“The Land Of The Free & The Home Of The Brave”


There’s So Much Happening Everywhere In The World, I didn’t Know where to begin, vis a vis Writing an Editorial, because each Event Happening Locally & Globally is Exclusive from One to the Other . . . But Are Nonetheless All Tied-Together.

What’s Happening to the Jewish Community Worldwide is Terrifying . . . And it should be, because this Level of Anti-Semitism is a Harbinger of a Much Greater Evil to Come.

The Fact that Russia, China & Iran are Having Joint Military Naval Exercises is Plenty of Reason to Worry.

That Iran is Exploiting Civil War throughout the Middle East & North Africa . . . and is Fomenting Serious Disruption in Central & South America, should be of Plenty Concern to all Freedom Loving Nations.

On November 18, 1956 – Khrushchev Said About America & Capitalism . . . “Whether You Like It Or Not, History Is On Our Side. We Will Bury You”!

The President of the United States at that time was WWII Supreme Commander, Dwight D Eisenhauer, who led the World’s Troops to Ultimate Victory over the Germans. Khrushchev Was Not Going To Screw With “Ike”.

What Khrushchev Meant – was not WWIII. Khrushchev also Didn’t mean Nuclear War with the United States of America. What Khrushchev Meant, Was that Communism will Insert Itself into the American Psyche, just as it is Written as Part of the Communist Manifesto . . . where the “Proletariat” (Domestic Working Class) will Defeat the Domestic Capitalist Class, which Today, Generations after Khrushchev’s Statement . . . This Prediction is Bearing Fruit from the Poison Tree Of Academia.

Also . . . As Part of the Communist Manifesto – It is Stated that Once the Rubicon is Close to being Crossed, the Time for a Violent Take-Over According To The Manifesto . . . is Upon the Working Class.

That the Democrat Party has Morphed into what Khrushchev Stated Several Generations Ago . . . That The Communist Manifesto Is Upon The People Of The United States Of America . . . Should Be An Immediate & Extreme Call To Arms.


In 1814 – Francis Scott Key Wrote . . . the Iconic Words, which are Literally Sung Before all American Occurrences, Major & Minor – As the Stars & Stripes Hangs in National Reverence – Heard & Displayed at NASCAR, Rodeos, before Literally all Highschool Football Games . . . To All National Events.

Only Ingrates & Pricks Like Kaepernick Take A Knee.

The American National Anthem . . . is So-Well-Known & Revered in most Places of the World, that People from other Nations, either know all the Words, Most of the Words, or some of the Words.

Even In Hong Kong . . . As the People there are Fighting for their Freedoms against the Communist Chinese Juggernaut, they Wave the Stars & Stripes & Sing the American National Anthem.

SO . . . If People in Hong Kong and other People Globally, can Recognize the Supremacy of the American Flag & American National Anthem . . . Why Can’t Millions Upon Millions Of Americans See It Too?

Why Do the Likes of Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, Schiff, Cortez, Omar, Tlaib and the Army of other LEFTISTS (Democrats) Pretend to Love America, while they do all they can to Undermine the Elected President of the United States of America, while President Trump Seems to be Doing Everything Within His Power to Make America as Safe, Secure & Great as it Can Be?

Are the LEFTISTS (Democrats) so Hate-Filled against someone who is not a Politician, which the People Elected, that they would be WILLING TO DESTROY the Fabric of the American Dream & Usurp the American Constitution, just so as Not to Lose their own Personal Power & Socialist Dream of a One World Government?

I Believe The Answer To That Question . . . Is Absolutely YES!

I Will Never Forget The Obama Apology Tour(s), Apologizing to the World, Enemies Included . . . Such as on April 9, 2009, while In Paris France, Where Many Tens Of Thousands Of American Servicemen Died Liberating France, Just in WWII Alone – Obama Said . . .

“There Have Been Times Where America Has Shown Arrogance & Been Dismissive, Even Derisive”. For which Obama’s American Acolytes Cheered.

I Distinctly Remember Obama Telling the World . . . “That America Was Not An Exceptional Country“ . . . Again Cheered-On by Obama Sycophants, who would Sooner See their Country Derided by America’s Own President, than Hear the American President Repeatedly State that America is the Greatest Country that Ever Was, and as Long as He’s President, It Will Always Be America First.

It’s All Coming To A Head . . . The World is about to Explode. Europe (The EU) is a Fraud soon to be Terminated by its Own Bloated Bureaucratic Irrelevance. The United Nations, much like its Predecessor – The League Of Nations, which America Refused to Join, even at the Urging of Socialist American President Woodrow Wilson, is also Irrelevant . . . only as a Debating Forum for People & Countries of Little Value & Ill Repute.

