Shining A Light & Waving Flags Of Freedom


By Unbelievable Demand . . . Here Is The Photo Of Our Texas Chanukiah & Flags Of Freedom Flying:


What a Wonderful Few Days – Yesterday (December 22) was the First Night of Chanukah . . . Which Commemorated The Second Century’s (BC) Successful Life or Death Fight for The Freedom of the Jewish People Against Overwhelming & Formidable Forces.

Between Comments & Emails From Readers . . . For Me To Publish A Picture Of The Chanukkiah & Flags Of Freedom – Here It Is.

Tomorrow (December 24th) Is the Day the Light of my Life was Born 69-Years Ago, who is as Beautiful Today as the Day we Married more than 46-Years Ago. And as Anne & I Grow Older Together . . .  It Only Gets Better.

In 2-Days . . . It Is Estimated That As Many As 2.5-Billion Christians will Celebrate the Birth of their Savior Jesus Christ, with Christ’s Message of Peace & Harmony For All Mankind – Anne & I Wish All Our Christian Friends A Most Deserved Merry Christmas.


The Inquisitors Weren’t An Aberration. Neither Were The Nazis. Neither Were The Communists. Neither Are The Islamists. Nor Are The Globalists . . . Evil Is Everywhere!

If Ever There was A Time To Celebrate . . . That Time Might Be Now, as the Forces of Light & Freedom are Beginning to do Battle Against  the Socialist Hordes Worldwide, in their Socialist Attempt to Create what they Believe would be a Communist Utopia, with a One World Government, which in Essence, would be a Draconian Dystopian Society Akin to what was Written some 70-Years Ago by George Orwell . . . In His Epic Novel 1984.

BUT FINALLY . . . We’re Fighting Back. President Trump will be Re-Elected. The Senate will Stay in Republican Hands. The House will Flip Back to the Republicans, and the RINOS will Either Shut-Up or Get-The-Hell-Out.

Britain Elected A Real Conservative . . . Who has Told the LEFTIST European Union where they Can Shove their One World Government, as Boris Johnson is on the Cusp of Formulating what will Probably be the Greatest Free/Fair Trade Deal in Britain’s History, with the United States of America or Any Country.

Australia Has Gone Conservative, Canada Re-Elected Trudeau to a Minority Liberal Government, but the Canadian Conservatives are in the Process of Choosing a New Leader, which will Most Probably Usher-In . . . SOONER RATHER THAN LATER, a Conservative Majority.

Israel is in the Throes of its Third Election in Less than a Year, as Liberals try to Prove their Phony Conservative Credentials, and the Israeli Courts are Trying to Usurp the Will of the People . . . But The People Of Israel Won’t Be Fooled.

And All Around The Globe . . . Conservatives are Beginning to Show their Teeth, as the LEFT shows their Desperation.  The Fight Is Millennial – Thousands of Years In-The-Making Between Good & Evil . . . To some this Battle is Spiritual, to me It’s a Never-Ending Contest for the Survival of Freedom.


If You Believe In God . . . Then Believe This – God Gave Humanity the Intelligence & Ability to See the Difference Between Good & Evil, and the Wherewithal to Fight the Axis of Darkness – Therefore, it is up to Us & Us Alone to Vanquish Evil as the Allies of Light & Never Assume that Evil will Relent or Vanish, because Evil Comes in Many Guises, and Waits in the Shadows for us to Become Weak & Apathetic.

And If You Don’t Believe In God . . . Then Believe In What You Perceive To Be Real.

Our Turn Is Now!

Merry Christmas/Happy Chanukah . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. A fantastic article – as we all face 2020 – May it be with optimistic determination to not lie down and take it easy or quit. My uncle told me when I was a teenager – we get a guy staggering in a fight – hit harder and be relentless take him on out! May it be us in 2020

  2. Thanks for sharing the picture of the flags. It gave me goose bumps. God bless those fighting for our freedom.

  3. On a lighter note: Someone I know was complaining, something must be wrong with Trump’s eyesight. I said ,”don’t worry, I said, he has 2020″—–Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah

  4. I will share this on facebook to my friends only. I don’t have a public page, too dangerous. Super right on the nose again Howard, thanks for the picture and again Happy Chanukah, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and last but not the least, Happy Birthday to Anne. By the way, has Jack Benny rule goes, men don’t get older than 39 and women to get older than 29, so Happy 29th Birthday, Anne.

