Are You Ready To Say “Uncle” Yet?


If I Were To Write . . . That I Heard Enough of this Impeachment Travesty, I would be Lying to all the People who Read – Because . . . Not only have I heard Enough of this Massive Distortion of Facts & Truth . . . I’ve Already Heard Far Too Much.

I Don’t Need someone from the Right to tell me that Adam Schiff is Dishonest, since I can See & Hear it Entirely on my own. Schiff Is A Self-Proven Shameless Liar.

Political Lying – like Any Lying Is Wrong . . . but it is One Thing to Lie about Political Issues to a Soft-Brained Audience, considering how little Regard I Already have for the Intelligence of the Average Voter (Canada and the USA) . . . But Convincing the Voting Public – that it is ESSENTIAL to Remove President Trump from Office, for Whom More than 60-Million Free-Minded Americans Voted, BECAUSE . . . America Cannot Take The Chance That Donald Trump Can Be Elected Again Is Mind Boggling.

The Moment These Words Were Uttered Through The Lips Of Adam Schiff . . . Senate Leader Mitch McConnell and/or Chief Justice John Roberts should have Suspended the Senate Impeachment Hearings & Voted Immediately to have Adam Schiff Censured & Removed from the Impeachment Trial.


For Adam Schiff, To State that the People of the United States of America CANNOT be Trusted to Vote in the Next General Election, Because they Might Vote for a Candidate (Trump) the Democrats Don’t Like . . . Is As Un-American As It Gets.

I’m Watching A Snippet Of The Talking-Heads On Fox News . . . as this Disgraceful Display of Partisan Un-Americanism Continues, while I’m Writing this Editorial. And what I’m Hearing from the Fox News Analysts is Disturbing, since they are all Trying to Appear to be the Smartest Judicial/Political Philosophers in the Room.

Based On Schiff’s Belief – that the American People Cannot be TRUSTED to Vote for the Candidate of their Choice, seems Not to Shake the Pundits . . . It Appears to me, that the Geniuses of Fox News, also Believe that the People Watching them are also Not Smart Enough to Come to their Own Conclusions. Otherwise – There would have been Outrage Throughout the Pundits of Fox – ALL THE PUNDITS.

What A Farce That These Fox News “Entertainers” Consider Themselves Journalists.


I Saw & Listened To Hours & Hours Of This Impeachment Debacle & Came Away With The Following . . .

The Impeachers . . . are Collectively & Repeatedly Vomiting-Up the same Bullshit for the Cameras in as Many Formats as they Possibly Can . . . PERIOD!

And The Media’s Soaking This Up For Every Ratings-Point It Can Get. So Who Isn’t Being Considered By Any Of This?

YOU . . . You The People Are Not Considered For Any Of It, because, if you were, None of this would be Happening, given the Fact that in Less Than 10-Months, all Eligible And Ineligible Voters in States which Believe the Constitution and the Rights of REAL AMERICAN CITIZENS are Mere Suggestions . . . Will Themselves Decide Who Will Be The Nation’s President.

This Entire Fiasco Is An Insult . . . to the Framers of the United States Constitution, and all the Men & Women who Paid an Exorbitant Price in Blood & Treasure to Create a Country Unlike any Other Country that has Ever Been. It is also a Slap-In-The-Face to the 63-Million Americans who Legitimately Voted in November 2016 for Donald Trump.

I’ve Heard A Whole Bunch of Times on Fox News, and have Read Amongst a Litany of Printed Sources – that the Numbers of Viewers who are Watching this Impeachment Disgrace are Nothing which the Networks had Hoped-For . . . SO WHAT’S THE PURPOSE?

If The Purpose Of This Joke . . . Was to use this Enormous Volume of Time & Financial Cost to Somehow Load the 2020 General Election Away from President Trump and the Republican Party . . . The LEFT Have Achieved Just The Opposite.

I Can Tell You This . . . Everything Which The Democrats & Compliant Media Has Done, Will Come Back & Bite Them In The Ass Big Time – In Spite of what the Less than Brilliant Pundits Proclaim – In A Way The Democrats Will Not Survive.

And I’m Pissed . . . I’m Pissed to be Writing About this, since there are Incredible Events Happening, Good & Bad – all over the World, which are Real & Important & Need to be Discussed. But this BS is Sucking all the Oxygen Right Out of the Room.

In The Meantime . . . The World According To “Trump” – Is Moving Onwards & Upwards.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The entire impeachment process, in fact the whole Russian collusion farce and every attempt, report and accusation by the democrats and the media against Donald Trump, has been for the sole purpose of discrediting him and removing him from office. The last 4 years of attacks have been nothing but a waste of money, energy and time, and a complete disregard of the American people. instead of getting behind Trump and making things great for all, they choose to treat their nation with vile contempt.

  2. If the Senate should shamefully convict President Trump of these insanely bogus charges, I can still write in his name on the ballot this November.

