Talking Way Past The Deal


Having Values Of Common Decency Does Not Make One A Prude.

So . . . As I Wrote In My Post-Super Bowl Editorial – I Found the Half-Time Show to be Pretty-Much Pornographic . . . And I’m Not A Prude. But after Thinking a bit More about what the Performers Displayed, and the Significant Number of Comments on & Private Emails To Me . . . It Kind Of Struck Me – at How Hypocritical the Me-Too Generation Really Is.

If A Woman Does Not Want To Be Sexualized . . . Why would any Woman who is so Concerned about being Objectified, Spend Hours, Work, Cost & Physical Sacrifice to Make Herself look Sexually Appealing . . . Not That I Don’t Appreciate Seeing A Sexually Appealing Woman?

Isn’t That What Initially Attracts Most Men To Women? I Love When Anne Looks Sexy & We’re Married Going-On 47-Years.


As A Woman . . . If you Don’t Want Someone Looking at your Boobs, Don’t Wear a Top that Emphasizes, that which Attracts the Attention & Stare of Most Men. Also As A Woman . . . If you’re Aggravated that Men Look at your Ass, Don’t Wear Skin-Tight Leggings which Reveals All. Or Skirts so Short – that there’s Nothing Left to the Imagination.

If Actresses Don’t want Men like Harvey Weinstein to Really Objectify them as Sexual Objects . . . Stay-Off the Casting-Room-Couch. And Women who Want to be seen to be More than Sexual Toys . . . Stop Passionately Kissing, Fondling & Having Either Real Sex-On-Camera or a Convincing Facsimile Thereof . . . What’s The Difference These Days Between An “Actress” & A Porn Star?

And Where Does On-Camera Sex (Real Or Pretend) For Money . . . Differentiate From Prostitution?

And What Does That Say About The NFL & Parents Of Children . . . Who Promoted & Exalted A Half Time Show Of Two Beautiful & Sexual Adult Women – Throwing Nookies & Grabbing Their Respective Vagina?

The Next Time A Woman Thinks Me-Too . . . First Let Her Look In The Mirror.


I Won’t Bore-You . . . With all the Trump Achievements – Promises-Made Promises-Kept, as well as Promises Not-Made, but Accomplished Nonetheless, because, if You’re Reading this Blog . . . You Already Know.

What Really Grabs Me . . . Is How Utterly Stupid The LEFT & Democrats Really Are.

The LEFT Are So Stupid, that they Believe the Majority of Americans are Just as Stupid as they are, in as much as the American People . . . have become so Media & Academically Brainwashed . . . thinking that the People Can’t See the Difference Between having a Job and Not having a Job. Eating on Food Vouchers (Welfare) and Eating because you have a Job. Living on the Street because you don’t have a Job, or Living in a Home Because you do.

The American People can see for Themselves – that their Take-Home Pay is Growing while their Federal Taxes are Falling . . . Not To Mention That All of a Sudden – Freedom In America & American Exceptionalism are something of which to be Proud.

What The American People Are Finally Beginning To See For Themselves . . . is that the Democrats are Delivering Nothing More than Hatred & Discord Amongst the People. The Democrats Contribution has Thus Far Been . . . RESIST-RESIST-RESIST. RUSSIA- RUSSIA-RUSSIA. IMPEACH-IMPEACH-IMPEACH.

In The Final Analysis . . . The Democrats (LEFT) have Lost at every Juncture in their “Trump Hate Fest” – In Spite of Controlling the House, Bureaucracy, having the Media, Academia, Google, Facebook, Twitter, the Liberal Judicial Service, the FBI, CIA & the FISA Court System all Aligned Against President Donald J Trump.

Do You Think All That Goes Without Notice . . . To A Majority Of The American Population, who under President Trump can See & Feel for themselves how Much  Better-Off the People are Today, than they were Three & A Half Years Before?

And Then There Was The Iowa Caucus . . . What More Needs To Be Said?


This Past Week . . . The Minority Canadian Government, Led by the Liberal Party under Justin Trudeau, Decided to Invoke a New Law to Control Free Speech – in as much as Licensing, Censoring & Censuring who they Perceive to be the Legitimate Media . . . and what the Legitimate Media should be Allowed to Say & Write & Not Say or Write.

I Imagine That Blogs Like Would No Longer Be Considered Legitimate.


The Liberal Led Canadian Government Decided that they Should be the Arbiters (Judges) of what is Acceptable News and what is Not. In Other Words, they will Decide what’s Fake & what’s Real and what the People should be Allowed to Know and what the People should Not be Allowed to Know.

At The News Of This . . . I & Only God Knows How Many Others Like Me – Went To War.

I Called, Spoke To & Emailed Members Of Parliament . . . Including Cabinet Ministers, and in No Simple Terms did I Explain to these Idiots, That First They’ll Take Away My Freedoms . . . With Theirs To Follow . . .

And If They Want A Fight – They’ve Got One.

Not More Than A Couple Of Hours Later . . . The Canadian Liberal Led Government Did A 100% Backtrack. Explaining that’s Not what they had Really Intended. Bull-Shit!

If You Go Along To Get Along – You’ll Only Get What They Give You. If You Don’t Fight – You Can’t Win.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Absolutely right on as usual. Praying for the best night ever for President Trump and complete vindication tomorrow! Time to finish the draining of the swamp!

  2. Seek citizenship here and keep writing without worry about being arrested. I saw a report yesterday about a Muslim telling fellow Muslims that they are teaching their religion in our grade schools and converting them. Yet we cannot teach Christianity in our schools. This is not right and parents need to check with their schools & complain to the Federal Government.

