What Threat To The Whistle Blower – What Whistle Blower?


Hollywood Bit Itself In The Ass – As To How Deep & Wide Is The Deep State.

It Doesn’t just Seem that Most Movies & Television Productions, Including Netflix & Amazon’s-Made for TV Movies always Show how Deep Insiders & Sinister Cabalists are Nefariously Controlling our Governments.

How “Rogue” Operatives of the FBI, CIA, Unknown Intelligence Agencies & Private Contractors are Making Decisions for the Uber Globalist Wealthy, who want to Somehow Control the World – But are Always Stopped in the Last Minute by an American Hero . . .

Guess What? Go Figure that these Hollywooders, Actors, Screenwriters, Directors & Producers Creating these Fantasies, were Actually Telling Stories about a Deep State that Really Exists, which is Facing a Real American Hero, Who is out to Stop these Very Bad Actors from Stealing Freedom from the American People and the Global Community . . . And His Name Is Donald J Trump.

Circa 3,500-Years Ago, the Jewish People (Israelites) Rebelled Against their Egyptian Masters to Embrace the Ten Commandments, the First Creation of the Social Laws & Commitments of Mankind, to be Further Defined in the Torah (Five Books Of Moses), which has been Defended by Blood & Treasure to this Day.

800-Years Ago . . . The People of England Rose-Up Against the British Tyranny Of King John & Created the Magna Carta, Defining the Laws by Which Man Will Govern Man.

About 250-Years Ago . . . American Patriots Rose-Up to Fight the World’s Most Powerful Military at that Time, to Create the Greatest & Freest Government ever Known to Mankind . . . “Of The People, By The People & For The People”.

And Not To Forget The French Revolution . . . Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité!

Today . . . We’re Bearing Live Witness to Hong Kong Youths, who are Fighting in the Streets and from their University for Freedom Against the BRUTAL Chinese Government, while Waving American Flags . . . The International Symbol Of Freedom.

As I’m Writing This Editorial . . . Hundreds of Iranians, Mostly Young Men & Women are being Murdered & Wounded in the Streets of Iran, by Iranian Thugs, as the People Demand Socio/Political Freedoms, while Thousands More People are being Imprisoned.

I Write This To Demonstrate The Dichotomy.

About 3,500 Ago – Jews Sacrificed It All For Freedom (Ten Commandments). About 800-Years Ago – the British Fought the Overpowering Royalty of King John to be Free. Some 250-Years Ago – a Handful of American Patriots did Battle Against the Most Powerful Force (at that time) on the Planet . . . Also To Be Free,

Think Of The Juxtaposition.

TODAY . . . After Fighting Two World Wars, Defeating the Nazis, the Communist Soviet Union and all Takers – To Build A Better World . . . our North American Youth Rail Against Free Speech & Meritocracy, While Young Freedom Fighters in Hong Kong & Iran are Sacrificing Everything . . . INCLUDING THEIR LIVES – TO BE FREE.

Make No Mistake About This . . . The War Against President Trump, Boris Johnson & Benjamin Netanyahu are One-In-The-Same. It’s a War being Waged by the Global Deep State (Swamp), to Usurp the Freedom of the Individual on the Altar of Collectivism (One World Order Socialism).

If You Really Want To See How Badly This War Against Freedom Is Going?

As much as the Democrats (LEFT) try to Unseat President Trump by all Nefarious Means Possible, it Appears that November 2020 will be a Massive Victory for Conservative Americans for the Presidency, Senate and the House.

If The Polling Stands True In Great Britain . . . Boris Johnson and His Newly Gumption-Found Conservative Party are Headed for a Huge Election Victory, and the Brexit the People Voted For.

In Israel, Netanyahu Might Eventually be Forced Out on Dubious Charges of Fraud & Media Collusion (But I Doubt Netanyahu Will Succumb) . . . Even So – Israel’s Conservatives Aren’t Going Anywhere.

Talk Is Cheap . . .

Chick-Fil-A Just Learned A Lesson . . . When you Pander to the Mob, as Chick-Fil-A Recently did by Dropping their Conservative Religious Endorsements for the Salvation Army & Fellowship of Christian Athletes, to Mollify the LEFT – the Mob will Still Get You, And The Friends You’ve Abandoned Will Never Return.

I Played Football. I Coached Football. I Promoted Football. I was a Director of a Major Amateur Football League. I Personally Knew & Interacted with Professional Football Players. I was a Perpetual Season Ticketholder to the Montreal Alouettes. And I even went to Buffalo to Watch the Bills . . . Before Semi-Retiring and Entering the World of Media, I Founded & Ran a National Advertising Agency – So I Know From What I Speak.

The NFL can say all it Wants About where Their League Is At – But the Empty Seats Seen Everywhere around the League says it-all for them. And it’s not just about Money. It’s about Phony Patriotism, Paid-For Military Ads (Paid By You The Taxpayer) to the NFL, and Non Paid-For Military Flyovers, Free Marching Bands & Free Color Guards on the Fields . . .

