The Sham Of All Shams – The Grifter-Man Cometh


The Democrats Are Delivering A Performance Worthy Of An Award Winner, Based Upon Fiction & A Script Void Of Facts, While The Republicans Are Responding With Facts Devoid Of Theatrics.

Trouble Is . . . The World of Academia and the Media have so Dumbed-Down the People, that what the People Want are Not the Facts, but Rather, a “Show” – Replete with Theater & Drama –Truth Be Damned!

This Whole Impeachment Sham Is So Demented . . . There’s No Way To Justify Its Existence.

Anne & I have been Married for Going-On 47-Years (May 1, 1973) . . . And Guess What? Whether in Canada where we’re Citizens, or the United States of America where we’re Not . . . Anne & I Have Executive Privilege – from Legal Jurisdiction & Jeopardy, in as much as, We Cannot Be Forced To Testify One Against The Other.

So . . . Let Me Ask You This – What is More Important to a Nation, that a Husband and a Wife Cannot be Forced to Testify Against Each Other, or be Called as a Witness to Testify Against Each Other . . . OR – For the President of the United States of America to be Protected From Having his “Inside Confidants” Forced to Testify For or Against Him?

Or How About A Most Trusted Confident, One who has First-Hand Knowledge of the Deepest Secrets Held by the President of the United States of America . . . Should He or She be Allowed to Voluntarily Testify Against the President of the United States of America – Or Write A Tell-All Book About It?

And . . . If Private Conversations & Exchanges of Developing Ideas, Anger & Disappointments of the President of the United States of America can be Made Public by Confidants of the President of the United States of America, Then Why Not Private Conversations Between An Attorney & His Or Her Client?

And if Such Conversations Can be Made Public by Confidants of the President of the United States of America . . . How can the President of the United States of America ever be Trusted by any World Leader to a Private Conversation or Negotiation?

Anne & I Are Constantly Together. We Discuss Everything from our Finances, Political & Social Proclivities and everything else under the Sun Including the Weather. We discuss People we Know, and People we Presume to Know through the Media & Through what these People Do, Say & Write.

And from our Conversations we say all kinds of things. For many of which, I use Four Letter Words. And I say some Pretty Disparaging things about People I Personally Know & People I Only know from what they Say, Write & Do . . . Things I would never Discuss Outside of my Relationship with Anne, Let Alone with Causal Friends, Neighbors or Especially with Strangers.

I wouldn’t even Pretend to Tell You what I Really Say To Anne about People like Nancy Pelosi, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Chuck Schumer, Gerry Nadler, Adam Schiff, Mitt Romney, Susan Collins and the List Goes On & On, because what I Talk to Anne About these People, and what I Write & Say to You About these People . . . Are Worlds Apart In How I Say Them.

SO . . . If The President Of The United States Of America . . . Cannot Opine to his Closest Intimates, being those People he Personally Chooses to Surround Himself With, with Whom he could Discuss his Thoughts, Opinions, Likes, Dislikes – ETC . . . With Whom then can the President of the United States Discuss all Options for the Benefit of the People of the United States of America . . . IN CONFIDENCE?


Imagine . . . Anne & I have More Protection of Immunity for Each Other Against Testimony Under the Law in Canada and in the United States of America, where we are Not Citizens (Americans), than the Democrats, RINOS (Romney & Susan Collins) & Media Accord to the President of the United States of America.

If President Trump Is Indeed “Guilty” . . . of everything the LEFT & Republican Never Trumpers, who are Republican Snakes in the Grass – Is 100% True . . . SO WHAT?

I Wish That We In Canada . . . Had a National Leader (Prime Minister) Like President Trump, Who Would Put Canada First, and would go after all the Politicians & Bureaucrats who Used, Misused & Abused their Political Position(s) of Influence to Enrich Themselves, Relatives & Friends.

I Wish We In Canada . . . Had a National Leader (Prime Minister) who Didn’t throw Around our Tax Dollars to Kiss the Ass of Leaders of Foreign Governments, in Order to Make (In This Case) Himself Big Man On Campus Abroad, while People in Canada, Especially so Many of the Elderly & Children – Have To Do Without.


