I Told You-So . . .

I TAKE ZERO PLEASURE . . . In Reminding You

I Told You-So Isn’t Always Something To Make You Feel Vindicated.

I Told You-So many weeks ago, that the Coronavirus Is Going to be a Far Greater Problem than what the Chinese, CDC & Government Linked Health Groups (Associations) are making this Virus Out To Be.

I Told You That I Don’t Trust The Chinese . . . That in Addition to Being Communists, they are Liars, Cheats & Thieves – But they are also Evil, and will Do & Say Whatever they Believe will get them Further Ahead in their Cause of World Dominion.

The Worst Part Are The Western Sycophants who Aid & Abet the Communist Chinese, All of Whom have Become Rich & Powerful in their own Right, such as Google and other High Profile IT Corporations who Assist China in Propagandizing China’s Crimes Against Humanity.

But – We Too Are To Blame . . . Just Think For An Instant of how Many Things we Buy that are Produced in China, even though we all Know that the Products are Made by Working-Day Chinese People who are all Slaves Under the Thumb of Government Totalitarianism, even the more Privileged Amongst Them.

We Know That China . . . has been Stealing our Technologies for Years, and have been Spying on our Institutions, while Creating the Circumstances to Change the Values in our Culture in Ways we Can’t Even Conceive.

I TAKE ZERO PLEASURE . . . In Reminding You – that Several weeks Ago, I wrote that the Coronavirus Virus Is Far Greater A Danger than our Government is Telling-Us. And even now, that we are beginning to Learn just How Dangerous the Virus Really is, we are still Not Being Told the Full Extent of what can Really be the Consequences.

THIS ISN’T CONJECTURE . . . We’re Now Learning that the Coronavirus is being Reported to be 20-Times Deadlier than the Common Flu, while Governments throughout the World, but Specifically our Governments (USA & Canada) have Resisted Calling the Spread of this Virus a Pandemic until Just Recently, Which Is Exactly What It Is.

And if our Governments think we Can Contain this Virus, even Though no such Vaccine Exists to Combat it, while the Chinese are Doing Only God-Knows What to TENS OF MILLIONS of People in China who are Infected – Or are in Infected Regions . . . Seemingly To No Avail – what Chance do we in North America Have to Do any Better, especially Considering the Near Monopoly China has on our Supply of Pharmaceutical Drugs?

Because of this Chinese Induced Coronavirus – All Major International Corporations Will Go, Or Have Already Gone Into Survival Mode, Starting With Airlines, Supply Chains, Travel In General, Entertainment . . . and everything else in the Wheel that Turns our Modern World.


Isn’t It Fascinating . . . How all these Decrepit Democrat Socialist Wannabes – who want to be the President of the United States of America have an Opinion On Everything, Especially on How & Why to Hate President Trump, but have Said Nothing What-So-Ever on a Virus Already in our Midst that Has the Potential to Destroy our Commerce, Life-Style & Shadow North America in Mass-Death?


More Than 2,000-Retired Members Of The Justice Department Want Barr Removed.

This Is Music To My Ears, Knowing that More than 2,000-Swamp Creatures are More Worried than just Somewhat, that the Elitist Entitled Gig that made them feel so much Superior to all the Little People who Paid for their Bureaucratic PRIVILEGE Might be Coming to an End.

There Is No Question In My MindNONE – that the Democrats, with the Worst Field of Presidential Wannabe Candidates Perhaps Ever, will Win a Great Deal of Votes in November, even though their Entire Platform is Nothing More than Hate Trump, Because the LEFT (Academia, Media, Hollywood & Bureaucrats) have done such a Fabulous Job of Propagandizing & Dumbing-Down the People.

But To No Avail . . . Trump, The Senate & The House In November.

Last Night (February 17, 2020) . . . I was able to Catch a Few Minutes of the Tucker Carlson Show on Fox News, where the Discussion was how the LEFT are Destroying American Democracy. Where Carlson said something to the Effect that Democracy in America will Cease to Exist . . . If The LEFT Gets Its Way.

Carlson Was Wrong . . . WRONG-WRONG-WRONG!

America Is Not A Democracy . . . If America was a Democracy – Hillary Clinton would be the President of the United States of America with Tim Kaine as Clinton’s Vice President. Because, In a Democracy – Majority Rules – Where Hillary Clinton Won the Majority Vote by Several Million People.

America Is A Constitutional Republic . . . Where Thugs & Mobs Don’t Get To Rule – Where the Framers Created an Election Safeguard to keep Highly Populated States from Literally Owning Election Results, By Creating The Electoral College, which the LEFT Wants to Remove from the American Constitution, because, without the Electoral College, States like California, New York & Illinois Would be More than Enough for the LEFT to Govern (Rule) America in Perpetuity.