And Kaepernick With A Host Of Others . . . Insulting the American Anthem, the Stars & Stripes, and all White People who Pay for their Obscene Perks, Salaries & Bonuses – Enough Has Become Enough!

De Tocqueville – The Extremely Pro-American French Politician, Writer & Political Philosopher at the Time Before the American Civil War – Wrote . . . “The American Republic Will Endure Until The Day Congress Discovers That It Can Bribe The Public With The Public’s Money”.

LET ME MAKE THIS CLEAR . . . In the Battle for Hearts & Minds – the LEFT is Winning the Media Skirmishes, while the Conservatives are Winning the Battles. The LEFT is Out Gunned. And the Socio/Political Result will in One Way or Another Lead to the Rebirth of Conservative America . . .

And To Another American Victory . . . To Free The World Once Again.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Every time I read your stuff, I fell better. My self doubt subsides and a swell of DOING THE RIGHT THING, again rings in my ears. Can’t really explain how your words give me a lift. All I know is KEEP ‘ER GOING!!

  2. I have been off the (air( for a few weeks, but in reading your blog, it makes me feel a lot better. HOWAQRD, I agree with my heart in your optimistic outlook. If as in my prayers it comes true, we all will be blessed. Thanks for your words of hope and God bless.

  3. All that you wrote & feel is there for all of us, who read your editorials. Every word is truth & honesty. I pray that the US Citizens are in agreement, in Nov. 2020. The US has inspired many countries to fight for Freedom & Liberty, yet now the US is in big trouble. The youth in the US are completely in control of the Swamp & try to promote all of the Deep State wishes. It must stop or the US is doomed.

  4. If we want to strike a huge blow to the left, we could start demanding that colleges balance their faculty with way more conservatives which would be an uphill grind. Now that there is a big push for the trades, I think there is a chance.As more and more youngsters get empowered to go into the real world with newly acquired skills, they will realize the leftist BS dumped on them in high school doesn’t work in real world. Losing college students may make regents rethink the education offered.

  5. We needed that! And often! Thank you and hope you and your family have a Blessed Thanksgiving. We are bless having you.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. This editorial is most encouraging, and I thank you for it.

  7. Howard what a blessing having you on our side. Now move to the US and stay here we can sure use your wisdom here. Have a Happy Thanksgiving to you all and keep your wisdom flowing our way. Things are looking better for the freedom loving citizens here. We have a lot to be thankful for. Go Trump for next five years.

  8. Howard,I was told by this guy a long time ago;”Son you ain’t ready to live for sometin,Until that which your ready to Live For, Your Ready to Die For” I was about 17 or 18 and most likely being Sarcastic with this guy, thinking I knew it all, OR so I thought. Then I noticed branded numbers on this guy’s forarm, I froze for a second and replied, “Your Absolutely Right Sir” What burns in my heart which was taught and caught was;GOD,Family,& Country!Enjoy Yourselves in the States.HAPPY THANKSGIVING

  9. Until the Republicans start having some backbones and truly expose to the american sheeples that the deep state are the demon rats and their council, the leftist demon rat, socialist communist lamestream media and the very powerful for life bureaucrats that hate President Trump and until the Canadian Conservatives get themselves a real leader that has bark and bite and also exposed the deep state in this country, the status quo will remain. Very good post like usual Howard, keep writing them.

  10. That’s a huge AMEN Howard. I am about to celebrate my 59th American “Thanksgiving” and men like you are on my short list to pray for and be eternally thankful for. Freedom has NEVER been cheap and I hope we can win this current war with only bloody knuckles. I’m older…but I’m not afraid to lay my blood down if needed. I agree with ALL your perspectives on USA, Israel…politics, leaderships, God and country. Take care my friend.

  11. Keep preachin’, Howard. Happy to be in your “choir”. “We don’t need no stinking Libroids”!

  12. I don’t think the Democrats will vote to impeach Trump, they’ll designate their 2018 newly elected Democrats to vote NO so they’ll have a way out of the mess they created. However, I think that the Republican party have an opportunity to ‘box them in’. Designate few Republicans to vote YES with the democrats (as many as it takes to make sure it passes) making sure the matter is being sent to the Senate where they can call all the witnesses they need to expose the Democrats for what they are.

  13. I agree with Zafi. Go ahead–impeach! They better be careful what they ask for! Happy Thanksgiving Mr. “G”!

  14. Mr. Bull-Schiff has done the ‘unthinkable’ for the Dems..he has awakened the ‘sleeping giant.’ Landslide in 2020. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family/animals Howard. Thank you for being YOU!

  15. People like me vote for the best MAN to run this mega CORPORATION called U.S.A. It appears the struggle is between communism and capitalism. If the Dems. expect to win anything they better put some one on the ticket capable of managing the most complicated system of government ever created. That includes draining the swamp. TRUMP IS THE MAN!!! Royce Hinson!!!

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