened.

Neither Biden Nor The Democrats Won.

The Most Important Realization Is . . . Biden Didn’t Win Anything – It was Bernie Sanders who Lost Virtually Everything, not to Mention Bloomberg & Warren, who took the “Beating” she well Deserved & Tulsi Gabbard, who is Still in the Competition Because . . . I Don’t Know Why.

Yesterday (Tuesday March 3, 2020) . . . While Driving East To Florida, I Heard Donna Brazile On Fox News Tell RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel “To Go To Hell”, because Brazile didn’t like that McDaniel Suggested that the Democrat Back-Room Players are going to Rig the Primary (Brokered Convention) Against Sanders.

That’s Kind Of Rich . . . Coming from Brazile, who as the DNC Chairwoman 4-Years Ago CHEATED on behalf of Hillary Clinton, by Giving Crooked Hillary CNN Debate Questions in Advance of the Debate.

And When Confronted With The Truth . . . that Brazile Cheated, At First Brazile Denied It. Then Brazile Brought God into her Lie by Claiming, that She (Brazile) Could Never Do such a Thing, because she was a Christian Woman. And as the Overwhelming Evidence Mounted Against Brazile . . . Brazile Finally Admitted To Cheating & Begged For Forgiveness, Because She Was A Christian Women Who Believed in Redemption.

What A God-Awful Piece Of Work Brazile Is.

Do You Remember (I Bet You Do) when Judge Jeanine Pirro mad e a True Observation & Comment about Islamism in America? Judge Jeanine was Kicked off the Air for Two Weeks for that Comment by Fox News – Talk About Hypocrisy.

The Only Thing Worse Than Brazile’s Comment, is that Brazile is a Paid Member of the Fox News Team. So What Does That Say About Fox News & The Quality Of Their Paid Fox News Contributors?

So . . . Let Me Tell You Why It Appeared That Biden Did So Well. It wasn’t as if all of a Sudden Democrat Voters Found a Whole New Erudite Joe Biden, who Could Speak & Debate with Eloquence, or who could Remember in which City or State he was Campaigning, or that Biden found a Platform on which to Campaign that was Biden’s and Not just Poll Tested.

It Wasn’t Because Biden Suddenly Could Speak Without Slurring Every Other Word . . . Or Remember The Words Biden Needed To Finish A Statement.

The Democrats Came Out In Big Numbers To Vote For Biden . . . ONLY Because the Reality of a Bernie Sander’s Victory Scared The Piss-Out-Of-Them. The Voters had No-Where Else to Turn. Bloomberg is an Arrogant SOB who Really thought he could Buy the Primary by Using as Much Money & Media he Could Accumulate.

Warren has Got to be one of the Least Likeable & Most Inauthentic Politicians In America, to the Point, that in her Own State, Warren Came In Third. And as for Tulsi Gabbard, I have no Idea why she’s still in the Race.

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel Is/Was 100% Right . . . and in spite of Donna Brazile’s Horrible Invective Against McDaniel – The Democrat Party Insiders will Move Mountains, Change the Rules & Cheat as Much as they Can & Have-To – To Guarantee That Bernie Sanders Will Never Be Their Presidential Nominee.

The LESS-LEFT Democrat Voters Got The Message . . . they had a Choice. Vote for the Communist or Vote for the Idiot who will do the Bidding of the Backroom Players, since there is No Other Real Choice.

And Here’s Where The Democrats Are Screwed, Blued & Tattooed.

Because there was such a Large Democrat Turnout, and such a Huge Number of Votes going to Biden, the Media gave the Impression that Biden Just Won Something Really Big, like the November Presidential Election. But in Essence, the Only thing the Democrat Party Won – Was That They Partly Dodged The Bernie Sanders Communist Bullet.


Is Biden Now Going To Become A Better Debater? Will Biden Establish his own Platform & Stick to it? Will Biden Speak now Without Forgetting Words, People & Names. Will Biden Remember in which City or State where he is Speaking, And will Sleepy-Joe know the Difference between What is Real . . . And What He Made-Up?

Will Joe Biden be Able to Explain & Defend Hunter Biden and all the Other People like his Addict Misogynist Son Hunter, who Prospered Mightily (Family & Friends), while Joe Biden Fed-Off the Public Trough . . . As Obama’s Vice President?


How Come Obama Isn’t Out There Cheering-On His Former Vice President? Could it possibly be, that once President Trump Really Gets To Go At Biden, a whole Bunch of Truths about Obama’s Presidency will become Truths . . . Obama Will Never Want To Become Public?

Or Could It Be . . . that Obama Really knows what kind of Dufus Joe Biden is, and Doesn’t want to go down in History as a Former President who Backed a Loser-Extraordinaire? Or It Could Be Both?

I Just Want To Remind Everyone . . . During a Host of Previous Elections, while Obama was still the President . . . Democrat Politicians of all Stripes – House, Senate & Gubernatorial went Out Of Their Way – NOT to be seen with Barack Hussein Obama as they Campaigned.

What Does That Tell You?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. A very erudite analysis as always. Thank you Howard. Republican voters must not lose sight of the fact that the anti-American radical (“fundamental transformation” – remember?) Obama won two terms. They must take nothing for granted. They must organize and vote in huge numbers to counter the tsunami of anti-Trump invective that is sure to come.

