Cursed By Our Socio/Political Ignorance


This Quote was Attributed to HL Menken, who was one of America’s Great Political Writers, a Tremendous Editorialist, Satirist & a Purveyor of the Truth . . . Who Didn’t Care Who His Writing Offended . . .

After Monday Night’s (October 21, 2019) Canadian Election Results, this HL Menken Quote about the Intelligence of the American People . . . APPLIES NO LESS COMPLETELY TO CANADA & CANADIANS.

In My Non-Defense Of The Conservatives . . . Who in my Opinion Took a Bath Monday Night, even though they Won more Seats in 2019 than they Won 4-Years Earlier, the Conservatives had a Leader (Andrew Scheer) who was (is) as Incompetent, Un-Charismatic & Un-Qualified as one can Imagine . . . to Run for Anything.

As A Matter Of Fact . . . Mitt Romney Would Have Been A Step-Up To Scheer.

I Campaigned For The Federal Conservatives. I Donated Money to the Conservatives. And even though I had ZERO Use for Andrew Scheer, which I Made Public, I Supported Scheer Nonetheless, as the Leader of the Conservative Party . . . BUT THAT’S DONE, DONE & DONE.

As Far As I’m Concerned . . . Until the Conservative Party of Canada Chooses a Real Leader from Outside Of Politics – The Conservatives Can Blow It Out Their Ass.

Scheer . . . Who Is 40-Years Old, has been in Government, Living On The Government Dole Since He Was 25-Years Old. So how does that Qualify Scheer to Know how to Make Real Business Decisions? Did Scheer ever have to Make a Payroll? Did Scheer ever have to Wait & Beg for a Receivable? Or Understand how Real People Feel, who aren’t Living High on the Hog on Taxpayers’ Money . . . Who Struggle Just To Make Ends Meet?


Alberta & Saskatchewan have Always been Conservative Provinces, even though Both of these Provinces “Flirted” with Parties on the LEFT . . . to their Chagrin.


If these Two Provinces (Flyover) Decide to Separate from Canada, which is a Possibility, because they have for the Longest Time Been Ill-Treated by Ottawa, Including Ontario, Quebec & British Columbia . . . Anne & I Would Most Probably Move To Alberta.


I Support Ontario Conservative Leader Doug Ford, who Isn’t Eloquent. There’s no Razzmatazz about Doug Ford. The LEFT of Ontario Despise this Man because he Won’t Play their Game. Ford Says it like it is. Ford Does what has to be Done & Does Whatever he can get away with when he Can. And by the Next Ontario Provincial Election, Ford will Probably get his Ass-Kicked by the LEFTBut I Will Support Doug Ford Anyway.

First & Foremost . . . Doug was a Businessman & Entered Politics as a Toronto City Councilor, because of his Late Brother, Business Partner & Former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.

And as a Businessman, Doug Ford Knows What all the Career Politicians Will Never Know . . . How To Successfully Manage An Enterprise With Your Own Risk & Money.


I won’t even Pretend to Know or even Guess what the Strategies are behind what’s Happening in Brexit, Hong Kong & with the Kurds Versus the Turks or Vice Versa, but I will tell you this . . .

WWI Erupted . . . Because of the Unexpected & Unanticipated Assassination of the Archduke Ferdinand in Sarajevo. President Trump says he’s Bringing home the Troops. Why should we Believe Him? Could it just be a Ruse for President Trump to Suck-In Whomever? I Don’t Know . . . & Neither Does Most Anyone Else.

In Addition to all the Behind the Scene Fighting & Subterfuge between the Worldwide Purveyors of Socialism/Communism, and the CATACLYSMIC  Advance of Communist China, and the ever more Evident Russian Powerplay, and How the American LEFT is Attempting to Carry-Out a Coup D’état Against a Duly Elected President (Trump), while Flooding (Overwhelming) the American System with Illegal Immigrants, and Creating a Non Existent Race-War . . . Only God & President Trump Know Where We’re Headed.

There is No Question in my Mind, that an All-Out War is Right Around the Corner, which very well might be Triggered by the Turks & the Kurds, which could Force the Iranian Hand, Hezbollah, Hamas and the Russians who could ill-Afford a Direct Confrontation with the Americans, Not to Mention Israel, Saudi Arabia and Perhaps even the Egyptians, who have Plenty to Deal with Vis-à-Vis the Moslem Brotherhood.

Even More Important . . . Maybe President Trump’s Strategy is to Allow the Russians to Spend their own Blood & Treasure to get Bogged-Down to Deal with an Issue the Americans No Longer Want any Part-Of in the Middle East.

THINK ABOUT THIS . . . Why do you Think the World, Specifically the EU, is so much Against Brexit, since there should be Nothing Stopping the EU from one on one Trade Deals with the British – Guaranteed It’s Not About Ireland.

Between President Trump’s American Nationalism (America First) . . . and a United Kingdom (UK), Free from the EU, America & England will Deliver the Equivalent of a Spear to the Heart of the Dream of a One-World Socialist Global Government, which is more than Reason Enough for the Global LEFT to Become Apoplectic & Dangerous.