The Socio/Political Judgement Day Will Soon Be Upon Us, as the Global LEFTIST’S Rush  to a One World Order, which has Supplanted National & Religious Values.

When A Murdering Bastard . . . the Likes of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani, who was the Equivalent of Nazi General & Head of the Gestapo . . . Hermann Goring, is Somehow Eulogized by American Politicians & Media – The Only Question To Be Asked . . . Is How Mentally Deranged Has Much Of America Become?

For the Democrats (Pelosi & Schumer) to Look at the Actions of the President of the United States, who Gave a Green Light for the Assassination of a Murderer of Americans & Defiler & Genocidal Actor of Humanity, As A Presidential War Crime . . . Is Beyond Definition & Surpasses The Pale.

With Every Passing Day & Event . . . The Growing Divide Between Patriots & Socialists (Communists) are Forcing People who Generally Don’t Pay that much Attention to Socio/Political Facts, to take Notice between the Good of Freedom & the Evil of Communism, to where President Trump will Win a Substantial Re-Election, with a Robust Conservative Senate, and a Reconstituted Conservative House . . . To The Extreme Detriment Of Anti-American Americans.

And As The LEFT Attempts A Violent Revolution, Which I Assume They Are Stupid Enough To Try . . . The Cost To The LEFT Will Be Supreme . . . And America & The World Will Get Back To Our National Order.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, you are spot on, as usual. I just do not understand the leftists who would rather see their nation fall or suffer than give credit to President Trump for anything positive. I served 36 years in the US Army, and I will stand and fight if it comes down to it. Those who deride our nation , President, and way of life need to just leave – go somewhere that matches their ideals. In the words of the immortal Merle Haggard “if you don’t love it, leave it”. I appreciate you. Thanks! Jeff

  2. Though I’m far past prime warrior age, I am ready to stand in defense of the American way and everything it stands for.

  3. Even if DRONES are now being used more often, BRING BACK THE DRAFT! FIRST, it will train our SPOILED youth to become more DISCIPLINED & APPRECIATIVE of what our SOLDIERS have done for us. REALITY would set in for them regarding the meaning of PATRIOTS vs. SOCIALISTS. SECOND, like past years, those who want to ESCAPE the DRAFT will move to another country. THIRD, the ILLEGALS would also LEAVE our Country in FEAR of being DRAFTED where their ILLEGAL STATUS would be exposed. GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  4. Just read where Pelosi wants to declare a resolution that President Trumps action was a WAR CRIME. Need to clean the HOUSE first.

  5. I have come to learn, that there is at times, those outside the box can see more clearly that which is going on inside the box!

  6. Your figures are wrong on American deaths liberating France but I get your point

  7. To reply to the comment of Pauline M Demers, you know where the draft doggers will go, CANADA for most of them. NNNNOOOO !!!! We don’t want them and we don’t need more SJW’s in our mist, we have enough here. Without going to nuclear war, the Americans have the MOAB, the Mother Of All Bombs with the resulting explosion of 11 tons TNT (46 GJ). iran will lose it’s 15 oil refineries and more.

  8. Howard, The, R.C.M.P , the Military and the Canadian government remained dormant while Hezbollah sympathizers rioted in the streets of Canadian cities. It would have been so simple to arrest, profile and deport those terrorists, back to the hellhole they came from and rid Canada of their ilk. They self identified, yet absolutely no action from our security. Oh Canada, I can’t stand for thee. Is that what our Federal Government is all about?

  9. Howard: I hope and pray that your editorial themes are correct; but alas I fear that the tentacles of leftism, progressivism, liberalism, and the “swamp” are now so deeply ingrained in our so-called democratic societies, educational systems, medias, and our daily lives that future voting patterns will progressively overwhelm us. Illegals and Anchor babies are welcome; Jihad and Sharia are openly embraced; Fiscal irresponsibility is rampant; Justice and Morality are empty concepts. Quo Vadis? AEN

  10. You are spot on as usual. Before we can move forward, Washington must be cleaned up. Term limits as there are too many Libs, Rinos and general idiots there. I am for the Draft, just like Isreal. Every 18 year old should serve two years for our country there are many Non Combat jobs. No exceptions, rich, poor, everyone. Start the national Death Penalty, our prisons are full of Multi convicted. 3 strikes and out for felonies. All displayed on Public TV and in schools, be a great education tool.

  11. I wish all Americans had the fervor, patriotism and willingness to fight for liberties and freedom like you do Thank you Howard for standing with USA. God bless you.

  12. The left is hate filled, so right and unless us conservatives get off our asses and fight we will be lost !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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