  5. Thank You Howard. Happy Chanukah and Merry Christmas to You and Ann. May God protect you guys in your Travels. God, Family Country. TRUMP 2020 OooRah

  6. Howard, Blessings and peace to you my friend. Well said and I sense you have more peace in you as you wrote this. I am happy for you to find rest in this season of faith. I am of your kind and have my more upset moments than needed with all the negative media moments and political chaos. I too find rest in remembering and worshiping the Creator God that has our backs. Happy Chanukah and happy birthday to your bride!

  7. You Vote In Communism , Gunfire is required to Get You Out Of It . Obviously a lesson the Free World seems to have Forgotten.

  8. The Sun is shining on three beautiful symbols. I can’t think of a better omen for this Special Time of year and the upcoming New Year. Shalom to all and a Merry Christmas as well. AND a HAPPY Birthday to Anne. Bikerly and Brotherly Huggses to both of you. Andy Bikerl

  9. Thanks for sharing the photo of the flags. Thanks also for reminding us of the Jewish history in your previous blog. God Bless and may your and your wife have a Happy Chunukah/Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year.

  10. The only thing in the world that I am envious of, is a happily married couple. Although I envy you, I also am so proud of anyone who has a good marriage, and wish the both of you continued happiness and blessings from our God. I feel like I know you and Anne so well through your blogs. Have a wonderful holiday and am glad you are in the States for awhile, enjoy every minute of it.

  11. Anne Those of us born in December are considered free-spirited and intelligent. We love to travel and are always learning something new. We love excitement and we don’t mind that are birth month is filled with holidays-more reason to celebrate. Thanks for sharing the flags. Billiie

  12. I pray you and your family have a wonderful Christmas, a Channukah filled with Light and Joy, and a happy, healthy and prosperous 2020. I am a relatively new reader and have greatly enjoyed your writings and your conservative point of view. Finally, knowing you are Canadian, May God Save the Queen and may he Bless President Trump.

  13. Happy birthday Annie may all your days be filled with love and a blessed life. You are a lucky man to have such a wife Howard.

  14. Wonderful article , we stand beside you in your thoughts / beliefs & desire to always be ”Free ” yet responsible for our actions , and use common sense in all decisions , especially now in this on going turmoil with the dumb & dumber in ” Both ” the U.S.A. & Canada .May your Holiday Season be full of Happiness & Joy ! The Flags are a ”Beautiful ” reminder of what ” We ” believe in . Cheers from north of the border Kent & Joni Wyles , Vananda , B.C. Canada

  15. For the first time in a long time, I’m going to go to bed tonight feeling hopeful. You did that with this editorial. Just wanted to take a few moments to thank you being such a dedicated and prolific writer, for sharing your sage opinions, and speaking to us readers in a way to get us thinking outside the straight lines. Thank you for loving our country and Canada and God and Trump and appreciating your wife Anne – she must be all moxie to contend with you! Haha!! Happy Chanukah, Howard.

  16. Perfect! May you and the family have a blessed Christmas and an even better New Year. We are thankful for you.

  17. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNE!!! Howard, this is a really uplifting editorial – thank you for it at this time we celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Ref the fight of good against evil, there is a verse in the NT book of Ephesians 6:12 (KJV): For we wrestle not against flesh & blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. The battle in this world is because it rages in the spiritual world.

  18. Thank you for sharing your ‘flag photo’ with us…’s beautiful and reminds us all of how much FREEDOM is so important to us. After the FAKE 2019 IMPEACHMENT of Pres. Trump by the Democrats, people are more than PREPARED for the 2020 ELECTION and to FIGHT for our FREEDOM. Thank you for your REALISTIC & EDUCATIONAL Editorials as well as your ‘hard work’ throughout the year! It is most appreciated. Wishing you and yours a very HAPPY Christmas Week! Say hello to Anne, Sryker & April! AMEN!

  19. Another super articles for us all. Thank you so much for the picture and I always learn a lot about history from you and it is refreshing. Too bad the media didn’t do more of this sort of thing. Merry Christmas and Blessed Chanukah to you and Anne.

  20. Thank You You are so amazing. Merry Christmas & Blessed Chanukah to both of you and I feel blessed to have you in Texas.

  21. I believe God’s Word. Old AND New Testaments. So, I think things will get pretty bad for non believers (in Christ).

  22. Thank you for an excellent editorial. Happy birthday to your bride, Anne, and best wishes for a joyous and blessed holiday season. Merry Christmas and Blessed Chanukah.

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