They Shoot Horses – Don’t They?


HOW MUCH MORE RACIST . . . Could Biden & The White Democrat Wannabes Be, To Assume That Black Americans Are Too Stupid & Incompetent To Know What’s Best For Themselves . . . To the Point, where Winning Black Votes is More Important to the LEFT than What the LEFT Intends to do with All the Votes they Could Win?

And Why Are Black Votes More Important Than White, Asian & Hispanic Votes?

Do You Remember The Movie . . . They Shoot Horses Don’t They?

This was Released in 1969, and dealt with Hard Times, as people did Hard Things to get by. It was a Dark Movie Starring Jane Fonda (Hanoi Jane), who Later Gave Comfort, Solace & Propaganda (1972) to the Communist Vietcong Enemy, who were Killing American Boys in Vietnam.

I Relate To This Headline . . . Because Of Its Pertinence.

The Story was Set in the Depression Era Featuring Men & Women Competing in a Dance-A-Thon, where the Last Financially Desperate Couple Standing – Would Win a Prize of Money, as the Dancers Collapsed in Desperation, Holding Onto each Other (Partner) Until They Could Stand No More.

I Saw The Movie When It Came-Out, and Instantly Hated-It, because it Didn’t show the Best of Humanity, but Rather Put on Display the Worst in People in an Extremely Drab & Dreary Way, Where a Rich Promoter used the Poverty & Desperation of Depression-Era People as a Means of Entertainment for Personal Profit.

Actually – In Retrospect . . . I Don’t Know What this Multiple Academy Award Nominated Movie Even Represented, since it was that Sick, Depraved, Disjointed & Irrelevant to the Modern Times . . . Other Than It Fits In Perfectly With Today’s Democrats & Their Nomination Fiasco.


Joe Biden Is The Epitome Of The Peter-Principle, which Gauges a Person’s Abilities – who Raises to the Level of his or her own Incompetence.


In The Case Of Joe Biden . . . The Level of Biden’s Incompetence was Set at Such a Low Bar, to the Point that Biden has Lied, Plagiarized & Exaggerated his Self-Worth for more than 50-Years, to the Silence of Biden’s Democrat & Republican Co-Members of Congress . . . Who (Biden) Achieved Nothing of Consequence For the People of America, as he Rode High upon the Shoulders of the American Taxpayers, Says Far Too Much about Biden’s Co-Members of Congress who Collectively Group-Spoke of the “Nice-Guy” Scenario of Biden (Uncle Joe).

Biden Was Chosen To Be Barack Hussein’s Running Mate For Just One Reason & One Reason Alone.

Biden was a Know-Nothing, Do-Nothing “Professional” Senator – Who would be Obama’s Unfailing Ass-Kisser for as long as Obama Made Biden Feel Relevant.

But America Has No Need Of an Ass-Kissing Know-Nothing Do-Nothing Legend In His Own Mind, to Occupy the White House to Dance to the Insiders’ Tune.

Seemingly, Biden has no Idea where he is when Campaigning. And Biden Forgets his Past Lies & Embellishments. And Just Recently, Biden Confused his Campaign to run for President – to a Campaign where He’s Running Again for the Senate.


1 – The People Pushing Biden – Who is but One Step away from an Elderly Care Center have No Love for American Congressional History & Freedoms, as much as they Care about Foisting their Biden Puppet Upon the American People for their Own Purpose.

2 – These Same People Have No Heart – Because if they Did, they would Have Thrown-In the Biden Towel Long Ago, Considering that Biden NEVER had a Chance to Win the Nomination & Zero Chance to Beat President Trump at the Polls.

Hence – When a Horse is so Wounded, In Pain & Beyond Physical Recovery, the Kind thing to do for the Horse is to End It.

As For The Rest Of The Group Of The Democrat Wannabes . . . It’s Over.

I have No Idea . . . How The Democrats Can Salvage Anything From This Extraordinary Mess Of Their Own Making . . . But what I do Know, is that at this Late Juncture in the Presidential Campaign, Nothing Short of a Cataclysmic Event can Save their Unworthy LEFTIST Political Lives.

Don’t Take Bets That The Democrats Aren’t Cheering For The Coronavirus & A Massive American Recession.

Politics Is Indeed A Dirty Game . . . Has Always Been – But as I See It – The Democrats One World Government Will Stoop to Whatever Low they Can to “Win” with at any Cost.

I Don’t Suggest The LEFT Is Responsible For The Coronavirus . . .

But I Do Guarantee . . . that the LEFT will Politicize the Coronavirus and its Global Effects on the American Stock Market, Jobs, Construction & Whatever-Else Bad that Can be a Result of it on President Trump & the Republicans.

First Trump Was A Phony Billionaire. Then Trump was a Grifter. Then Trump was a Misogynist. Then Trump was a Closet Russian-Spy. Then Trump was Guilty of Rigging the Election through Russia. Then Trump had an Illegal Quid-Pro-Quo with the Ukrainians . . . And Wait For It – Somehow The Democrats Will Find A Way To Blame Trump For The Coronavirus.