  3. Wow! Great one Howard ! Call a spade a spade, a nut a nut and a fool a fool. Hopefully the red tide is turning and drowning out the foolish babble of the Left!

  4. My dream scenario tonight: Trump refuses to shake Pelosi’s hand. She sits there stunned in disbelief. His first words are, “It’s wonderful to be back in the great state of Maryland.” The chamber erupts in laughter. He motions to his guest in the audience, illustrious coach Andy Reid of the victorious Kansas City Chiefs. Standing ovation. Trump triumphantly enumerates the many accomplishments of his first 3 years, especially the spectacular advances of the black community. Bring on November.

  5. Congrats on fighting back & winning! We’ve done some fighting back in Virginia but so far no change in Dem Virginia legislature’s agenda. They seem to be going full blast against 2nd Amendment rights as well as pushing LGBTQ ‘rights’ in religious orgs, churches & schools. If they are open to public (as they are) they have no exemption, meaning no separation of bathrooms or sleeping arrangements if housing homeless over winter, or firing trans dressing teacher in religious school (think Baptist).

  6. When your heroes are the Chinese and Cuban gov.’s you tend to act like the leadership in Ca. is presently doing . When caught in the act , you lie, repeat the lie long enough and it’s fact. And no, the general population has not picked up on it, they love it.

  7. What I don’t understand about this law the turdgrope fiberals wanted to create, where are the Conservatives? Can’t say where is the rest, the dippers, the greens and the block are probably in bed with turdgrope and again the fake news lamestream media, you know the ones that should be silenced what did they say on air, crickets !!!! Like in the U.S.A., Canada is also onthe verge of civil war and it won’t be pretty.

  8. I too thought the Super Bowl halftime show was pornographic. The hypocrisy is glaring.

  9. I am ashamed that the half-time show had to be so raunchy. I agree that there were a lot of young kids watching this, looking forward to the flashing lights and music. Little did they know that they were watching a pornographic show. They say the J-Lo had her daughter dancing up there with her. What an example!! Dems can’t even run a caucus, how are they going to run anything else, let alone our country? I feel sorry for you Canadians. Both of my parents came from there and would be apalle

  10. I just wonder if the backing off of “Freedom of Speech” by the Liberals , is just a form of propaganda to firstly initiate and then to back off to let Canadians think that they are a different party now.

  11. Thank you for a brilliant contribution to sanity. Mysterious ways…. We are observing the true Hussein Obama & Clinton “legacy”. Total chaos. Perennial sabotage attempts. Corruption… Those two are worse than the virus. Iowa’s debacle comming in synch with the Pelosi band crude attempt at another coup are the true Obama/Clinton legacy.

  12. Recently I was in the hospital for a week and during the stay two muslim women got into the room and injected poison into my veins. Luckily I found out and called for help and the staff saved me . Do you think the hospital would do anything? They are afraid of their reputation so would not do anything, neither would the police or even the press touch it. What is happening here?

  13. Another home run! Thanks for the article – turned on the tv sometime during the 1st quarter – when it came to half time, I changed the channel – would not subject myself or my wife to what I could tell was not going to be a moral half time from the ads – thanks for standing up Howard and speaking truth on the whole issue of double-talk – as far as Trump – thanks for the support – I rode in Bikers for Trump – stood In line 4 hours to be at the inauguration – with him at March for Life – action –

  14. Good Read. If you watched President Trump last night in the SOTU, you understand the HATE of the Left. They sat as stolic Ugly, people instead of the folks that were elected to work For this country. The President and his Staff have moved the needle so much while having a total lack of support from the LIB Game Players. Old Nancy showed her true self when she ripped up a copy of his speech at the end, time to go away lady back to the Bay Area that is in total disfunction, help you nephew.

  15. Best ever SOTU speech, very emotional moments as Trump recognised real people. Disgraceful Pelosi tantrum tearing the speech papers, miserable deplorable Dems with rocks in their pants. Why don’t the Generals or Judges ever applaud? Pretty disgusting 1/2 time NFL show, nothing left to the imagination. Is IOWA the forerunner to how the Dems couldn’t manage the government if they ever get the chance. Hope there is a Trump in the wings after 2024. Collins acquits Pres. You’re a real man Howard (:>)

  16. Nancy Pelosi looked like an idiot; oh wait! She is an idiot! If I were an American I would want to kick her on the backside (with a frozen boot!)

  17. Howard, you said it all! You expressed exactly how I feel about your topics. The ME TOO movement is sooo HYPOCRITICAL! They’re another PROGRESSIVE group who LOVE to PREACH, but don’t PRACTICE what they DO PREACH! The NFL show was completely DISGUSTING! All it did was to PROMOTE SEX! It certainly was NOT a good ROLE MODEL for kids! People wonder WHY kids become IMMORAL & DISRESPECTFUL! Remember Sodom & Gomorrha? Although differently, it will happen again because GOD is getting very ANGRY! AMEN!

  18. Again, right on. You expressed my sentiments in the sex display and the morbid display of the democrats. Keep it up!!!

  19. You forgot the children in cages was a slam on Trump’s border policies. The half time show was disrespect & a disgrace!!

  20. President Trump has created a new paradigm that allows citizens to see that government can work, if it has the commitment to make it happen. Political candidates have been lying for decades to get in office only to renege on their promises. Enough is enough. Hopefully, the citizens maintain the momentum and ignore the complacency to keep our Republic great! G-d bless America and G-d bless President Trump and pray for his success and safety of him and his family.

  21. Watched Nancy tear up Trumps speech and was agast by it. If she was smart she would have saved it complimented Trump and asked him to sign it because she wanted to give it to a grandchild as a memento. I gave my grandkids a paper of when Kennedy was killed, she has a lot of class, too bad it is all 3rd.

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