I’ll Remind Everyone Again . . . Hitler Won The Chancellorship In A Democracy.

We are all Led to Believe by the Government, Bureaucracy, Big Business, Big Labor – Etc . . . that we are the Masters in our Own House . . . But We Are Not. Not Even Close, which has the Insiders in a Tizzy about President Donald Trump, because Donald Trump is Shaking their House in Ways No One Could have Imagined.

The Fact That Men Like George Soros, Michael Bloomberg & Several More Billionaires Are So Engaged . . . In What’s Happening Now, is because their Perfect World is being Challenged by People who Don’t Share their Vision of a One World Socialized Government, where the Ultra Privileged get to Set all the Rules & Call all the Shots.

Until Things Change . . .  The Government Does Not Work For Us – We Work For The Government.

PS – Thank You To All The People Who Contributed To Galganov.Com This Month.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Exactly Howard – Soros, Bloomberg Koch’s etc are so concerned with “What’s Happening Now, is because their Perfect World is being Challenged by People who Don’t Share their Vision” – and they are running out of life and dying off before they see the results they thought they would get in their lifetimes.

  2. That 2000+ former DOJ workers want Barr removed proves to me that he’s on the right track and is barreling down on the miscreants who populated that agency in the past. Katy, Barr the door!!

  3. Howard, those same SWAMP CREATURES were just fine with AG Eric Holder. I hope President Trump continues to keep pressure on the swamp!

  4. This is from a very pissed off Democrat who got fed up with all of the crooked Democrats and told it all as to what the Democrats was and is if they can. #1. Get rid of all guns #2. Do away with the Constitution #3. No more elections, just appointments They will never rid America of the guns, but they tried. If Hillary had been elected our Constitution would in time just be history. No more elections would let the Democrats just appoint more crooked people to steal from the working class.

  5. Hello Howard. Although you haven’t heard from me for awhile, I still follow you on your website and admire your zeal. I am more focused on the issue you talked about about concerning the Corona virus because that is what I felt from the get-go. I don’t only think that the Chinese are solely to blame, but the WHO was also guilty of total misinformation to the public and it is the public that suffers. Watch Netflix’s American Factory to see the mentality of the Chinese system. Best to Anne, Harry

  6. Doomberg has announced that he will spend $2-billion to elect a Democrat. President Trump must make the following public announcement: THE AMERICAN PEOPLE UNDERSTAND THAT THE PRESIDENCY CANNOT BE BOUGHT – IT MUST BE EARNED. This powerful statement, repeated often enough, will take the wind out of Doomberg’s sails.

  7. I do not understand or like all our dealings with China They are worse or as bad as the demonrats here i feel they gave their people that virus to get rid of the protesters and the Us buying our medicine from them is crazy ,we should be making it here. Shipping food there for them to package and send back to us is Stupid .Trump has done good things for this country but he sure has done nothing to get rid of all the GMO food we have to eat Enough to not vote for him again

  8. Finally someone who understands the difference between a Democracy and a Republic.

  9. Stay in Texas Howard. Cornwall is to receive boatload of passengers from Diamond Princess; they are to be quarantined in NavCan. The government did not warn or consult Mayor. It’s quite astounding that some people are so complacent and say it’s nothing to worry about also, Trudeau is holding a meeting to discuss the railroad barriers by the natives and said Andrew Scheer is not invited because…..he doesn’t like Andrew Scheer’s speech,. so much for Freedom of Speech from a PM.

  10. Loved your depiction of the Chinese, the people and the culture. I live in a section of Richmond BC that is 90% Chinese amongst whom a Mercedes is a low end car. Who goes to the super market in a Bentley, or even worse a Lamborgini SUV? Where did they get this outrageous wealth? Why has my governments allowed this? I have come to detest them all. Racist? Don’t think so, but if so it is only towards the Chinese. And the virus coming from “wet markets” says all one needs to know about China

  11. Spot On! If ‘retired’ DOJ attorneys want Barr to resign, I can only imagine just how long this miscarriage of justice has been going on. WAYYYYYY too long. Corrupt, evil, lying, backstabbing lawyers ALL. Our government agencies are so corrupt it will take YEARS to clean up the swamp, Trump is making the initial DENT. We need Term Limits for Elected Officials and just maybe those who have PLUSH GOV’T JOBS should have an actual REVIEW of their ‘suitability’! Go Trump Go!

  12. Gov.”Pete” addressing an Hispanic group (of voters) today. A man running for the presidency of the United States refers to AMERICA as a Democracy. Both Pete & Tucker need to be schooled! Me thinks :))

  13. Hitler Won The Chancellorship In A Democracy…..scary. Thanks for the reminder Howard.

  14. Spot on! It’s a shame that ordinary Americans don’t know their own government as well as you, a Canadian, understand the importance of the difference between a democracy and a Constitutional republic.

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