  3. Your points are well expressed. Thank you for summarizing all this and keeping calm. The best part, of such a negative show, is the lessons we learn. That God is in control – not political folks, or anyone else. If we get too upset with all this man-made carnival, that is just how the enemy would have us respond. On our knees, in prayer to the Almighty, to give strength to our President, and those who surround him and protect him, is very necessary. Bless you, Howard, for your compassion.

  4. Greetings: Adam Schiff’s hours in front of the Senate cameras were described as dazzling & a tour de force by fellow Democrats & partisan left wing media. As Schiff relentlessly grinds on & on about the numerous “undeniable” facts that the President “PUT HIMSELF FIRST”, why does anybody find THAT so SURPRISING? From the beginning Trump said he was putting AMERICA FIRST. THAT means putting EACH American FIRST. It ALSO means putting the PRESIDENT FIRST… & THAT’S just fine with me! TRUMP 2020!

  5. If this is a measure of the level of our current day,”guiding Fathers,…….all I can say is I am petrified at our future!!! I’ve been to better “food fights” than this “herd” of idiots pretending to “Know their history, knowledge and ESSENCE of our Constitution!! Trump is indeed both cognizent and aware of the “stakes” in this Poker game,…and As a poker player I’d never call his bluff!!! Would you???

  6. ALL of the Dimwits are nothing more than putzes!!! All I am hearing is a lot of babbling and nothing more. We have already had several months when all this B/S was going through the US House of Reps, so it is simply noise and more noise. I even stopped watching the Circus Show today. I am fully disgusted and can’t believe that these bastards keep on, keeping on about B/S!!!

  7. We are not stupid and these clowns are fooling no one. Trump will win in a landslide, but we have to get off our hands and elect Republican house representatives. We cannot watch Pelosi and her ilk for one more second!! They are trying to destroy our country.

  8. Howard, when you listen to FOX News, stick to only Sean Hannity,Tucker Carlson, Judge Jeanine Pirro and especially Mark Levin. The rest are like what we call them in Canada, red tories. I’ll say it again, everything that the demon rats have accused President Donald Trump of the so-called crimes that he did not commit, those crimes were committed by the demon rats. Still too many low information voters out there that will still vote demon rats just like here where they vote fiberal or dipper !!!!

  9. I say WTF to what Adam the liar said. He shows how corrupt and single minded the Dems are. Get the President Out as he is stepping on our Right to Destroy the US. He is digging into the very foundation of our ability to get rich while “Serving Ourselves” while in office. Both parties are a disgrace in my eyes, been there too long. Term Limits is the answer. 12 years or until we catch them with their hand in the cookie jar. Then prison for their crime of lying and stealing.

  10. I am 67 years old, as a child I was ALWAYS Taught and Expected to Think for myself! Even when Wrong, shown wrong, I learned even more. My wife and I raised our 5 children the same, (Home Schooling Helped) think for yourself. Remember when “everyone was doin it” cliche’? what was the come back? So if everyone jumped off the bridge, would you?! Today, many want to be lead by the hand or by the hook in their nose’s!That way they can boast of not having the responsibility if / when Wrong! Pathetic!

  11. There is also the comment by the majority leader in The House, Steny Hoyer, “Donald Trump had the chance to PROVE HIS INNOCENCE in House hearings” Under the US Constitution one is not required to prove innocence the prosecution must prove guilt.

  12. “Shifty Schiff” & his cohorts are TRAITORS and should suffer its respective PUNISHMENT! The IMPEACHERS are a BUNCH of CLOWNS who are performing in the BIGGEST CIRCUS which has ever been held! They are so BUSY performing their same old ACTS that people are just plain FED UP with them. Thank You, Democrats, for PROMOTING & ASSURING more votes for Pres. Trump in November! Agree that some of the FOX NEWS Analysts pretend to be EXPERTS when reporting re: the impeachment process. GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  13. The purpose is to flip the senant in order to stop Trump putting conservatives in and a replacement for Ginsburg.

  14. I agree with the man from Quebec. I watch Mark Levin every chance I get. He is very knowledgable about the constitution and the duties of both the House and Senate. He points out what should be done with Schiff and his followers. Seems the media is getting worse and worse. They are not journalists for sure! If they really had to WORK at their job, they might even find out the truth. They are all disgusting.

  15. You are completely correct. McConnell & Roberts should have stop them but they are part of the swamp. The House & Senate has gotten rich by inside trading and using their children to get richer, & richer!! They all of dirt on their hands and I just emailed my Senator and told him if he does not stand up for our president he would get voted out. I would make sure of it!! God bless US & Canada!! We got a raise on our Social Security but they raise our cost on Medicare so it is a wash! Thank you DC

  16. I sincerely feel that the Dems have demonstrated to the majority of Americans that they are not fit to govern. The “True American” voter also is not fooled by the disgraceful performance of the RINOs. All of these treasonous scumbags are encouraged, and protected by the filthy media.

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