SO . . . Before I Spend all my Effort Lamenting the Canadian Election – I have to Look at the Bigger Picture & See that the Minority-Vote Election of Trudeau, and the Abject Failure of Andrew Scheer . . . In Comparison To The Big Picture, is akin to the Importance of a Pimple on the Ass of an Elephant.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I fill your pain, the people leaving calif and coming to Texas still vote like they did in calif. t

  2. In case you might be wondering about my last comment, I print them out for my handicapped husband to enjoy.

  3. I quote you “only God and Trump know where we are headed”. God does for sure, and I hope Trump does also…..and I wish you believed that. Please do not take this as a criticism as I really enjoy your insight and opinions. I pray that the Holy Spirit will someday come to you. Dick Black. USA

  4. We are soooo sad to see the ignorance of the Canadian voters. As usual, I am appalled by the policies of the liberals, but moreso by those who believe them. Where will it end?

  5. The uninformed and ignorant electorate have spoken, and now it is my turn: I am ashamed and embarrassed to be a Canadian.

  6. I am dismayed that the Conservatives keep running such poor quality candidates. Although I am in the U.S. I was watching the Canadian election. I knew when I looked at your conservative candidate that Trudeau would prevail. The Libs live on, such a shame.

  7. Ashamed to be from Ontario afte what this province did to Canada in yesterday’s election. If Alberta should separate, as the song goes, “I’m bound for moving on… I’ll look for you if I’m ever back this way.”  This is no longer the Canada built by my ancestors with the heritage of hard work, community, high moral standards, equality before the law, equality of opportunity, individual liberty and justice. Ironically, the planet will survive, but Canada appears destined to be the next Venezuela.

  8. They don’t want businesspeople. Businesspeople think for themselves. They want incapable, dependent idiots to suck on their teats. Worse than the world going to hell in a handbasket, is the fools riding the train not knowing where they’re going.

  9. I thought for a brief moment that Canada had awakened…………………Not so, we still have an inept, corrosive excuse for a PM and the CPC have failed to raise to the opportunity. What happened to Common Sense?

  10. Alberta sits on the largest deposits of oil, gas, and coal on the planet. These under utilized sources of wealth will now go into a final death spiral. Leftist voters have grown to enormous numbers and won’t diminish until they run out of other people’s money. It will be too late. Investors have abandoned Alberta and successful companies are heading to Texas before they bite the dust. Howard, you might get yourself a nice ranch near Longview for the unpaid taxes.

  11. And so it “escalates” within 24 hrs of election Husky Oil announces layoffs in Calgary. Ca had its opportunity and failed : More Carbon Tax , Gun Control and the best one yet Taxation on the Profits of the sale of your Primary Residence. EXCUSE ME : purchase price PLUS INTEREST for 25 yrs. very OFTEN does not equal sale price BUT THAT WILL NOT FIGURE INTO Sale Price-Purchase Price = Taxable profit . Nothing less than THEFT .

  12. Yes, “Only God & President Trump Know Where We’re Headed.” Your election reminds me of our 2012 election where it appeared there was NO HOPE for America’s future. BUT, in 2016, it happened! Pres. Trump was elected where the TRUTH is being REALIZED and the RADICAL LEFT is being EXPOSED! “Hold on to your hats” because there is A LOT MORE TO COME–that’s IF the RINOS WAKE UP! For a little PEACE of mind, maybe you should move to Alberta! Everyone needs a RESPITE! PRAY FOR TRUMP! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  13. If Alberta, and maybe also Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and the East part of British Columbia separate from the rest of Canada, a wall will have to be built to keep all the free loaders out! Businessmen don’t usually go into politics. Trump is the exception. Why don’t they? Because they have morals, and have been brought up not to lie, and steal other people’s money. Which is exactly what our government has devolved into! Trudeau and his friend Butts 2 of the best scam artists around!

  14. From a Christian who is once again studying Biblical prophecy in the book of Revelation (as well as OT references) and becoming even more aware that the End-times really are on our doorstep knocking, your last statement not only made me laugh but realize how apropos it is. You can be really funny at times interspersed with all the serious commentary. You are appreciated.

  15. Excellent Howard, you are right on the money regarding Andrew Scheer. He and his Liberal opponent have no business trying to be being leaders of this huge, far-flung country. Neither have the qualifications to successfully run a corner store, so why do we let them run Canada. Trudeau is as witless and under-educated as any leader of a free world country could be and it shows. He and his handlers were so intimidated by the oncoming and formidable Monk leadership debates that they withdrew!

  16. We joined the Conservatives. Sheer is a weathervane politician, blowing whichever way the political winds (aka The Press) tells him to aim. He is weak. We still voted for him as there is little worse than the dictator in waiting Trudeau who has suggested demeaning a politician can be a criminal offence. A minority government with support from the NDP and Green is no different than a majority government. Will there still be a Canada or a Canadian culture in 4 years? Lets hope. Doubtful, still…

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