On Some Days . . . I See A Light At The End Of The Tunnel. On Other Days, The Light At The End Of The Tunnel Is An Oncoming Train.

I Keep Hearing From the Democrat Primary Candidates, who are Vying for the Leadership of the Democrat Party, and from the Mouths of the LEFTIST Media, how America has become so Divided, and how it’s Become CRUCIAL to End The Divide, as if this is all President Donald Trump’s Fault . . . While These Phonies Stir The Pot Of Division.


This Great Divide Which Has The LEFT So Concerned . . . Started Long Before Donald Trump – as the Democrats, RINOS, “News” Media, Hollywood, Music Entertainment Industry, Television, Big Business, Big Labor, Academia . . . Etc – Especially with the Election of Barack Hussein Obama . . . Can Take 100% Responsibility For The Coming Whirlwind The Left Has Reaped.

Let Me Make This Abundantly Clear . . . All The LEFT Will Be Responsible For The Mayhem They’ve Created.


This Isn’t Reality TV. It’s Not A Hollywood Movie. It’s Not Fictional Television. What’s Happening Is Far More Like The Movie Called Network, When The Protagonist (Howard Beale) Yelled . . . “I’m As Mad As Hell & I’m Not Going To Take This Anymore!”

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Excellent analysis as usual. The Demorrhoids are guilty of fomenting an insurrection against a duly elected president. The compliant media, which are actually the propaganda arm of the Democrats, stand between the Party of Treason and the justice they deserve. If witnesses are called, I hope Schiff, Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler and the other anti-American scumbags, including Obama, are forced to testify. The revelations may finally deliver us from the fascist Dems.

  2. Howard – I wish I had more friends like you who speak the unvarnished truth. I for the most part cannot stand to watch or listen to mainstream news; it is too disgusting and self-aggrandizing for the so-called news analysts or reporters. I read and ingest what you send us, and let it percolate and as I do so, I can only imagine what the future may bring to us in these United States. I know what I want and it is definitely in line with your views. Thank you again, so much.

  3. Some days I’m optimistic about where America is heading – other days I can’t for the life of me see how we are going to pull ourselves out of this mess. President Trump is my beacon of hope for America’s survival – I wish the Dems sitting in the Senate Chambers could see it. The Dem’s rationalization of wrong to right is astounding! Alan Dershowitz was awesome last night! How anyone could hear him speak on the Constitution and not vote for acquittal, I can’t fathom. God Bless America!

  4. I believe GOD has a sense of humor and keeps everyone guessing about what comes next–but is completely in charge! America needs this trial and all this agony to meet HIS ends!

  5. The Repub managers were light-years ahead in FACTS and presentation-exposing all the lies and hypocrisy of the Dumbocrats. The Dems have such an investment in their hate/rage/anger they can’t recognize TRUTH when it stands naked before them!! “Schiffylis” should be sent to a hard labor farm and work with the cow’s dung since that is what he seems to be most comfortable with!!! GO TRUMP!!!

  6. It isn’t easy living through all this mess; it is definitely a ‘teeth-grinder’. But when we look back on it, God willing, it will be with a sigh of relief. For that outcome I pray.

  7. Let’s call it for what it is really. A COUP D’ÉTAT !!!! You should have listened to Mark Levin on his show Life Liberty & Levin. Like you, he nails it every time, so does Hannity, Tucker Carlson & Judge Jeanine Pirro. I don’t know where else I would get the truth and the whole truth if it wasn’t for you and the 4 FOX News persons I named. Keep on trucking and the truth will eventually come out. Can’t wait for the Barr and Durham reports and indictments plus criminal charges I hope will come !!!!

  8. Excellent case made Howard and nice rant! I FEEL your passion…love that. Cheers Mate…I have my ballot ready to vote “T” = 2

  9. I have had a great dislike of all Dimwits since LJB’s presidency. They have lied for decades & have lead this nation to ruin. I am amazed at Dershowitz & his speech. He has really “turned around” with this whole debacle! Once he really realized that Obummer was an admirer of Farrakhan, Dershowitz did a complete 160. He finally truly realized that Obummer was anti-semitic. Nobody can tell me any different, either.I know that he is still a Dimwit but I believe it is with great caution, now.

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