  2. Howard – You summed it…. Maybe after the 2020 election we will see a A ‘new’ WHIG party!

  3. My fear is that Conservatives are so sure that Trump will win in this election that they won’t bother to go out and vote. We can’t let that happen. I hope we will win by a huge majority but not if the Democrats have anything to do with it. They will do whatever it takes to put Trump down!

  4. The Dirty Dems are going to be whacked and shellacked in the next election as they deserve to be.The true enemies of Trump are the Republican irregulars who are pissed that Trump by-passes his own Party dirty backroom.

  5. Spot On . If the ‘back room’ tactics can work on Super Tuesday to get the Dems out to vote, imagine what they are planning for the remaining Primaries and the November election. We can NOT sit on our laurels because the DEMS are dead set on gaining complete control of GOVERNMENT. I hope that Pelosi & Nadler do NOT re-win their seats in the House. 4 years of this 3 ring circus is ENOUGH. Go Trump Go. God Bless

  6. Beats me why Fox has Donna Brazille on the show, she’s a racist and a liar, quite a despicable person. The other misconception: that the Dems are sweeping the States but the percentage of dems to the total population of any state is never given. Can we assume from President Trump rallies that draw much larger audiences that there are now more Republicans than Dems before 2016? Try as they will, when Warren quits, in MHO Bernie will get the nomination.

  7. Brazile is a DISGRACE and a TYPICAL MELODRAMATIC, LYING DEMOCRAT! How FOX could hire her is beyond me. Biden READ his speech which avoided his “screwing up”. The Dems were prepared to KNOCK OFF Sanders one way or another; it’s just happening earlier. Obama’s support for Biden would not help him! He & his cohorts had better stay in “hiding”. Whoever wins will have to DEBATE Pres. Trump and that should be the MAIN FOCUS. Everything else is MOOT! Remember that TRUMP is a WINNER! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  8. All we Trumpers just need to vote for 4 more years of our great President Don’t take anything for granted We must be on our toes to keep our Country in good hands Love my President

  9. Excellent Mr. Galganov. I link it with your column of 2/26, “They Shoot Horses, don’t they?”. He “won” according to the talking heads, but in the weakest field of running mates ever. It’s sad!

  10. Sleepy Joe? Every small movement he makes is S-L-O-W. “Slow Joe” is a better description. And there he is, continually flashing that “beautiful smile,” as though he believes, in his confused state, that his smile alone can convince voters of his ability, self-assured he’s the man who can “take Trump out.” I agree that voters took the road least likely for a Socialism takeover. You are right, Howard. It wasn’t a Biden win because he’s so accomplished. Go Trump!

  11. In case you weren’t aware Howard, back home here in Canada, we get nothing about the total chaos our PM has put our country in but we sure get quite a bit of propaganda about the Democratic race. In fact, CBC sent Heather Hiscox down to Washington to cover things LIVE. They even pulled Keith Boag out of retirement to get his “personal views” on how strong the Dems are and stopped short of saying either Sanders or Biden will get the support needed to take Trump down. What a joke.

  12. Every time Brazile is asked a question, she twists the answer. So, whenever I see her speaking, I think of Chubby Checker’s famous song, “Let’s Twist Again” and press the mute button. She definitely does not belong on FNC.

  13. One of the comments indicated they were afraid that conservatives thinking Trump could easily win over Biden wouldn’t bother to go vote – and lose the election for Trump. I tend to agree, SO, WE MUST VOTE. Would like to see an overwhelming victory for Trump. Then maybe Nikki Haley could run after Trump’s 2nd term ends.

  14. Dems may have won SOMETHING, Howard. I think they gained at least SOME strength through CONSOLODATION of factions. How much remains to be seen. I can’t help but notice how Biden continues to ride BHO’s coattails, with some degree of success. Obama was and still is VERY popular with a certain segment of diehard progressives, and Biden is capitalizing on that popularity by constantly associating himself with the Obama policies that succeeded in winning approval by that segment. MAGA!

  15. Howard, once again you have made an astute observation. As for “Gabby”. On the one hand I respect her service in the U.S. Army. AND, on occasion stood up against the Democrat establishment. However, that said, she is a left wing flaming liberal, almost as bad as “Bernie the burn”. Keep an eye on “Gabby”. She may well be another attempt by the left for the first woman President or, more likely “Crazy Joe’s” VP.

  16. Remember Obama telling Biden, actually trying to convince him, that he does not have to do this (run for leadership of the Dems). See, Obama already knew the crap that went on with Hunter and the Ukraine, and he also knew that if sleepy Joe went ahead with it, that it would all eventually come out. Having Sleepy Joe running though, keeps him safe from investigation. So as long as he is a candidate, he can’t be investigated. As for Bernie, I knew this was coming. They don’t want him!

  17. I was taught what a real debate was and I have not seen anything other than bullying within their own party. It is disgraceful. Stand for what you believe and state your comments clearly. It’s a sad state of affairs. I would have flunked being on a debate team and so would these folks.

  18. Live in Gainesville would love to meet you for lunch or dinner at your convenience.

  19. Howard, as usual u hit the nail on the head! Enjoy your travels through Florida and be safe. We all must vote for Trump, he is our only hope for our USA freedom! God help us. Go Trump go…continue on your safe trip home.

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