How Down-Low Do You Think These LEFTISTS Are Prepared To Go? At the Beginning of the Trump Bashing, it was Rumored that Trump had Some Kind of Oedipus Relationship with Ivanka – That’s How Down-Low The LEFT Will Go.

As For Biden . . . They Shoot Horses – Don’t They?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I disagee. It is not only Biden, the entire lot (herd) of them should be taken out to the “back pasture” and shot.

  2. Ain’t for nothing I call the whole sorry lot of them Demorroids. When they “debate” it’s like the circus has come to town. The Donald doesn’t have to do anything except show up next January for the swearing-in.

  3. Wow, what a great article. Many people are unaware that Henry Mark and Erika (his wife) Holzer wrote a book about Hanoi Jane entitled, “Aid And Comfort: Jane Fonda in North Vietnam”. There was one chapter wherein they described how she could be charged with treason and be convicted – today! As a Vietnam veteran, she is at the top of my list of people I despise! BTW: Henry Holzer is a constitutional lawyer, so he knows about what he wrote.

  4. I cannot believe any sane citizen would imagine that any one of the Dem candidates in the White House would do anything to benefit the US. From my point of view, their lashing out (nastily I might add) is all the Dems and their follower groups have been doing since Trump won in 2016. No doubt they will continue after Nov and Trump wins again. They will show even more hatred and vindictiveness. Such “crazy, out of control”. individuals went to asylums & were put on meds. & shock treatments.

  5. Isn’t it amazing how this village idiot became a multi-millionaire along with most of his family. Is there something very wrong with this picture? I hope he is exposed before he passes.

  6. Last evening debate, Biden claims he wrote everything Obama (in his mind) achieved, 2 hrs of circular shooting. Dems say Trump cutting funds to CDC so Corona spread is his fault. Having kept horses, in Canada, I know well the horse solution. sometimes it’s the only way. Brilliant observation today by WHO who advise Corona Virus may not be contained. As Lowel Green used to say, the world is going to Hell in a hand basket. Canada today: Teachers strike, Railroads blocked, Corona here and snowing

  7. The Novel Coronavirus may not be as bad as the press is making it out to be. When you look at the mortality rates by age groups, it is very similar to regular flu epidemics that occur every year. Every year approximately 10,000 Americans die from the common types of Flu. The Coronavirus, a type of Flu, will have about the same effect. This is not the Spanish Flu. If you are under 40 years old, the probability of dying is less than 1% and 18% if over 80 like regular Flus.

  8. Yes, Biden is a PERFECT example of the “Peter Principle”! Last night’s Democratic debate was a BIG JOKE! How anyone could even think that one of those “debaters” could become the U.S. President is BEYOND understanding and UNREALISTIC! They are all WANNABES who looked like a bunch of little kids SHOUTING, “You can’t play in my yard!” It APPEARS, at this time, that Sanders will be the winner. Trump is going to CRUSH WHOEVER his opponent will be! Hold on to your hats! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  9. The Covid 19 outbreak is bad and I’m concerned for the health of my wife and I, but living in rural New Mexico, I can hide from people! What I’ve truly glad for though is the fact that Trump is president and the left cannot exploit this crisis.

  10. I saw the movie it stunk but as for Biden you know who is bushing him right? One is Soro’s the other is Obama he wants to be Vice President to bring in all the more Muslims Bernie Sanders should be put out to pasture as the rest of them including Nancy dear. As for Jane Fonda she is a traitor to this country and should have been shot for what she did. Money talks though and daddy dear had it for her. Yes, they will say President Trump made up the flu to kill of people be safe keep well you and A

  11. Every time I think you cannot possibly write a better commentary, you prove me wrong. This post is outstanding!

  12. Historically the movie title ‘They shot horses, don’t they’ may refer to when the US Army Cavalry, went from horses to Armor’….in the 1930’s… My interpretation is the Democrat SOCIALISTS have lost there relevance…. to the American body politics……. Just like the WHIG Party ? of the 1850’s… TheTRUMPSTER has created the new reality!

  13. Joe Biden is just one more career politician that should not be there. 8 and out should be the rule. Same health care as VA gives us veterans. far too many of them go in for the corrupt money they can make. So few make positive impacts on our lives. Donald J Trump said he would fix many of the problems we have and he has made a great impact on lives all over. Yes, he has a ego and is arrogant but has done what he said he would do. Things would be better if he had help, Rinos and Dems against.

  14. Democrats have had three and a half to help the people and all they do is wine about Trump. Liberals here in Canada have had a great time messing up this country and filling the back pockets. Politian’s smile to the cameras and take orders from the back rooms. I would love to hear a speech where they say I will lie and fill my pockets and get a large pension and if something helps you I will take credit so I can get reelected and get more tax money.

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